FCC, It's as Easy as 1-2-3

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Jul 2008 02:00 pm EDT

Bold Clears FCC Approval

Not that this was ever in any doubt, but it's good to see the BlackBerry Bold has now received the FCC stamp of approval and can now be sold in the good ole US of A. OK AT&T, the ball err... BlackBerry is in your court. Get to it!

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FCC, It's as Easy as 1-2-3


AT&T if you're not ready for the ball to be passed then let Verzion shoot! (keeping the basketball metaphor alive)

But seriously Verizon "Put out the BOLD already!!!"

I'd say let T-Mobile launch it if no one else is ready to. But I won't hold my breath waiting for T-Mobile...

AT&T should be ahead of Rogers which is coming out the 25th....for sure after the iphone....AT&T has too much $$$$$ riding on that.

I'm sure that verizon has some kind of deal with LG and the voyager (their attempt at an iphone killer) that will prevent them from carrying the Bold at first. my money is on T-mobile to release it.

I'm a T-mobile customer, and I don't foresee them being the first to release anything that isn't brand-specific to their company.

Yay! This means that AT&T can now release the Bold! People were talking about a surprise release (which isn't very likely to happen anyway) weeks ago, but its impossible until all the prep work is done. This is just brings us one step closer to the release!

I took a trip into the At&t store today to try to fix a text messaging problem. After the problem was fixed I asked the sales person if he knew when the Blackberry Bold was coming out. This is what he told me. They were on the last stage of testing and almost ready to ship out, UNTIL they found a flaw. Blackberry sent the phone back to fix the problem and NOW it is back in the testing line where it will be until OCTOBER! This really made me made because, one they already pushed the date back once and now I have to use a crappy phone for 3 more months. Is it really worth it?