Fathers Day is 'free day' for devices at T-Mobile

By Adam Zeis on 15 Jun 2010 10:46 am EDT

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This Sunday is Fathers Day, and what better way to say "thanks Dad" than a free phone? Starting at 8am Saturday, T-Mobile will be offering all of its current phone models for free. The catch? You just have to sign up for a new family plan or add a line to an existing family plan - thats it. This means you can grab a brand new Bold 9700 or Curve 8520 (among other devices) as part of the deal. It looks like this may only go for in-store sales, so I wouldn't waste time scoping things out online. Hit the jump for the full press release. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

BELLEVUE, Wash. - (BUSINESS WIRE) - To help celebrate dad, T-Mobile USA, Inc. today announces the mother of all Father's Day offers: on Sat., June 19, for one day only, every phone in every T-Mobile store is free.* This first-of-its-kind promotion will "untie" families from giving dad the traditional, same-old gift, instead offering him something he craves - a new smartphone.

T-Mobile will break the traditional gift-giving mold by offering every phone in every store for free. This Saturday, starting at 8 a.m., simply visit a T-Mobile retail store and switch to any family plan, or add a new line to an existing family plan, and walk out of the store with a new phone for every new line with a two-year agreement - customer's choice - while supplies last.

"For this very special day celebrating dad and the entire family, T-Mobile is thrilled to offer an industry-first promotion that helps families stay connected," said Adrian Hurditch, vice president of marketing, T-Mobile USA. "This unprecedented event champions dad and helps families stick together with the latest phones - all for free."

With affordable unlimited calling, texting and data family plans, T-Mobile is giving our most connected customers options that take advantage of the latest devices. With the Father's Day promotion, dads can choose from a selection of 30 devices, no phones excluded, including a variety of brands such as HTC, Motorola, Nokia, RIM, Samsung, SonyEricsson, and Sharp. All phones will be available while supplies last, so customers are encouraged to arrive early to stores to secure the latest and most popular new devices, including the most recently launched smartphones from T-Mobile:

* myTouch 3G Slide : Combines a slide-out QWERTY keyboard with an incredibly crisp, high-performance touch screen powered by the latest Android software. The device hosts unique new features that will help dads connect more easily, more quickly and more often, including the Faves Gallery , myModes and Genius Button .
* HTC HD2: Offering the largest touch screen size on a smartphone in the U.S., this slim and sleek device comes ready with a blazing-fast processor and access to millions of eBooks, movies, television programs and more, keeping dad constantly entertained.
* Garminfone : For the adventurous dad, this new Android -powered smartphone is fully-integrated with Garmin's premium navigation experience and includes voice-guided and on-screen directions, real-time traffic, weather, and gas price updates.

"No More Ties" - Dads Want Smartphones

T-Mobile's celebration of dads couldn't come at a better time with new T-Mobile survey results showing that more than half of dads received Father's Day gifts they didn't want. In fact, 53% of dads don't recall the gift they received just two years ago.

According to the poll, one in four dads would ban ties as gifts for Father's Day, and the majority of dads (56%) would trade all ties in their closet for a new phone. Nearly three quarters (74%) of dads polled said they would be excited to get a new phone for Dad's Day, and more than half believe their current phone is out of date.

Dads want a gift they'll actually use, with two-thirds admitting they've received a Father's Day gift they've never or hardly ever used. If dads had their way, not only would they ban ties but 19% said they would ban golf balls, 17% would ban coffee mugs, 14% would ban cologne and 11% would ban desk sets.

*The offer is valid at T-Mobile owned and operated locations only. New activation on qualifying family plan with two-year agreement required. Limit five lines per family plan. Mail-in rebate and restrictions may apply. Store hours may vary. See store for details.

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Fathers Day is 'free day' for devices at T-Mobile


Wish I knew this back in November, maybe I wouldnt have bought the Bold for $450.00. I mean with all these deals going on with the carriers I feel like a doucher

...probably because, as usual, retailers almost always shaft existing customers. You make them rich then they shaft you! Kind of like prostitution....

Not that I would switch from Verizon, but too bad T-Mobile doesn't have an iPhone. LOL, that would have been an interesting possibility......

So let's say current customers with TMobile has an old family plan...reading the press release, do they mean if we switch to a newer and more expensive family plan, we all get a phone for free?

Someone please explain

so what exactly would stop you from starting a new 5 line deal then cancelling it and keeping the phones since you paid nothing for them?

Don't know what the ETF is, but if you cancel within 30 days, don't you need to return the equipment?

Each line has a contract and ETF so at say $250 each x 5 that is $1250 plus one months service.

In order to get a new approval for 5 lines, I would imagine you would meet the credit guidelines. I would also imagine that since they are running your credit that MOST people would not potentially screw up their credit to get phones they have zero intention of using/.

Then again, I could be wrong.

This is a wonderful deal, considering the price to add a line is very affordable. If not for a father why not take advantage to upgrade your phone. I just finished adding the HD2 to my list of gadgets. What a wonderful device for entertainment.

Radio Shack is also giving any T-Mobile phone away the same day, but they are not requiring a family plan setup and they are waiving the $35 activation fee.

Keep in mind you may still need to pay something for the phone at the counter and file a rebate claim for the amount paid. Yeah, I know it is a pain, but as far as rebates go, I've never had trouble with any cell phone rebate before.


Nobody is gonna tell me they went with an outdated 9700 for 2 more years when they could have a MT3gS or HD2...