Fathers Day Contest: Win a $200 shopping spree at ShopCrackBerry.com!

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Jun 2010 05:00 pm EDT
Father's Day Contest!

Maybe you're a BlackBerry-using dad or maybe you have a BlackBerry-using dad. Either way, this weekend we're saluting all of the fathers out there with a little CrackBerry Father's Day contest. Up for grabs is a $200 gift certificate so you can go nuts on some new BlackBerry accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com.

To Enter: Leave a comment to this blog post letting us know either

  • how using a BlackBerry lets you be an awesome dad... or...
  • why your BB-using dad should win this prize 
Just leave a single comment to this post per the above and you're entered to win. Deadline is this Sunday (father's day!) at midnight PST and we'll announce the lucky dad on the blogs next week. Oh, and if you haven't seen it yet, be sure to check out our Father's Day Gift Guide. Good luck... and Happy Father's day weekend! 

Reader comments

Fathers Day Contest: Win a $200 shopping spree at ShopCrackBerry.com!



I use my Bold to keep track of my son's soccer games and school activities. Without it, we would both be lost.

I use my BB 9700 to help me be a better dad all the time. I keep pictures of various animals, cars, boats, toys, and other normal things on my BB. My 2 year old rides the train with me to school/work in the mornings and he flips through the pictures and names each one of them. Sometimes I even keep videos downloaded from youtube to entertain him in a pinch. Of course the normal uses of the BB are useful too.. taking pictures, the calendar, the games, etc. I think the BB is a great tool for a Dad!

Today is my birthday turning 62 and tomorrow's father day what a way to end the weekend to win something from hEre

BB allows me to stay current with my kids. I use my BB to stay in touch, share photos, text, immediately respond to emails. I can be easily available to them even if I'm in a meeting discussing a project :) Happy Fathers Day Crackberry!

I live on the opposite side of the country as my dad and usually the only way that we end up communicating is through BBM. I would love to give him the opportunity to really take advantage of his BlackBerry!

I am readily available to my children anytime they need me. Whether it's email, instant message, text message or (gasp) a phone call. I am able to track my children's activities through reminders and the calendar. I am even able to store things they need such as passwords and the like. They really don't let me do too much of that, I have no idea why. I am quick with a photo or a video in that important moment, hopefully not embarrassing then too much. I can even post those picture moments right to Facebook for them. I can bug them with reminders using my Blackberry, such as "clean you're room". If I am outside and they are inside, I can still make myself heard, "bring me a cold beverage, please". Yes, my Blackberry Curve lets me be involved and ready for anything.

2 teenage girls one 14 and one 18....when my 18 year old is out with friends (partying) I can use her storm to find her and pick her up....Smartguard.....We use to the storm to find movies and times...it's a great tool.....Pray for me.....Thank You

My wife sends me picture and videos all day during work of our 3 kids. It kills me to be away from them during the day, but at least I get to see them. I call them on my Blakberry during my commute home every night.

My wife sends me picture and videos all day during work of our 3 kids. It kills me to be away from them during the day, but at least I get to see them. I call them on my Blakberry during my commute home every night.

My wife sends me picture and videos all day during work of our 3 kids. It kills me to be away from them during the day, but at least I get to see them. I call them on my Blakberry during my commute home every night.

My wife sends me picture and videos all day during work of our 3 kids. It kills me to be away from them during the day, but at least I get to see them. I call them on my Blakberry during my commute home every night.

My dad is an accountant and uses all day long, He uses to organize for email and meetings and as well as family time..

Using my Blackberry lets me be more readily available for my kids to contact me if they need me.

* how using a BlackBerry lets you bean awesome dad

One thing my kids will never say.. what did I look like when I was xx? With my BlackBerry in hand for the last 3 years I take at least 2 pictures of them a day. On a fun day I will take over 10. I have a 2 cameras at home but with my BlackBerry the kids always have a smile ready for me. My Curve um Tour, um Bold II, serves even more as a scrapbook to show off my children. What Father does not want to show how proud they are to show them off.

Pictures, yea ok. With my BlackBerry in hand I also keep our family schedules handy. I know when each child and Mom and I have an appointment, or need an appointment. I know when where and when we need to be. On vacation it is vital for me to have VACATION on my BBM and on Twitter and Email. Yes, I have my BlackBerry with me 22/7 (2 hours left if not next to me) but this is pure family time and if I go to use my BlackBerry I look and know put it down FAMILY time.

My kids both know what I do on my BlackBerry and they mimic it. The baby holds it up to her ear and her older brother wants to type on it and send BBM to Mom. They know it is not a toy, but they want to do what Daddy does and look up to me emulate what I do.

Mostly, they know if they want me or need me for anything, I will put down everything to be with them. This one sentence makes me think I am an awesome Father.

Well my BB helps me keep track of the wee ones speacial days and appts. I havent missed a Dr's appt yet due to the fact that I always use my calendar, the memo pad helps keep up with allergy meds and well since my little one can text she can always keep up with me and i like it. Happy Fathers Day to all of you out there. Enjoy.

I am out of town all the time for work operating freight trains. My kids love thomas the tank engine but I get to stay connected via picture mms and video mms and show them the real life of a railroader. Our blackberrys help keep me involved with the family as I am away chasing work with these hard times. Thankyou.

i use my blackberry to play not only videos i took of my daughter, but also snuggle down to watch you tube videos of fairy tales, stories and songs she likes. Quality time together...

i use my blackberry to play not only videos i took of my daughter, but also snuggle down to watch you tube videos of fairy tales, stories and songs she likes. Quality time together...

My wife and I Manage my sons little league baseball team and found out early in the season just how important our BB's would become during the course of the season. We used them to keep track of the schedule, communicate with the parents, take a post pictures to facebook,and I could go on and on.

Long story short... not sure we could have kept up and kept organized without our BB's.

My BB lets me stay in the know about all that is happening with my children. Email, messenger, and visual voice mail are keys to keeping up. They grow up so fast!!!! My wife and I would be lost without all that out Crack berries do for us

My father is a tireless worker, and as every businessman, he needs to keep his blackberry in good condition.. So, this is a good chance to win this prize and get some accessories for his blackberry!

Thanks, Crackberry!

My Dad is not the a-typical BlackBerry user. He is not a power-user, always-on-the-go professional; he is an electrician that owns and manages rental property. Beyond the typical uses of a BlackBerry, i.e., email, phone, etc., my Dad actually gets excited about new apps and even tells me about new ones at times. He even got my Mom switched to the BlackBerry, a significant feat we have tried for years.

All-in-all, my Dad's continued use of the original Storm (partially because of the OtterBox) leads me to believe he is definitely worthy of a $200 CrackBerry Shopping Spree.

The shared calendar between me and my wife makes life easier with all the doc appts and activities for my daughter. We also get to use bbm all day long to share photos that i'm missing while away from home. And upload those photos to facebook and twitter, all from my phone.

Because I only just convinced him to abandon his palm and come to the dark side (i.e. he's a crackberry addict now!)

...now when I read the 3 Little Pigs to my 15 month old son, after the Big Bad Wolf blows down the first two houses, I stop and ask my son "And what do you think the third house was made out of?"

And he points to my Verizon Tour that runs .591, looks up and smiles, and says "BRICKS"

Happy Fathers Day everyone :)

No matter where I am and what I'm doing, I can send and receive that little note or text to and from my kids that miss daddy.

That little note or my wife sending me that picture Geoff drew today in class can make any day that was long and drawn out is better than any cup of coffee I could ever have to get that next little jolt to help me get thru the remainder of the day...

My dad needs a CrackBerry Store shopping spree because he is about to get his first BB tomorrow. I am giving him my old BB 9000 (not the only Father's Day gift I'm giving him!) as his very first smartphone.

And I'm afraid I will need a $200 shopping spree at the liquor store after I'm done showing him how to use the damn thing.

I am able to use my BB to be an awesome dad in many ways. First since its never far from my side I am able to capture the spontaneous moments the my daughter seems to bust out with startlingly randomness. I can then upload these moments to Facebook for the rest of the family to share. Also by setting alerts in the calender I never miss an appointment and it keeps us running on time. While waiting at the doctor/dentist or wherever loading videos from YouTube or the iHeart radio helps to pass the time. Finally I am able to use my BB to check my sports score/stories and not have to fight over the TV.

I really feel that my blackberry enhances my image as a man, both in my family and in public. Like a new suit, when I have my blackberry on me, I feel complete, bold and ready to do business with life.

I would greatly appreciate this gift certificate, which I would use to further adorn my image.

How nice. Anybody who comments on this article is automaticaly entered to win the shopping spree. Well, good luck everybody and happy fathers day!!!

Where to start? First, the TV goes out and cost to fix; UGH! Then toaster burns toast with smoke coming out. Sets off smoke detector. The son plays at padded equipment at local fast food establishment. Falls and breaks arm one day out of school for Summer!!!! After two weeks into T-Ball. Work is killer with aggressive deadlines front of me. No wonder I am getting grayer!!

Tough being a Father when everyone looks at you for resolvement. One bright note: Would nt trade being a father to my two kids and great wife for anything in this world.

Hope to pick things up and move forward. Would be a nice Fathers day gift. Hope to win.


Only because on a fine Saturday afternoon, this BB Dad is viewing the CrackBerry web-site! Serious devotion to both the BB and this website, to learn the latest info on my BB...and not just looking during the week...rather the weekend! Should be worth moocho points eh!

because it lets me keep in touch with my 5yr old princess anytime she wants!! I get all her funny pics and bbm's from her moms phone and she keeps all my "depointments" in order for me...mainly stuff that i'm doing with her on the weekends!! :-))))

well...my dad doesn't have a blackberry but i am going to grab one for him and spent the $200 prize to buy some useful stuff for him. lol

As a grown-up daughter living in a different city from my parents, calls home usually involve chatting with my mother and brief greetings with my man-of-few-words father. Thanks to BlackBerry Messenger though, my dad and I are able to have conversations regularly which has strengthed our relationship without him having to SAY a word! My dad deserves this prize because he is attached to his BlackBerry and more toys to go with it means him and I can bond even more via emoticons!

As a grown-up daughter living in a different city from my parents, calls home usually involve chatting with my mother and brief greetings with my man-of-few-words father. Thanks to BlackBerry Messenger though, my dad and I are able to have conversations regularly which has strengthed our relationship without him having to SAY a word! My dad deserves this prize because he is attached to his BlackBerry and more toys to go with it means him and I can bond even more via emoticons!

Just looking at the pics of my son in my bb 9700 makes me know that im the luckiest dad in the world. Also when calls come in from home his smiling face makes my heart melt.


All my kids are in university so last January I bought my 3 kids BB Storm's and my wife a BB Bold. I have a Bold. We all keep in touch every day through BB messenger. We pass notes, pictures through the day. It has been great for keeping the family together and close despite the distance between us

I am a father of six, so it goes without saying that most of my funds go for my children. It would be awesome to go on a shopping spree without having to worry about diapers, formula, cheerleading uniforms, and marching band equipment.

Thanks to the blackberry I can keep in touch with my family through e-mails, aim, skype(thank you verizon) no matter what place on the earth I may be.

Well, having a BlackBerry helps me a great deal as a dad.

I use the phone, SMS, MMS, and BBM to keep in contact with my wife and daughter. I also use the calendar to keep appointments with all of the family so that I don't miss any of them. I also use all aspects of the phone to keep in contact with my daughter's school and teacher so that I know how my daughter is doing in school. THe teachers and I are in constant communication, with about three or more calls and emails a week, so that I know how well my daughter is performing in class, trouble she may have gotten in, homework she is getting, and anything else that the teacher or I may have to know. I also use the phone to be in contact with my wife who is in the U.S. Army and since she has the ability to get deployed, having a global cell phone allows for contact almost anywhere in the world she may go.

The one thing that I would get with this shopping spree would be the hands-free bluetooth car speakers since my wife and I both have BlackBerries and cannot use the phone directly to our heads when talking on the phone in the car. The city I live in along with Federal Government regulations prohibit her and myself from using this so the bluetooth speakers would proove to be excellent for us to stay in better ocntact with one another and others calling in reference to the family.

Thanks for allowing me to enter this contest and congrats to whomever may win this awesome father's day gift from CB.com! All dads deserve a present like this to show how they are appreciated.

I use by Blackberry to keep track of upcoming appointments, how much I owe for daycare and anything my daughter says she likes (which at 2 years old she seems to have no problem telling me she wants something she sees lol)... I use my Sprint Nav and browser to randomly find things to do on the weekend (she went on her first trail hike with us @ 3 months old and seems to love the outdoors).. Of course I use my camera to capture any moment when I don't have a digital on me and have over 2 thousand pics on my BB...

I'm the Father of a 5 year old autistic child. I'm self employed which gives me the flexibility of being there for him on a consistent basis. I use my Storm2 in those occasional situations to help de-escalate a tantrum by providing some form of entertainment via a quick download, or using it to help communicate with him in a form of a picture or words, as he is a visual learner/communicator. I don't ask "why" he is autistic or complain "why me". He is exactly the person he is meant to be, and I learn from him just as much as, if not more, than he learns from me.

I think my dad is cool.

Last year,he got his very first blackberry. In the beginning, he didn't like it very much. He thought there were too many buttons. Then he thought there were too many functions. 'Who needs this stuff?' would be his comment. But deep down, the kid in him came through. He figured out what to do. He actually sent his first blackberry messenger message to me a few days later. Now he doesn't leave home without it. He has all the family pictures stored in the phone and shows us off everyday.
I want him to have some accessories to snazzzz up his blackberry. You probably recognize him because he sports a side holster for his Blackberry.

For a 92 year old man...I think my dad did ok!

My BB-using Dad should win this prize because he's getting very tired of his BlackBerry and is strongly considering going over to the iPhone. Noooo! I gotta stop him by showing him how BlackBerry is the leading smartphone when it comes to phone accessories and CrackBerry.com is the one to help me.

I use my BlackBerry Tour to keep track of the 2 different school and SOCIAL calendars for my Son and Daughter. In addition, since neither one want to actually TALK to me or my wife, sometimes I need to text them a question I need an answer to. At times, it seems the only way left to communicate with them is via email or SMS.

Kind of sad, but there you go . . .

I use my bb for everything and keeping up with the kids is a big part of that. I use my bb for everything from settling arguments via Im between the kids to chatting and sending pictures of funny things or happenings with them. So I'm really a bb dad. I need a new case a car charger and a screen protector, and a few other things but those items just stand out.

Who can not live without his blackberry storm! This is my life-line to all my kids from the age of 14 down to 6. My bb helps me find out what they are doing (via facebook and app like that) at all hours of the day when I am not at home. I love the fact that they can all send pics and vids of themselves when they feel like they need to brighten my day!

I know he doesn't need a Blackberry Curve and a Blackberry Storm but I know it helps him to be ahead of the pack in everyday life. He's works for a company in Atlanta, Georgia another company in Grand Rapids, Michigan and also runs his own business out of his house in Ann Arbor, Michigan. After all the work he puts in he still finds time to be a loving caring father and husband to my mom. I don't know how he does it, but seeing him constantly on his Blackberrys probably has a lot to do with it.

This gift would be the best fathers day present for my dad because he just got a blackberry tour from mts mobility here in manitoba and he has no accessories for his blackberry at all! He already has scratched the side bezel and is in desperate need of a good case. He is still trying to get the hang of using it and how everything works. He also requires a bluetooth headset and as we all know with the blackberry tours he will need about 10 replacement trackballs that I can replace for him :p.

Happy fathers day every one!!

Both my daughters play youth soccer. The BlackBerry calender helps to keep me on time for practices and games. I set up a reminder 30 minutes prior to the games. I haven't missed one yet. Gooaalll!

My beautiful daughter was born on 6/1/2010 and without my BB i couldn't take pictures of her on the go every day and then stare at them at work!!

My dad is the reason why I ever got into Blackberries which alone makes him the best ever! He's always influenced me to become tech savvy and I'll always appreciate him for that!

part I enjoy about carrying a BB is the ability to keep a very close eye on the killer storms that blow through the midwest this time of year and being able to alert my family and friends. Having it during the winter is almost as important but more so this time of year. Thank you to the CB team and everyone who uses this site to make it better and easier for ALL of us regardless of fatherhood or not.

I'm an awesome dad with my BlackBerry. My kids can reach me with their IM or text. We share emails and stay in touch through Facebook. BB's are awesome and so are my kids!

Whether it's making sure I have up-to-date information (what field we are on etc.) while shuttling my daughter from one sports practice to another or I am showing my 2 year old son youtube videos to keep him from melting down.

Blackberry's keep dads well informed and protect thier sanity.

My Dad is my hero! He is also a 21 year Army Vet who served in Viet Nam as a helicopter pilot. He's on his first Blackberry, so am I and we share e-mails, pictures, etc. All the time using our Blackberry's!!

By using his blackberry my husband is able to be a more hands on dad. He can manage his work all on the blackberry from the comforts of home. Our daughters very much appreciate the extra time with their daddy :)

My dad recently got his first blackberry when Verizon had the BoGo deal. Ever since then I have become his personal tech support! He is in need of a couple accessories that he just will not justify spending the money on when we all know they are worth it! (Bluetooth in a stick shift car)(Car charger, stop complaining about the battery, you use it all day!) With $200 he could get all he needs and finally pay his bill that he owes me *cough cough* tech support.

I use my bb to communicate with my son who has and is deploying a second time to Iraq and my daughter who is away (far away) in college. The almost instant response provides us the the immediate feedback to provide advice, counsel or just a brief joke or photo that helps the family make it through these trying times. If I win that would be awesome but if I don't my bb remains the one tool that I have at being a great dad. So Mote It Be!

having a blackberry makes it easy for my son to get a hold of me with any method! - email, text, phone, facebook, trillian, twitter... simple and quick! (Plus he thinks the storm 2 is just awesome looking and cant wait to get one himself so he can be just like dad!)

Thanks CB for yet another awesome contest!

My dad really deserves to win the gift card. I don't really see him that often because I live with my mom and it would help us keep in touch if he got this gift card.Doesn't every dad deserve to talk to his daughter anytime he wants during the day?

Unfortunately, in these "difficult economic times" I have had to work six or seven days a week to help the family make ends meet. I don't complain - there are people struggling to find ANY work. I appreciate the BlackBerry because it has, hands down, the best keyboard of any phone. The constant texting with my daughter helps me feel connected even when I can't physically be there. And it's great for tracking soccer games, recitals, and all the other stuff that goes on.

Being a Father that is constantly working and traveling, I needed a way to keep in touch with my sons mother and my boy. I got my woman to pick up a BB for herself and I too picked one up to have the convince of bbm, phone calls, and picture/video msging. While I'm busy on the road I can always look down at my BB and see my son with various pictures and updates on him, that remind me why I work so hard, to give my son a comfortable life while he grows up. Without my BB I would be out of the loop on his life style and growth. Thank You RIM for making such a great product, and thank you CrackBerry for this wonderful contest. Good Luck To Everyone Who Entered!

Hello Crackberry. I am a father of a one year old. My BlackBerry Storm makes me a cool dad because my son loves playing with the baby go app. He gets his picture taken all the time with the pretty legit camera on here. He gets to see pictures of mama aka my wife when he misses her from my BB. With that said, my true goal is to be a cool dad all the time... BlackBerry or not!

I am a over the road truck driver and my blackberry keeps me in touch with my son in a variety of ways.
from text to mms and im's and of course voice he is always a click away.
And when I'm stopped I tether my Blackberry to my laptop for some internet gaming action with him.

Happy fathers Day everyone.

Why should My dad win this? Because he has done everything for me and more. He is my hero and my inspiration. He has taught me everything i know and more. He uses his phone not only for work but to keep up with a daughter like me. With his BlackBerry he is sure to not miss one thing and i think this prize would make his Blackberry so much more! SO my daddy should win! :)

Being a divorced dad if I won this contest it would let me buy things for my son when he stays with me. I would be able to get games and such that he could play. Thank you in advance in case I win.

using my BB keeps my family on track and keeps my wife from going insane. Use it all the time for lists, scheduling and checking the weather for storms (my wife HATES storms but LOVES my 9530 Storm)).
Saved our events quite a few times already!

Hey guys,

I can say truthfully that with my new Bold 2, I can always have my schedules, appointments up to date. That allows me to have my free time to spend with my wife and daughter. Also, I can check the weather to know how to dress when we go out to play, I can turn on slacker and put on kids music and watch her dance away.

What if I receive emails or a text? I can simply take a quick look and see how important they are and not miss a beat with her.

Thanks guys,

Dan Ruiz
For sure a crackberry addict!!

My dad just got a new Bold and he would LOVE some new accessories! Maybe I can buy him a new BlueAnt Bluetooth headset, because he just loves mine:)

He always uses his Blackberry not only for business use, but to stay in touch with family.
He is always available to take a call from his family or reply to a text message, BBM, etc
He keeps lots of pictures of me in his phone to "show off" to his friends and co-workers (yes he IS one of THOSE guys)
A prize like this is perfect for someone who loves his Blackberry as much as he does


I have 2 great daughters and we all are not in the same state. I use my BB Tour to send pictures and text to keep in touch. There are a few accessories that I would like to have to make it safer when I have to speak to them while driving. Have a Happy Fathers Day and hug those that you are blessed to be near.

I am a father of two full time student and work full time. I don't get to spend time with my kids to often, some days I get to talk to mmy daughter more on my blackberry more then in person.

My Dad recently got a blackberry and he is enjoying the hell out of it. He is a BBM addict and hasn't been in on family jokes in a long time, but now is because of his newly found blackberry addiction.

I'm a single divorced dad of a 18 month old and my Storm 2 helps me so much with my daughter. I use BBM to be able to contact her mom when its time to pick up and drop off and I use my calendar to schedule all the pick up and drop off times. I also have used a few apps to help me while my daughter grows like when she was really small I used the Woomby app to keep her attention when she was fussy and now I use Super Baby go to teach her letters,shapes and animals and since we are hispanic its a big plus because it also has spanish so she can learn in both languages. She also likes to play my Storm Piano app and even some of my games even though she has no idea what she is doing. I also like to watch movies with her on it before her bed time. I love my Blackberry it helps me everyday with my little girl.

... my blackberry is my photo album of my kids, my video files are my nragging rights to how smart my kids are, and best of all, when comes time to call home from that long day of work,I can hear each ones sweet voice, to remind
me why I do what I do each day. They, like my BB (along with CrackBerry.com of course), are my keys to happiness! Thanks for the opportunity! MM

... my blackberry is my photo album of my kids, my video files are my nragging rights to how smart my kids are, and best of all, when comes time to call home from that long day of work,I can hear each ones sweet voice, to remind
me why I do what I do each day. They, like my BB (along with CrackBerry.com of course), are my keys to happiness! Thanks for the opportunity! MM

... my blackberry is my photo album of my kids, my video files are my nragging rights to how smart my kids are, and best of all, when comes time to call home from that long day of work,I can hear each ones sweet voice, to remind
me why I do what I do each day. They, like my BB (along with CrackBerry.com of course), are my keys to happiness! Thanks for the opportunity! MM

My husband is a Dad (and will be a Dad AGAIN in August) and a new blackberry user. He's still trying to figure out his new Curve 8530 and it would be really cool if he could win this to go nuts with accessories.

I simply can't live without my BlackBerry, I use it for EVERYTHING,organizing my day,sharing pics with friends and family, and finding the things I want and need when I'm out of town. Simply put my BlackBerry is my LIFE!!!!

He will be able to see the world as a new perspective where he can check email, news, photos and talk. I'll help him to buy a BB of course adding this to buy some goodies :D! Thanks.

Blackberry helps me being a Dad, because my Daughter is in the Coast Guard and the BBM is great way to communicate.

Ever since my baby's Daddy got his BB, he has been AWESOME about taking videos and pics to send me while I am working and/or away on business... Feeding the pets; learning magic tricks; even the first poop on the potty!!! TMI?
Then he uploads them straight to the site he created for our precious boy (nix the potty milestone) so the rest of our family around the country can keep in touch as well.
He is a big fan of the apps but, although he frequently uses a map app, he has still resisted going for an app that actually GIVES SPECIFIC DIRECTIONS! Sheesh! How's that for a classic stereotype?
This could be the motivating "push" he needs! Or at least force him to come up with a real creative excuse for NOT getting one. Heehee!
Happy Daddy's Day Everyone!

I'm trying to keep him update by recently buying him a Blackberry and paying his monthly post paid plan in order to make him more reachable. He hardworking and always helping..totally deserve to pimp his bb

My dad just got his blackberry bold 9700 a few weeks ago and hes very excited with it. Hes very happy with his new phone since the communication with me is easier when im traveling or when im not at home. He has done a wonderful job as a daddy, he gave me everything I have and thanks to him I am who I am, so I think this would be a nice gift for that wonderful person I proudly call my dad. I'm sure it will make him very happy and I like to see him happy. Thanks!

Thanks to my Blackberry I never forget important dates, I also and take tons of pics of my kids. Thanks to my BB!

My Blackberry keeps me in constant communication with my 3 children. It makes me an awesome dad, without it, I would not be able to talk with my children during my work day. It's an awesome tool in our family.

I not only use my curve to stay in touch with my 8 yr. old daughter, I also use it for e-mail offer's from many retailer's such as Best Buy, my daughter was thrilled when I presented her with a new Nintendo DS along with several game's. Thank's Blackberry for making me look like a hero!

My Tour has come in very handy over the past few months. I have a two year old that loves bulldozers, excavators, garbage trucks, thomas and friends and my blackberry allows me to make him smile in a flash. Recently, my wife, son and I were shopping at StrideRite for new shoes. After waiting almost an hour to try on shoes, my son's patience had grown thin, so when it was finally his turn, he was very squirmy and not much for participation. With a few clicks we were able to try on shoes with a happy 2 year old that was enjoying Thomas and Friends. My son loves my blackberry, whenever I take out my phone he asks to watch bulldozers or whatever he wants. It turns out to be a great way for us to take a moment during the day and spend a little time together. It also means that I do not play with my phone when he is around, because I do not want him to watch a lot of video.

When I am at work, I have a multitude of pictures on my phone, that I have snapped with my Tour's camera. I have had my blackberry since before my son was born, so I have shots from every major event in our lives. With facebook and mms, I have been able to share those moments with friends and family.

My Tour enhances my daily life because I can always have my wife and son with me.

I am a good BB using Dad because I use my BB to take photos and viseos of my childrens activities and then share them with out of town family and friends.

It allows me to email my 8 year old daughter during the day. My wife MMS me photos of her when they are out for Brownies, then I can reply with messages to her. It allows me to look up movies that are playing, and the reviews, so her and I can have a father/daughter movie date. Actually, there's plenty more.

I spend much less time catching up on news, sports, etc when I get home now, because I get my fill of it all day on my BB! So I have more time for my kids!

I know some of the folks at Crackberry may joke that their BB is their second brain. Well in my case I really can not live without mine. Besides keeping in touch with my wife and daughters we all email and send pics cause both daughters are in seperate cities from us.But even more my BB is a lifesaver...Let me explain... I will make an assumption that a large majority of BlackBerry owners have some what of a level of higher education. I am not in any way slighting anyone with less than a highschool education. But what if you suddenly woke up one day around your 50th birthday and most of everything you learned in highschool, college, medical school and even three years of specialized training all you worked so hard to achieve suddenly was gone from your human database hard drive or commonly referred to as your brain was zeroed out! You still maintain the basic bodily ability to breathe, eat, drink, deficate but little else.
I am a two tour combat veteran from the VietNam War. We had our senior prom during the "tet offensive" 1967 and 1968. I returned to the world in Nov '68 and started to put my life back together. I enrolled in college and continued until I became a Doctor. I continued my studies with three additional years of training and started my practice. Life was great until I turned 50 then delayed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder began. My memory virtually went south. Names,faces,even what I needed to remember to practice medicine was gone. I closed my practice and tried once again to rebuild my life. I tried memory courses different medications, nothing worked. A friend suggested I try a Blackberry . Long story short after learning how to use my BB,which has a rather large learning curve, I have found my 2nd brain. I put everything in my BB...I am not back to 100% yet but I am getting there with the help of my wife and my BB Storm 2. By the way she also carries a BB Storm 2 to assist me with my schedules and medication times etc. We are now on our 5th BBerry we stated with the 8700 c.
Thanks RIM for such a great product. Doc

I have 3 BlackBerrys in my family all hand me downs. My wife has the first one a BlackBerry Curve 8330. My daughter has a BlackBerry Tour 9630. By the way she's only 6 years old! And I am the proud owner of a BlackBerry Bold 9650. I tried the HTC EVO 4g but I missed having my BlackBerry. I don't use it for business very often, mostly personal use but if I were to win the prize I'm sure I would not have any issues spending the full value. A 6 year old with a BlackBerry how unique is that? She actually loves the speed dial options and I hope to improve her spelling and school work by teaching her to use the BlackBerry and all it's coll features. HAH! TOP THAT!

Being a divorced dad, winning this contest would be really great. I could get not only things for me, but I could get games and other stuff for my son to play and do when he comes to visit me.

Well, I wouldn't call me an awesome dad because of the BB. I am a more popular dad, because I can find any info quickly and have fun apps to entertain, like the FIFA horn APP!!!

With my BB on me at all times during the day I can stay connected with my kids while at school or about and receive the school emails that come whether good or bad. :)

My dad is probably one of the smartest person I have ever seen and been with. Always told us that if you want something, you have to work for it. And I know my dad deserves everything he has. So my sister and I are surprising him with a BlackBerry (Bold 9000 to be exact) for father's day. I am in AZ and my family (dad, mom, sis, bro) are all the way on Guam. But I have chipped in and we decided that he needs a blackberry...#1. Work. He gets email from coworkers and accessing it through blackberry without having to go to a computer would be great for him. and #2...BBM. My sister and I constantly communicates via BBM. And having my dad have access to me 24/7 if he needs anything without having to log on to some kind of messenger would be handy. He always wanted a BB but afraid of upgrading due to the learning curve. But having the crackberry guide him and teach him, it wouldnt be bad. He always wanted to have a BB and this father's day, he will have it. He might not be as BB savvy as most of everyone in this community is, but I know he is one determined guy and with the help of me, my sister, and crackberry, he will have no problem.

I can't imagine my life without my children. I like to think my Berry allows me to spend more time away from work, and with my kids. It gives me a constant line to my family when I'm away. Right now I'm in Alaska (family is at home in Alabama) and my wife uses her Berry to send me videos, emails, and general updates. As a matter of fact, I was able to see my son drive for the first time thanks to my wife's Blackberry...


....as a firefighter. I don't always get to be there for my 3 little ones (soon to be 4) when they are getting tucked in at night. But I do get to see their pictures, videos, and speak with them on my blackberry every night. I also, when at home, sing to them every night before bed. I use my Blackberry for accompaniment. (the big favorite right now is "The Rainbow Connection" by Kermit the Frog.

When on duty I can't do that so I used my Blackberry to record me singing their favorite bedtime songs and sent them to my wife via BBmessenger. Now I can sing to them even when I am gone or out on a run.

When at home I usually read them stories at night before singing to them. One of their favorite books is a book about the muppets. Well, many times I will read them a sketch from their book and then I will use mobile youtube on my BB to find the episode of the muppets that sketch appeared in. It really makes them light up to see the story I just read to them come alive.

Other times I will be at home with the kids and my wife will be working late. Those times, I often use my BB to look up new recipes to try out and I will just sit it on the counter by the stove and use it as my own little digital cookbook. More often than not it works out well.

It also is useful for keeping track of grocery lists, to do lists, b-days, and other important dates. My wife just puts them into our shared lists or calendar and I always have an up to date itinerary via BBM.

It takes a some of the stress out of being a dad.

As a dad with a BB, I'm able to accomplish work goals without compromising my relationship with my kids. Most used apps related to my kids: Calendar, SMS/MMS, Tether, Poynt, and Telenav. My oldest wants my 9630 as soon as I upgrade!

7 kids and 17 (#18 on the way) grandkids to keep in touch with, send photos to and fro, FB with on the fly and they all live from Spokane to Lesotho Africa (Peace Corp Vol). This will help!

My BlackBerry Bold 9700 is the best thing to keep me organized and on track with all the family activities; soccer practice, dance practice!!

Dad said he never wanted a phone other than a plain, no frills type. He just recd a blackberry for work use and he has learned how to text, he plays games, and I believe he loves his blackberry. Never thought he would change his ways.
I hope he can win this contest so he can add the cool accessories to his blackberry

This is the first year I get to celebrate being a dad. I use my BlackBerry to share photos with my family, who all live 2+ hours away and don't get to see my daughter very often. Emailing pics, as well as uploading them to facebook is very helpful.

Being an effective father requires planning, time availability, responsibility, commitment and organization. My BlackBerry assists me in organizing my schedule to prioritize tasks, keep appointments, remember important dates, and refresh my heart with photos/videos/ music of my beautiful family.

I am BB toting father of my 1 year old son that just turned 1 on June 16th. Yes, I push the stroller, I change his diaper, and many a times I even forget the diaper bag on trips, but I never forget my son's doctor's appointments, his surgeries and his follow up appointments all because of my BB Storm 2 (9550). But wait you may ask how many surgeries could one baby have, that I would need to scheduale them on my BB. Well you see my son's expected due date was Oct 3, 09, yet he decided to come a bit early on June 16, being born at 24 weeks old. Since then we have faced many challenges from life threatening illnesses, to delayed responded and even some brain damage. So far within the 1st 6 months of life my son has needed 7 surgeries (1 Heart surgery, 2 eye surgeries, 2 hernia surgeries, 1 g-tube surgery, 1 tracheostomy surgery)and now we are looking at yet another surgery to help him from vomiting due to severe acid reflux. My BB was my life saver as my 9550 and the 8130 before that was the only way I could keep up with work as well as my son's appointments. As everyone knows that BB's can multitask, as I also used it to blog about my son's situation to my family members (in-laws as well)who could not be there as we slept and still do sleep in the hospital. Also with the BB I was able to call my friends, family, and clients that I worked with to keep the ball rolling on many things. With the Documents to Go suite I was able to write and fill out many of the forms that I use for work. I was also also able to play and master the awesome time killer (and keep my sanity), Brick Breaker while sitting at the hospital waiting on some news from the Doctors as well as listen to music from Pandora. Also with the Storm I was able to take lots of pictures of my son and post them for my friends and family to see. Even at this moment I am sitting in the hospital with my son, yes he is still in the hospital, writing this on my BB. Well that is how I am a BB toting father.

I'm a father of 3 boys. My BB keeps me in sync with their schedules. In case of any missed appointments. Plus I used it to sync/share Calendar with my wife's iPhone. (I'm trying to convert her). :)

My daughter hates me when I use my  so she will try to get my attention by being cute...asking me to read her a bool etc..kind of like the way she tries to steal my attention..she's 4yrs old btw

He is a BB using fool! From the time he wakes up until he goes to bed he uses his BB. It is the first thing he looks at in the morning and that last thing at night. He loves it!

Remembering my kids' practice schedules and school outings is the best thing I get out of my BB calendar. Now, a cool prize for "Daddy Day" would be awesome! Thanks

Simple...My kids think I'm great....My Curve is great....therefore My Curve makes me great.

This is so obvious you might as well end the contest and declare me the winner.

My son said so.

I am very pleased with the BlackBerry taught my daughter a poem.

My husband has been my rock lately. We just found out that my mom has congestive heart failure. My husband has been right there for me and my family giving all of his love and support. He has been taking constant care of our children, ages 4 and 11 so I can be at the hospital with my mother while we wait for her bypass surgery. He works hard all the time for us and never does for himself. I would love to be able to give him the gift certificate for being a loving Dad and loving husband.

my dad should win this because he was just laid off. He was there for 12 years and never missed a day. This would be a great way to boost his morale.

As a dad my blackberry allows with to instantly upload any baby photos i take to twitter or facebook. it also is great with the callendar where i can set all babies docs appointments in them so i dont forget all in one handy lil device

The point of having a blackberry is to be mobile, I won't get into details of which app allows me to do what, sure I can communicate with the kids and my wife and parents and some teachers on bbm as it's convenient. My wife was in australia and I'd been traveling most of the first year since my son was born. I saw him walk on video the moment it happened and every night I'd have a new voice clip whenever my kids said or did something special. I felt connected with them and that probably made work a lot less depressing haha and I saw him every day, no matter where I was, he saw me and heard me talk everyday and when I saw him again months later, he smiled and held on to me like I'd never been away, now that we're together a lot more, the blackberry makes things fun for them, one day my office could be in the Zoo, the other day it could be at a park, my phone can be a gaming device for my daughter and a portable tellytubbies device for my son and now the kids get to be with me whenever it's possible and my daughter is loving her school holidays, my son just loves being with me. But more than anything, I love that my bb allows me to be there not just when I need to but also whenever I want to. Sure, winning this would be cool but even otherwise, the joys of being truly mobile when it comes to being there for your family.. Priceless :) so thank you blackberry for all that you do :) My kids would think I'm an awesome father anyways, I'm sure everyone's kids will.. The blackberry just gives me the freedom to show it more and let my kids have their awesome daddy whenever, wherever :p

My Dad should win this prize because he's an addict! During cereal time, his phone rings. During chicken time, his bbm goes nuts! truly annoying. Maybe this gift certificate would help to buy some damn earplugs!!! ..Lol ... if you've got any...

I would love for my husband to win this he is a great dad!
my husband and i recently had a baby boy on March 24, 2010. He deployed to Afghanistan the next morning. He uses his blackberry to to call us as much as he can, which is very expensive. where he is at they dont have any way of calling or going online so a blackberry with global plan works. he uses his phone to get online using tetherberry just to make sure things are going good and if time allows i will recieve a outfit or toys for our little man and flowers for me. before he left he used his blackberry to keep track of his soldiers, meeting,formations,classes and appointments.
it was a good contraction counter too!!! I think he should win this he is a great dad and i want to beable to help him stay in touch and anything he needs he would be able to buy from yous. thank you and HAPPY FATHERS DAY !!

I live approximately two hours away from my 14 year old daughter. I've been a Blackberry addict for years and for her birthday this year I got her a Curve. We can now text, email, picture message or IM any time to keep in touch when I'm away for work.

My Blackberry addiction has been passed on to my daughter and is helping us to keep in constant touch; even if only to exchange a quick joke via text message or a smile via picture message.

I live approximately two hours away from my 14 year old daughter. I've been a Blackberry addict for years and for her birthday this year I got her a Curve. We can now text, email, picture message or IM any time to keep in touch when I'm away for work.

My Blackberry addiction has been passed on to my daughter and is helping us to keep in constant touch; even if only to exchange a quick joke via text message or a smile via picture message.

As a dad of a pre-teen, I'm already getting a glimpse of the future when he has nothing to talk about. One of the things we share is a common geekness for odd ball facts. My blackberry has brought those together with my Twitter account. Before we would ride in silence, now he is begging me for my blackberry for OMG Facts and Factsandtrivia. Like a Seinfeld episode, we have an endless stream of conversation over nothing, but it has become everything. He thinks I'm a cool dad again and wants a Blackberry of his own. One day,but for now I'll just be the dad with the cool gadget.

On March 31st of this year I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Since the moment she arrived I have been using my trusty
8330 to capture priceless moments. I think my last picture brought the total of pics to around 450. My blackberry allows my to send emails,mms, and upload to facebook, giving the world a glimpse of my little angel. Happy Fathers Day to all those proud dads!

To the Crackberry team: Keep up the great work!! I check the site every day, along with the superstore. The deal of the day has me hooked.

I'm an amazing father and I know that without my Blackberry I could never achieve such a connection with my family and not even know it! How else would me and my kids communicate, how would my days go by in the morning where I'm dragged away from my soccer games and to random store where my money is wasted and the game goes unwatched by me. But my Blackberry saves the day as my countless apps keep me up to date on every goal and every fumble! Before I know it were home I'm in a bajillion dollars in debt and my kids are hugging me telling me how much they love me and I have no idea whats going on. I'm the best dad...at least my kids say so. I just know that without the blackberry this never would have happened and without it I never would have been able to keep up with my game. Blackberry's are made for the greatest dads.

With a blackberry I get to be there. I am able to keep tabs on who has a soccer game where, use the gps to find something to do when we are out and about. I am sent to china alot so using skype I can chat with both my little ones anytime. My little girl is sick and in the hospital every few months...everytime she sees me she tells me to let her see mr berry and then tells me dad you need a new cooler case this hip thing is geeky....help me out

I'm a 20 year old dad with a 1year2month old son who loves my BlackBerry. Same as my father, he loves his BlackBerry.

The obvious of why we love our BlackBerry's is to stay connected with family, whether its through BBM or TalkText&Web. Everything from taking pictures & videos of my son to send to mom, dad, and grandmom to staying connected with the soon to be wife while were both away at school, & to using the full potential of my BlackBerry with it's apps to stay on top of school studies and handling my online business from my hands. My BlackBerry is what keeps me sane, it's what keeps my life together and runs it so smoothly. I do everything from my BlackBerry; banking, school projects & homework, tasks, calendar, run my online business, music/movies/books (cartoons for my little guy), and so much more-this list doesn't end. But most importantly it keeps me connected to all of my family and friends.

My father is also a BlackBerry user. Who knows what he loves to do with his BB, but I do know he loves that camera as it seems every hour he has some hilarious picture to send me. He is stuck with the hand down phones, whenever I get a new phone my old one goes to him or my fiance and if the case is my phone is going to her, then hers goes to him. This last hand down he was excited to finally get a smartphone.

Even though I could use every penny of this $200 gift card cause between my son, school, the apartment, my car, my phone, and every other bill I have to pay I never mommy and I never get to do something fun. But I'm thankful to have an opportunity to win this $200 gift certificate! I definitely could use some great accessories, like a bluetooth headset which I desperately need but couldn't afford one, same with a car charger. If I win this, my father will also be getting another fathers day gift, thanks to you CrackBerry!

Good luck to everyone!
Thanks CrackBerry,

5 children, multiple grandchildren, schedules, emails, break-fix, fix-breaks, the wife, the dog, the car, did I say schedules? I'm not only gray, I'm bald, Please help me out this Fathers Day by picking me!!!

Though my daddy isn't a BlackBerry user, but my husband is, and he's a new daddy! Don't tell him, but I haven't been able to get him anything for fathers day yet because the loss of my job and struggling to pay off schools last semester and hopefully finding some financial aid and grants to pay for next semesters.

I would love to be the lucky winner here to gift this to one of the best fathers I know. This would be a great gift.

Thanks for the chance CB. Good luck to everyone else!

i can take pics of my son when the court order lets me see him and post them strait to facebook and e-mail them to family and friends

My dad should get this he is a hard working man and a great father. He likes his brand new black berry curve 8530. Im sure he can use some accessory.

Using a BB allows me to be able to serve my customers, and be available to them, while still being able to be home with my 5-year old son (with a medical condition) who wants to be with his Dad...

With 3 20 something boys I have to use my Blackberry to keep up with them in addition to rescuing them when there is car trouble.

I keep family photos, email addresses, and phone numbers from my wife,daughter,and grandson with me at all times. I love being connected to those I love the most.

Being a police investigator, my hubby works long hours..His dept just switched to the push to talk Tour, enabling him to be home more often..he maybe be working from home, but we get to see his face more!

I use my blackberry to control my appointments so I can be where I need to be when it comes to being there for my daughter such as dance class or soccer, I also let her use it to pass the time on car trips and such. I know my blackberry is just a tool in my life but it is the best smartphone for me on the market. I also plan to have my Wife using it if she has time during her pregency and labor, I know the first pictures of my son will be on my blackberry.

because of my BB Storm. I can always play my daughter's favorite music or let her play one of the cool game apps I have downloaded. My Storm also helps me remember to drop her off on time for birthday parties and other fun activities. Life is just better with a Storm.

I'm a BB (Storm) carrying dad who travels about 50% of the time. I text, send and receive photos back and forth with the kids while I'm on the road.

This is my first father's day. My wife and I had a baby girl on Thursday. I used my Storm and she used her Bold 9650 to get the word out. We used the phone, BBM, email, texting, picture messaging, G-Talk and Facebook to tell family, friends and colleagues about our new daughter. We streamed SiriusXm in our postpartum room, used Poynt to find our pediatrician's phone number, made new shopping lists with Honey Dew (vastly underrated app) and used Tether on a few occasions when the WiFi was unavailable.

I'm not sure how people have children without blackberries. And our baby is only 3 days old.

Happy father's day!

My Blackberry lets me be awesome dad by keeping me up-to-date with the most current news, weather, information, and communications. Most of all..........making me immediately available when someone needs something.....particularly $$ :)

I'll be using my Blackberry to talk to, and send and receive Pics of my kids this Father's day.
Yup, 1st Father's day I wont be able to hug my kids ;( I could really use a shopping spree Crackberry!!!

I recieved my first BB as a Christmas gift last year and it has helped to simplify my life in all sorts of ways, especially when it comes to the kids. With four teenagers it is alot easier to get in touch with them through txt msg. I am also able to easily enter all their acctivities i.e. football, baseball, and softball games, as well as school functions and Dr's appts. into my BB calender so I am able to remember and better help my wife who would keep track of all these things in the past.

my 6 month old cant get enough of my bb i gess its because he is teething bc at first he looks at it with amazement, then he puts it in his mouth... I have a tour so i guess overall i do almost the same thing as he does lol.

My BB is my life line to my children for more hours than I get to see them. And they are the most wonderful children in the world.

Because I just am. And my kid knows it! :-) Always connected, always available. Send messages when I'm leaving work or leaving the house (if I'm the only one at home), MMS photos of interesting things, send photos of myself to the family for fun, and track my travels using google latitude so the family can tell where I am if I get hung up somewhere between work and home or home and somewhere else (I ride a motorcycle; hard to take calls...).

I love using my 9550 to take pic of life all around me everyday. My son and I then share my experiences almost every night. I'm a driver so I take a lot of pics.

Being a single Dad of an 11 year old boy is incredible.
After have been thrust back into the dating world was a terifying.
Suddenly my 11 year old son decides he wants to live with me, I am in heaven!
11 year olds get bored easily. My BB has been my savior to help keep him busy and connected while on the fly. I just made my BB TV capable and he is sooooo happy. He can watch his favorite TV episodes while driving.
The apps are a place he can't get enough of them at CB.
As a parent, this is a critical tool for me. I don't miss a single event at his school. Just to see the look on his face as he scans the crowd to make sure his Dad is here and filming with the BB, is precious.
At at the end of the day, when hour has finaly drifte asleep, I lay on top of my bed in the quiet of the evening a flip through the pictures. And videos I took of our day together and relive those precious moments we had together on my BB Tour.

Both me and my baby's mother own a Blackberry. Because we both use BBBM alot neither of us have to miss out on anything at home like first words, walks etc.

My BB makes sure I never miss those important days and lets my wife send me pictures of her and my daughter playing at the park or riding her new bike while I'm on the road. And that picture looks verrrry familiar (except for the tie...)

My Dad just got a new BOLD 9700 and needs to get himself an OtterBox... Actually had to sit down with him and go through Blackberry 101. Don't worry Dad, we'll get you trained up in the ways of the Crackberry!

My husband, who will be a first time father in just about 2 months, will need all the help he can get! I have been compiling a list of applications....Woomby, baby followup, got-2pro....that he's going to need to be an organized stay at home dad! He's going to be a great father, regardless, but I think having his BB will give him a little more confidence!

Just seeing their dad using his Blackberry in front of their non-Blackberry using friends' parents is all it takes for their dad to be way cool ... they're easy to please!

I've been a bb dad 4 about 6-7 weeks now and these phones r
Awesome. I don't know how I made it this far without one.
I don't know what else 2 say other than thank u 2 whoever
Created these phones they keep me up 2 date on everything
My kids love 2 play the games I download and take pics 4 me
2 put as screensavers.
Thank u bb 4 keeping me a kewl dad

is difficult to explain for those who do not speak much English, thanks to my BB I keep my child entertained during the long wait, with children's games and music. Do not make me a better father, but he enjoys it, has only five years

Hi! I am currently working oversees and on this special occasion (Fathers Day), while my colleagues are receiving text greetings from their children back home, I am able to receive not only a text greeting but an e-card as well from my daughter directly on my blackberry.... AWESOME!

My Storm2 wakes me up in the mornings to get my 4 wonderful boys and girl to school. I set appointments to make sure I don't miss any events at school. I look up movie times and trailers, which makes me look super cool. I use the GPS to find their friends houses. I can tell them the scores of their favorite teams if we are out and and about. But maybe I should disqualify myself because I'm on Crackberry SO MUCH that maybe I could pay a little more attention to them! ;)

he gave me my two daughters, and he takes such wonderful care of the 3 of us. And he's the one that turned us into a CrackBerry household. He could use some cool accessories for his Tour.

My BB lets me be an awesome dad for many reasons:
Slingplayer for The Disney Channel anywhere anytime
Pandora for all her favorite Taylor Swift
Listens to her favorite audiobooks
She steals it often to play various games
She steals it to text and call mom

The list goes on and on, she wants to know how long before she can have her own Berry.........

GOOD DAY,my name wayne.would like to please ask,but first to say thanks for accepting me,one of my sons bought a bb pearl flip as i like flip,i was at first not to impressed and then after a month or so i got hooked on that cell as i could take pictures of my jobs and download to my pc and email information to my customers and quotes as well,so yesterdaymy birthday and today fathers day here i am without my cell cause the battery was low my son put it to charge and a little while later pick it up to call and it was dead no power my son also has one so he check the charger and it was good also that one he has was on warranty and the battery dont last the whole day we were given a new battery but same problem,and my own is still dead,so i will take it to a repair shop tommorrow,but i wonder if you have some advice to give thanks,by the way i am now a fan of my bb and will look foward to a new improved model,thanks again.

GOOD DAY,my name wayne.would like to please ask,but first to say thanks for accepting me,one of my sons bought a bb pearl flip as i like flip,i was at first not to impressed and then after a month or so i got hooked on that cell as i could take pictures of my jobs and download to my pc and email information to my customers and quotes as well,so yesterdaymy birthday and today fathers day here i am without my cell cause the battery was low my son put it to charge and a little while later pick it up to call and it was dead no power my son also has one so he check the charger and it was good also that one he has was on warranty and the battery dont last the whole day we were given a new battery but same problem,and my own is still dead,so i will take it to a repair shop tommorrow,but i wonder if you have some advice to give thanks,by the way i am now a fan of my bb and will look foward to a new improved model,thanks again.

I use my BB to schedule everything from events to feeding the dog (memory isn't what it used to be). It is also the primary communication with my children that no longer live at home!

My blackberry helps me take great pics of my baby girl from since she was small until now, three. Looking back its good to see that because of the great blackbery that I've had. I've managed to maintain the same media without losing any due to new phones or any of that. Not only that, she steals my phone all the tine and knows how to play her own music. Lol I had to delete all my rap music and put in Beyonce, Rihanna, and Keri Hilson on my Pandora. Lol

My dad and I both have storm 9530s. We both love the ability to read email and watch videos on such a large screen. I really like the portrait SureType keyboard, but he likes being able to use BBM to get a hold of me. My dad's a great dad and the blackberry isn't what makes that true, but he is good enough to deserve the spree!!!

My BB helps me be a great dad by allowing me to keep in contact with my family when im not home. My wife and i send pics to each other of our 2 yr old daughter when she is doing something cute or even bad haha. My BB also allows me to keep my schedule organized while im trying to help coach my foster childs (little brother) sports teams and play on my own sports teams. My BB keeps me in touch with all my friends and family on facebook and myspace so i dont miss a thing. I was skeptical about BB's before i owned one but now i love my BB! Thank you BB for being easy to use and helping me be the best dad i can be! Happy Fathers Day to all the dads!

Any blackberry can do wonders for a father, mother, son, daughter.

For me, it allows me to keep in touch with all my buisness contacts, family contacts and friends. I am able to sync my blackberry to my computer and all my appointments directly on my phone!

As most you may know, the blackberry saves each and every one of us at least 60-63 minutes a day! Just for using a blackberry!

With that extra time I can go to a baseball game, relax a little bit longer, and to me, that's important.

Without a doubt the extra 63 minutes in my day help me and my family, and without a blackberry I'd be lost.

Happy Fathers Day!

Funny enough, my BB gets me closer to them! I loaded my Storm with games that they can play and enjoy, all the while without fearing that they'll break it (it's protected by Otterbox:))

Not only that, but thanks to the Calendar being able to Synch with Outlook, I can manage all their activities better, without loosing my connection to work.

God had Blessed me with a Beautiful family!!! I am married with two beautiful girls Savannah 6 and Christian 3. My Blackberry has keeps me in touch through mms (they get bigger everyday)text, email and keeping up with their school events and activities through my BB calendar. I'm in management so I depend on my BB every day, But most importantly a father of tWo in which I wouldn't trade for anything in this world!!!!! All the Father's out there hold your head high and continue in your dedication, Love, patience, perseverance in Leading your family in the right direction. I hope you have a blessed Father's day with BB making our lives a little easier!!!!!

Typing one handed on the Tour because I'm currently holding a 3 month old foster child! Use my Tour to receive and share pics of my adopted 4 year old and keep in contact with social workers and adoptive families! Would love some accessories for it!

My BB allows me to communicate with my wife via multiple ways (BBM, Phone, email, pics) to be a better dad for my newly born son. With the reliability of my BB, I always get to feel like I don't miss a moment of my child's development even though I ma not always physically there!

1) My wife texts me with requests
2) My kids text me with requests
3) My wife calls me with requests
4) My kids follow up on my wifes phone requests and add their own
5) Contacts contain teachers, friends and doctors contact info
6) Calendar tracks school plays, graduations, little league and birthday parties
7) Tasks lets me remember what I still have to get too

How did we do it before Blackberry's?

My three sons are involed in 3 sports each all at different age levels. Without my blackberry calander and reminders i would be lost trying to make to all the events.

As an unemployed bb using dad, i use the twitter for CA EDD :) Email notifications for job listings. Happy Fathers day y'all.

When my son was born I was keeping my fellow crackbeerians updated from my storm whil I was in the hospital awaiting the birth of my son. Now he is 18 months old and has my wifes old curve (not activated) and knows how to act like he is texting and answers the phone and talks to it. My BB allows me to be in constant touch with my wife for Dr. Appts for him quick mms from school when I get him, she sends me BBM's about what he is doing while I work.

God has Blessed me with tWo beautiful girls. Savannah 6 and Christian 3. Blackberry has allowed me to stay in touch with them daily through mms (Daddy's girls get bigger each day!!) Text, email, and the scheduling of their school activities\appointments. I'm in management and often required to work additional hours. Through Blackberry I am able to keep in touch with my Babies through out my busy day!!!! Black Berry has made my life a whole lot easier!!!!
All the Father's out there continue to Lead, Love, and set the tone\example for your families to follow. I salute you Father's!!! So stand tall and be proud!!!!! Hold your head high, especially today, because you are appreciated!!!!!! Have a blessed and wonderful Father's DAy!!!!!

My BB has enabled me to keep in contact with my kids and other family much more than I ever have. I sometimes wish EVERYONE had a blackberry!!

My Father uses his BlackBerry Bold to stay in touch with his family back in the US via BBM and e-mail. He's currently stationed in Germany and having his Bold helps him stay in touch. It helps him and all of us at home actually.

Happy Fathers' Day to all of the fathers on CrackBerry.com!

My hunny would absolutely b shocked if my 2 girls could gift him the gift of techhy! He uses his bb to keep up with the entire family and teaches me the tricks of using my mine!!!

my dad is always in consitent contact w my sisters and I. Its mandortory to call or txt once a day so he is at ease and he knows that we are ok. we send pics of our children back in fourth and send emails. my dad is the greatest in the world and so this certifcate wud be greatly appreciated.

My dad has used a blackberry since the first devices were released. He loves it and would never switch to any other device. Please reward him for his loyalty and hook him up with this great prize! My dad also bought me several blackberry's and i would like to repay him the best that i can and there is no better way than with this amazing crackberry giveaway!

I would like my stepdad to win this contest so we can buy stuff for his new 8310 and get him more techy. I am trying to get him to learn but it is not easy because he is 64 years old.

With the help of this site we will do it!

My Dad deserves the shopping spree because he uses his pearl flip to keep track of all of his appointments, contacts and as a modem when he is on the road. But most importantly, he uses it to keep up with my brother and I! If he wins he will probably get a hands free unit for his car, because we tell him not to use his pearl while he's driving. To all those Dads out there, have an awesome day!

My Dad deserves the shopping spree because he uses his pearl flip to keep track of all of his appointments, contacts and as a modem when he is on the road. But most importantly, he uses it to keep up with my brother and I! If he wins he will probably get a hands free unit for his car, because we tell him not to use his pearl while he's driving. To all those Dads out there, have an awesome day!

Well it helps me keep in touch with my daughter(11) via FB, Twitter BBM MSN depends where is she and where am I. Sometimes Im on my way home and she twits that she would like ice cream or pizza, and I can surprise her when I get home with what she wants. :)

My wife & I recently found out that we are expecting. Being a Crackberry abuser, it is great to be able to keep track of the weeks along, all the doc. appts., and to post the ultrasound pics to Facebook & Twitter :) I know after he/she is born, it will be EVEN BETTER... I'll be able to show off all the pictures & videos & so much more!!

Since I got my first blackberry in February, it has given me the one thing no dad can earn or replace, more time with my kids. My BB allowed me to move my home office to the doctor's and teacher's waiting rooms, as well as the grocery store line, the park, the art museum, etc. so that everyday is take my daughter & son to work day.

As a dad I rarely spend unnecessary money on myself.... So I do not buy apps or themes. There are a lot of things I would love to spend $200 on for my BB....... So PLEASE HOOK THIS DAD UP.....

Well I am father of 3 like some other fathers out there in the world. And i can only imagine how many guys say they are fathers just to win this spectacular offer from CB. Well i use my BB for many reason suck as work and personal, but most of all it takes great pictures of my kids. Im fairly new to CB only a few months, and i would love to be able to get something that I want for fathers day. CB is a get away for me at night when they are sleeping.

Well, my dad doesn't own a blackberry, but he's also never been around! My Uncle is the closest thing I've got to a father & he does own a blackberry. In fact, we got into blackberries together, which us quite fitting since he's in produce, and we're both enthusiasts. While he does love his blackberry, he's always asking me about apps & great cases & what he should get, etc, etc. He's always been there for me, my brother & my mom, thru thick & thin. He's a truly amazing guy! His fathers day gift was going to be a photo album from a trip that he & my aunt recently took, but their camera was misplaced somewhere along their trip. So now I'm hoping to win this gift certificate for him so he can get a whole slew of cool blackberry accessories, apps, etc for his fathers day gift to himself...a new blackberry!

My BB helps me with my kids cause it's full of pictures and videos of all 3 boyz and next month my baby girl!


Since I have a 3 years old son that apparently grown into a blackberry fan, my blackberry has become his toy and my toy (gadget) money has become his toy money.

No more buying additional desktop charger, the money has become this diaper changer.

I think I deserve to win for being a selfless dad and let him toy around with my blackberry 9700. Oh well, life of a father. :)

i know my dad is a BB addict. when I was 12 he gave me his old one and from that day on I have been hooked on BlackBerry. I would love to hook him up with some great stuff from the CrackBerry store if I win this contest. Love You Dad and Love You CrackBerry Too!!