Fathers Day Contest: Win a $200 shopping spree at ShopCrackBerry.com!

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Jun 2010 05:00 pm EDT
Father's Day Contest!

Maybe you're a BlackBerry-using dad or maybe you have a BlackBerry-using dad. Either way, this weekend we're saluting all of the fathers out there with a little CrackBerry Father's Day contest. Up for grabs is a $200 gift certificate so you can go nuts on some new BlackBerry accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com.

To Enter: Leave a comment to this blog post letting us know either

  • how using a BlackBerry lets you be an awesome dad... or...
  • why your BB-using dad should win this prize 
Just leave a single comment to this post per the above and you're entered to win. Deadline is this Sunday (father's day!) at midnight PST and we'll announce the lucky dad on the blogs next week. Oh, and if you haven't seen it yet, be sure to check out our Father's Day Gift Guide. Good luck... and Happy Father's day weekend! 

Reader comments

Fathers Day Contest: Win a $200 shopping spree at ShopCrackBerry.com!


BB let me capture my two kids' cutest moments! And then I can share the pics or videos with friends and family!!


My dad should win because he is the founder of the blackberry movement in our household. He had one from work back when I thought a blackberry had something to do with fruit.

Its amazing to think that my dad had a blackberry back when I was excited about having a "Beeper". nuff said.

One thing that my Blackberry does for me to help me stay being an Awesome dad, is when I am at work, and my twin girls are fussy, Ill often use my BBM Voice Recorder and send a note to my girls that I love them and that I will be home soon to my wifes Blackberry. Usually gets a smile out of them and keeps them happy until I can get home and tell them I love them in person.

I have become a much more awsome Dad since getting my Blackberry, as I now keep up with all of my grown children with the Facebook App and I even have one of by daughters on BBM.

Well I take tons of pics of my daughter and I, I schedule all my appointments an meetings around my daughters day care schedule so I can have lots of time to get her drop her off an spend time with her, I'm always buying stuff for her online via Amazon bb app, she uses my media player to watch Sesame Street and all her other shows, she likes to listen to most of the music on my bb an d I always call to check on her when I'm away form her with my bb I guess that's why my bb an I make an awesome dad... Happy fathers day to all you awesome dads out there...

I could use some accessories! Anyone that's a dad and has a BlackBerry knows it gets a beating! New case, car charger, desk charger, bigger memory card, and a nice extended life battery. Would be perfect!

Using the BlackBerry as a distraction for the kid during those boring times when you're out and about, keeping tabs on the grocery list, and checking the times for Toy Story 3 to surprise the kid with a trip to the theater...BlackBerry is the ultimate MUST HAVE for the dad on the go!

My BB let me keep up with all 3 of my kids. Softball game, golf practice, music lessons, Dr. appts. With 3 someone always has to be somewhere. I can also chat with them all at once using BB Messenger. Plus while waiting for them to finish doing their thing I can surf the web or check out what is going on on Facebook! I love my BB and never leave home without it!

My BlackBerry allows me to take pictures of my new born son and e-mail them to our out-of-state in-laws and other family members.

With BBM, I can stay in contact with my 15 year old son and not be the annoying parent calling him up and harassing him where he is. I also can see when he reads my BBM messages and when hes ignoring them. No more "I didn't see the message"!

$200 bucks for my favorite place with my favorite stuff would be AWESOME Havent had much money to spend on my beloved 9700 lately cause all of it is going to my new favorite my BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL Aubree Michelle

my dad used to have a regular phone so my brother and i decided to get him a blackberry two years ago while me and my brother were stuck using old sony ericsson phones, so for our birthadys he gave me and my brother bold 9000s thats why he should win this prize

My BB let's me keep in contact with my kids through texting, pictures, email, facebook, twitter, and phone. I love the freedom it gives me from having to be at a PC or laptop to use those apps. Plus I can keep up with things at the office.

I am a dad with all of the answers to my kids questions because I can quickly search a topic and present an accurate answer using my BlackBerry Storm. My kids know that they can ask me something and I'll give them an answer. My kids think I am the smartest man on earth! Of course my daughter told me to type that!

As a father of a very demanding 2 year old I have to say the media player and expandable slot let me be an awesome dad. We just fire up an episode of his favorite shows off the card or start watching Cars and the world is a better place.

my BB Tour allows for me to be a more proficient multi-tasker while I'm at work which means I can do more in less time. This in return allows me to have more time with my two daughters and wonderful wife! Thanks BB

It helps to make sure I don't miss any important appointments via calendar. It allows me to capture the on the spot moments with its still or video camera. It allows me to carry pictures of my kids to show them off every place I go! Best of all....it let's me call them and talk to them anytime I want! :)

I know it's cheesy and lame, but I can't help but show off my 2 year old daughter... my BlackBerry allows me to keep everyone I know updated with pics and videos of her (or look at the pics/vids myself when I'm away from her during the day).

Having the life of a public servant means sacraficing time with your family and missing out on a lot of life's little moments. Having a Blackberry has eased that pain and lets me keep in constant touch with my wife and sons. We text, we send photos, we look up baseball scores on the internet, you name it ....it's the next best thing to being there.

Today I had to miss my middle son's little league game because of work. After the game was over, I got the best father's day present ever. I received a text that said, "Got a double for you today...happy fathers day"... and I got it on my Blackberry.

I use my BlackBerry Storm to be a better father by simply being able to stay in touch with everything that is happening with my son. I am able to get SMS, MMS, or BBM messages from anybody who may have my sone while I am away. I can also capture all those spontaneous moments with my Storm's camera or video recorder. I can also show off pictures of him with the huge 8MB memory card.

I managed to persuade most of my family and friends to get BB's so I can constantly sent them pictures of my two boys!

Having a camera and video camera always on me is always great to capture moments. Always having access to you tube and mobile tv to let my son watch a cartoon or some Elmo when he is bored is even better. Having my sons picture as my wallpaper so I can look at his face many times every day even when I travel is priceless.

I use mine to take pictures of my son and post so the family can see him. I have the babygo app which keeps him pretty entertained. I also have some music on it that he likes so I can keep him happy when mom goes to town.

Every year, my 12 year old son spends summer vacation with me. From the point his plane lands to the point his plane departs, my blackberry is snapping pictures and taking video documenting his time with me. The pictures and videos are used to make a "what I did for summer vacation" for him and creates those special memories for the both of us. Him living in Colorado and me in Florida, we treat the time we do get to see each other as quality time. He comes as often as school permits usually around holidays or when his school gets more than a two week break.
My blackberry defiantly makes me a better father being able to capture memories on it. I could use the $200 towards ShopCrackberry to become even a greater father like upgrading my 2G sd card to a 16G (would be able to capture more pics and vids), purchasing games that my son can play while on our way to Disney as well as GPS apps to locate campsites and fun things to do while he is down. Apps that I can track his flight, make sure I have a piece of mind his plane landed or arrived safely. The VM-605 would be excellent for when I am on the road and he is back in Colorado and I can call him via bluetooth, all these things I don't have yet, but would love to! Happy Fathers Day to all fathers out there!

my daughter communicates mostly by texting. Without Vlingo on my Blackberry my thumbs would be falling off and I would be crashing my car!!!

I use Make a Mess with my S2 so my girls can finger paint. It keeps them busy and I have some original artwork to enjoy when I'm on the road.

My wife and kids already hooked me up with a new smoker for father's day but some new gear for my Storm 2 would way cool too!

I would like to register myself for the DAD give away.. I often depend on my BB for my morning alarm, all the way to differnt notifications for appts for the kids.. I carry 2 different berries for work and personal.. keeping the funds to accessorize them is almost impossible with 2 young kids.. To make it eveen better, for my fathers day, I got to move my wife to a apartment for a "trial marriage seperation"...

Don't laugh at the pity party, but any happy news is appreciated...

Thanks CB!!

I need by blackberry to stay organized,keep track of all of my children's birthdays,school events and my anniversary.

My wife is due in December and by BB helps me keep track of when we have doctors appointments and how far along she is. Sometimes, I can't keep anything straight between the pregnancy and my day job! HELP!

this year my wife gave my 2 boys a card for me to open sat. morning. she just couldn't keep the gife from me any more. i opened the card, read it quickly and got to the picture of the boys, because to me thats the good stuff. i looked and saw that Noah was holding a sign. the sign said "Mommy's having a baby" So on fathers day this year i get the outstanding news that i will be blessed with a 3rd child... maybe a baby girl this time. i love being a dad. Happy Father's Day all

My husband doesn't know it yet, but he is going to be a dad.
Giving him this 200.00 will help him be a good father by helping him keep appointments with me and the doctors. Plus taking pictures and making sure he doesn't drop his phone and break it when I go into labor

I use my BlackBerry Storm 2 to stay in touch with my family. My daughter is going into the Army and will be going to San Antonio for training then to Hawaii for the first 3 years of her Army career (as a nurse). So more than ever staying in touch with my daughter using my BlackBerry is awesome. I also get videos sent of my new Grandson by my son to my BlackBerry. I guess having my BlackBerry gives my kids the most convenioent way to stay in touch with me at all times.

Is a must have for my family. I'm a father of twins. My wife and I communicate via bbm and could not live without the calendar function to coordinate who picks up who where and when.

A dad has responsibilities. I got him his first Blackberry. I got him a screen protector and a case. I got him SmartGard. I remind him to back-up his data. And I keep a spare battery charged on my desk in case he doesn't have a chance to recharge.

Some day he will take care of his kids.

Anyone who knows me is aware that I am a self-proclaimed CrackBerry addict. I have dragged 35 friends onto BBM who otherwise would have likely never used it or even known about it.
My Bold 9650 is indispensable in staying on top of my 2 kids' schedules and lives.
Father's Day is not only about celebrating fathers, but fathers celebrating their children. Ben and Sam, I love you so much!

I was a mess. never checked my email, without my wife I couldn't keep track of the important family stuff.

but with my bb, I'm in touch with family and friends, remember important dates and info and I'm more organized so I can focus on being a better dad...

My hubby talks to me more with his BB during the day, it keeps us close!!! What fun he could have with this!

I am sure that there are some outstanding accessories that I could get to protect/deck out/use for my 9700. a good sturdy case would be first. Best of luck to us all!

Well, you know I´m a good father to
my son because I gave him a BB to my son, so that now no longer
had an excuse for not knowing where is he, with the app BB messenger or applications of third parties to know the place where is he and his friends and whether it is a good place or not. That
help me to be more united with my son. Thanks crackberry for father's day
Pues han de saber que me hizo ser buen papa tanto para mi hijo como para sus amigos el hecho de que tambien le regale un BB a mi hijo, de manera que ahora ya no habia pretexto para no saber donde anda con el BB messenger o con aplicaciones de terceros para saber en que lugar esta y saber si es un buen lugar o no. Eso me ha ayudado mucho a estar mas unidos. Gracias por el dia crackberry.com

All my dad knows how to do on his Crackberry is take pictures and send them to me. I want to pump out his phones with some great sops that will make his user experience better. He also could use the blackberry presenter at work. Thatd be the best gift ever for him. Please doerthe love of my father, pick me!

This is my first Father's day as a dad. My wife sends me pictures of our 9 month old daughter every day so that I can be involved in all my daughters "firsts" even when i am not at home. I use my blackberry to schedule appointments for my wife and child, set task reminders so i can remember to do things (like take out the trash and the messy diapers before i go to bed tonight), what to buy at the grocery store (and what not to) etc. I really appreciate the fact that when my wife was about to give birth I could set my phone so that if SHE NEEDED me she could get me, even if no one else could.

using my blackberry allows me to be an awesome dad because i am always guilty of forgetting important events such as my sons baseball game or my daughters vilen recital. what makes me even cooler is that I taught my kids how to use the blackberry. So everyone in my house is blackberry connected with the crackberry website listed in favorites lol I am serious about that too!

I get to take a lot of priceless photos when I don't have a regular camera, like when my daughter rides the penny pony at the grocery store.

I use my BlackBerry for everything. I not only use it for work, but mostly for home and to remember special dates. I never forget my daughter's concerts, games, or appointments with the doctor or dentist thanks to my phone. I like that I can watch a movie while at lunch or listen to music when I run, but that I can take pictures of my kids when they do their funny things. I have my family on it and everything I like to do on my Smart Phone. It is a god send.

I am the sole survivor in a household taken over by the Apple virus. My partner and I, at first, suspected my kids to have contracted it from their friends. All they could do was rant and rave on how their blackberry's were mere bricks compared to their Iphones. Before I knew it my partner was infected too. I refuse to succumb like the rest of my family. To combat this plague I need the best equipment I can salvage. $200 will go a long way to unsure that I stay not only Apple resistant but AWESOME!

Thanks a bunch!

My husband is a dad to a two year old daughter and 4 month old son. He has always worked super hard to be able to provide for his family. He is a full time student at Boise State and working at Walmart in the automotive section. He is super busy with work, tests and homework, but always finds time for his family. We both have Blackberry phones and his is mainly to keep track of his busy schedule and school assignments, and also handy to keep in touch with us during the day. He calls home on his lunch break and between classes. His Blackberry is his baby. With being in school and getting paid minimum wage, we just get by each month, so he doesn't get to accessorize his BB like he would like to do. He is an awesome father(and husband) and completely deserves a little something just for him for Father's Day (besides the lasagne dinner I made!)

i want buy bb for my father so i can keep in touch with my father, and give new gatget for him because , i want my dad more up to date using blackbery than he just using his old cell phone

Not a new Dad, but a raging geek with my first blackberry as of a couple of weeks ago. As I have been recently separated, I got my Blackberry for the sole purpose of staying connected with my 6 year old son and seeing / sharing photos, videos, and audio of our day to day events via my BB and his PC.

With a domain, a simple RSS feed setup, and Wordpress template, we are able to upload silly and not-so-silly daily happenings without using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter which are a little much for a little dude to take in and operate. I have a tendency to capture everything in either photo or video form and upload it using BeFTP to the server. With the added WiFI connectibility it's easy on the data package, and earns a lot of cool points with the little man.

Every day I'm figuring out new and exciting things to do with this thing, powering 2 websites, and uTorrent from the palm of my hand from any location.

I would use my blackberry in the following way to be an awesome dad. I would be able to get directions to the nearest amusement park using google maps.

...enables me to keep my kids artwork as wallpaper on my phone so that I have constant reminder of what is important in life - my kids. Take a pic of it and instant wallpaper!

I get to keep track of all the stuff that is going on and know where to be at what time and how to get there because of my curve. Plus I get notified when it my 5 brothers and sisters birthday's. Trust me, you do not want to forget your sisters birthday, or your bigger brothers for that matter. Thanks Blackberry for making my life easier.

A pet may be an easier form of parenting but you still have to be responsible. You have to feed, bath, groom a child, right? Well a dog/cat/other pet requires the same work. SURE you can say that it's not the same but if you don't take care of your pet isn't it considered a crime just like being negligent to a child? Think what you want I see what he's trying to say. Besides, it's not your contest it's Blackberry's!!!!!

My husband is the best Dad, even though they are not his "blood kids". He is always there for them, no matter what they need. His BB keeps him close to his girls, no matter how many miles away he is.

My Blackberry 9700 let me be a good father because I am always in touch with my family through email, texts and Blackberry Messenger. My battery last throughout the day so there no way for me not to be out of touch. I love my 9700

I have two little ones and travel for work a lot. So my BB keeps me in touch with the family via voice, SMS, and pictures. My wife send me pictures of the kids using MMS while I am away. Great way to keep in touch and not miss them growing up (as much).