The FASTEST way to win a 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook is in THIS CrackBerry Contest... Leave a comment to Enter Now!

Enter to Win a Free 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook!
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Aug 2012 03:10 pm EDT

Contest: Login to and leave a comment to this article for your chance to win a 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook!


August 9th is here which means the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook is officially available for purchase in Canada (coming soon to Europe and the USA). CrackBerry already has its hands on one (check out our unboxing video here) and we're full LTE speed ahead into review mode putting the 4G LTE connectivity to the test. 

So while you're waiting for our official review of the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook to hit the CrackBerry blogs, we're going to kill the time by giving you a chance to win one, for FREE.

Win a Free 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook: To enter, All you need to do is login to and leave a comment to this post. It's as simple as that. The contest is open worldwide. We'll hook the winner up with an unlock code for their new PlayBook so they can run it on a different network if required. You're winning the hardware here (no contract committment)... but the winner will be responsible for their carrier bills on this one. Contest Ends 48 hours after our 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook review goes live. Good Luck!! 

Reader comments

The FASTEST way to win a 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook is in THIS CrackBerry Contest... Leave a comment to Enter Now!



Hey Team BB. 1st post here even though I read the articles, comments and forums everyday when I'm supposed to be working HAHA. Not sure if I'm too late to enter but if I am's cool. Love my PB love my 9800 and love my job. Hope I win ^_^ ........and congrats to the winner if I don't. #BlackBerryByChoice


A second PB would be great as I get to see very little of my 16G PB due to other family members playing with it.

Forgot if I entered, was stunned by Bolt's product mention and his record setting contributions to sports.

Please enter me!

This is a good Tablet.
Please Add Skype + Netflix.

Also there seems to be issues with some web content.
e.g. America's Most Wanted seems to get stuck playing. Not on my Windows 7 PC though.

" BRIDGE " Yes I don't have a Playbook but wish I win so that I bridge it with my Bold and Curve and Rockon. !

If there was ever a contest I wanted to win, would be this one! Oh great Gods of Crackberry, please pick me!!!!!!!!

it seems to be a greatt tablet, i hope to have it on my hands, if were the winner i will shout out around the word about this great device!

That's really cool! I would really like to own The 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook! Please consider my request! I have an old Blackberry 8900, but haven't been able to actually get any of the latest Blackberry products, because I typically can't afford it (high school student) :/ I'd really appreciate it if I win this one! Thanks a lot!
Best Regards
From Canada!

Love Blackberry Playbook so much .......I have bought 3. One for my daughter, one for my 9 year old grand daughter and one for me....Brought my Playbook to work to share with the I.T. manager that is now convinced he needs to get a Blackberry Phone and a Blackberry Playbook....Good Stuff

Man, it would be so cool to have one of these.

Imagine all the emails I could answer from it. It would go great with my 9930.

I love my current PlayBook. My daughter loves it even more and I rarely get to use it. I would love to get another one and I'm sure it would make her sooooo happy.

I'm have been a huge fans of blackberry since i use bold 9000 until now i still using 9900.
would it be great if i have win new pb.

I was yearning for a original playbook so you can imagine how I am lusting at the LTE version. I see you have used Usain to emphasize the speed of the device! Great move.

Oh my God! Just came back from vacations and saw this post. Is it for real? You guys at Crackberry have nothing but good news for us folks who just simply love Blackberry devices. I'd trade my life for a playbook. Keep up the good work guys

Would love to get my hands on one, so i can show these ipad and android tablet users in my office what a real tablet can do.

So happy they finally released it. Come on BB10!!!!!!!!!

This would be a great returning gift from my deployment to Afghanistan! Be let the random number generator be in my favor.

Love my playbook, bought for my wife. although she cracked the screen(blamed my 3yr old son). just need direct porting droid apps and new phones and BB will be back.

Would give my current playbook to a member of my family.
Then I would video chat with them from wherever I might roam.

ME! ME!! ME!!! ME!!!

Beauty and the arts seem to draw your attention today. It might even inspire you to let your own creative juices flow, so make sure you have your pen and paper with you in case you can no longer contain your desire to break into a stanza.
Beyond compare, boss,champion, inimitable, leading,nonpareil, number 1, optimum,paramount, peerless, preeminent, primo, sans pareil, superlative, transcendent, unequaled, unparalleled, unrivaled, a la mode, beautiful, chic, dressed to kill, dressed to the teeth, in vogue,modernistic, ostentation, pretentious, uptown. All these words are for 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook. IF I would get a chance to WIN thius beauty, I would love to share with my 1200 friends online to buy just Blackberry products.

I would love to add this device to my would look nice sitting next to my 16gig playbook.

Yes Please! :-) Been out of work with health problems so i can't afford one. :-( and i want one bad. pweeeez!! :-)

Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! v Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! Please PICK ME?!!! v Please PICK ME?!!! v Please PICK ME?!!!


I want one. As soon as it is available in the US. LTE here in Chicagoland on AT&T is very fast and reliable with great coverage.

Could we see the following?
1. better on/off/ volume buttons - or tell those making the cases to do a better job of the contacts.
2. clearly an improved loading time - I tested it, and was able to make two plates of bacon and eggs in the time it took for a playbook to load.
3. improve the store - how about an 'update checked' option vs doing each update one, by, one?
4. is it impossible to set up the device to turn the screen off when it's covered? Is this a patent thing?

Overall, I think the playbook is swell, and hope, truly hope they continue to refine it, but not one year at a time.

Would love to win this and use it to teach my kids programming in class. So there you have it.

I am an English teacher in China. I would love to use this tablet in my classroom and share the love of my new blackberry with all my students. What better way to increase sales of the playbook in China.
Best of luck to all participants.

Go Big or Go Home!!!

As an education student who'll be a teacher in a year I would absolutely love to have a playbook! Would be a such great tool for university and an even better teaching resource!

Thanks for considering.

Hi Kevin I am from Australia and Playbooks are so much more expensive over here, so if you give it too me it would be appreciated soooooooooo much more. It would be getting the Appreciation that it deserves!

I just got accepted into the University of my choice, I think a Playbook from the CB team would be a good little present lol.

Damn, I need this PlayBook... If I would win many of my friends would see how great BlackBerry is and throw their 'Droids and Iphones away... so PLEASE let me win!

Blackberry is like the Rocky Balboa of the industry. No matter how many times they get knocked down they always have the heart to get back up and continue on. The final bell has not rung yet so they keep fighting. Proud to be a Canadian and proud to own an original Playbook.Blackberry Lte all the way.

Not sure if I left a msg before, but pls count me in. Would love to win a 4G playbook. Hope this contest is world wide as I live in India.

I would love a Playbook to be able to access the Internet with my Blackberry when I am on a disaster call as an American Red Cross volunteer. Really need something like this and being able to bridge to my phone in remote areas would be great!

I would love nothing more than to own a playbook, especially the 4G variant! Really knocks the spots off the competition!

I am new to CrackBerry...very 1 minute ago. I read it occasionally, but your inspired offer of a free gadget has galvanised me into action.

Now I am registered, I promise to visit the site more to buy, browse and read the many interesting Kevin explaining why I should change my PB default sig - which I did, actually, he has a point.

Yes, I have a PB already...but I'm about to root it (your inspiration too) and would very much appreciate you guys sending me this new 4G LTE version as my backup PB for when the proverbial turd hits the ventilation device.

2 PBs is too much for one person you say? I beg to differ; my new wife has recently found the amazing Kobo books app on honeymoon and now calls my playbook 'her playbook'. Would you believe it?

I Love Blackberry Playbook, Thanks RIM ...your create and made a perfect tab-device for me and world,

Day and Night 24hr with my dear it , love it, and i want it 4G LTE Playbook ;)


Dedi Haryadi