Features and Drawbacks of the new BlackBerry 8300 Curve

By James Falconer on 3 May 2007 10:07 am EDT

The BlackBerry Curve (8300)We're tickled pink over here about the release of the 8300 'Curve'. As the name suggests, this model is a sleek, sexy and curvy model that should appeal more to the general consumer market.

Key features of the BlackBerry 'Curve' as I see them:

  • 2 MegaPixel Camera (w flash and 3x zoom)
  • Lightweight... Only 4 ounces
  • 320x240 Display (colors are crisp and vivid)
  • An improved media player
  • New noise-cancellation technology when on calls
Possible Drawbacks 

I've been reading reviews and comments all over the web. While most are impressed and excited. I'm seeing a few critical drawbacks that leave me scratching my head.

Where's the GPS and Wi-Fi? For the life of me I can't figure out why this model doesn't come equipped with them? And broadband support? Where's that?

Perhaps RIM is planning to unveil those features on another model, or a new variation of the 8300, but why wouldn't they build a cadillac from the start?

RIM must know what they're doing here, but I'm still scratching my head.


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Reader comments

Features and Drawbacks of the new BlackBerry 8300 Curve


BB modfications come in only two ways plus a static choice of keyboards. You have QWERTY and Suretype, then you can change the form factor like this model and a hardware feature like a camera. Biggest change here is a camera on a QWERTY model. What's left - OS changes - so you get built in spell checking. That's it folks - GPS is external only and don't expect one with internal GPS (that would kill the 8800). All else is OS driven. So if you want QWERTY and a camera this is for you. If you want GPS get an 8800. If you want Suretype get an 8100.

From my read the new media manager will work with all devices with the requisite OS.

**Requires BlackBerry Desktop software v4.2 Service Pack 2

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Am thrilled with all the features that the BB 8300 will have and am seriously contemplating getting one as soon as this model is released.

You mention built-in Spellcheck which I think would be a much needed feature in this BlackBerry, or any BlackBerry for that matter. But I don't see it listed.

Have I missed something?


It really isn't up to RIM what features are available on the devices they produce. It's up to the carrier. It's their network. They have the final word.
How is offering WiFi going to make AT&T any money? All it is going to do is point out how slow EDGE really is.
RIM too is in the business of making money. If a purchase order of 10k devices is based on the fact that the device doesn't have WiFi, what do you think RIM is going to do?
If you really have your heart set on WiFi, just wait for the 8320 (according to BG), most likely on T-Mobile. See you @ Starbucks!!!