Fathers Day Contest: Win a $200 shopping spree at ShopCrackBerry.com!

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Jun 2010 05:00 pm EDT
Father's Day Contest!

Maybe you're a BlackBerry-using dad or maybe you have a BlackBerry-using dad. Either way, this weekend we're saluting all of the fathers out there with a little CrackBerry Father's Day contest. Up for grabs is a $200 gift certificate so you can go nuts on some new BlackBerry accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com.

To Enter: Leave a comment to this blog post letting us know either

  • how using a BlackBerry lets you be an awesome dad... or...
  • why your BB-using dad should win this prize 
Just leave a single comment to this post per the above and you're entered to win. Deadline is this Sunday (father's day!) at midnight PST and we'll announce the lucky dad on the blogs next week. Oh, and if you haven't seen it yet, be sure to check out our Father's Day Gift Guide. Good luck... and Happy Father's day weekend! 

Reader comments

Fathers Day Contest: Win a $200 shopping spree at ShopCrackBerry.com!



I can't get enough of photos my wife posts. It completes my day. If only I could be home more and be with them in person. --M

Uses his bb to bbms of pic and updates of our boys all day while he's @ work and also to upload awesome pics of our boys to fb to share w all our fb friends! He says it makes his day so much better to see pics and videos of our boys!

Well im not a Dad in the traditional sense, meaning my child has fur and four legs. My blackberry lets me be an awesome doggie daddy, i use it to book his vet appointment, his groomer appts, i use it to find dog friendly parks for us to go play. he actually has a task list on my berry of things i need to do for him.

so my berry is very important to my pooch. and to me

thanks for reading.

Pets are not the same thing as kids. Unless you have human children, you're just a dude with pets. I don't care what your argument is. Have some kids and see how you feel then.

There's nothing wrong with not having kids, I'm just saying it's completely different from having pets of any sort, save for maybe a helper monkey.

A pet may be an easier form of parenting but you still have to be responsible. You have to feed, bath, groom a child, right? Well a dog/cat/other pet requires the same work. SURE you can say that it's not the same but if you don't take care of your pet isn't it considered a crime just like being negligent to a child? Think what you want I see what he's trying to say. Besides, it's not your contest it's Blackberry's!!!!!

If I move and my landlord doesn't allow kids, or a family member isd allergic, would I find them new homes like a pet? Does my kid's food come out of a bag? Can I leave them at home for an hour while I run errands? Do I worry at night about my dog's future?

Trust me when I say that people with kids think pet owners who claim that it's the same are rediculous. It's like me telling Jim Henson that my cold is pretty much the same as his pneumonia.

I'm proud of all you pet owners! That's a wonderful thing and yes you are "responsible".......but for PETS! Let's keep Dads Day to all the wonderful hard working and loving daddys out there!

Using a BB helps me be a great father because one I can keep in contact with the fam with BBM. 2 I DL and use some cool apps and themes which scores me points with the kids. I am a little behind so I need to get some new stuff.

BB helps me do everything in my life better. Thank you CB and thank you BB.

Happy Fathers day

My BB allows me to spend more time with my family and not be stuck in the office. Yes I do check my email when I'm out with them but it's better than being stuck in the office!

My family is fantastic...they have learned to live with my BB. I think they consider it part of the family!

BB keeps me in contact with my kids via messaging and phone.Calendar helps me keep track of their activities and of course the GPS helps me drive them to new and exciting places.

Well well, my dad's had to give up his blackberry.

He's been unemployeed due to economic slowdowns. He's had his kids supporting him so he cut off all non essential services. Blackberry was the last one to go, but he did give it up.

I'm going to re-activate it for him for Father's day. So a $200 bonus would be sweet!

I get to stay in touch with my wife and sons by MMS/SMS/BBM constantly. I rarely get to see them since my average work day is 12 hours or more. So with my BB, I'm able to send texts and video to my family throughout the day.

use my BB every day to stay in touch with my wife and daughters..text,email and pictures.
Being a blackberry dad means I can still be there and also stay on top of all my business without missing a beat !

I take and send pictures of my 3 year old to family with my 8530 all the time, but the main thing is I gave my son my old Storm. I got my 8 gig memory card loaded it up with his favorite movies and shows and he sits and watches them in the car on our daily commute. When he gets bored he turns them off on his own and turns the camera on and points it at me and my wife and says i see you and giggles!! His BB entertains him for hours. Plus it cant hurt that I can use my Google maps to find new places to eat and places that have kids eat free when traffic gets too bad.

my dad is computer clutz; he is getting better and is willing to learn but needs more apps to teach him then i can run interference when he gets into trouble instead of starting from stratch
he really enjoys the pics and music opportunities combined with the phone plus he likes blinging his phone with accessories

My dad loves his BB Storm but my mom wont let him spend any money on apps :-(, so he only gets free apps. With this shopping spree his BB would finally be complete!

We have a 1 month old son and can capture important moments because my storm and tour NEVER leave my side. I always have 2 cameras in my pocket.

My Dad definitely should win this prize!! He never use to be all about a cellphone until he got his BlackBerry! He NEVER puts the thing down! He's always playing a game or cruising for new apps to better his BB experience.. he could definitely use this awesome gift!

I would have missed soccer games without my BB. Let alone the times they've watched mobile tv or since I've downloaded music for them on it. this would be well used.

I am a BB-using dad. My blackberry helps me in so many ways. I work full time, go to school part time, a volunteer firefighter, kids that are in school and a husband. Without my blackberry I would be lost. The calender on my blackberry and the alarms that I have set help me know where I need to be when I need to be there. Being able to keep up with my emails while I am at my daughters soccer game, and letting me know when my next assignment for school is due, my blackberry is always full of alarms and I relly think that I would be late and not able to function without it. Blackberries are by far the best phone I have ever used, and I have used a lot of phones, including the iphone. No other phone can keep up with my schedule like a Blackberry!!!!!

I use my blackberry in lots of ways as a father. Each of my kids has their own distinct ringtone that describes their personality (they both like their ringtones too), I communicate with them via their favorite medium (texting) and with my blackberry am able to use quick emoticons that they like. I also keep their appointments in my calendar and share the calendar with them via google calendar sync. Finally, I have an app that calculates how much I've earned so I know whether I can pay their bills. LOL

My dad bbms me to remind me he's thinking of me and to say hello. It's nice to have a constant open communication with him.

My curve allows me to decrease my time on the computer checking, replying to and printing email. It provides great entertainment on road trips with games such as pool and pinball, my two favorites. With a great camera and social networking I can keep in touch with my college kid also. Long live blackberry, the dads' device!

Between the ability to shoot photos or video at a moments notice, which keeps me safe from "you missed it"


Using BBM, calendar and Honeydew apps to never be out of reach of the lady and her pups.

BB saves my hide daily.

My Tour enhances my ability to maintain communication with my family by being able to send pictures and messages throughout the day while at work, as well as being able to send each other calendar notifications so we can schedule time together.

...my tour 9630 acts as a great crying suppressant to my son. he could be wailing at the top of his lungs but as soon as he gets his hands on my blackberry he stops everything and starts laughing his ass off. i'm an awesome dad- who else gives his son a $400 "toy" with push email service and a nifty trackball???

well lets just start by saying that i love being a dad at the age of 16 years old i had my first kid. im 25 now and my oldest son is going to be 9 years old and the youngest one is 4 years old.now im a blackberry user since the pearl. but one of my best moment was when my son told me that the iphone was sucks and that he wants a blackberry. im on att and he has a tour unlocked.we bbm all the time that the great life of being a dad. and a crackberry user.

using a blackberry helps me be an awesome dad through the genius of BBM. it allow quick messaging that help my wife stay in touch with me on the go for all of those baby emergencies.

To all the blackberry fathers out there( including myself)


My daughter likes to borrow my BB to play games, especially Sudoku. All my kids like me to load video clips from YouTube to entertain them. And my youngest likes the "Baby GO" app (and I like that he can't do something like make a random call while it's on!). My BB is not critical to my parenting, but it sure comes in handy sometimes! :)

My BB allows me to spend more time with my family and not be stuck in the office. Yes I do check my email when I'm out with them but it's better than being stuck in the office!

My family is fantastic...they have learned to live with my BB. I think they consider it part of the family!

He did a lot of things to make his children happy. I shall express my gratitude by giving him a new Berry with goodies from shopcrackberry.com

I get to be a Dad to two wonderful sons and a Papa to two wonderful Grandchildren. And a special Dad to one special little boy we fostered for 4 months. Having my BlackBerry helps me keep up with all of my wonderful kids.

I wish I win this one. If I do, I would buy my BlackBerry addict dad a new holster for his 8330. And he can buy my grandpa, his dad, a new holster or case for his Storm2.

Where to begin?

The dozens of photos of my kids sync'd to my 8gb microSDHC card that I can show off to friends and colleagues?

The copies of my kids' school assignments I keep just in case they forget to bring them into school? More than one frantic emergency call to me mid-morning, "Dad! Can you email my project to me quick??!!"

Also helps that I have all their appointments, assignment due dates,locker combinations, teachers' email addresses, passwords and homework hotline URLs stashed away on my 8900....

With Beejive, I can chat with my kids on all their networks, and with BB Messenger I chat with their parents. So easy to be a Connected Dad. They also like to text me, and the BB is great at that..

With Google Maps I can zoom in om my kid's location wherever they're visiting and give directions. With NJ transit Mobile I can check train schedules for my son who forgot to bring a schedule with him to NYC.

With Poynt and Where, I can find a perfect restaurant or store nearby when we're out and about.

With BerryWeather I always know what they should wear, and with AP News local I can tell what's going on wherever they want to go.

With Opera Mini I can look up team schedules and movies and even buy tickets online to take them to a show.

Almost forgot: if I have to leave for work before they're I can use my 8900 to call them up to say hi, and if I'm stuck late at work I can always call to say goodnight.

My BB keeps me on time, so I get to see more of my kids.

That just scratches the surface....

What would I do without my BB? I hate to imagine, and only hope someone would take pity on my kids and get me a new BB....

- Jon

helps me keep track of my kids martial arts classes and games and recitals and conferences and all that stuff. I'd be lost without it!

Hi my name is michael, 9 years old and my dad should win the prize because he works 3 jobs, uses his blackberry storm2 for all 3and he puts his whole life in there. I have 3 brothers and sisters and he uses his blackberry to schedule everything that we do for sports, school, etc. and he has never missed anything we do. He is the hardest worker in our whole town and he is liked by everybody, but doesn't get the real credit he deserves. I love my dad, and for once, I want want him to get something for himand not us kids.

why your BB-using dad should win this prize .. Why? Why?
Cause Blackberry is so important to him as much as how important he is with his family. Hope with this Special Shopping Spree Contest will show how much we love you.

Love You DAD ! Happy Fathers Day

My daughter bought me my first blackberry, and I use it to keep up with everything, from birthdays, to school events, to bank accounts and balances.

It's nice to be able to call her and say "Hey, your account is gonna be overdrawn if you don't fix something." And that's way better than receiving a phone call like "Dad, can I borrow $200 indefinitely because my account went negative? cause the stupid bank charges when you do that! why do they do that... yada, yada... complain, complain... your fault, your fault..."

I am her super hero because I have every answer to every question stored in datebooks, memo's, contacts, or other apps.

If I ever loose it, I am in big trouble!

My dad needs this so he can stop using his BB like it's from the stone ages with zero apps whatsoever... It's criminal...

fathers day reminds me of my dad specially when i am also a dad and i have now realized the pains and labor my dad bear for me....he is no more with us....
my son really loves my blackberry and the wallpaper of my father will get him recognise his grandfather

My Blackberry helps me be an awesome dad by making sure I keep all appointments, such as babysitting the grandkids, getting kids off the bus, you name it!

With my BB at hand, I am sure to never miss a concert or school event ever again. When I travel, I am sure to MMS or email pics for the kids as well as talk to them. And when I'm with them, handy GPS apps always help us find the best place to share a treat. Being BB-connected actually helps keeps me connected with my kids.

This year I am marring the woman I love, and while her kids are in their 20s they delight in teasing me about being their dad. It would be great to make them chew on their own words by showing them just what you can get for being a would-be dad!

Just got my Blackberry last week. Can;t stop taking pictures of the two kids in the pool this last week. Keep uploading them to my Facebook so the wife and use them. Much easier than getting out the video camera for a few quick snapshots.

My blackberry using dad is obsessed with crackberry, he is always downloading applications, and lets just say he LOVES his blackberry storm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And i love him for it'
Happy Fathers Day DAD! ♥

My husband lost his job and we are on one income, which is not much. It would be nice to win this for his gift.

super screen of the storm and all my storm formatted movies keeps the peace whenever we're out and about and my son's just had enough running around...

Hi I have been a blackberry user and father for many years now, and I must say I love both. Last year while camping with my wife and kids, my daughter was bitten by a rattlesnake... She was in serious condition and very sick. I used my Blackberry (8330 at the time) to jump on the web and look up what to do for a snake bite, and if there were any ranger stations near by. The blackberry isnt just a phone in my case, it was a life saver. We were able to save my little girl by taking her to the nearest ranger station in which my blackberry found for me.

I am always connected to my children as they can connect to me at a given time. My blackberry is always at the ready by my side.

My dad has yet to join the real world of having a blackberry, he uses his bb so he can have certain programs for work and bbm me the rest of our family. My family want to teach him how to properly use his bb and he wants to learn, it would be awesome if he can have a shopping spree on crackberry to get so much more for it.

I get to take pictures of my beautiful little 3 year old and she talks to me on the phone when I'm on my way home...who could ask for anything more?

I use my blackberry to bbm my pregnant wife, internet search for doctors phone numbers, play on ebay and blackberry forums, and call my grandma who watches my son and send pics of my son t everyone.

From my son

My daddy uses his blackberry to stay in touch with me and my mommy when he is gone. His job requires him to go to far away lands and seas. I guess that the life a united states sailor. With his blackberry we are able to send videos of eachother back and forth. He is able to take pictures of things that I will dont have the chance to and I can take pictures of the special things he is missing out on. My dad is gone most of the time and his blackberry really helps us stay connected. I am very proud to say my daddy is a sailor although I don't see him for days, or months at a time with the help of a nice phone we are able to be "together"

I'm a stay-at-home Dad, and BB saves my life daily. I used to be in retail, a regional manager running 5 stores... and I NEVER used my Blackberry then as much as I do now. BBMessenger keeps me in touch with the wife at work, I send her pics of the boys, she advises me of her fluctuating sched with shared calendar items through BBM Groups. Grocery shopping? Impossible without the Baby Go app to keep my toddler from going nuts. And cheaper with the CellFire coupon app! Twitter and Facebook apps keep me feeling like an adult as I connect with friends while spending afternoons on the playground. On the way home from the library today, Google Maps & Poynt showed me which McD's has a playplace, and LOOK! It's close to that new comic book store I've been wanting to visit. Not to mention having the internet at my fingertips for all those Dad questions. Why is the sky blue? What kind of doggie is that? What time does Spongebob come on? (The answer is ALL DAY LONG if you're interested. But thanks to my BB, I can listen to World Cup podcasts without having to hear it.) Six months ago, I reinvented my life, and Blackberry was there every step of the way. Being a Dad is the most important thing in the world to me... but that doesn't mean it's easy. Blackberry gives me an edge, and I thank RIM for that every day. I don't know what I'd do without it.

being a dad its wonderfull,im always taking pictures of my baby from my bb.i have some 300 photos of him and still taking

I use my blackberry for shopping lists so I can be the worlds greatest cook!

I use my blackberry for keeping my boys baseball games
straight so I know where to go and when.

I keep all my kids doctor info, school schedule and teachers emails.

Lets not forget all those games for the kids for the long car rides.

I almost forgot - pictures, videos and recording different family, school, sport or just kids things.

I am too cheap to buy an overseas gift for my dad but with the shopping spree I would let him pick something for his bold 9700 and I can pay for postage to mail it to him...so come on Crackberry....hook my dad and I up!!!

My sister and i live in MA/NY and my parents just recently moved down to AZ for my dads work. I got my first bb when the 9530 came out and my dad also got it a couple months later. Last month my sister got the new curve.

Being the crackberry i am i set them up with their bb and helped them problem shoot. I set up Family BB group and i dont think the three of has been this close in a while. The BB has helped us have a running conversation keeping us all updated with our daily lives!

Thank you CB!

My hubby is a new BB-users, yet he's too busy sometimes he forgot to charge his  and then no battery when he needs it. I think he needs to win the shopping free so that he can get all the accessories he needed like cradle, case etc!

I should win this contest because thanks to my Blackberry i can keep in touch with my kids and my beautiful wife with the Blackberry Messenger. Also i enjoy how my Blackberry 9700 make my work so simple.

I am a BB using Dad for the last decade. Seriously, it helps me stay productive so that I can spend more time with my family. It is a great device to SMS my daughters, who seem to always to be "on" and of course, the wife. I have the Storm so I'm keeping up with the latest gadgets my daughters have, but really, it gives me a chance to be the dad in "Father knows Best". You see, when we're out with family friends, I can whip out my BB Storm to get directions via Google Maps; find places to eat via Poynt; make reservations via Open Table; find information about topics we have under discussions via the web; bottom line, all to make me know best. Oh yeah, instead of a fat wallet, I keep pictures of my family in my BB media file. So, you see, BB Storm does help me become the Dad that knows best.

well what can i say. My father is very old school and he has a bb 9700. You can imagine questions daily about using the 9700. What is a bbm? lol I love helping him although he can be a pain sometimes. This $200 giftcard can go towards some cool accessories for him and maybe a tutorial. lol jk Thanks!

That "Portrait of a Dad" image in the article almost sends a negative message about BlackBerry devices being too expensive, by portraying a BlackBerry next to an "empty wallet".

...For a 200$ Gift Certificate, I'd start a new line on my VZ account and get my Papa a BlackBerry, so he can get off that CricketCrap or MetroPOS or what ever he's usin....dang

Happy Fathers Day to all tha Dads & Fathers to-be!

My Good Old Curve (8310), while always low on memory, helps me stay in contact with my daughter and her mother, so much so, that if we both didn't have BB's, I don't think my 5 year old would grab her mothers to talk to me using BBM :).

I use BBM to keep in touch with my boys who basically live a continent apart. And now with my new banking app I can send them money from my blackberry.

With my blackberry I can schedule all the special things I do with my 6 year old. She likes to see my calendar and plan stuff for me to do with her, or for her!

My BB using dad should win this prize because of his dedication towards his family this past year. He took a fast track networking course, which basically condenses 2 years worth of material into 10 months. For the past 10 months, he has barely slept but has pushed forward to finish this course. The whole reason he took this course was so he could get a better job to support the family. Now that he is done, this seems like a just reward for his efforts! Thanks CrackBerry.

I am about to be a dad, my daughter is due July 6 and she can come any day now. Having my BB with me at all times I will be able to capture pics or videos of precious moments. My wife also has a BB so she can send me pics over BBM and vice versa. I will also be able to keep track of the many things that need to be done for baby in my calendar or task list. I think my BB will be a big help for me with my first baby, a huge resource at my finger tips.

My BB keeps me connected with my family when i'm not home. Pictures and Videos of my kids doing new and wonderful things throughout their day!

That would be in the picture...sans necktie. I travel with my son 3+ hours almost every other weekend so he can race karts.

I use my blackberry to find race schedules, restaurants, the track, hotels, emailing,talking to mom, and sending race pictures...and that's just the weekend! and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Dad - for 25 years and counting :)

My username says it all lol my bb has a picture folder dedicated to my daughter. No need to carry pics in my wallet. My BB let's me take pics of her whenever and I never mis one of those moments where you wish you had a camera!!! She is usually a wallpaper on my homescreen so no matter where I am her smile is always with me!! Shr loves to send voice notes to my wife,brother and inlaws BB does it all!! She is a future BB abuser! she even has my pearl 8130 as a play phone!!

I can't seem to put my crackberry down, I'm able to stay in touch with the family and keep up to date with facebook and the pics that are posted by family members. Oh great Crackberry pick me pick me!

this is an awsome contest and conincidentally my dads bday is june 20. I was recently rejoin with my dad last year, 2 days after his bday and this would make na awesome anniversary gift. I know that we have years to catch up on and I dont know what he like but he's a nerd and I know for a fact that he i can go wrong with a gift card from crackberry, seeing that his phone is his internet to the world

My dad is a crazy BB fan! it's his whole life...the phone and this website. He is always on. The number one thing that makes him an awesome dad from using this BB is he never misses a single beat in updates for his children's schedule. This would be the best prize of his life...so he can make his BB better and improve himself as a dad :).

Blackberry is an important part of me being a great dad because it allows me to message mom and send pictures of where I am and what I'm doing and vice versa. We are able to stay connected much more today than ever before. We also, from time to time, exchange videos of my son and me when we are not together.

When my wife and I were trying to get conceive, I used WannaBeMommy, to help determine when our best chance was. Once our baby was born, I used, and still do use, Baby Go, and Pandora to keep our daughter entertained. I also use my blackberry to record milestones in our daughters life/growth, and to keep important medical and emergency information. My Blackberry is also an invaluable tool for taking and posting those photo ops that take place when a regular camera isn't handy.

My Dad just got his first BlackBerry. He's slow to adopt technology but when he does he can't live without it. So far he's loving his BB and besides email/bbm I just got him an otterbox defender for his birthday. $200 would be another awesome addition for him!

I constantly use my blackberry with my 2 and 4 year old kids. My daughter and I work on her spelling, both kids love to watch movies on it when we are out and they are bored, we use it in the car so they can listen to their raffi station on pandora. When we're at the store and my daughter sees a toy that she likes and I want to remember it for birthday/christmas I take a picture of it for later. We use the notepad for fun dessert recipes that I see. And of course it lets me get work done out of the office so I can spend more time with them both.

Also it helps me never forget important dates and times that might otherwise make mommy angry like doctor's appointments, anniversaries, etc. And a happy mommy means a happy family.

My 3 year old son has special needs and every week, day, or month seems to bring some sort of appointment with doctors or physical therapists. My Bold 9650 (and previously to that my Curve 8330) has allowed me to keep track of his various appointments, therapy schedules, and other assorted activities as well as numbers and addresses to his various appointments. On top of that the Blackberry acts as a great motivator during my son's therapy sessions. When it seems like my son's efforts are flagging all I have to do is pull out my Blackberry and he immediately perks up and accomplishes whatever activity we are having him do. As a reward he gets to "play" with the Blackberry (thankfully he has not figured out the lockout function).
So, does my Blackberry help me be a better dad? I don't know, but it certainly does help my son get better and better.

My BlackBerry gives me a camera I have with me at all times to take pictures of my son and I always have a way of showing off the latest photos when someone asks me about him.

I'm a BB dad and granddad. Mine lets me keep in touch with my wife, daughters and their families. My youngest daughter is in the Army stationed a thousand miles away. Her husband is deployed in Iraq now and she has the two grandkids with her. Photos almost daily of the babies. BBM with her all during the day. It's a god send to have my BB.

IM with my SIL in Iraq...pictures with my oldest daughter and her family as well. How I got along without my BB is beyond me.

My BB has supplemented my meager parenting by "untethering" me from the desk. Even with a company laptop, there are those times when whipping out the lappy to check email just wouldn't be kosher. Without my BBs, I'd be forced to forego some of my kids' events so that I could stay connected with the office. With My company Blackberry (Bold 9000) even provides connectivity to our intranet and IM systems via BES (something none of my previous company devices (WinMo, Iphone) could do. I can take time out of the work day and have lunch with the family knowing that I can be reached in a variety of ways if needed (email, IM, text, BBM, phone). Finally, the kids love to latch onto them to listen to music, watch videos, text mom, etc. I'll never be "cool" with 3 kids and a minivan, but at least now they think I am. :)

My Crackberry helps me keep our family schedule together, I enter meetings, and add my wife and oldest son (who does not pay attention) to keeps us inline with the many Baseball, Basketball, Computer, Art related stuff that all are doing. I have 3 sons, the 2 youngest, who don't have Crackberrys yet will tell you I fall asleep with my Crackberry inhand!! We use broadcast BBM for us and other family out of state alot. Anyway, helps me keep our home and my job!!!

I coach soccer for my one daughter, I use my BB to keep my schedule, communicate with the parents, prepare plans, keep other schedule of other 2 kids who play, also to keep track of 3 kids who don't play. My busy life would be a mess without my BB

I get to stay in touch with my family constantly. I can help guide my kids with maps and always have a camera for those pictures my wife wants. I also always have the music the family wants on road trips. I would love to have more utilities to work with my bb to help me and the family

Well my BB has really kept me in the loop with a lot of what goes on with the kids and my wife at home while I'm at work. Anytime my kids do crazy or cute stuff and my wife manages to record it, she'll post it on FB for the rest of my family and friends and myself to enjoy.

I'm a better father because of my BB Storm 2! I can send pictures of my kid and grandkid. I can send money with a couple finger press. I can arrange travel arrangements to disney with a couple strokes. I can text, call or ignore my family wherever I may be. I can run my business without interuppting a nice dinner out. I can pretend i'm listening and play a game of need for speed and never leave their side! I can buy a playhouse for my granddaughter on craigs list on the run. The only drawback is i'm accused of loving my Storm more than my family! Can't they see how it makes their lives so much better too!!!

aww man I use my 9700 to take awesome pics of my 2 girls and 1 girl and upload em to facebook .. I got an otterbox cause my oldest daughter 21 months is a blackberry addict..lol..and must have dad's bb anytime I set it down..

I am a dad, and my obsession is complete to the point I got my 3 year old a baby blackberry from leap frog and she loves it hehehe

Not to mention, the fact that I am always installing and un installing new apps or trying out every leaks that is ever available. I feel like I am 24/7 BB support everyone always come to me for BB help lol. Which only feeds the obsession more .. I got to the point where I was trying to be healthy and I was at the local metro food store .. reading the nutritional value of Rasberries vs BlackBerries .. of course you know I went home with a pack of BlackBerries ROFL :)

My father has a blackberry, but only uses it as a phone. I'd love to get him some cool accessories and show him why a blackberry is the coolest thing!

I am a father of 6 kids. My wife and I have a "Yours, Mine and Ours" thing going on! Between coordinating games for 6 kiddos and communicating with those same 6 kids, my Blackberry is the ONLY thing that keeps my head screwed on straight!!!

Having a teenage son that doesn't answer my calls or texts doesn't bother me so much, since I can keep in constant contact with all of his teachers, friends and family.

That makes up for all the times I'm ignored, AND I feel like I'm not missing a thing in his life. (My son would have a different opinion, though)

Thanks Blackberry for providing all the tools I need to keep in touch with my teenager!


I am a 70 year old that went from a prepaid phone to a Blackberry. It has made this senior Dad and Granddad a crackberry junkie. I do everything on my BB (Email,pay bills, check stocks, phone children & grandchildren, read Fox News,NYTimes, and other websites). Keeps my brain active and have helped many other seniors see the advantage of owning a Blackberry) HAPPY FATHERS DAY

I am constantly communicating with my wife via BB messenger to show her in words how much I love her and I am always taking pictures of my kids with my Storm 2 and uploading them to Facebook. I cannot live with out my Crackberry!!!

I just came from using an iPhone 3GS and I have to say that I keep up with the family more now with a BB Bold 9700. It's not distracting, and the quality of pictures makes it a perfect phone. I can distract my son, document his Shenanigans, and know when I need to be at a family get together with my calender and email. With this shopping spree I can get some themes and apps that can keep up with my life!

And to all CB dads and granddads....happy father's day!

My blackberry using dad deserves this device, as do many more fathers around the world. My father is a hard working individual and finds it very difficult to even pay his bill while trying to make ends meet. i TRY my best to help him pay for his bill as much as i can. My father needs a new trackball, leather case and maybe even a new screen due to the hard labour he does. My Dad, deserves this shopping spree, for the hard work and dedication to making our our lives so much better. thanks crackberry:)

My dad is one of the hardest working parents in the world. He works 7 days a week 12-15 hours a day. He owns his own business so he's takes after hour calls (which makes up the long hours) He never treats himself when it comes to enjoy the fruits of his labors. He helped raise two children through college and never complained about anything that came up. I owe a lot of my success as a newly married man to my dad because he always had the time to offer me and my sister advice whenever we asked. He hasn't purchased a new phone in ages and I want to buy him his first Blackberry so he could use this certificate to load up on accessories.

There are actually a number of uses for my BlackBerry 9700 that relate to my kids. (I have two teenagers, BTW.)

Camera for collecting amusing kid-photos for email and Facebook distributions, and more embarrassing photos for later use.

Calendar/Tasks to remind me to make that teacher conference, pick up that kid, check the laundry, etc.

MemoPad to keep track of holiday kid-wishlist ideas, family vacation checklists, etc.

BlackBerry and Opera Mini web browsers for on-the-spot lookups related to kid homework questions, and other random "Hey, Dad, what's a [insert word of the day here]?" queries.

Apps like Shazam so I can find out what the heck music that kid is listening to, or Facebook so I can check on what this kid is really up to, etc.

SMS/MMS allows me to message home and ask the wife and/or kids what it was that I went out to the market for, again?

Oh, yeah, and it's a phone, too, so I can call my kids to find out where they are, and pretend that they're going to call me when they get there.

Good stuff. :-)

I use my Blackberry to take photos and videos of my daughter. Then I send them to my father's blackberry to keep intouch with his grand-daughter. My father live many, many hours away and this is one way to show my daughters activities and life!!!

Should win because he's too cheap to buy the accessories he NEEDS for his device!! Then I don't have to buy them for him. :-D

My BB actually saved my relationship with my Daughter.

After she went to college we had some falling out and did not communicate well.

With my BB and Facebook we have come full circle and it is now the BEST way for us to communicate and relate.

It is also how I document my other two Daughters lives by recording them and with pictures.

BB's helping Dads be relevent

I use my BB to read bed time stories in the dark, my daughter falls a sleep faster and she lost her fear of the dark as well. On weekends we watch old school Hanna-Barbera cartoons on youtube. I have an iPod touch, but she prefers my bold 9000.

My daughter lives a few hours away. I see her at least once a month, but talk and text with her everyday.I use my BB Bold and google maps to plan out our weekends together, as well as using it to takes pictures to chronicle our time. It's a handy little tool for keeping up with her from so far away.

Hi and thanks CrackBerry.com for such a great site. I think that if my dad were alive I'd teach him how to handle it (fot taking photos, checking email, etc) No matter if I win this contest... He would be happy and proud of me... Wherever you are daddy, happy day. You know that I love you and thanks for giving me those special moments.

Ok, so Why is having a blackberry makes me a cool dad, becuase it helpsme calm down my daughter in church, long bank lines, hey It plays youtube videos all I have to do is look one up that she likes and I'll have 4 to 5 minutes to think while i wait in line, hear a sermon.

My Dad, Theodore, resisted computers for the longest. The man
ran a successful janitorial supply company with his best
friend for 26 years, all on PAPER.

At 69 I got him his first laptop and a year later I got him
his first Blackberry.

Fast forward 5 years and he has now dragged my Mom into
BlackBerry, keeps in contact with me, my siblings (all 11), his grand
and great grandchildren. If any of them have an issue with
their phone and can't reach me, he is the "go to guy" in
the family.

He has the church up on Twitter AND FaceBook and is for the
most part the Deacon in charge of making sure everything
runs smoothly, information gets out timely and even
coordinates visits to hospitals and shut ins. He and the
Pastor must send 100 texts, BBMs and IMs to each other on
a daily basis.

For a man I thought would be buried with an abacus he has
come a long way.

bb has saved me so much time needing to make plans on the go for sons play dates getting his school work done supplies keep up with the lil woman as to what she's doing using he calendar i don't know how i would get by even a day without having a bb by my side gl to all and have a happy fathers day...

that stays connected with BBM and picture messaging all day long. Thanks CB for always posting new things to enhance our blackberry use!

Wow, there are alot of good reasons on why other dads out there should get this, but we figured that it didnt hurt for us to try to, if my dad doesnt win it is ok cause in the end he wins anyways cause he gets to spend the day with us anyways. We as a family would love it if he did though. My dad is new to blackberry, my mom just got him one because he really wanted one, it took alot of bottle saving but we did it. My dad works alot, like alot of dads do. We just though that we would add to the list of other dads that did deserve this cause we believe our dad does too. So we say to dad, we are think of you and hope you win and if you dont then just know that we thought of you and your still our number one dad.

After reading post num 2, I thought, that's sweet, he has no kids but treats another member of his family like his child.
Then I read posts 3 and 4. You two posters ought to be ashamed of yourselves. He says in his post he knows most of us might think its not the same thing. Why berate the poor man for treating his companion with the love every pet owner, with or without children, should show their pets?

I request not to be considered as entering this give away, instead I think the prize should be given to coolguy78240, for having to endure shameful personal attacks from inconsiderate members of this community, who in no way represent the vast majority of Crackberry members.

On behalf of those of us who belong to this community, I would like to express my deepest apologies to coolguy78240.

I use the BB to help me be an awesome Dad by:
Making myself directly accessable to my family
Carrying all the kids' (3 boys) bank info, SS #'s, Login info, etc. I use Datavault for that.
I use Allsport GPS to track our times on the slopes and on the bikes.
I love Pinball and try to maintain High score against my boys.
i use Pandora to keep up on all their latest bands.
i use Viigo to keep up on all the news sources.
And finally i use the Bible, You Version, to help guide my boys in life.
i video record my son's hockey games.
I take a ton of family pics and post to Facebook.

That's just how I use it with my family...business needs I go nuts.

I love my BB.

Happy Father's day!

I have been a Blackberry user for 17 months and a father for 13 months, I live abroad and I used my BB curve 8320 to post on facebook the first picture ever taken of my daughter. My family back home were just out of the moon for the quick response


this would be great to have. maybe my portable pc aka BB will get even more apps!! :) happy pa day ! i use my BB for timecards at work,which is docs to go. my BB is great for my work enviroment! please hook it up i need more apps! :)

I of course always have my berry with me, so when I am away from home on a work trip, I take a small video of my self saying goodnight to my two girls and email it off. I also keep multiple kids shows on it for long trips, or long waits at the docs office.


I have 2 girls so I am always taking pictures of their hair and showing them what their pony's or Braids look like.

Damn, hope that doesn't blow my street cred.

He's always been there when I need him. He's been their to offer advice when I need technical support fixing a computer. Always there when I need his help in taking apart or putting back together something I'm not 100% Confident in doing.

Funny, I never thought he'd get a BlackBerry, till one day he called me if he should get the BlackBerry Curve at ATT, I told him he'd be better off with the BlackBerry 9700, which the ATT rep was trying to sell him a iPhone, which I heard him say, "I don't want a toy I don't have someone to teach me how to use!" Didn't even expect his County to finally switch him from a PALM to a BlackBerry either, so he wears two on his hip now. Hahaha.

He's taught me a lot, and I've taught him a lot. He could always use a little bit more to help him on his day. 200$s, heh, he'd be able to get PageOnce that I'm telling him he should get, or a brand new case to help better secure his BlackBerry.

He is the best dad in the world. The phone he has now people cannot hear him but he can hear us. (its a samsung) When i first met my husband all he talked about was Blackberry this and Blackberry that. I got one before he did. He loves Blackberry.

I have 4 daughters. Two are grown and serving in the US Navy and the other 2 are still at home. My BB helps me stay in touch with the 2 serving even when they are out to sea by using email, web or sms. I get to see all the places they have been and read all about it. With the 2 younger ones it has been great. One in band and the other in color guard and with summer camps for school and church keeping up with appointments has been a breeze on my BB. There are more things I can list that save time and effort but those are the basics.

My calender keep in on track for all my family events and allowes me to keep pictures and short movies of my fmaily with where ever I go. My BB is the digital connection to my family.

Well as a BlackBerry (Storm 9530) using dad, I find it a great way to share (read "show off") pictures and videos of my 3 month old daughter. My dad also loves using his BlackBerry (Storm 2 9550) to show off pictures of his first granddaughter like the proud grandpa that he is. :)

I think having my Blackberry helps me be a better dad because of the Yankee shortcut and Score app. I can follow my Yankees without having to sit in front of the TV all day/night watching the games.

For being a father of two adolescent boys, having my blackberry helps tons with work, baseball practice and games. Sitovers at friends, coordinating with friends on BBM and various other messaging profiles. I am currently on my fifth blackberry, my first being old reliable 8830, then storm1, then had to do storm2 (my favorite!) The tour but that didn't make it long and now my new bold. So all these events and my BB help make me be the dad I need to be when time is of the essence. So pick the single father tryin to make the ends meet!

Because he let me borrow his spare Pearl when I lost mines! And because when I text him funny hip hop lyrics he replies the rest of the song lyrics and makes me laugh since i would never expect him to know the rest! LMAO!

I'm a father of a one year old and recently found out another is on the way! This would be a great gift for fathers day. I agree with others, my BB has also improved my work life balance. With out it, I too would be stuck in the office more often. Thanks to the Crackberry team for all your great work on this site. Happy Fathers Day! Keep on keeping it real!

According to my 3 and 5 year olds I am an awesome Dad because I do bedtime stories on my blackberry from YouTube - they are the best stories Dad, do another one, do another one!!

I use my BB 8330 to manage my son's soccer team. I've made text groups for parents & one for players & an email group for parents. If I'm driving to soccer practice & it starts to thunder & rain, I just pull off the road, compose a text msg & send it to all three groups canceling practice. 60 seconds & it's done. I used to have to call my wife & it would take over an hour of calling, no answer, call back, leave message w/4 year old sister. I love my BB!

My Dad will be 73 next month, and uses a Blackberry Storm! He texts, he emails and surfs the web, none of it quickly, but he does it!! Best of all he uses his BB to keep in touch with all of his kids and grand kids!

I would love to win the shopping spree to let him buy some cool stuff for his storm!!!

Thank you for the opportunity Crackberry!!!! Happy Father's day to all our Crackberry Dads!

While I served in the Navy as a Chief Petty Officer, I always had a coffee cup in one of my hands and it was great. When I retired, I replaced that coffee cup with a BlackBerry and it is outstanding. With EVERYTHING I need in my hand (I have it right now), I am always on time, never forget birthdays and other important dates, email and PIN to PIN on the go, taking pictures and sending them to my family (my wife and daughters have BlackBerrys), and so on. I can do no wrong with my BlackBerry and it is so invaluable to me!

I use my blackberry to keep up with 3 active kids. Dad go here, dad go there, if I didn't have my blackberry I would probably already have been divorced by now. Thanks BB

My BB helps me be an awesome Dad mostly by keeping me up to date. My oldest daughter has a BB and we PIN Message each other so it allows us to keep up to date. With the Facebook app... I'm able to keep up with my youngest (who doesn't have a BB YET).

All in all.. it's a great tool and I love it... it would be GREAT to win this contest! Good luck to everyone and above all... Happy Fathers Day to ALL!

That's what my BB lets me do. I get pictures/videos/messages when I'm not around. I get to keep these and see them anytime I want. I can email/message/facebook and stay in constant contact. Best of all - I can rub it in to my wife that my BB blows her Droid out of the water!!!!!!

What we have here is a failure to communicate...NOT!

My Bold 9700 keeps me in touch with both of my kids and their non-BB phones and keeps the old man on the cutting edge of technology which means I'm usually ahead of the game when it comes to the latest YouTube videos and other interwebs shhhtuff.

Having a blackberry helps me be an awesome dad cause I can quickly do a google search to find out I'm not the only dummy to let my 10 month old roll off the bed :(
True story unfortunately..but blackberry put my worries at ease!

if it wasn't for the blackberry my dad has he would never remember dates, appointments, birthdays. I would probably never hear from him. lol

My son who is in afganistan updates us on facebook. My BB lets me know when he has posted so I know he is online. I am able to communicate with him anywhere anytime.

Lets me be an awesome Dad because I can:

Show movies or play music for my kids when we are on a long car ride.

Look things up on the go when my wife is needing something.

Snap pictures of the kids when they are doing something crazy.

Make sure we don't get lost when going somewhere by using VZNavigator.

Just be there when my little man misses me and wants to say goodnite and i am off at work.

Thank you Storm 2 for helping make me an awesome Dad.

kind of my first fathers day.. im going to be a dad in sept!! this would be awesome since we're having to save every penny for the baby... great gift for fathers day!!

My BB-using dad should win this prize because he's always breaking the cheap accessories he gets for his Blackberry.

My Blackberry is and intergrated part of my Family. i use my BBM to communicate with my kids and to also recieve notifications from my kids schools/daycares.we are always connected as everyone in my family except my youngest son ,has a blackberry thanks to Dad of course

I rely on my BB device to keep me on track for all the kids events - calendar reminders and alerts; and text messages for last minute changes in plans. How did I ever live without it?

I serve on the executive board for the PTA. I am on the board for my daughters school and for the county board where I live. I use Gmail sync for my PTA emails and calendars, swoosh contacts for my top contacts, mobile checkbook to make sure PTA monies are allocated properly, wordpress for the PTA websites and other apps as well; I am BB wired throughout. So I like to think I'm an awesome dad and proud parent of a very special little lady......my daughter.

As a father I like how eassy it becomes a modem and I can use it to send my kids and wife pictures and E-mails when traveling in the US. When I'm out of the states I communicate with my kids with UMA over the NET without using any minutes.

My dad's already retired. He loves electronic, gizmos and software so much, and he just got his BlackBerry for about several months now. He seems really enjoyed it being capable of contacting me and the rest of family easily and in near real time using bbm. It also makes him easier to connect to our big list of relatives (he got 9 sisters & brothers). I really want to give him some surprises, though money wise, I'm still not capable of doing much. Winning this would be a nice surprise for him and perhaps one of my way of thanking him for everything. :)

I'm current spending a lot of time away from my family due to job demands. My Bold allows me to stay in touch with them through messages, phone and Facebook.

I am an awesome dad thanks to my blackberry and being able to stay in touch so easily with my son via, txt, facebook, email and more.

I am a blackberry using father. Like many others I'm sure the main benefit is getting and sending pictures of my boy. My mother, wife, mother in law, and sister in law get daily updates on the growing of my nearly 2 year old and also news on the one on the way. Facebook, emails, SMS, mms, voicemail, and twitter have all helped enjoy my first sons first years to the fullest. His first steps where a family wide mms moment of joy shortly after they where taken. I love my blackberry.


From my ID you may have guessed I am a father and a physician. I am still in my training years so much of my time is spent in hospital. It is not uncommon to have 36 hour shifts (2 day shifts plus over night on-call) a few times per week plus regular work hours.

Before my Storm I had to hear about things my kids (2boys: 3years and 15 months) did after the fact from my wife. However, since getting my BB Storm last fall I have been able to send and receive photos in real time. I get videos of the amazing things they do and I have even texted a few times with my three year old.

Being away for all those hours sucks but with the phone I get to be present in their lives and I love my phone for that.

I use my bb to send pictures of my son's scout activites to the family, as well as using bbm with my own father for instant fatherly advice. In addition, texting enables my bb-wielding wife to get shopping lists to me and to update me on family schedule changes.

But I think the best part is the bb link between me and my father :)

He uses his Blackberry to keep in touch with my Autistic brother which needs 24 hour care which my dad can't give him do to his job. But will sit on the phone for hours on end to make sure my brother is ok. My brother don't do much but he loves the Blackberry my DAD gave him and will sit and listen to it all day.

Ok, so I fit both categories, that's not a crime. Not having my Blackberry, that's a crime.

The one way I use my Storm2 is by impressing my granddaughter, she thinks I'm cool and I have a cool phone. My son, well let's just say he didn't fall too far from the tree, he's a Blackberry Dad also. I guess it runs in the family. If I win, guess I'll have to share it with him seeing how he fits the category as a Blackberry Dad.

I use my BB for the whole familys appointments from doctors appointments to lacrosse game times. The camera takes those once in a lifetime photos of your kids and pets. And after a long hard day I go to sleep knowing my berrys alarm will wake me to start all over again.

But my 8900 is! So me plus 4 amazing kids plus 1 wonderful wife plus my beloved Javelin = 1 pretty good dad.

My dad knows the inside outs to his blackberry but he still can't figure out how to use the tv remote...that's why my dad should win haha

My bold lets me keep track of the texts from both my daughter and wife and keeps them in order and separate so I know who I am texting back and forth with. Of course most of them are about who needs what and what I forget to do so the delete button also comes in handy. :)

I use my Blackberry to be a great dad in a multiple of ways. The calender let me keep track of my kids doctor appointments soccer games and all the other things dads do with their kids. And since my wife gave birth to our second child this past Sunday, now I have daddy's little girl, I was able to share photos and videos instantly of her.

Justin Beiber's "baby" music video, and a live performance on Jay Leno - for my 5 year old Elijah.
He also likes to watch "we are the world" USA for Africa

Transformers Movie (Cartoons) for my son Matthew

This is it (MJ) for my daugher Tanya

More than these, my BlackBerry strengthens my relationship with my kids - Brickbreaker does a good job of getting us together to try to beat one anothers scores and abilities :D

The Calendar and task apps come real handy for school events and projects, meetings, and just simple tasks of checking on them on exam days and on any other random day.

To make a long story short, my BB helps me a lot in reminding me to look after my kids, especially the importance of my presence in their respective young lives. They only get to be kids once in this life, though they will always remain young in my eyes.

Well first i have one son and another on the way. First priority is my son. I'm a great dad always there for my boy no matter what. Just the smile on my sons face makes my day go all well. I hope i could win this since i;m going thru a tough time at the moment and dealing with personal family stuff. This will make my fathers day great. Good luck to every DAD out there.

My father is in his forties and still considers me to be daddy's little girl. But hey what can you expect from a loving father. All jokes aside, I am the only reason why he even bought a blackberry. Whenever I install a new theme on my blackberry, he wants me to install a new theme on his blackberry. Whenever I get a new app on my blackberry, he wants me to download the app on his blackberry. I can assure you that everything I do to my blackberry, I also have to do to his blackberry or he won't stop bugging me. My father is a blackberry fanatic, all thanks to me, and definitely deserves to win this prize.

My BlackBerry helps me be a better (future) Dad cuz I put all my wife's doctor appointments on my calendar (gonna be a dad in September :) )

Also, my Dad totally could use this cuz his BlackBerry is off warrenty and he dropped and broke it he's got like 8 months till his contract is up.

I use my blackberry to take pics and videos of my son and share them with everyone. I use the internet to find things he needs and keep in touch with my pregnant wife and my grandmother who watches my 13 month old son while we are work.

I've had a blackberry for about 2 years and I've pictures of my lil girl all the time along with staying on time for appointments for her plus keeping a private playlist of music just for her as she runs around the house singing and dancing to it.

I use mine to IM the kids, receive pictures, jokes and like all dad's listen to my kids ask for more money, Which I've learned to give freely. Besides if I don't the wife will.

Every day I take pictures of my dtr and send them to my parents. If I don't my mom will start emailing my wife or just call if she has time. my wife likes my mom, but trust me, it is best that I send the pics. Nothing like an angry wife and mom. Thanks blackberry.

The best day EVERRRRRRRRRR!!! haha. Blackberry's are the best phones not only for business but also for staying in touch with family and friends. hint-hint (messenger). RIM network works prety quickly wen I need to send out emails wen I'am on the go, so keep up the great job Blackberry and RIM. I love this Crackberry site, its awesome!!

...who loves having his BB. This week, I found a little amusement park in Ohio, ordered tickets, used maps and gps, found rest areas and a great family restaurant and of course, kept in contact while the boys roamed. I did it all from my BB.

It may not be a huge deal, but to the boys, they thought I just "knew" where everything was.

I use my BB to sync my flight, hotel and rental car reservations with the worldmate application for my monthly visits to daughter in ATL... I live in NYC. Also, when I visit I book dinner reservations with the opentable applicatuon, buy movie tickets with Fandango and we chat with Skype when I'm back in NYC.

Pick me so that I can use the $200 to purchase more applications or etc to stay the #1 dad.

My blackberry helps keep my baby girl entertained with dora the explorer when we are stuck sitting somewhere with nothing to do. She loves it!

I work for my father's machine shop and if it weren't for his new BB Bold we probably wouldn't have survived this recession. Now he can keep up with our orders and invoices by email through his Bold. Blackberry has saved the family business. Thank You Blackberry!

My berry keeps me in touch with my daughter. She's 2 and I don't want to miss anything. I'm able to keep up with all the new things she does and says. My wife sends me pictures, they send me voice notes, and make videos. This way when I travel or am at work I don't miss a thing. It also helps so I can keep family and friends up on what she is doing and how she grows and changes every day. I always have it on me, so when she makes a funny face or says a new word or has a new experience I can capture it in video and still pictures. It sounds corny, but my blackberry is a great alternative for when I am not around to witness her grow.

I use the Blackberry to check weather at kids sporting events, check movies, and even let the kids play games. It is a nawesome device! And I can't forget aim either. The kids love it.

Dad just got his very first Blackberry this weekend and he loves it! It would be great for him to be able to go on a shopping spree at Shopcrackberry.com!!!

This would be great for my hubby!He's about to get his first Blackberry on sunday and with this he could get some nice accessories to go with it.

using a BlackBerry lets me be an awesome dad in a couple of ways.

4.I can sync my wife's berry to mine to cordinate our calendars so we dont forget my daughter's swim lessons.

3.Then I can use BB msgr when I forget above swin lesson and beg her to pick her up.

2.I can use the to do list to remind myself when I last fed or changed the baby, and then "mark completed when i remember to feed or change him 30 minutes later.

1. I can play video of "Phineas and Ferb" when my Daughter is bored and needs a distraction when a tv is nowhere in sight

My Blackberry Tour (soon to be a Bold!!) lets me be a better dad because I can work remotely and spend time with my family easier.

I am able to keep in touch with my family all the time no matter what state I am working in. I love being able to send pics, post to facebook, and view pics of the family from anywhere!

To 3 year old twins! And he works 12 hour days 5 days a wk so that I get to stay home and be a mommy and raise my boys. He uses his 9700 for everything! Its his link to keep us connected during the long days. What can he NOT do with it? He has pictures of his boys...voice notes of their funny lil giggles and his calendar so that he doesn't miss those very important dates with mommy. (-; He needs some serious accessories though. Like a car charger....to name just one! I LOVE my babies DaDDy! Happy Fathers Day babe!

Having 6 children, 3 boys, 3 girls and working 12 hr. shifts can take its toll. But my Storm 2 lets me keep in touch with my wife and kids cause of its versatility. Takes great family pictures that I can keep with me. Texting my daughters and BBMing my wife on her 8530 allow me to stay in touch, even being away from home so much of the day. Surfing the web when I have a few moments can certainly help the day go by. I don't know what I would do without my BB, having it certainly helps me to be a more productive dad.

P.S. Having $200 of ShopCrackBerry.com gear will sure help with that too. ;)

My dad deserves this certificate more than anyone you could ever think of. My dad and I do everything together. We hunt, fish, just everything a father and son duo would spend weekends doing. He is ADDICTED to his Blackberry. He has had one for his last three phones. I inherited his Blackberry Curve 8330 about five or six months ago, when he purchased his brand new Blackberry Tour. Now you can expect how happy I was to get my very own Blackberry, but for three hours straight, he figured it out and how to work it. He also assisted my mother is figuring out her Blackberry Pearl. She was new to Blackberry's so she had no idea what the trackball even was, but my dad stood by her for atleast three days helping her figure it out!!! I just sat in my room, texting people from my BRAND NEW (To me anyways, it had some wear and tear) BLACKBERRY 8330!!! So, after reading this, and seeing how postively great my father is, you should select him for this certificate.

Drew Williams


Both of my children are full of questions and sometimes I can't answer their questions. When we are out and about, I just have to pull out my Blackberry and I can usually find the answer. It is also nice for keeping up on sports, news and crackberry happenings when I am watching them play sports.

As a new BB using Dad I have seen that this allows me to stay in touch with my teenagers. I am a K9 officer and stay very busy and sometimes in the woods. I can constantly get texts letting them know that I am OK. Also the Facebiik app keeps me posted on their comings and goings. Was reluctant of the BB at first but now I am sold. Also, videoing the training of my new dog keeps my family and friends up to date on his progress. Thanks.

How don't I use it to be a better dad? Calendar to make sure I am on time to the kids events. Tasks list to make sure I get their favorite cereal on the way home. Movie app to check showtimes and book tickets. Weather app to make sure there isn't a thunder storm coming while we are out for a bike ride. GPS app to answer "How much further?" when out for a bike ride. GPSLogger to tell them how far we actually went during the bike ride and how long it actually took. (Ooooo! What's that over there Dad?) Web browser to look up how to treat the latest "boo boo" due to jumping from a rope swing, couch, retaining wall, etc. Google Search and Maps to locate the nearest Chick-Fil-A (Wait, it's Sunday, make that McDonald's). Do I need a fishing license for us to fish in this lake? (Fires up web browser) Where was that birthday party again? Let me bring up email and double check the e-invite.

I think you get the idea.... ;)

From the calendar tools and alarms to better connecting with my wee peeps, my Berry keeps me in touch with my children no matter how far a sale or contract has taken me from home. My Storm2 let's me take the pix I need to have my peeps with me 24x7 and on my hip. It also lets me send nice quality pix back to them so they can see me when I'm gone.

More than any other phone I've ever carried, my Storm keeps me in touch and connected to my wonderful children.

Now did I tell you about the pix my gorgeous redhead sends to my Storm? I guess I should keep those for another post!

Using a BlackBerry  allows me to be in constant contact with my family (be it phone, email or even BBM ...my daughter LOVES taking my wifes BlackBerry  and sending me BBM messages)
My family always knows what to get me for Birthday Day, etc A Blackberry accessory

My Storm 2 helps me stay in touch while I am away or overseas on military duty. Tether and skype help with video chats and with a 16g card I can keep loads of baby pictures to show off my 19month old. My last overseas mission I took one of my daughter's teddy bears with me and used my Storm to take pics with it around town and sightseeing.

My daughter also likes to walk around and pretend she is talking on the phone and enjoys playing Super Baby Go.

Without his BlackBerry Tour 9630, he can't regulate his bowels unless his e-mails are pushed at the same time he goes to the bathroom every morning.

Using my blackberry helps me to multi-task more efficiently, which allows me to spend more time at home with my wife and kids. This would be the only father's day gift I'd receive so please pick me!

My dad a 8820 user. Before his blackberry I could never get in touch with him now I just send him a pin or ping him on bb messenger. I love my dad

Using a BB helps me be a great father because one I can keep in contact with the fam with BBM. 2 I DL and use some cool apps and themes which scores me points with the kids. I am a little behind so I need to get some new stuff.

BB helps me do everything in my life better. Thank you CB and thank you BB.

Happy Fathers day

My dad and I live 8 hours apart and we use BBM a LOT to communicate. We also send each other daily texts, MMS, and emails. He shares my sense of humor too so this would be a great additional Father's Day gift to him.

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

All dad's should win an awsome prize like this one right up in here but one will win it. I think it should go to my dad because he is one of the hardest working and loving man I know.

The BB lets me be an awesome dad with all the features I am on top of whats going on. I have four kids and someone always has to be somewhere. I keep everything in the calendar and stay on top of things. Memos and tasks help me remember the tons of stuff they need or tell me they want. The camera is great to take a funny picture and post it on Facebook. Then playing music in the car has everyone signing and laughing where ever we go. The BB has made my life easier and made me a better father. Thanks RIM for helping me out!

My  helps me to be a great dad. Its full of pictures n videos of my son which I always look at since I work long days. Also he loves WWE so I download the wrestlers theme songs n he dand he pretends he's walking out. He loves youtube so my  helps us to enjoy the time we spend together.

I get to stay in touch with my son by texting, sending and taking pictures of him, talking on the phone. He gets to play games on it when we are in the car together. It has become a way for us to always be n touch with each other!