The Fat Thumb lets you use your touchscreen with one hand

By Adam Zeis on 11 Jul 2012 10:27 am EDT

While we're all big fans of the gesture controls on the BlackBerry PlayBook, we're always ready for new innovations that make using devices even easier. With BlackBerry 10 we're hoping to see some new, fun ways to use our phones. Something that may work its way into many devices down the road is The Fat Thumb. Created by six researchers at the University of Calgary, The Fat Thumb allows you to easily use typical multitouch gestures with just one thumb. The process works by sensing when your thumb is pressed flat against the screen and thus wider, vs. when it's just lightly touching the screen.

As you can see in the video above, the tech is pretty sweet. It still has a way to go however and we most likely won't see it in any device in the very near future.

Is this something you'd like to see in BlackBerry 10? Sound off in the comments! Thanks charliechan

Source: Engadget

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The Fat Thumb lets you use your touchscreen with one hand


Rim needs to have a feature like this for BB10 to keep with the "onehanded" use BBs are known for. Give us a new trackpad or an alternative or give us fat thumb, buy them and license it :p

Now that would be innovation that would surely give BB10 a leg up on all other devices. I agree with them, put it on the BB devices and then license it!

This feature would be great for me because I have numbness in right hand and it affects the sensation when I'm holding something so I'm always working my phone with my left.

...I was just about to say the same thing...I don't have any of these issues (in the video) on my 9860..the combination of the trackpad, screen and the BB handed operation is a breeze and fast...for example I can send this page as an email to my home computer from my 9860 in mere seconds...

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 2.xx.xxxx

I agree same experience here on the 9810 but I'm thinking of BB10 which so far we have no indication of having a trackpadand even if it does, I have a feeling it would be the physical keyboard version only.


It's hard to say if this would go well with BB10 as we haven't seen it yet, but it does seem to flow with what RIM is trying to do with BB10. Unless they already have a 1 handed solution for zooming, I hope they do look into buying the technology to put in their phones (& most importantly patent it a-la Apple)