Fathers Day Contest: Win a $200 shopping spree at ShopCrackBerry.com!

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Jun 2010 05:00 pm EDT
Father's Day Contest!

Maybe you're a BlackBerry-using dad or maybe you have a BlackBerry-using dad. Either way, this weekend we're saluting all of the fathers out there with a little CrackBerry Father's Day contest. Up for grabs is a $200 gift certificate so you can go nuts on some new BlackBerry accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com.

To Enter: Leave a comment to this blog post letting us know either

  • how using a BlackBerry lets you be an awesome dad... or...
  • why your BB-using dad should win this prize 
Just leave a single comment to this post per the above and you're entered to win. Deadline is this Sunday (father's day!) at midnight PST and we'll announce the lucky dad on the blogs next week. Oh, and if you haven't seen it yet, be sure to check out our Father's Day Gift Guide. Good luck... and Happy Father's day weekend! 

Reader comments

Fathers Day Contest: Win a $200 shopping spree at ShopCrackBerry.com!



makes me an awesome Dad because I am always available to my children or grandchildren with phone, text, BBM, e-mail. I am always available at the drop of a BB.

I have a Tour 9630, and believe me, it helps me be the most awesome dad in the world. My 1 year old is dying to play with it, but she plays with my old 8703e. I use it for work purposes to put food on the table because of the efficient push email technology from RIM. It has an excellent camera so I can take great pictures of her silly expressions and post directly to Twitter and Facebook right from my device. I keep all my pictures on my Micro SD card so I can show her off quickly and easily. I believe those qualities makes a great Blackberry dad.

with my berry i was able to share the birth of my 3rd son. who was born Thursday afternoon(12:06p 7Lbs 5oz 19.5 in long0. by using the camera to take and send photos to blogs, facebook, and sharing the face of my new son to all my friends and relatives that have berry's via BBM. This $200 would be nice since I will not be able to spend the extra money on the accessories that i would like, but instead I will need to buy the necessities for our new baby.

Being a trucker my husband is gone a lot, but not because of his BB. We all communicate through pics viedos and of course calls. He is with us ev eryday while he is gone. Oh and of course he has Facebook for other family members far away!!! He would be lost without it!!!!

Being a trucker my husband is gone a lot, but not because of his BB. We all communicate through pics viedos and of course calls. He is with us ev eryday while he is gone. Oh and of course he has Facebook for other family members far away!!! He would be lost without it!!!!

I am an awesome dad because my daughter always lets me know just what she needs by using her mom's bb to send me messages, and I am always there for her at a moments notice by use of my bb. :)

Being a trucker my husband is gone a lot, but not because of his BB. We all communicate through pics viedos and of course calls. He is with us ev eryday while he is gone. Oh and of course he has Facebook for other family members far away!!! He would be lost without it!!!! He is also calling dispatchers, brokers, etc so his BB is very important!

Being a trucker my husband is gone a lot, but not because of his BB. We all communicate through pics viedos and of course calls. He is with us ev eryday while he is gone. Oh and of course he has Facebook for other family members far away!!! He would be lost without it!!!! He is also calling dispatchers, brokers, etc so his BB is very important!

Sometimes I have to leave for work before my little one wakes up. When this happens she usually gets upset and after a quick message from my wife I either send a BB Messenger message to my daughter using emocons since she can't read, or I will send three pictures of me. One with me pointing to my eye, one with my hand over my heart and a third pointing at the camera to tell her "Eye (I)-Love-You".

I have a two year-old girl and I love taking picture and send to my wife cousin in Colombia and her aunt via bb mesassger.

I also have you tube app and I always watch video with my dauther all the time

Always sharing bbm with sister-in-law and my brother-in-law

This is the best phone I ever had 9700 bb bold I use it for everything. I can't live with my blackberry

Pick me that way can get stuff for my phone

I am a mother but I also am the father to my 3 children. My husband left long time ago & well when that happens you
lose that label. I am a mother/father using BB storm. I love love my phone & don't know what I'd do w/out it. I accidentally dropped my phone in our swimming pool & almost
had a heart attack, but it was 3 days later and I had a brand new phone and my heart was fine. I love BB.

We constantly communicate through our Blackberries when we're not at home. Keeps us updated with each other and in track with what we need to do. It's good to have this in regards to the communication we keep. Sometimes I'm not around to give advice to her and sometimes she's not around to give advice to me. But thanks to BlackBerry , we're able to do so when we don't see each other. It is a good thing thanks to BlackBerry that we can keep in touch with each other.
I would accept whatever is available to keep in touch with her. Whatever tools, apps and so forth. Whatever it takes to help keep me in touch with my daughter. That's all that matters !
She's my pride and joy and I want to keep it that way.
I love the time we've spent on BBM. The things we've discussed are priceless.
Many thanks to RIM for making this possible !

My dad uses his blackberry to do all of his business work and also his personal things. He uses it for appointments, record keeping, and also for fun! The $200 would benefit him because he will be able to update his case and also buy some other sweet stuff!!

My BlackBerry allows me to do many things for my infant daughter. The calendar helps me keep all of her doctor and play dates. The GPS and Google Maps helps me get to her play dates. Email and text messaging helps me keep in touch with my wife and family. And I am able to keep an eye on her with my wireless nanny cam.

I use my Blackberry to keep up to date with information about my two boys (3mo and 3yr) while I'm at work, or even out of town for work. I also use it to keep my wife up to speed while She is at work and I'm home with the boys. It is the perfect medium to send a quick voice note clip of my little ones singing or giggling. We had just gotten blackberries a couple years ago, and my wife sent me a short video clip of my older son taking his first steps across the living room. Of course that would happen on her watch, but I digress.

When my little one was born this past March, we were taking pictures and e-mailing them to family and friends. Our batteries were still kicking (barely) after a full day of taking and uploading pictures. A different new father on the Maternity floor was complaining about how he pretty much had to keep his fancy smart phone plugged in, limiting the pictures he could capture.

After 6 years of trying, we finally were blessed with a little girl. For 16 months, her entire life has been recorded using the video and camera from my blackberry! Sharing with Facebook, or just needed a quick shot of her doing something special. Best day of my life is me recording her with my BBTour and her saying "Daddy"!

Apart from the Photos and other things, my dad shares calender entries and assigns tasks, to-dos which he things helps us getting more organised :-)

I use my BB to keep in touch with my kids when they arent with me, and they love how we can use it together to find fun things to do when we are together.

Happy fathers day to all those other DADs out there

my brother. He is my half brother, but I consider him full blood. We have the same mother, different father. His dad (my stepfather) and our mom have passed away. My brother is a dad for the first time and it was a trying pregnancy.
We almost lost them both. I am grateful they are here and he is just the best new dad and the proudest.
He shows off his son all the time on his BB and it is his first BB. I would love to win this for him on this special father's day. His first.

my dad deserves the shopping spree because he is a wonderful dad. he is also a long time crackberry user. he buys and sells many things on crackberry. he also writes many reviews and is ALWAYS on crackberry when he is not spending time with me. All in all he is a wonderful dad and I truly think that he deserves this shopping spree.

I think my dad would really enjoy some new gear for his blackberry. He's always on it whether it be BBMing my siblings and I, or conducting business. He could especially use some bluetooth accessories because he will pull over just to take a call from his kids or our mom!! lol

I have calendar events always displayed on my homescreen and reminders set for all our family activities. I haven't missed a single school program or game since I started using my BlackBerry!

Honestly, always having a camera with me to catch those precious moments, using the built-in GPS for geocaching, and rockin' out with my boys to tunes on Slacker Radio. I love my BB, but I love my boys MUCH more!

And being able to get opinions on the fly with MMSs and BBM. Being new to smartphones, I'm discovering all of the cool things that they can do. I'd LOVE to win something related to smartphones!

How using a BlackBerry lets you be an awesome dad....

My Verizon Blackberry Tour allows me to schedule the various activities (swimming, dance, gymnastics) on my calendar and remind me so that I will not miss a thing. Brickbreaker has been a life-savor when I am with my two kids in the doctor's waiting room waiting for their mom's prenatal appointment. My blackberry is my personal assistant with keeping track of everything while on the go.
Please pick me. I would love to get some awesome new accessories for my Tour!

I use my Blackberry Alarms all the time to make sure I don't miss a kid's deal...really helps.

Thanks for the contest.

My BB helps me be a better dad. Everyday at 6pm my BlackBerry buzzes, vibrates, and rings it's little head off for one reason, and one reason only...It says "STOP WORKING, SPEND TIME WITH THE KIDS, ALL 6 OF THEM! NOW, I MEAN IT MR!" Which I always, but sometime begrudgeonly obey. I love my kids, and in today's global work teams, and 24hr availability, I need to be reminded, that I am a dad, and no project is more important than that, and those little people depend on me for more than just putting food on the table. My oldest son enjoys emailing me from Nintendo Wii, and no matter where in the world I am, my BlackBerry works and handily delivers those messages. My BB also carries hundreds of photos and videos of my kids, and it allows me to take pictures of me on my business trips so that the kids get to share in where I travel. Also since I am a man I have to mention the google maps app on my BB, with my BB in hand I am never lost when I take my family out on a roadtrip adventure across the country. You've heard of the Swagger Van commercial, well my BB is my Swagger Phone!

I just wanted to keep this short and sweet, but my blackberry loving dad is the best. When he first got a blackberry I hated it, but I have grown to love them. Thanks Dad for turning me on to BB along with sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many other things you have done for me. Love you Dad!

First off - this is an awesome contest and I know my Dad would LOVE some new things for his Storm 2 which he just got.

My dad could use this $200.00 dollars in a lot of ways. First) A headset! he just got pulled over a few days ago for talking on his cell phone... so not only did he get a ticket, but he also got yelled at from me for 1) not paying attention to driving, 2) not buying a headset, and 3) wasting money on a ticket when he should have given the money to me!

The second thing he would buy is a case (maybe a few of them)... The phone is not more than a week old and he dropped it once DESTROYING his battery cover. Being the great son I am, I ordered him a new ones from ebay!

My dad travels a lot so he could use a car charger and even another wall charger.

If for some reason there is money left over, I will give him some more money for a GPS hook up. God only knows how many times he gets lost in a given week.

Thank you crackberry for this awesome contest, and I know my dad would LOVE to spend the money - he deserves it!

My BB has sentimental value to me bc it took the first picture of my new born son..he was born a year ago this month and I have documented our whole lives on my BB. My SD card has some of my most precious moments and memories on it. Not to mention the fact that I can keep track of our busy schedule just by glancing at my trusty curve. I also sell blackberries for a living so not only do I own one,but they pay my bills and put food on the table for my wife and son.....PLUS I have the word "Dad" in my username!!! I would Really love to get some nice accessories for my wife and I.

My wife sends me pictures, and my oldest daughter likes to use BBM to send me messages. It's cute. Now if only there was a way to make money and stay home.

My BB 8530 is truly my life line. whether I let my 1 1/2 year old son play Baby Go on it during long line waits at Walmart or I'm checking my work and personal e-mail, life without my blackberry would be mundane. I can check documents with word to go and and I can send important documents to co-workers at my job or use the new HP to print app to have material ready before I arrive. I was a bit skeptical about getting a BB, but man I'm so happy I got one. I could go on and on about how my BB helps me with all my daily activities but to keep this short and sweet, having a blackberry keeps me on task and eliminates so many things I would normally do on a PC that I can do from the convience of my bedroom :).

the pictures and facebook updates that my blackberry enables me to receive allow me to keep in touch with my family even though I spend too many hours at work

...by not letting me miss a T-Ball game, concert, birthday, anniversary, or any other important event.

I use my phone to snap pics and take vids on my storm of my son, who just turned one in June. I send them to fb for all my family who get to see him and the ones that dont get to see him

It all started with Blackberry Messenger.. Long texts, a voice note every day to tell us how precious and important we are. Every break at work something sweet just to make sure we know he still loves us and we are there. He took a broken princess and put all the pieces back together not in what he thought I should be but gave me the strength to be who I am and love me. He taught me I was beautiful and worth every second of happy he gives. Moved 3 thousand miles to make a broken home a family. Reassuring me and sending a picture to prove he was really on the plane. The man I know and love saw the beauty and worth in 2 children that another father was to blind to see and calls them his own. With calls and I love you all everyday. Giving tirelessly to his family in working a full time job and serving his country as well. Not just America's hero but ours. To him we give our love and our forever. It is his turn to know how special we think he is. Our JustyKatt, daddy, prince, and hero....we love you!

My dad just had surgery on his spine, C5,6 and 7 on his lower neck had to be fused together, due to an injury he received serving for his country in operation desert storm that was worsened by his daily job after (mailman). He has been at his home in Ohio going stir-crazy for the last month and a half while I have been doing my best to try to take care of him and do some things around the house. I am 19 and I have been doing everything I can to cheer him up as he is in a lot of pain and gets sort of down, so I figure I have one chance to give him a great Father's Day to let him know how much he truly means to me. This would help me so much and even if I don't win this, I am so glad that Crackberry.com would be so awesome as to do this. There are so many well deserving families and I know this will make someone's father truly happy! Good luck to all :)

put all important dates(b-days and anniv) in the calendar. check.
list all chores in task. check.
email wife and kids (free compared to sms). check.
taking pix and videos as that "moment" passes. check.
our family pix as my wallpaper. PRICELESS.

The one reason why my Blackberry-using dad deserves to win this is because he actually took his Blackberry-using son's advice and got himself a Blackberry. :) Now not only can he call me and text me all the time about everything, now he can also use BBM, email, Google Talk, Twitter, Facebook, etc, etc...

I love my son to death and I cannot wait until he gets to hear me again when Im away and his mommy is with him :(

Makes me feel sad, all the time, but Im happy we have blackberry to communicate unlimited talk time anywhere in Canada...

My father BB's battery is always dead, he always forget to charge his phone so I'd buy him for 200$ of chargers and stuff like that eheh!

well i just became a dad for the first time 7 hours ago, just in time for fathers day My wife and newborn are resting comfortable as i make sure nothing happens to my baby. I could sure use the $200 to fix up my curve with some new accessories now that all my money will goto my kid.

This August my wife and I are expecting a baby girl. We both are BB users. If we win we could save our money for items for our baby and use the $200 for items we need for our BBs.

Pick us!

Would highly appreciate a nice shopping spree I work a lot and me and my father are blackberry users we can both use a nice phone case! Thanx happy fathers day to all the blackberry users out there!

My dad loves his BB. It allows him to run his business even when we are at the cottage. However, when we were wrestling one day, I accidentally broke the clip off of his Blackberry case that clips onto his pants. He was really upset with me and doesn't have anywhere to keep his BB safe. I owe him and I don't know how to make him feel better. He has even stopped wrestling with me.

Im a father of a very busy 5 yr old. Ive recently discovered that the best way to keep him occupied while in the car, at a restaurant, in the Dr's office or anywhere else where he will need to sit still is to let him play BrickBreaker. Nothing else has captivated him more. He is absolutely obsessed with it and actually kicks my butt at it.

Way to go BlackBerry! Youve made some very 'trying' single father moments less difficult and its one more thing to make our times together better. BrickBreaker tournaments every weekend!.

Here is a picture of him playing BrickBreaker on my old Curve 8330


I get to take awesome videos of the kids! I bought a camcorder, but never seem to have it on me when I need to video something awesome that the kiddo's are doing. My BB is always by my side. Thanks for saving the memories BB!

I got myself the Storm 2 when it first came out on Telus and immediately showed my dad all the great things it could do.
A touchscreen phone for a 60 year old dad? Are you crazy?
But after getting a wicked plan, he got the phone and all he could say was "wow, this phone is so rad, I can't believe it".
Little by little he learnt how to use BBM. I can only get him to send me tiny little messages. Such as "C u later" or "thx" but he's getting better.
And recently he was totally wowed by the appointment/ calendar synching from computer to phone!
I'm trying to convince him to get a hands free set-up for the car in order to be a little more safe on the road, and he want's nothing to do with a bluetooth headset..
It's great to see him warming up to the blackberry and it would be so neat to surprise him with a fathers day gift just for his blackberry enjoyment!
Cheers guys!

My bb helps my keep all my sons doctors appointments in order. The calendar helps me and reminds me. In fact, as the doctor office makes my sons appointment I just punch it in to my calendar the day of and the day before just for a reminder. Also, the calendar helps me with school functions and his karate. Not to mention the camera and email. Love emailing pictures on the spot to grandparents and aunts and uncles. Also, he loves to watch television on the bb, he thinks it is awesome to watch tv on a phone.

I'm a Dad who is greatful for a BB that holds many a photo and video of my 2 kids. I'm able to share a handful of these using SocialScope and Tumblr as well as Youtube uploads. From a scheduling standpoint, the calendar and task list are helpful. Lastly, the music player helps to keep the kids (1 year and 3 yrs) engaged at crucial times as well. Thanks RIM!

bring the gym strip I forgot, pick me up after band practice, pick up a movie on the way home. Their lives would be so dull if I didn't have a BB!

The one reason I truly love my blackberry is for the ways my daughter and I communicate. At least once or twice a week we send little "I love you" notes back and forth. We send goofy pictures to one another of stuff we see that remind us of one another. This is May, and I have saved voice mails from her as far back as December. The Blackberry is my little love machine!

ok,let me start off by saying,my wife and kids purchased me a blackberry 2yrs ago on fathers day,and now i have locators on every phone,i also am supervisor of a graffiti team thats cleans up the city of graffiti,so i am always in contact with the police department on daily basis,i am also a youth advisor,witch consists of more blackberry usage!plus you can put your whole life onto a blackberry,and control your own little world,so that is why i should win....and everyone follow @crackberrykevin on twitter...

Mine has helped be by being able to keep in constant contact with my wife via BBM. Also, on my son's birthday last year, when I was out of town, I was able to send him a short video greeting sent via BBM to him via my wife's BB.

My BB-using dad should win this because it will show him all the other awesome features blackberry has to offer besides the work e mail and maybe even get him off a work call for a day or two so we can hangout.

Oh my dad would love this, definitely deserves it. First he should get it because he's the one that got me hooked on BlackBerry's to begin with, and has bought me all of them. Granted I've shown him the ins and outs of how to use it, but I'm just being a good BB loving son. He was talking awhile ago about getting tether, and I'd love to show him some other awesome apps. He's already rocking the Otterbox Commuter for his 9700 (thanks to me) but some other nice cases/holsters are definitely well deserved. Thanks for the opportunity Crackberry!

I know this is a contest to honor all the dad's out there that rock. To be honest I'm a single dad raising two teenage girls to the best of my abilities. It took me a lot of saving to get them both a BB (Thank god for the family plan.) If I was lucky enough to win this contest, the prize would go directly to my daughters to let them shop and get a few cool things for their BB's.

Because deep down, I honestly believe that a dad should put his children first way before his own needs.

Sometimes for chewing on (thanks goodness for good skins) but sometimes for chatting (baby jabbering to my wife) when either my wife or I are on shift.
My Blackberry enables me to receive pictures of her when I am at work and then easily upload these to Facebook and her own website for the family.
My daughter likes to hold the Blackberry whenever she can, so much that it is teaching her to crawl kust to get to it!

My BB helps me stay connected with my childrens' activities outside of my work. My children are both under 8 y/o, so having the reminders, calenders keeps me on track and in step - after all whether or not I do have a BB, staying involved with my children is the most valuable use of my time!

My dad should win since he doesn't have a case for his blackberry anymore because it broke and he really needs a new one.

...allows me to stay in contact with my 3 boys, all who are now in their mid-to-late twenties. I also mentor a young man who I want to be able to call me anytime. Mentoring has meant finding that local sandwich shop or library on the fly... Family communications seem to be so easy with my Blackberry 9700!

Just wanted to say Happy Father Day to all dads. I wish everyone the same friendship that I have with my dad. I want to thank Crackberry for all the little things they have given me. Happy Fathers Day.

I'm a busy dad who takes the kids to school, picks them up, attends all pta meetings, and all extra circular events. My blackberry let's me track their schedule of pta meeting at their corresponding schools, help them with their homework using the google, dictionary.com, googlemaps, and other useful apps. All while I can check my email, and download a youtube video for the kids to watch on their way home.

My BB-using husband should win this prize since he is the best Father that my late son Aaron ever had in his 20 short years. Hubby no longer will receive a Father's day gift or card anymore from his one and only son.

I'm a battle-scarred dad with a battle-scarred 1 1/2 year old Blackberry Curve 8330. Since moving away from California to Las Vegas in search for work---Blackberry is the only reliable way for me to get in touch with my daughter!
Happy Father's Day!

BB helps me be an organized & efficient daddy & good standing with the Mes. The following are ways/areas that I use or have used my BB to be a good dad.

-alarms for feeding times
-notes after diaper changes & food notes for mommy
-shopping lists for baby food, etc.
-entertainment for baby: Baby Go, music, pics, vids so I can shower, etc.
-heavy use of video recorder to document milestones
-able to respond to emails while I take him out for play time

I can go on for ever, but ill spare you :)

My BB helps me be a better Dad by staying on top of my calendar for all of our kids activities as well as SMS + MMS back and forth with my wife when we have to 'divide + conquer' between multiple events at the same time. I can be at little league with one son and see and get updates on my other son's little league game! Happy Father's Day to all the Dads!

I am a BB using dad to be, I am also a theme designer. Using my BB has made it so I can create and test my themes to pay for my baby (hopefully!). Good thing I am a high school teacher as well! lol

I don't know if I am a better father because of my BlackBerry but i Know my kids fight everyday to play on my phone. They enjoy all the wonderful themes that the brilliant crackberry theme makers have made. I can tell you when you have 2 wound like a top toddlers at a Dr's office and you pick up your trusty BlackBerry Storm and play Toy Story on it and all becomes still and quiet, priceless. Plus as with any dad, I never get lost(especially now with the help of GPS on my phone). Have a great father's day crackberry Dads.

i get to school my kids in this awesome game even though i have an older version od the blackberry and my two sons have newer ones...they get stuck on level 16 while i get past it and laugh at them leaving them agitated....and if i win this prize i would probably upgrade from my old outdated phone

I Call him alot, and I text him often. since he's older, he probably gets tired of hearing from me so much, but it's nice that I can use my BB to stay in touch with him and just let him know throughout the day that he's on my mind. I keep telling him to text me pictures. hopefully I'll get some of those soon.

Put simply, functionality! My son has been a baseball player ever since he was 6 years old. Last year he tried out for the travel team - and made it. Not really a surprise as he has been an All-Star for the last four years and has been one of the top ten players in the in-house park district league.

With travel ball, as the name implies, there is a ton of traveling to different towns for games. Now, being (or trying to be) an awesome Dad, I took it upon myself to make the teame a blog to chronicle their games, stats, etc... link to team site: http://www.gba10w.blogspot.com/

Keeping track of team schedules and tournaments would be very difficult without my BB. I mean I use my Storm 2 for nearly EVERYTHING related to the team. Here is a quick list of most of the things I use my BB for to help me be a good Dad for my son, and his team.

-Team Schedule
-Team Photos (with built in camera that takes pretty decent pics!)
-Weather reports (weatherbug)
-Texting blog posts via my Storm 2
-Getting on the net during team practices to give my son and his teammates visual examples of drills on a couple baseball websites
-Keeping up with Playoff Hockey scores during games that were being played at the same time the Blackhawks were on

There are a couple more things that I used it for, but I feel like Im getting too "chatty" with this comment, so I'll cut it short so other dads can write about their stories. But to summarize, My Blackberry helps me to be a better father because it keeps me in the loop with all things baseball to allow me to assist my son and his teammates. Put simply - because the Storm 2 does soo much there is almost nothing this phone cannot help me to do. It has helped to make me the best Dad I can be and to enjoy all my sons experiences and joys and sure, some disappointments. But without it, I would surely miss the opportunity to share these experiences with my son. And isn't that the goal? Sharing in my childs life and sharing my experiences with him to help teach and mold him into the young man he will soon become. Thank you Blackberry for giving me a phone that does soooo much. In turn allowing me to do alot more for my son than I EVER could without my BB!

I got my 8900 when it came out for TMO. 6 months later I couldn't take the poor signal and went to VZW for the Tour. I unlocked the 8900 and gave it to my daughter who's on ATT. My son needed a phone so I added a line to my plan and got him a Tour also
My other son (the boys are twins) had a Dare that was dying and he isn't due for an upgrade till December. I paid full price to get the Bold 9650 and gave my Tour to the other son. Now we are all addicts. 4 way BBM convos are a blast!
Also, my daughter upgraded to a 9700 and gave my 8900 to her husband. He's too cheap to shell out for a dat plan thus far, so I don't really count him :)
So, spreading the joy of  addiction is good enough to win, right? :)

I have raging ADHD, and 6 kids, two of whom also have ADHD.

If it wasn't for my BlackBerry, I would lose my friggen mind trying to keep everything straight.

Seems weird but since my father got his BlackBerry, he has been doing things such as texting a lot more often. Him and I surely communicate way more than we ever did via this medium, which sounds silly. This facilitates our real-life conversations as well, as the subject matter spills over into face-to-face conversation when we are no longer apart.

It also helps aid him in his work by linking it up with his IT systems at work (to get auto alerts when servers are overheating, etc). It has saved his butt a number of times since adopting BlackBerry technology.

You'd think that having a data plan, GPS and all the little fancy gizmos and apps would be fun, not for me and my sister (mostly my sister). As fun as all this may be, my dad has put an app into our phones which pinpoints our location wherever we go. Who said driving and being a young adult gives you more freedom? Lying is never good, so why not force someone to tell the truth? It sure beats lying. Anyways, as bad as that is for us children, it sure is damn good parenting. Oh yeah, and how about BBM?

Dad: Did you get my message? I told you to be home before midnight!
John: Nope, didn't get it.
Dad: Why does it say read?
John: ...Oh that message...

My dad is a hard worker. He works from 7am - 11pm everyday. He is the hardest working man I know. He is always on the phone and wants to buy a bluetooth headset for himself but is too tired to ever go out and buy one, when he rarely gets the time. I wish I could just do him one thing for him that would put a smile to his hard working face. My dad does not deserve this over anybody else's father because they are all a father to someone, but it would sure be nice to win him something for a day dedicated to all fathers out there.

My dad has become sooo tech savy since he got his blackberry. This gift would just make him wanna go out and find even more fun gadgets to pair with his blackberry tour!

I'm sure all fathers out there are deserving of this award!

My Blackberry is ever on family vigil ....it discretely delivers emails when they need help or advice, its even been know to gently buzz me into life at 4.30am to rescue injured party going adolescents!

Perhaps as my son prepares to join the army my blackberry will be even more of a god send!

My dad recently joined the Blackberry fever.. And now he's always looking for a new skins, holsters or cases that match his shirts or ties. I think he should win so he can finally get a 'Bluetwo' (Bluetooth headset) for his new Bold 9700.

My daughter, Laura; will be turning 9 years old next Sunday, June 27th. I've been the happiest dad in the world since the day she was born.

I made a video clip of her when she was two days old; and have carried it with me on all my various phones and pdas since that day. I have that same video clip on my Blackberry Bold 9700 and play it back ever so often. I remember those moments and that day as though I had just recorded it. Laura loves watching the video clip. I've played it thousands of times, now. I feel so blessed.

When I first decided to go with a Blackberry, I never knew how much I would come to rely on it.

Being a police officer means I work some crazy hours. With court time and training added to my regular shifts, I tend to miss out on a lot. Weekends, holidays, family events - I'm usually working. And like so many others out there, I've had to take a second job just to try and provide my wife and three kids with the life that they deserve.

My Blackberry not only lets me stay in touch, but helps me coordinate our hectic schedules. Whether it's work, my sons' baseball games, my daughter playing softball, scouts, school activities that I just MUST attend, or just a (far too rare) quiet night with the family, my Blackberry helps me stay on top of it all. For those times when I just can't be there, my Blackberry keeps me connected and makes the disappointment of missing out on their lives just a little more bearable.

I have a 5 week old baby and so far everything that has happened in her life has been recorded by my blackberry.

Even before she was born, I used my storm2 too keep the family updated while my wife was in labour via text and facebook.

Now that she is here I take photos daily and there are posted on facebook and Photobucket for the works to see.

So my BB has been very important to me in my early days of fatherhood.

Let's hope a comp win will allow me to get some much needed accessories for my blackberry.

Fingers crossed.

I am never out of contact with my 'Berry. There are so many ways my son can contact me instantly, we both feel very secure. I considered switching to an iPhone once but my son forbade it because it just doesn't provide the same level of connectivity that a BlackBerry does.

My storm makes me a super dad because it allows me to keep track of me kids with google latitude. And post pics of my family on Facebook like when I dressed up as Hanna MANtanna for my 6 year old daughters birthday just to make her smile. There are so many ways my BB is useful I couldn't list them all.

I'm the father of a sugar powered two year old. I use my blackberry as the "dangling carrot" to get him to drink his milk. What I do is keep a library recorded videos and play it to distract him while he drinks.

A high tech solution to a low tech problem.

My BB-using dad should win this pize because without his blackberry he would have never made it to this land. Bless you RIM.

My using a blackberry makes me an awesome dad, because I take alot of pictures of my son and upload them onto facebook, I then add all his school and sports activitys to my BB calender so I make sure to be on time. then I download cool apps for him to play with.

Without my blackberry I wouldn't take lots of candid photos of my children, I wouldn't share them instantly with my wife trough bbm and it's awesome cuz one day when they'll be older they'll have lots of photos of their childhood.

Love the BB to communicate with my Florida kids and grandchildren - Email, pictures, etc. Makes the distance between us a little shorter.

With a click of a button, my kids are captured forever in a blackberry world empire, where they will learn to love a world that...rules me...

My berry keeps track of all the appointments my son has plus I always have a camera and video at hand to capture all the funny things that kids do. Now my son just needs to get old enough that I can get him his own berry.

When we're away from home, I can still show my son YoutTube videos as a reward for going poopie on the potty.

Having a blackberry allows me to be organized (especially using the calendar and tasks) and remember all that we have going on as a family, so that I can keep my family the priority that they need to be!!

i use my bb to keep in touch with my child, find great things to do, and take pictures on our outtings. i could realy use this!!!!!!!!

Becoming a dad and becoming a crackberry user actually happened at the same time for me. A couple of weeks after my son was born, I purchased my first BB (a 8100 to be exact). I quickly realized how much I enjoyed being a father and crackberry abuser.

23 months later I cherish every moment that I get to spend with my son (including watching Toy Story at 6am, as I type this). I'm also on to my second device (a 9000) and can't wait to get my next device (maybe a 9800??).

I work 3 jobs so my time is limited. My Blackberry helps me juggle all of my obligations. I have 2 kids so I use my Berry to take and view pictures of them as well as video. I keep a bunch of movies stored on the device for the kids to watch while in the car or waiting at the doctors office. I used Poynt the other day because my daughter wanted to see a movie. I looked the movie up, we viewed the trailer, found out where and when it was playing and purchased the tickets all from my Berry. It was pretty cool!! Happy Fathers Day to all the Blackberry Dads!!

My dad lives in Canada and I don't have an international calling plan. We use our bbm to communicate back and forth Bbm saved my life when i was remodeling my bathroom i had to ask for his advice on so many occasions and with the ability to send pics to him it ended up saving me from having to hire a professional to come do it for me.

I am a fairly new bb freak. Just got my first bb (curve 8530 in Jan-2010. Fast becoming the bb freak with crackberry and all its great information. Between the all the acesseries, cool apps, themes and OS updates. My two daughters, and wife think I'm a bb junky. But being bb junky(savy) it keeps us all connected. That's tough when you work the crazy days and hours I do. This will feed the need.

I'm a Scoutmaster. Without my BB to keep scheduls, inventory, and contacts organized this job would be like herding cats!

Because every day I change my background pic to one of my four kids to remind me how lucky of a father I really am.

My boyfriend is an pretty awesome dad, we live together with our 6 kids. He is very busy with work, coaching soccer and his kid's schedule. Without his blackberry he would be lost and I would be without mine( he is my go-to guy for my bb)

Well, my daughter and I have always been very close, but as she has grown our ability to talk whenever "she needed me" has been pretty much eliminated. Between her schooling, she finished her Master's Degree before age 23, her teaching, her working, and my schedule, we wouldn't have been able to keep in touch without the ability to text and the BlackBerry has been remarkable in that regard. This week she is home, with my soon-to-be son-in-law, and the texts have slowed, but tomorrow she will depart for her life in another state and once again the BlackBerry will be pressed into service. While she is very accomplished, she has needed my reassurance often and texting has provided the vehicle to accomplish that task. As a father, this tenuous electronic link to my child is invaluable and the BlackBerry has proven to be the best tool for the job. Funny, her boyfriend has a BlackBerry too, and they are constantly texting. I cannot imagine how anxious I would be to know that I couldn't contact her at all times. I am able through this medium to alleviate many of her fears & worries with a simple word or two. This is my job after all, I am a Father.

I don't remember my own birthday let alone my kids, wife....oh yea, that pesky little anniversary thing. i don't know why I just can't remember these things.
When I got my first Blackberry i had my wife put all the birthdays and other dates """SHE"""thought were important. Last year was the first year I got all the birthdays right.

I chose blackberry to keep in touch with my two son's. One in California, and one in Michigan. Awesome dad? There's always room for improvement...haha!

My BB lets me coordinate work schedules and personal schedule such as the kids sports, the wife social calender against my work schedule. The task manager makes sure I get the honey-do list done and have all the parts and supplies I need to get them done. Pandora allows me to have "cool" music for when I am shuffling the kids and their friends around. WC2010 keeps me up to date on World Cup so my daughter thinks I am "awesome". And of course SMS and Facebook allows me to keep in touch with them discreetly so their friends don't know it is Daddy that they are talking to.

My BlackBerry enables me to BBM my teenage daughter anytime I want. She won't answer if I call but will respond to messages. I just don't understand the younger generation but I'm willing to change.

Where shall I begin? My son is the background on my Tour, to remind me of why I am working so hard. Blackberry calendar, to remind me of those important hospital visits. Sprint TV,to keep my son distracted while I am home and working. Camera, for those candid shots so treasured by his grandparents. Memopad, for documenting when he first spoke, walked, his favorite toy du jour, etc. Nursery rhymes on my SD card, played via speakers in his room especially when he can't sleep.

Yeah, my Blackberry is indispensable with raising my son.

There's no way I would be able to keep up with our family's schedule without my storm 2. And its awesome for sending pics and video to the kids BB grandpas too!

I would love to win the $200.00 shopping spree so I can give it to my daughter, I think that would make me a great dad.

blackberry has helped my 4y/o type her name over and over and over and over again, gotta love those bbm alerts all day :p

I use my BlackBerry to stay organized. I have a 2 year old and a newborn. I use the calendar to keep aLl of our doctor appointments and fun activities. I use the camera and video recorder to help remember all the special moments. When we are out and about I use the browser to google to find numbers and stores. I use the maps to help us stay on track and not get lost. We use the phone to stay in contact when we are apart. My son watches videos of himself to stay entertained while we are at appointments for mom or sister. Without my BlackBerry I would be lost as a father. It is like my third child.

I stay in contact with both of my adult children in different areas of the country!!! Made me a better Dad!!!!

My Blackberry helps me be a better dad because I can keep all my sons sports practices and games on my calander and never miss one :)

First to be an awesome dad you gotta be a cool dad. Everyone knows you gotta have a BB with CB stuff in it to be cool, therefore...AWESOME!

Im a dad and I put a lot of kids movies on my bb. that why if I'm going out of town my kids have something to look at. They love holding my bb and looking at the videos.

Yesterday I took my 3 year old daughter and 2 year old son to see the premier of Toy Story 3. They both were decked out in there best Toy Story attire. Both brought along one of there dolls. My son had his Woody doll and my daughter had her Jessie doll. We all enjoy the movie and then head to the car. While in the car my daughter says "Daddy where is Jesse's boot and hat?" I think "oh great", my son was throwing the dolls around in the theater and they must have fallen off. Now I have a crying 3 year old who wants her Jessie hat and boot. DAD TO THE RESCUE! I go back into the theater and it's still pitch black and I'm trying to search the floors for these two tiny accessories. I couldn't see anything and was getting frustrated. BLACKBERRY TO THE RESCUE! I whip out my Blackberry Storm, turn on the insanely bright spotlight flash and voila! There they are. Dad and Blackberry save the day. Daughter is happy, Dad is happy and that is how Blackberry helps me to be an awsome Dad.

Using my BB helps me be a great Dad by keeping in touch with my kids with email and texting, plus I have a few games that they like to play on my phone -- so I am the cool dad when they are with me :)

My Dad always ragged on me and my brother for being glued to our Blackberrys. I got him his first BB last February and he's never looked back. This guy who could type a whopping 8 letters a minute is now a bigger addict than I am.

I'm a full time father all year long that has to keep things moving right along with a family of 4 with Blackberry's devices. I'm the one who reads the Crackberry forums daily to keep all their phones up to date with the lastest OS and the weekly backups. When a device is acting up, I'm the one that has to return it to the store to get fix or replaced.
So being a father is just not keeping food on the table, keeping the bills paid, keeping up with the house repairs....it is also keeping my family Blackberrys up to par all year long.

I love being a Dad!!!!!

My Dad, although getting "on in years" is still very savvy and a techno kind of guy! They live on a fixed income and this would be a great way to say Happy Fathers Day!

My Bold 9700 makes me a better father mainly because I use it to it's fullest extent. I use the built in GPS along with Google maps to maximize my time with my kids. I use the 5MP camera to capture those precious moments at home or at school programs. I can even upload photos on the run to my wife or Grandpa and Grandma. I use my Bold to help keep the family budget in line with an electronic checkbook, mobile banking and a grocery list program GLP. I have loaded many kids movies onto my Bold for entertaining the little ones on long trips. I always get those important school emails right away too. My teenager would be out of reach without txting and the full QWERTY makes keeping up with her so much easier. My Bold helps me organize my schedule to maximize family time. Of course most importantly I always have my phone with me for emergencies.

Having a Blackberry has helped me be a better man and therefore a better dad!

I love my Blackberry so much, I bought one for my wife, and daughter. All I need now are some cases for them. Lol Happy fathers day!

My BB helps me be a great dad because I use all the neat BB apps to stay in contact with my family, like Maps with Geo with geo tagging, Blackberry meSsenger to chat with kids all day.

My 6 month old daughter loves my blackberry. She loves the Baby Go app on my blackberry tour. She laugh's and giggles all the time when she push the buttons and see all the letters and hears the noises coming from the phone. The only problem know is she always wants to play with my blackberry.

Not only that, but I use the calendar to keep track of my schedule, wife's schedule, baby sitter's schedule and family schedule. Also I use the BerryMed App so I have my family's medical history at my finger tips in case anything happens to one of us.

My family doesn't own a video camera, so I am constantly using my blackberry to take pictures and videos of my daughter as she grows.

So my blackberry is part of our family, I couldn't image not having it...

My dad loves his BB and this gift would be great for him. He's into apps but doesn't have the $$$ to indulge himself in the CB app store. I'm sure he would love this gift and with all the apps he would love his BB even more!

I have my blackberry that my son calls me on. He is only 4. I'm am thinking of getting him a pearl 3g so he can call me and not have to use my ex's line.

My kids live in Fla and I am in Pa, I gave my bb pearl to my daughter so I could keep in touch easier. With bbm we can say good morning and good night, I love you, everyday.

...because not only does my daughter keep herself occupied playing abc blocks on it, while I get my errands done, I use it to find the best deals on a toy that my daughters been begging for. Then, I use the gps to find the store and get there quickly. If I use too much gas, check out Poynt for the cheapest gas prices. I'll from the comfort and power of my hand! BB and Crackberry rocks! Happy Fathers day everyone.

Blackberry is just like me,
No frills, just dependable as can be.
I carry it with me all day all night,
Badge of honor, or because it seems right.

My sons may joke, why I carry such clunker,
Hinting that other toys are oh so much cooler.
But say what you will, my Berry is just fine,
It's just the right type, just the right kind.

Like a good father, who will stand by your side,
Like a good friend, who will not leave you behind.
Always there and always blinking,
Reminding you always, that Blackberry is working.

Others have said this already but receiving pictures via text msg of my kids to wild and/or cute things is awesome during a long day at work. Also, I love talking to them on the phone. Have any of you seen the Kids Eat Free app for BB? It's a great way to save money with your kids too.

My family can keep in regular contact with me, we have a hierarchy in place. Priority 1) Call - if I don't answer I'm in a meeting or otherwise busy. Priority 2) SMS - If i see an SMS from home I will step out of a meeting or jump off a teleconference if it's something important. Priority 3) EMail - I get hundreds of work + personal emails each day, and I ask that if it's not an urgent point, they send me an email.

I also feel more comfortable if I choose to come in a little later or leave work a little early to join a family or school activity as I'm always in contact via email with my employer. It really does help my work/family life balance.

Great giveaway, thanks for the chance!

My 8900 lets me keep up with all the local activities and the reminders make sure i don't forget, when the 5 year old does. i take more pics than most 'normal' parents but i post all the days activities to facebook and myspace while i am doing them. My 'baby' lets me keep up with my baby. i have photos forever and the ability to drive friends and family crazy when i send them all the time.

I proudly admit I'm a crackberry addict. My kids and I love our technology and can't get enough. So when we're sitting there drooling over the latest bb that's supposed to be released my hubby rolls his eyes and thinks we're nuts and the kids tease him as he is anti-tech. He's an old fashioned cowboy who works for the state of Iowa. He recently got a promotion and along with it he received his very own blackberry. He called me livid from work because the box came and when he opened it it was the pink/lavender curve. He brought it home and after several rounds of cussing and pissed off glares at it he finally gave in and proudly sports his pretty lavender curve hanging off of his Wrangler jeans.

Way to be a team playing blackberry loving dad!

I am a Marine recruiter and I spend most days away from my wife and children by the time I get home everyone is sleep, my son and daughter sent, me a phineaus and ferb fathers day card that I was unable to access from my government computer, my day wasn't going so well it brightened up my day or should i say evening when my blackberry browser opened it right up.

My father (although not quite proud of his Storm2) has been hoping for great accessories for it. Would love to gift a $200 shopping spree to him to make him the world's happiest father!

He's a good husband, superb dad and excellent sixth-grade science teacher who deserves this package.

His ring-tone for me is the "Alert, alert, your wife is calling." That's a good thing -- I hope.

He texts, calls and shares pix with our son, who is a paramedic-firefighter. We get stuff like videos and pictures of controlled burns, climbs up aerial ladders, and practices including entering a burning building. This past week, our son shared the tragedy of a moose-car accident -- driver ok, moose had to be dispatched, unfortunately. The shooting of the moose broke Son's heart, and we had a consoling talk via BB.

Husband uses BB ALL THE TIME for school stuff, with calendar, memos, etc. Now that school is out and he's gardening, we'll probably get in-depth vids of prize-winning tomatoes growing, or better yet, pix of the dog eating grass -- spare me.

That's enough -- he deserves to win, so wrap it up and send it out! Thanks, and Happy Father's Day to all!

I am an awesome BB Dad because:
1. I am available to my kids all the time by BB Messenger/ G Talk/ Yahoo Talk.....
2. I am there to take their photographs and capture those treasure moments by my BB camera
3. I am always there to play their favorite music ny Pandora on BB
4. I can always take them to their desired mall, movie etc thanks to Poynt
5. I can always chat with them group or individually thanks to BBM even when I am abroad
6. I can always talk to them and vice versa thanks to BB as a phone
7. I am on social networking with them and my/ their (select) friends thanks to Facebook and Linkedin.......
The list is not going to end....thanks to RIM for having made my family BB family and me the BB Dad.

The teenage son put me in the awesome category when I bought him a 'berry. Really, anything that helps us stay in touch is great. And he gets big laughs watching his dad type with his thumbs. As dad in a family with 2 kids & 4 dogs, I lol at the pet ownership equals parenting thing. What world did you guys come from?

My BB allows me to communicate with my 75 yr old every morning via email while also sending my kids a quote of the day, listening to music and catching up on the latest news all during my morning commute. I also never miss an important date in my kids, wife or their friends lives.

I use my BB as part of our family plan to stay in touch with my kids and my wife. I have to admit that I also use the calendar and alarm to keep up with all of the appointment and pick up times.

My BlackBerry makes me a better dad by letting me keep up with my 4 kids and there ever changing schedule. It also works as a entertainment device in a pinch. Thanks BlackBerry and Crackberry

my daughter loves my blackberry.. she's turning 3 in october and already loves playing music on it and watching barney videos in the car... having a blackberry means I can have all my business and personal contacts at my fingertips while still giving my little girl time with her daddy and entertainment when we are somewhere that lacks it. Being a single dad makes it hard to keep everything balance, but my blackberry is definitely an essential tool in my world.

I use my BB Storm to show movies for my son, or play games.
My son says I am batman. I think it is because I have my BB Storm in a pouch on my belt. My Storm does a ton of things.

My bb-using dad would love to win this prize as he is in need of some accessories in particular a case due to the constant dropping...

I use my bb for everything. My 3 year old knows the difference between a BB and any other phone. It helps me work in one hand and spend time with the kids in the other. In a word, it completes me.

My husband is an awesome blackberry using dad! He takes videos and sends them throughout the trip when he is gone so we can see him. He sends pics regularly of him that make us laugh. His appointment calendar is filled with events so he won't miss family appointments, etc. He doesn't have to be in the office to respond to clients. He checks his email when he is home or out with us and and is able to respond quickly. He is able to take care of difficulties that are work-related without having to go into the office. He BB IMs so that he knows when texts are received and read. It has really given us family time back. I would love for him to receive the $200 gift for the app store, as he has only had his berry a short time. Coming from win-mo, his bb has given us him back. Thank you!

So i ended up getting water damage on my 8900 last week...i refused to give up so easily. Because i am waiting for the 9800 to come out, i decided to use my sister's pearl flip. As much as i dislike the pearl, i put up with it long enough to buy an 8800 for the meantime. I will continue to wait for the 9800 bc i am that much of a blackberry fanb. I went thru 3 blackberrys in 2 weeks and i will continue to do so bc Blackberrys rule!!!!!!......without it, i would be lost and my son would be homeless...

It keeps my schedule so I don't miss a game, keeps all of my contacts so I can call the doctor at a moments notice and it lets me post those awesomely amazing embarrassing moments all kids seem to love to create for themselves.

I'm a cool dad because I look stuff up for my kids using my phone. The other day my son wanted to know when a new game he wanted for the Wii was released; I was out so he asked his mum. 'I don't know' was the answer. 'Can't you look it up on your phone?' he said!

This BB has a lot of features that make you always connected with your family and of course your great dad. And CB makes it more fun and easy to use!

My BB helps me stay in touch with my daughter throughout the day. My work days are very long. She is in school and works. Text messaging really allows us to share our thoughts and experiences as we go through the day.

Honestly...I don't know how MY dad did it without a Blackberry! Schedules, email, and keeping in touch with Mom over BBM keeps a very busy dad grounded! Thanks Blackberry - and Crackberry!

Since I and my wife each have a BlackBerry we can keep in touch with pictures and videos over BlackBerry Messenger when either is travelling.

from my BlackBerry Storm...

I use my BB for all kinds of things related to my family. It is always great to have a camera or video camera at hand, I'm always snapping pics or videos of the kids, which I can then put up on Facebook straight away.

Speaking of Facebook, I also am able to keep up with my wife's FB page, about the only way to communicate with her these days (other than texting, which BB does admirably as well).

Getting emails instantly comes in handy when a game or practice has changed time or is cancelled. Almost not worth mentioning, but I will anyway, is the ability to be called anywhere anytime by my wife and kids.

I have BlackStar loaded on my BB, which I use when going Geocaching with the kids. They love finding hidden things in the woods! When in unfamiliar territory, Google maps is great for finding that restaurant they want to go to.

Sometimes my kids enjoy watching youtube videos as a way to unwind when I'm putting them to bed, and BB makes it feasible, otherwise holding a laptop while sitting bedside would be a little cumbersome.

As a father and husband, I love my BlackBerry!

My blackberry helps me to keep track of all my little angels daily activities (ie..dance, church, doctors appointments) it also lets me keep memories of all these events with my 3mp camera. I have had to change to a bigger memory card 3 times because i fill them with pictures and videos of my little angels.

Is being used to the max right now keeping me in touch with my family.

On Jun 17th my Wife and kids left for Texas to spend time with my Wife's Grand Parents. They will not be back until the 27th. Because of work and a dog that cannot be left at a kennel I am stuck at home. I have never went more than 12 hours without seeing my two children ages 4-5 and I honestly cried like a little baby when they left.

Thanks to my wife and I both having a BlackBerry I am able to be updated on what fun things they are doing with BBM and every night I get to talk to them before bed time and read them a book on the speaker phone. It helps out a lot.

Being the father of 2 is daunting task even for a BlackBerry owner. However, being a BlackBerry user makes time with my kids more meaningful, memorable and, dare I say, more productive.

As a father on the go Pandora / Grooveshark / Music Player allows me to provide my kids with their favorite music whether we are in the car (Telenav helps us get there), taking a walk, or at the beach. BlackBerry Music Gateway keeps the fun at home too. It fun to watch the kids dance around when their favorite song comes on. Or even having those memories of your daughter dancing on the feet of daddy.

The most obvious is the Camera and Video Recorder. Capturing the moments with them in real time. Making funny faces while out to dinner or capturing them pouting about not getting something that they wanted. iGallery allows me to show off my pictures quickly and easily.

Twitter / Facebook / Email / BeejiveIM (and obvious) Phone all allow me to keep up with them in real time. BBM lets me stay up to date with what the plans are with the Wife and what we are doing as a family.

During the school year Weatherbug provides me with the weather forecast to make sure they are dressed appropriately on their way to school.

They love to play on my phone as well. Reversi, their favorite 2 player game, passes the time while we are waiting in the Doctor's office or dinner reservations. Other games they enjoy: BrickBreaker, Pinball Deluxe, Need for Speed Shift 3D, WordMole (playing both mine and my wife's BlackBerry), Tank Recon 3D, Tetris

And, finally, with the BofA app/launcher I can make sure I have enough money to do it all ...

Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there!

And to make it even better Crackberry Canada has arrived!
My dad would love to win this shopping spree!!!

He just got a new Blackberry Bold and its his first one. He Switiched from a higher end Sony Ericsson, I cant remeber what its called, all I know is that it had a 10 mega pixel camera (and even that was to much for him : )).

Trust me he knows nothing about Blackberry's and I dont understand why he would buy one other than to copy me lol he alsways told me he would buy a storm just to bug me so I guess he went shopping and actually came back with a Blackberry. Im just happy it wasnt a storm. The first day he got it I spent 5 hours with him just telling him how to turn it on and get eveything organized.

I love him and I would love for him to be able to get some accessories, right now he has nothing and the little case that came with the phone, well as all of us Blackberry users know is garbage, but he uses it anyways.

Wish me luck Crackberry! and good luck to everyone else!

Between Cardstar for the grocery cards, twitter / facebook to update pictures of my kid at six flags to using carfinder to find your car at the end of the day..
Having access to phone and email ... Priceless ;)

My dad is cool, always has been. And now I finally convinced him to get a BlackBerry, so now he's even cooler. But he deserves the ultimate. By winning the contest, I can help my dad make his way to CrackBerry Cool.

Being out of state at least 5 days a week for work, I rely on my Blackberry to stay in touch with the woman I love, and the love of our lives, our 3 year old daughter. We BBM every single day for pictures and messages. We call in the morning, try to at lunch, and ALWAYS bed time so I can hear my girls say "I love you, good night." If it werent for my BB, I would go insane. Its a real life-line when you're away from the ones you depend on to keep your chin up everyday.

PS: I tried getting my old man to use my Blackberry to see how he liked it and his hands are so big that he couldnt dial his own number lol

My Blackberry has allowed me to share the joy of my future baby with family and friends instantly. When at the doctor with my wife getting an ultrasound I was able to take a picture of the ultrasound right away and send it my family and friends. I was just so happy to see my baby I felt the need to share that joy and I was able to because of my Blackberry! Thank you Blackberry!

I have a crazy schedule, and I'm not always able to be home every night to tuck my little one year old boy into bed. When I'm away from home BBM keeps me connected with my girlfriend so she can keep me updated with whatever new things he is doing now.

When I am home, you better believe I'm using my berry to take photos and videos of him nonstop for those times I'm away from home and missing him so much.

When my dad's day isn't going so well, he just looks at his photos on his Blackberry. Photos of his family make him smile and remind him why he works so hard. I love my dad.

I use my bb to keep up on my 7month old son. I'm either taking pics or vids of him or if I'm working my wife is sending them to me love my boy and my bb

Well I have Three year old twins so I am trying to interpret what they want to say on this post.
Loghan says "my dada work hard in his car" I am an outside sales rep!
Vans says " daddy is cool,he works with his mouth"

These really were my twins comments, some of them anyway!
I do use my blackberry all day everyday and is an awesome tool and I could not provide for my family without it!

the use of my blckberry helps me to control everything I do, schedule my appointments are pending or famiiares work and to keep abreast of breaking news.
It allows me to communicate with my wife and know how is my son, qeu know is what you need and so we can get it or buy it as I'm more away from home with my blackberry is not so hard not to see my family

We have evolved to be a bb family. BBM is a great tool to keep in touch with the kids and the wifey. I need more gadgets for our BB's.

I was a single military father with sole custody of my 4 children. I had to keep everybody's appointments and school functions in sync with my busy Air Force career. Now I'm a busy married father of 8. I thought getting married would make it easier.. But now at least my wife helps by keeping me in sync with her BB and all the extra appts. her and the extra 4 children have. My calendar is so full with out my BB I would never know where I'm supposed to be. The last 4 years have only been possible for me with the help of my BB. Thank you RIM and Thank You CB.

being a great dad wit my blackberry is installing abc game app an other kids app tat is totally safe wit kids which hav tricky ways to get out of apps which children couldnt do it is a great babysitter ttill they go to close to toilet an bathtub wit it behind your back.

Okay, so I don't have a child...yet, but I am a dad to our two cats and a dog. I sure do have respect for people that have kids though. It can be tricky, managing walks and vet appointments and making sure the flea meds are administered on time. My blackberry has sure helped with that. With reminders I make sure that monthly vaccinations are taken care of and with BBM I can check with my wife to see if the dog needs a walk.

We work really hard at being good parents (it's good practice, too!) to our rescued animals and I would love to be able to reward our tired Berries with some awesome accesories!

Thanks Crackberry!

My Bold helps me keep in touch via talking, messages, and even photos when working long hours. No matter where I am in the world, I will always be able to keep in touch with my little girls thanks to my phone.

My kids love my Storm 2 as much as me...all the pictures and videos I have stored of them to go back and look at is a great family activity when we are together and want to reminiss. I use my BB for almost all of my family's pictures and store them on my computer for later viewing. I always have my device with me, but hardly ever carry a camera...can you imagine all the memories I would have missed without having my berry there to capture the priceless moments? I know it's made me a better father to my kids just for the fact I have all these pics and vids I would have never had without it! And then you have the calendar....well, this keeps my schedule in line to see all of their sporting events, something my dad could have used since he missed most of mine. Never leave your berry behind, it's priceless!

No matter what friends he's with, or what house he's at, my son can always get ahold of me to help him out.Wether it's a phone call,sms,bbm,or any e-mail,we can talk.

My son is going to college in the fall, and we text each other now when he's out of town. We're both getting 9650s in a couple weeks so we can use some new accessories.

I can honestly say that a day without my bold 9700 like a day without sunshine. It kinda keeps me on track and being a father of three with newborn twin boys on a 60 hour work week doesn't leave this dad much time to enjoy. Note taking, grocery list, calendar input, I love my little pocket PC.

My Dad just turned 50 this year and carries the Pearl Flip. Try as I may, I can't get him into all the cool things the phone can do. Granted its the Pearl that doesn't have the greatest memory, so his options are a little limited. On another note he likes the flip option and really only uses the phone for calling. Its a work phone so he doesn't worry about cost. If we win, maybe it will show him that the Blackberry community is so much more.

I always use BBM to message my kids rather than call them most of the time. They can entertain my rants at their own leisure, there is no bad time to send/receive an MMS. So it seems that we are more frequently in touch than if we had to only make calls on a dumb phone.

should win because he lives in another state away from his family and it's a great way to communicate via bb messenger to share pics and send quick voice notes to his grand-daughter.

He would be grateful with a new updated BB.

BB allows me to manage work while spending more time at home, being at lacrosse practices helping to coach, getting to games and school events. I run a statewide nonprofit that works on affordable housing issues and need to communicate with a lot of groups across the state and keep track of what is happening in the legislature. My Bold allows me to respond to emails that critical, schedule new appointments and make calls easily and effectively so I can maximize my personal time. Proud stepdad.

When we're traveling, I let the teenage daughter play with my 9700 Bold to pass the time, since my phone has so many more features than her standard phone. Also, when we're out and about, I use my BB to check the weather forecast, and keep an eye on the radar, to plan and schedule accordingly. I also use the GPS for searching out fun and interesting things to do for the whole family. (BTW- my daughter likes my BB 9700 so much, she's wanting a Blackberry instead of an iPhone in the future when it's time for an upgrade!)


I'm the "Info-Dad". I'm helping coach my son's baseball team, I've got the game schedule on my phone, keeping the other coaches informed as to when and where. Got a scout meeting during a Redwings playoff game? I'm keeping everyone updated via my Hockey News app. Debate about which upcoming years are which animals in the Chinese calendar? Enlightenment is just a type/scroll/click away. One of the best parts of any day is when one of my kids tells someone "My dad can look it up on his phone". Ahh...I love being a Crackberry Daddy.

My pops just bought a 9700 last week...loves it, obsessed with it....but you see, thats a problem...he is CRUSHING his battery because all he does is play with, trying to self teach himself everything blackberry....so, this prize would be great for him because I would be able to get him a couple accessories, aka charging pod and car charger. This way, no drained battery come dinner time...would love to help my pops out....


my BB make me a better dad because it reminds me when I have to be at soccer games and recitals and it allows me to work while at my kids' many events so that I can keep my job

my blackberry helps me plan out and keep track of things for my new born son. doctors appointments, babysitters and anything else to help raise baby Sephiroth into a great man.

I rely on my BlackBerry for the use of its calendar to remember my kids doctors appointments. The memo pad to keep track of their sizes and Tylenol doses if the get sick (I have 2 kids). The contact list for all their personal info. I use the Verizon FIOS app to tape all their programs on the DVR, while we are out. And last but not least to call them and for them to call me all day, with the updates on their days.

BlackBerry makes me easier to contact my dad. Eventhough He is thousand km away from me, but with BBM, he will always be near to me ;)

I am a bb using dad and have been since the day my little man was born 19 months ago. I used my 8350i to capture his first few breaths of life and all of his amazing achievements since. My Tour was in my hand to capture his first steps all the way unto his first birthday cake. My Storm2 was with me when he said "da da" and "mom mom" and his first trip to the beach. Most of my family lives out of the area and its nice to know I can snap a few shots of my son and in a few motions friends and family all over can see the little guy. I love being a dad and I love my Blackberry!! Not to mention Crackberry.com is the shit!

My dad keeps track of his email and appointments, but the best part is that he BBMs with me to keep in touch :) Happy Father's Day Dad!

I use my blackberry to contact my family trough email, texting and calling, as I am a man that's always on the road, keeps me up to date and in touch with my family.

I think I'm a great dad because I'll check my mail and messages on my Blackberry instead of kicking the kids off my laptop.

I've never missed a concert, rehearsal, or any other activity since having a blackberry. I also let my kids play games on my sweet blackberry Bold 9700

My Blackberry Tour makes me SuperDad, because I can always find time for my 7 year old son (using the calendar), I can always be contacted (BBM, email, take your pick), I can schedule/pay for movies that we watch (using the Flixster or Fandango app), or I can keep my son busy and entertained (with numerous games, movies, or music). Whatever my son wants, I can get, as long as I have my Tour. Thats why my Tour makes me SUPERDAD!!!!

My dad loves his blackberry just as much as I love mine but unfortunately his fingers are too big for his Tour :( I'm sure a shopping spree would make him feel better!