February is Health & Fitness Month at CrackBerry and Mobile Nations; Learn how to leverage your mobile devices for a better you!

Health & Fitness Month at Mobile Nations!
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Feb 2012 02:17 pm EST

Inform. Englighten. Entertain. That's our goal this month on the category of Health & Fitness as it relates to mobile devices. Over the next 28 days you'll learn how to leverage your BlackBerry and other tech to build a healthier you!

Why is February fitness month at Mobile Nations? The honest answer is because when the Mobile Nations crew got together in Las Vegas in early January for CES 2012, too many of us remembered each other looking thinner at CES 2011. It turns out running the world's leading mobile-dedicated communities isn't always good for the health. Long days at the computer and late nights powered by pizza and Red Bull eventually take a toll. We made a pledge leaving Vegas to be healthier and more fit going forward. And while our goal is to be healthy and fit for LIFE, we figured there would be no better way to kick get started on that ongoing mission than by dedicating a month to exploring Health & Fitness on our sites.

For some of you, the concept of using technology -- phones, tablets, WiFi-connected scales, wearable GPS trackers, etc. -- as an aid to better your health and fitness levels may be new. For others, you may have clicked into the Health & Wellness category in App World and downloaded an app or two and left it at that. And we're sure a few of you health fiends out there are total gurus at this stuff. Regardless of the category you fall into, we're going to make sure there's something for everyone this month as we use ourselves as test subjects and do the dirty work to explore all that is mobile tech and health and fitness related. We'll be bringing our reviews, editorials and polls here to the blogs, and in the CrackBerry forums we'll get some action happening for those of you want to take the plunge and get in shape with us (there'll even be some sweet prizes to be won for those set some goals and see them through).

If you own other devices outside of BlackBerry, our sister sites will tackling things from the perspective of their platforms, so you'll also want to be tuning into AndroidCentral, iMore, WPCentral and webOS Nation. Stay tuned for more, and in the meantime let us know in the comments if there's anything specific you want us to check out. You know we'll do it!

Reader comments

February is Health & Fitness Month at CrackBerry and Mobile Nations; Learn how to leverage your mobile devices for a better you!


I'm using Endomondo Pro on my 9930 in the U.S. I had the free version and upgraded to Pro a week ago. Not sure why you don't see it as available. It's a great app...much better than the others I've tried.

February is also Heart month in Canada. The Heart and Stroke Foundation has phone Apps for Blackberries and other phones. Last year at a checkup, the Doctor used one of these apps on his phone to give me my risk assessment. The BlackBerry version of the App is in AppWorld under health and fitness. The URL below has links to BlackBerry and other platform versions.


I keep trckof calories and carbs on an XL sheet

I want to see if Phil from Android central joins in. :p

Love Endomondo. I use it for all my workouts.

I also used C25K when I was training up to 5k runs. A bit primitive and pretty much unsupported, but it did what it needed to do.

I use Nike+ on my iPod. I tried the free Adidas MiCoach on BB and was not happy with the app compared to Nike+ (mostly the GPS accuracy was horrible).

i think everyone should post current status and goals, (or use an app) whether its weight, endurance, physical abilities, and continue to update until the blackberry 10 superphone launches.....and say the biggest loser, or whatever win's a blackberry 10 phone, courtesy of Crackberry! Any thoughts, Kevin?

Don't get it. Even with the 9800 in one hand, and the PB in the other, I'm not getting as good a workout as with conventional weights.

Using MyfitnessPal on my BB to track my calorie intake and exercise, plus a Garmin Forerunner watch for tracking my training runs. Training for a Marathon in May.

When I first started my fitness program, after I quit smoking, Evernote wasn't available for my old BB Curve. So I've used my Dropbox account instead. Since I never want to go to the gym or go for a run without a specific plan, and because its always a good idea to avoid boredom and mix things up, I keep a collection of exercise routines on Dropbox, segregated by Legs and Lower Body, Chest and Triceps, Core and Abs, etc. Its also a good idea to have long-term goals as well as daily ones. I'm 65, and my goals for 2012 are to run a 10K in 65 minutes and to do 65 consecutive push-ups!