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The FASTEST way to win a 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook is in THIS CrackBerry Contest... Leave a comment to Enter Now!

Enter to Win a Free 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook!
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Aug 2012 03:10 pm EDT

Contest: Login to and leave a comment to this article for your chance to win a 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook!


August 9th is here which means the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook is officially available for purchase in Canada (coming soon to Europe and the USA). CrackBerry already has its hands on one (check out our unboxing video here) and we're full LTE speed ahead into review mode putting the 4G LTE connectivity to the test. 

So while you're waiting for our official review of the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook to hit the CrackBerry blogs, we're going to kill the time by giving you a chance to win one, for FREE.

Win a Free 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook: To enter, All you need to do is login to and leave a comment to this post. It's as simple as that. The contest is open worldwide. We'll hook the winner up with an unlock code for their new PlayBook so they can run it on a different network if required. You're winning the hardware here (no contract committment)... but the winner will be responsible for their carrier bills on this one. Contest Ends 48 hours after our 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook review goes live. Good Luck!! 

Reader comments

The FASTEST way to win a 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook is in THIS CrackBerry Contest... Leave a comment to Enter Now!


Just like usain bolt.. blackberry fastest 4G playbook ever, and i would like too bring home this fastest blackberry playbook :)

You should send it to me since I really liked the device but it's forbidden (you need some legal stuff to be done) to bring device with IMEI to Turkey. And there wont be official release here since iPad is dominating the market...

I've wanted one since it came out, but could never afford one. This would be a perfect belated birthday gift!

I want one..pick me please.. No really I want one... Pick me.. I never win anything.. Pick me please!!!!I want one..pick me please.. No really I want one... Pick me.. I never win anything.. Pick me please!I want one..pick me please.. No really I want one... Pick me.. I never win anything.. Pick me please!!!!!!!I want one..pick me please.. No really I want one... Pick me.. I never win anything.. Pick me please!!!!

would like to know how much the new processor is faster in web browsing,

and i wouldnt mind a free one,

Love to see what the newest itteration of the Playbook can do. I still am a happy camper after 14months of use and updates.
Love the Firmwear updates but a hardware update is a whole other ballpark.

Go Playbook Go Blackberry 10 :)

All my friends and family have switched to iPhone :(.

Not me I love my 9900 and would never switch. How nice that playbook baby would look next to my blackberry.

Please please pick me :)

realtorgs loves Crackberry. Yes he does and he loves his current Playbook too. An upgrade to the 4G version would he a hit with me.

i just LOVE that the big man USAIN BOLT is the wallpaper for this contest!!!!!!!! Proud Jamaican here... looking to win that PB!!

I would love getting the new 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook to one up my boyfriend. He always gets the latest, greatest BlackBerry cellphone, PlayBook and all the accessories the first day the are out. To win one would definitely give me something to tease him about for quite awhile.

Would love to have a bigger sized (gb) playbook with LTE to show off to people to show them BB potential for BB10

My sister in law wants a Playbook. So If i win this she will get my old Playbook! I would love it if RIM eventually comes out with a Wifi hotspot on these.

take your time and read, over and over, again and again and you will get it :) please notify me immediately I can't wait

take your time and read, over and over, again and again and you will get it :) please notify me immediately I can't wait

Yes! I was wondering if the community would have a chance to win one. Thanks for coming through for us CrackBerry!

Would love to win.

I can give my 32gb pb to my wife and ill use the new one as I'm always out of town for court hearings.

Portability = Playbook.

When people in my country (Indonesia) were pesismitic about blackberry playbook, but i still believe RIM. My first gadget, i choose Playbook 32 G. I'm very satisfy using Playbook. Then come the second gadget (i win the prize, lol)-glaxy tab 7 plus. I try to used it for 3 weeks. I found its so complicated than Playbook. So, i sell it. I will and still choose Playbook is my best gadget. My partner for work n fun.

Playbook - Play Hard Work Smart.

Hope to win 1 blackberry playbook 4G LTE. I can be the 1st person in my country (Indonesia) to use it. I will show n tell my country people, that they are wrong for pesismitic about blackberry playbook.

My wife is pregnant with our first child. How awesome would it be to capture the birth in HD,on the new LTE Playbook!

PING me baby, one more time!! This is my official entry for the playbook 4G!!!! Wooooo yeeaaaa!!!!!

I'll just be the kid in the class whose trying soooo hard not to get noticed by the teacher yet still gets picked lol

Mark from wife has an X8#@pad that I use once in a while and I have to say the 4G on it is addictive. I did not think I would want a playbook with 4G but I am drooling at the prospect now.

Spent all day trying to justify upgrading my personal PB to an LTE version. They're hard to find out here in Vancouver, btw.

It's a lot easier to justify if it's a @Crackberry FTW, however.

Thanks for posting another great little giveaway, guys.

Well i need to win since I have already sold my original playbook with plans to get one of these when they come out. I never thought the withdrawals from not having a PB for such a short time would cause this much stress. Please pick me

I'd keep this for myself and give away my 16GB wifi model to my wife. She wouldn't know the difference.

Hey I'm gonna throw my name in the hat! What are the chance I can be that lucky? I really do want one.........

Would so love to get my hands on this bad boy and pair it with my awesome Bold 9900. They would make a great team. RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK....BE BOLD!!!!!!!

This is sheer " Awesomeness " another mouth watering contest by crackberry ;) If the team at crackberry is generous enough to pick me as the lucky one, I would actually be the first proud owner of this amazing device in India. And now they even ship to India.

Get Let's show why we are blackberry by choice, with this playbook, the world can't stop ous now, so get ready to conquer the world

Nice to have a playbook on the go without extra devices. Would love to try the bumped speeds after wifi only option. Good job RIM, keep SUPPORTING OLD ONES.

Whoa!! Wow!!! Yikes!!!! Now THIS is a contest....count me in & count me lucky!!!! Thanks for the chance....,.

Excited about the potential to speed up the experience when browsing. Finally able to go on the road at higher speeds than my 9810 can provide...

joey card

What I require is Skype on my Playbook , and to have a second level password to lock out my browser and native email.

Other then that I love my PBook !

And yes please pick me !

I'd say my chances of ever winning a crackberry give away are 875000000 to one....come un lucky 875000000.

I have to say that I have been pushing and promoting BlackBerry ever since I owned my first BB! I sleep, breath, eat Blackberry! I wish I could do what Kevin does all day! I really hope I win this LTE PlayBook so that I can continue to show off the greatness that is BlackBerry! I had a chat with a neighbour of mine that works for RIM and he tells me that BB 10 is really good and that all the folks at RIM are working very hard to get it out and into to our hands! I couldn't sleep after hearing him say that! Good luck to RIM and I hope I win the LTE PlayBook!!!

just like usain bolt, the blackberry playbook 4G LTE is the latest tablet in the world. They say lightning never strike the same place twice but usain bolt did it again and so will the playbook. You heard it here first!