Feature or Bug? New Video Shows SurePress Disabled on BlackBerry Storm 9520?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Sep 2009 02:57 am EDT

Last week we ran a poll on the blogs asking CrackBerry readers how they felt about RIM's SurePress technology and forcing people to "click" the screen. Over 17,000 votes were cast. The results? 31% said they loved the click, 26% said scrap it (they'd rather have an iPhone-styled touchscreen) and the 43% said they wanted both options - SurePress, and also the ability to disable it.

A new video by our pal Salomondrin shows that this may not be too far fetched a dream afterall. Check out the video above! We know there are some cool looking sensor/button thingies under the screen and that the display goes to a fixed/immovable state when powered down - if the option was added into the operating system to fix the screen when powered up (OS option not shown in video however - could be this is just a buggy pre-release device giltch??) then this would be pretty huge news. You'd still be able to turn on an audible click when something is selected if so desired, but the need for the screen to physically be pressed down would be gone (or up to you to keep it). So how much more would you like RIM's next touchscreen BlackBerry if you had the option to disable SurePress on command? Sound off in the comments and on this forum thread!

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Feature or Bug? New Video Shows SurePress Disabled on BlackBerry Storm 9520?!


I definitely hope thats function. It wouldnt be a bad bug though haha. Its a nice feature to have and may open the market up to people who were against the clicking screen. I would like to have this feature to go back and forth.

Thats interesting to be honest in the poll i voted rim to scrap surepress because i really didn't think it was feasible for it to have both but maybe rim will listen and do it.

I like the Dragonball figurines in the background!
oh yah radical phone dude!! but im gonna wait for the storm 3!!!!

Salo's videos are great to watch. Excellent clarity and focus with nice commentry. Now with this video, SurePress is still there, ha ha. Like what he said, just press in "hard enough". It still "clicks", but since Storm2's click sensitivity/response is much better than Storm 1, simply pressing it in slightly harder would trigger the "click"! Not a bug or OS option, just good old user flexibility! LOL!

This is huge news if we have an option. It gives everyone the ability to test both waters and make this touch screen Blackberry there own. Any option that makes your phone better to you is a better phone if you ask me. Again, this is huge and I can't wait to hear and see more reviews and comparisons!

i really liked the tactical response from my storm.. a lot of ppl said it was too hard, the edges of the screen were less responisive, etc etc.. i didnt have any of those problems.. i think the storm one screen was fine minus the gaps between the screen and the edges of the phone.. that was pretty annoying. learning that they're changing the technology behind the "sure press" is a bit disturbing seein as i had a very pleasant storm one touch screen experience.. i've seen the videos, read the synoptics on the new true press. just hope it lives up to the hype..

one man's opinion..

So you can leave the Surepress on as a training tool, then disable once you get the hang of the touch screen. Or leave it on for fun. I will probably disable once I get up to speed. Sign me up!

That video showed absolutely nothing. I still hear the clicking sound and if there was an option to disable the sound, lets see it. I would def like to see the keyboard working this way cause i like sure-press for navigating and i would rather disable it for typing.

great that this videos are posted, but never shown with the full keyboard....
I don't have the storm, my father does but having set they way describe dog is how I would set it up....

I think that there should be an option, but it seems that in this video, he was just manipulating the screen veeery lightly. Just a much more responsive screen, thats all. It will be nice if they do have a new way of differentiating between click and touch, but I don't know about what I just saw hear. Nice to know its very sensitive though. This new OS is looking great so far.

They're all blocked at my work, and by the time I get home to my PC they've been removed because youtube says they're a violation, or someone else complains! Damn! Wish they'd just release the damn thing!

in the video, he says "look like an iphone". He never said the screen does not depress anymore nor is it a feature. i think he was just displaying the ability to get rid of the clicking sound, but that you still lightly touch while navigating around and full press for a selection i.e., press harder.

I think you're right...looks like the option is just to mute the clicking sound, not change the screen response. He says you can "go into the menus if you click hard enough"...sounds like the screen still has Surepress, just gives you the ability to mute the click sound.

Is it me, or does it still click? I thought I heard clicking. And if you have to press 'harder' to activate a selection, it's still SurePress, just a quieter version thereof.

I still maintain that I heard clicking in that video. Anyone else?

you need to re-run the poll with JUST a yes and no option. No "maybe". To really find out how many of the "I can just disable it" would actually like to have it disabled...

If you hear any "clicking", is because my thumbs are pressing really fast/hard on the screen. My thumbs "crashing against" the screen is the click you hear. The phone was completely solid, and had not CLICKING at all

If it's not clicking, does the capacitive screen retain some form of resistive input? That's the only way I can think that the screen could differentiate between select and activate.

What is the TOS Violation these videos are being pulled for?
Very frustrating to try and view the video only to find it has been pulled.

If RIM actually made this work, it would be a HUGE undertaking... almost like rewriting the whole operating system. That's crazy.

The reason they chose the system they have (differentiating selection from the click) is because thats how all their other phones work. It was the fastest, easiest way to make a touchscreen product. It also happens to be a better system, if you ask me, because it gives the developer (and user) more options for input. Thats a good thing.

Spreading the rumor that they're going to put it into the regular OS (which would only work for touchscreens, btw) is just creating a stir amongst the truly uneducated in the community.

Again, if they do it... big props. But why would they? Adding that option would be like re-writing the whole OS for the sake of a feature that most people wouldn't even use.

this one got yanked by youtube. If it was a glitch why would they yank it??

Maybe it's a feature.
That would be great!!

I have the Storm 9500 and Opera Mini works without the need to press the screen, just like on any other touchscreen mobile. Is this a bug in Opera or a feature made on purpose? Could it be "unlocked" for the rest of the device also, as clearly the hardware permits this kind of use?

This video is confusing. When he says no more clicking, does he mean there's no more click sound coming from the built-in speakers, or no more physical clicking coming from the (mechanical?) buttons?

It sounds like there is a tolerance setting for the level of pressure needed to enact a "click" similar to the keyboard setting on Storm 1. What I think this post was referring to is that via OS, you could simply kill the pads (solid) and allow single click.

Personally, I doubt RIM will do this, though I hope that they do. Since launch, Storm users have thought and said,"Can I just type without the click?" Most want the click whilst using most functions on the phone, just not while typing.

Ultimately, I don't know why they didn't implement it into the OS from the begining. It has been such a huge issue left unfixed up to this point that I worry there is some legal, strategic, or some VERY odd technological wall in the way of it.

Here's to hoping.

I can understand why RIM would take these videos down. Release is near and they probably dont want the videos to affect debut. If everyone knows everything about a phone before it comes out then whats going to be so great about it when it does come out.

Anyways, I am mad because I didnt get to see this video before it was taken down, but whatever RIM does what they have to does.