No need to use the browser for YouTube - Check out FastTube for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 22 Jul 2013 01:59 pm EDT

We don't have a native YouTube application for BlackBerry 10 and up until I discovered FastTube I didn't really care as the BB10 browser does such a great job. However, now that I've been using FastTube there is no going back to the browser for me. This app rocks!

FastTube is free to download from BlackBerry World and that version will be good enough for many folk. Here comes the but.....but if you want to login to your YouTube account and have full access to your favorites, playlists etc you will need to upgrade which will set you back £1.50/$1.99. That's money well spent if you use YouTube on your BlackBerry a lot.

Once the application is launched it will default to the most popular videos currently on YouTube. Hit the menu tab at the base of the display and you are presented with a bunch of options. The ones relating to your account are as follows: Search, Subscriptions, Playlists, Favorites and My Videos. Beneath these you get a further list of categories ranging from comedy to travel.

I rely heavily on 'My Subscriptions' and luckily there is a shortcut tab to them wherever you are in the app. Give it a tap and you are shown a list of the channels you subscribe to with 'New Videos' at the top of the list for quick and easy access. The same shortcut tab applies to 'Playlists' and from here you can even create a new playlist.

One final thing I wanted to mention is that when you launch a video you are given three options in terms of the quality you watch it. These are Low Quality, High and HD. These choices are perfect if you have either a slow connection or are on a limited data plan and don't want to be streaming full HD videos. The developer of this app has done a fantastic job!

Full features of the app include:

  • Play videos in HD and High Quality
  • Option to play in low resolution for slow internet connection.
  • Option for Country-wise browsing.
  • Full Account support.
  • Manage your playlist, subscriptions, favorites and uploaded videos.
  • Shows comments, description and related videos.

I'd urge you to check this one out. I think it may be my new favorite BlackBerry 10 app.

More information/Download FastTube for BlackBerry 10

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No need to use the browser for YouTube - Check out FastTube for BlackBerry 10


So someone tell me why I should pay for this app over the native YouTube on the BlackBerry browser? What's the incentive?

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Yes fast tube is nice. However there were a few times I could not play the file format and had to go to the Brower. But for the most part easier and faster than the browser.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

the "native" YouTube on BlackBerry is just a browser pointer. This is an actual app... and you don't have to pay for it if you don't want to associate your YouTube account.

Browser does, but not the app unless you pay for it.

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$2 for something that should be free. No thanks browser sounds good

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(1) It is free unless you want advanced features. (2) Damn those developers for wanting to make money. Greedy bastards! (3) I hear ya! $2.00 is too much for my blood, too. How in the heck am I going to survive the month if I spend $2.00 on this app? I can't even imagine the horror. Hold on... gotta spend my cash on something much more important, like a cup of coffee or a fast food cheeseburger.

You get a cheeseburger for 2 bucks? Where the heck do you live? I'm movin there.

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On the BBQ :)

$2.00 for a quality app isn't too much in my opinion, and for those that don't want to spend the $2.00 then stick with the native browser. Best of both worlds.

$2.00 is nothing for a quality app. I've spent far, far more than that for iPad apps when they satisfied a specific need. I've come to the conclusion that some people equate screen size with maximum cost for an app. In other words, for some people, the smaller the screen, the lower the maximum price for any particular app.

In this case, because the screen is so small, $2.00 is just too much (for some).

Never mind, of course, that software development isn't as easy as some would want to believe, regardless of the screen size of the target device.

Personally, the $2.00 cost is not what bothers me because your right, $2.00 for a quality app that offers a better overall experience is nothing. But I also don't want to spend money foolishly, I don't see any huge advantage or added benefit from having this app over using the browser that is worth spending money for.

If it's simply to have an app version rather then just an icon directing me to the browser, then it's for sure not worth spending the money. Please feel free to show me what I'm missing because I want to invest in more native BB10 apps if value add is there.

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On Wednesdays and Sundays a cheeseburger is $0.69 at McDonalds. :-) It's not a good cheeseburger, but at 10 for $7 I don't expect much, lol.

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I get paid through youtube. Makes no sense to spend any money on an app like this. Seems like everyone is simply trying to make some money off free stuff.

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Hearing this makes me sick.. If it was made by BlackBerry, then yes it 'SHOULD' be free.. but it wasn't, it was made by a developer, and it's a phenomenal app.. do you have any idea how much work it must have taken them to make it? Why should they spend hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of hours working on a NATIVE (mind you/thank you devs) app to in the end make $0.

No offense, but some people need to not be so chincy about supporting developers.. I hear so much of it and this is me finally getting annoyed and revolting..

You realize that these people have made a great app with hundreds of 5 star reviews, but they are probably making crap money in comparison to just working a 9-5.. You should be extremely happy that they chose to take less money to do something to help the platform instead of using their services elsewhere.

Makes me sick, and I'm sorry if this offends some people, but some developers aren't on the platform to screw the user over, and this is one of them.. You must think that this dev is making 6 figures from this app or something.. You'd be amazed to learn that they have probably only made a few thousand which is equivalent the the dev working for less than minimum wage (if they are lucky & if there is only one dev behind this app instead of a company).

Now ask yourself.. would you spend all your time working on apps if you made less than working at the local McDonalds (And that's only if you make a KILLER app like this one)? Be a little bit more respectful, please people...

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

Hear Hear! And let me add an Amen to that. Especially considering the fact that we still have trouble getting developers to come over to BlackBerry, let alone create beautiful native apps. I'll happily pay 2 bucks for a full version app that does what I want it to do.

Exactly! Great app and I would so get it if the native browser wasn't sooo good and met my needs perfectly.

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Yep, and that's where preference comes in, absolutely nothing wrong with that! Noone's forcing anyone to buy anything.. But going out of your way to say "$2 for something that should be free" is just wrong. Had he just said, "I prefer the browser" or anything else, there's nothing wrong with that! (:

I personally bought it to support the developer, but I do switch back and forth between this app and the browser. There are perks to each. For instance, I don't like not being able to minimize the app and have the video still playing in the active frame. The browser works very nicely for that.


I agree, although I have not purchased the app as I personally don't see the value add. That is not to say the app is not perfect fit for someone else's need.

By the way, my videos don't continue to play in the active frame. Weird. :(

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Yep yep, and what's odd is the app that I am developing doesn't pause the video when being mininized, so it seems as if the dev for FastTube made a conscious decision to make it pause upon active frame.. which is odd.. (takes away the multitasking functionality of BB10)

Hopefully they remove it or atleast give it an option.. it's one of the few things that makes the browser better.

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

Can't agree more with you, loved your comments and some people on the forum need to be thankful.

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Agreed, in a way they are supporting BlackBerry way more than a ton of regular fanboys. They are putting tons of work into filling in the holes in the app platform. Right?

Absolutely. Without us, BlackBerry would be dead in the water.. Honestly.. What would BB10 be with ONLY Android Ports running crappy (for the time being)? It would be seen as a crappy version of Android.. BB needs us to survive and get their rank back. If you want to see BlackBerry grow back, then you need to support the devs.

I mean I'll be completely honest.. I've been working on my Native app for months upon months now, and if it doesn't end up being worth it in the end, I'm probably not going to develop for BB10 anymore.. At the very least, definitely not to the extent that I have been as of recent. I have spent time that I could be working on websites getting paid a steady wage to instead making pennies on the hour developing for BlackBerry 10. Sure, that's a lot of my own fault, I am developing a very niche app, and there was a learning curve going native.. I just have faith that it will end up paying off in the end, but we'll see. I need more potential customers to download my app for it to be worth while for me to want to dev more for BB, but BlackBerry needs more apps to bring people over.

And I'm sure that this is not only me thinking this, but just about every current developer for BB10.. It's not easy.. Not at all.. I find it funny that me (and all of my dev friends) purchase apps to simply support the developer.. Even if we will NEVER use the app, we say, this is a good developer and we NEED to keep them on the platform, so we buy the app/in-app purchase.. Yet many wont even give up the $1-2 as they just believe everything should be free.. Go check out Android and iOS, all the free junk has ads everywhere and popups to buy the paid version like crazy.. At least we have the decency on BB to make something free, free with OPTIONAL upgrades via in-app purchases. The other platforms are way worse than us, and we are the ones getting crap for it..

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

Think from all the real BlackBerry supporters who realize apps make great ecosystems.

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Supporting the people and products you use all day everyday with literally a few bucks each month should not be difficult. Ah people. Anyways what happened to all the burger talk? I am hurting over here.

 How can some people expect devs to work for free? Ridiculous. 

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Well said. I believe it's underestimated the amount of effort that goes into even a "simple" app. BlackBerry is a relatively small market and if the "chicken/egg" app situation is going to be improved, it's going to take some willingness to purchase inexpensive apps to support developers, if only in a small way. I believe most of us do it for enjoyment, but it's nice to not have your efforts entirely dismissed, and even rewarded a little bit. Thanks for helping to point this out. I will be checking out this YouTube app, it sounds useful, and I applaud the developer for making an app they believe BlackBerry could use.

- Developer of NeverMaze - @marc_lepage on twitter

The developers deserve to make money for creating a quality app. The more money they make, the more likely that they will continue developing apps for our platform.

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Awesome app, I really don't use YouTube on my blackberry but since using fast tube as an alternative, it has become my priority app for watching videos on the Internet. Just keep up the good work. Five stars works like a charm.

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the ability to select the video quality make this better than the browser link.

however I do like how the browser link keeps playing when you minimise the app, which is useful if you're listening to audio. unfortunately fast tube doesn't allow for this so you can really multitask while using it.

Been using it for a while. Once u use it trust me.. the Android side load does not come close and the browser does not either.

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I've been using this for a while now and it is a must have IMHO. Sure it may cost two bucks but it is near flawless when it comes to accessing YouTube.

Posted via CB10

No inbox support?

Dev said they are working on comment reply directly on a video page like on web youtube, instead of replies going to ones inbox, in a future update. That would be worth it, but, there must be inbox support with account support, or else the web is the better option.

A=its free
B=it's fast!

I have been using this app for some time. It's on my "home" screen. I use it daily.

From Zed to U via CB10

I use the YouTube in App on the Z10 and have no complaints at all, so why I will change for a no-native App and have to pay for it???

I'm MongezaurioBerry

Nice!!! And it's a free app. Go dev. Edit: if you need the more advanced features, you need to pay. Still a nice app.

I need a youtube app, that will automatically store the video/audio on your phone so you don't have to waste data when you repeat songs 100 times lol

Why is anyone complaining about $2 for an app!?!? If you folks want your Blackberry to "Keep Moving" you better start buying some of these great apps so people will actually want to develop them for BB10. Not to mention getting the attention of the big companies that think BB10 market share is too small and it's user base doesn't spend enough money to warrant bring their apps to BB10.

I'll buy the full version of a great app just to support those that are willing to support my BlackBerry. This one is getting installed right now.

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The YouTube site is way better than the iPhone app. The site has the HQ option whereas the app doesn't so the app's video is choppy looking. Z10 all the way.

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My guess is it's for performance reasons. Although I'm sure it could be fixed, BlackBerry doesn't want active frames to refresh too much.

Lol how did you come up with that? BB wants everything to 'flow' and the BB video player doesn't lag when you minimize a video

I have just downloaded it and I am very impressed. Come pay day on Friday and I will be upgrading for sure. Thanks for the recommendation James.

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Personally as someone who doesn't really bother with You Tube much this is an eye opener! Maybe it's because of the BB10 UI but I'm finding stuff in the categories that I didn't know existed. Great app, and lightning fast too

Tap it, Swipe it, Love it. BlackBerry Z10...

Same with PlayCloud.

BlackBerry needs to buy PlayCloud and use the code to get integrated SkyDrive, Sugarsync, FTP, WebDav, and Google Drive.

They will of course need to redo the (and I really like PlayCloud but...) horrible UI in PlayCloud. (The whole 7 step process just to view a file on PlayCloud is really bad).

Posted via CB10

I have had the app for a long time... great for YouTube... but what I would love is the ability to play the videos in the background...

Also, a killer feature would be to integrate daily motion as well.... Then I don't think anyone would have a reason to complain about money, they could then even charge a dollar or two more... At least I wouldn't mind...

Posted via CB10

I bought it. It's good, but it have issues concerning your youtube's vidéo lists: some of then can't be opened

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I'll pay 200 bucks if some makes a native Starbucks or Sun Trust app! Those I need and I will pay handsomely.

Posted via CB10

This app is really good! Much faster than the YouTube app and I, surprisingly, find it a bit more convenient than the browser in this case.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Why do you have to pay to log in? I was really excited for this app and downloaded it only to figure this out and now I'm deleting it.... shouldn't have to pay to use a good YouTube app on our phones. just my. 02

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This is good app. are you serious ? ! mobile youtube webpage is way better. i just bought "full" version of this app. what a crap. seriously. NO "watch late, watch history, likes, upload, inbox". How is that good app at all ?

Love this app, use it all the time and no add commercials before every video?!?!? I'm game for this all day!

Posted via CB10

I had already installed Fasttube. But I like the Browser playing videos in background. Sadly both don't continue buffering while paused. There seems to be no chance to load a video first over e weak EDGE connection and watch it after.

Posted via CB10

Thank you developers!

I asked if they were going to develop an app for BB. I got a one sentence reply " were not going to develop for BB". There wasn't even a hint at maybe.

So yes, thank you for all you do!
BlackBerry users need to throw some money around and create incentive for apps. Please budget your lifestyle accordingly. Say 5$ per month for the next 3 months for good apps!


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This app is a lightning!!! i live in México where the 3G is a piece of crap, and the 4LTE is still implementing, and its going to take forever to reach my city, SO! i read the reviews for this apps, and i didnt get disappointed! is a MUST HAVE!

The only reason I will buy is if it plays as if it's in desktop mode and I can play with the screen locked and app minimized. If it can do that I'll pay $20 for it.

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@JamesRichardson, wow, that MEMRI video is really making the rounds!

11-Year-Old Yemeni Girl Nada Al-Ahdal Flees Home to Avoid Forced Marriage: I'd Rather Kill Myself

A friend of mine (originally from Pakistan) was watching it earlier as well. I had no idea so many people were subscribed to MEMRI. They do good work, although it's often depressing to watch.

For all you cheap a$$'s who complain there's no support for BlackBerry, this app is worth every penny of the $2. Support the developers and purchase some apps.

This message was brought to you by the development association of BlackBerry 10. :)

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No it is not worth it. it is not many issue. $2 is nothing but this app really sucks. mobile youtube site is way better. uploads, history, sorting etc.

What about videos that for whatever reason the uploader won't allow to be viewed on a mobile device? Are those available through the app?

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Have had this for a while and absolutely love it!

I would gladly buy the paid version but I'm more of a don't track me kinda guy, so would not benefit much from the premium features.

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I have this app. It's good, you play vidéos in HD. I don't know why hut the browser doesn't seem to be able to play all videos in HD. Fast tube is also quick to navigate threw. Though the only thing I don't like, is that I can't lock my screen while my song is playing

Posted Via CB on my Z10

I agree totally!!! Before "discovering" #FastTube I didn't really care for #DaTube. That has now changed :-). I might even consider going pro..


Posted via CB10

Why does everyone else care about the spending habits of others? This app is pointless in my opinion. But if you want to spend the $2 to try it good for you! Don't need to help make sense of it with cheeseburger and coffee references. Grow up.

Posted via CB10

I just gave the free version a shot. The UI and performance is MUCH better than the standard Web launcher. I'll be upgrading soon.

Posted via CB10

First of all - Many thanks from us to Crackberry and FastTube users for liking and using "FastTube".
We've really spent a long time in researching and developing this native App for YouTube lovers on BB10 and will invest more time in adding the best and highly needed features.

We've taken note of all the reviews and promise to deliver the new updates comprising of following features

1. Play videos in Background
2. Shuffle and continuous playback mode in Playlist
3. More user friendly while commenting and liking other's comments.

Stay connected with us at

Many thanks!!
Sinew Support Team

This app does play videos or songs when minimised and in the background. The browser shortcut does and works brilliantly...

Posted via CB10

I downloaded this before I read this article, I'm not too happy with the search function since apparently it can't find any vevo channels? no matter how specific or general the search parameters are

Posted via CB10 on my BBQ10 ;p

YouTube on the browser is very good except if you want to upload and post your videos. My sister make short videos of her daughter playing piano. There is not an easy way for her to post to YouTube. FastTube will solve that, right James? Anybody that is using this app please chime in. Thanks.

Post via CB Z10

It doesn't work in background as YouTube player that comes with Z10

Z10 STL100-1 for personal and 9360 for business :)