The FASTEST way to win a 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook is in THIS CrackBerry Contest... Leave a comment to Enter Now!

Enter to Win a Free 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook!
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Aug 2012 03:10 pm EDT

Contest: Login to and leave a comment to this article for your chance to win a 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook!


August 9th is here which means the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook is officially available for purchase in Canada (coming soon to Europe and the USA). CrackBerry already has its hands on one (check out our unboxing video here) and we're full LTE speed ahead into review mode putting the 4G LTE connectivity to the test. 

So while you're waiting for our official review of the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook to hit the CrackBerry blogs, we're going to kill the time by giving you a chance to win one, for FREE.

Win a Free 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook: To enter, All you need to do is login to and leave a comment to this post. It's as simple as that. The contest is open worldwide. We'll hook the winner up with an unlock code for their new PlayBook so they can run it on a different network if required. You're winning the hardware here (no contract committment)... but the winner will be responsible for their carrier bills on this one. Contest Ends 48 hours after our 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook review goes live. Good Luck!! 

Reader comments

The FASTEST way to win a 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook is in THIS CrackBerry Contest... Leave a comment to Enter Now!



I live on the Isle of Man - we were the European test bed for 3g, and I believe that we are investigating 4g also. I would be privileged to help out European technology with a 4g PB please!


I have been dreaming about this day, and it is now here.
This would make life almost complete and keep me going until BlackBerry 10 is released.

Wow. How awesome. i was hoping for a contest offering the 4G PlayBook, and here it is.

Now I'm hoping to win this contest, and ...

I NEED NEED NEDD to win this, Pick me please!

Crackberry, you guys are awesome for these contests and keeping us informed.... Thanks guys

Good luck everybody!

Believe this is the last giveaway of any product by RIM from team CB until n unless BB10 launches successfully.never won one, would like to rock this one.

It just took me an eternity to scroll down to reply with my phone lol, but for a chance to win a playbook ill do anything! Im calling to all the luck on the universeee!!!!

it'll be a lot easier to defend the RIMpire over on the BGR boards (no wait, its Blackberry not RIM here now.. ) with LTE! I'll even photoshop a pic of our speedy cohort Mr. Bolt giving it to me as he vanishes into the trail of 4g... something that is almost as fast as he is.

If I win the new tablet I will give my grand daughter my Black Berry 32. She loves playing on Grand Pa Tugalert's Black Berry. She wants one too. She is 7 years old. So please send me the new Black Berry Plan Book

Upgrades...Upgrades...I'm all about upgrades. Especially when it means I can get my information in locations that don't have wi-fi or that have really poor wi-fi. Can't wait to win this and give my old PlayBook to my wife!

I have been dreaming about this day, and it is now here.
This would make life almost complete and keep me going until BlackBerry 10 is released.

My original PlayBook had a battery issue that RIM did not repair so it's now dead and I don't have a PlayBook anymore :(


If I win this new PB, my girlfriend will enjoy my almost new 16gb PB, she's a photographer, so I'm sure she will find a better use for my PB than me xD

I love using my PlayBook and then people see it ans ask, is that an Android. Nope its a PlayBook time to rethink..

Would love to have a 4G LTE one

Say What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in for an unlocked BB PB for my overseas romps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4g playbook...yessir!


The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

I wish i could crack the code for the win a crackberry contest!!! Luck not working in my favor and im MUY desperate for this win. Pick me Pleaseeee.

Yes, me!! I would be first one to have it here in my town!!

If I had ever chose between my BB and my GF, I would definitely chose BB <3

I'm on my third BlackBerry and can't think of another phone I'd rather have. My wife now also is hooked after believing she didn't want a new phone for years. The only thing missing now is a PlayBook. Send your to us! I'd love to answer the question, "What is that?" with "a BlackBerry, of course!"

I love my wi-fi only playbook!! But I hate having to turn on and off the bluetooth on my phone!! This is the number one reason I would buy a 4G playbook!!!

If i win this new PlayBook, I'll donate my current PB to my 3yo daughter. :D

so.. pick me pick me pick me pick me. hehe

Ahh the Playbook 4G ! Finally out, I don't own a playbook and would really love to get my hands on one. While this is a very good chance of winning it, I will stand out from all the others by saying why I do not yet own a Playbook. Don't get me wrong, the Playbook looks very awesome but I seem to be very pleased by my 9900 and my laptop and couldn't find enough reason to buy a tablet on top of that. This would certainly be a welcomed addition to my electronic devices.

Thanks for this opportunity CrackBerry. You always put out very exciting contests Kevin.

Please give it to me! I really want this great piece of hardware! I promise I'll start developping as well... At least learn how! Lol ;)

* @brief: Hello guys at
* When you run this contest make sure you call this function
* @params: List of users entered in the contest
* @return: String username contest winner
string whoShouldWinPlayBook( List usernames ) {

return "w-tek";

I would love to win the Playbook LTE. Have followed the playbook's development since day 1 and it only keeps getting better..!!

Please pick me to win...

#TeamBlackBerry all the way! I'd love to give that new tablet a spin, check out all the new features. :) CrackBerry is awesome.

Rocking my two berries:
Torch 9810 OS and Playbook OS
Twitter: @mr_theend

Would love to win this, just like everyone else here. If I win, my wife will have a PlayBook of her own to use. I just recently got her to switch from an android device to a Torch 9850 and she loves it. Now she's starting to make eyes at my help me out here, CrackBerry!

(BTW, how did I get her to switch, you ask? No prodding or judgment; she just saw how much I loved my 'Berry and wanted to see what the love was all about. Got her hooked on BBM and the rest is history.)

Me please! Memememememememememememememememe!
Oh pick me me me me me me me me me me me me!
That would be so awesome.
Thanks again Crackberry for another great contest giveaway!

I'd love to win a playbook
So I can download apps that teach me to cook
I'd love one
As I have never won
Blackberry rocks
My odd socks :)

Haha I'm so sad :D

As always, Crackberry never disappoints with a contest to ring in a device release :)

I cast my ballot in for this baby.

Please and thank you!

Ah yes please... so I can be just like my friends and their 3g iPads. Please pick me so I can show them again and again...

As I type this on my wonderful bb bold 9900 I've been thinking to myself lately that I need a tablet for school and what better way to start my brand new college years (first year college student) than with a brand spanking new playbook LTE that would be amazing.. Keep it all BlackBerry (as Kevin would put it)

BlackBerry by choice!

I would love to get a Playbook, and i cant wait for BB10 to take over the market


I would so love this PLAYBOOK! It would come in handy with all of my school work and I could see myself using this on a daily basis. I hope I win :)

Coming soon to North America and Europe?
Well, that means it still ages until it come to Indonesia. :(
Yes, we don't have LTE, but HSPA+ is available.
Hope I win..



Well my husband gets home from his deployment in a couple months, and he ONLY will use BlackBerry devices, so I'd love to win this to give to him when he gets home!! I think he would loose his marbles! Hope I win it!! Thanks crackberry!!

this would be my first cool is that? winning the best tablet in market and bragging about it..

I would buy one myself if RIM prices it properly. Obviously it is overpriced.

Thanks CB for providing us an opportunity.

Good luck, everyone!

Would love to win this. I'd be able to give my 16GB wifi Playbook to my mom with this nice little upgrade =)

Thank you Crackberry, you do a wonderfull job supporting our community.
And thank's for giving me the new Playbook.

Would love to win!!! Then I can use my new PlayBook everywhere go and hand down my wi-fi PlayBook to my son for using at home!! Please pick me and help start a new generation of BlackBerry/RIM fans!!!