The FASTEST way to win a 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook is in THIS CrackBerry Contest... Leave a comment to Enter Now!

Enter to Win a Free 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook!
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Aug 2012 03:10 pm EDT

Contest: Login to and leave a comment to this article for your chance to win a 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook!


August 9th is here which means the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook is officially available for purchase in Canada (coming soon to Europe and the USA). CrackBerry already has its hands on one (check out our unboxing video here) and we're full LTE speed ahead into review mode putting the 4G LTE connectivity to the test. 

So while you're waiting for our official review of the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook to hit the CrackBerry blogs, we're going to kill the time by giving you a chance to win one, for FREE.

Win a Free 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook: To enter, All you need to do is login to and leave a comment to this post. It's as simple as that. The contest is open worldwide. We'll hook the winner up with an unlock code for their new PlayBook so they can run it on a different network if required. You're winning the hardware here (no contract committment)... but the winner will be responsible for their carrier bills on this one. Contest Ends 48 hours after our 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook review goes live. Good Luck!! 

Reader comments

The FASTEST way to win a 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook is in THIS CrackBerry Contest... Leave a comment to Enter Now!



nothing good here... just promotion for boosting the selling term.
playbook part one, playbook part two... still poor n lack..
time to leave the train n try another truly advantage, challenging real platform, androxxt or ioxxx.

This is incredibly hard for me to admit, but my feeling are so strong....Kevin......I have a man crush on you!


Wonderful to have new BB hardware to live with, maybe I could win this one to keep me busy before BB10

I've used the PlayBook around the world, and there would be no better way to stay in touch than with an LTE model!

Let me win this Kevin! I need a faster browser on the go and thats' only with Playbook LTE! my home internet sucks!

We can see that blackberry is coming with some new levels...the new playbook is faster and powerful...i would love to have it...

Why not put in a comment as well? Who knows, maybe I could get lucky enough to add a 4G PlayBook to my current collection of BlackBerry devices!

Oh yes, I would love this awesome tablet. Please pick me!!

PS: can't believe, I am comment number 4000... yey!! Pick me, pick me.

Woop woop!!!! One of the most functional tablets out there and I stand a chance to win it!!! I have my fingers crossed!!!

Please pick me, I would like to give this to my mom since she is looking for a tablet, what better way to get someone to join the rimpire

I'd love to get my hands on this newest Playbook, I would cross the seas to any country that will give this for free hihi :D

The playbook 4G is really a good implementation and improvement by RIM
I'm indeed proud of RIM because I'm a really strong fan and right now I'm on the good side when it comes to an argument with friends
This also shows that there's more to come from RIM.......
RIM is really working hard on their success and I'm so sure very soon they would get to the top because they have very good concept and that's the important skill in any business company

GO RIM!!! GO PLAYBOOK 4G!!!!! YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!! HURRAY!!!!!!!!!

You remind me of the babe, (what babe?) The babe with the power (what power?) The power of voodoo, who do, you do, (do what), remind me of the babe...

I want this.. finally breaking free of bridge.. bridge is awesome but admittedly browsing speed is not... now playbook 4G, now that's gonna make me feel like an Olympic gold medalist.

So you want to just give me a playbook? and not just some cheap 16GB wifi only version (which I would gladly take as a gift) but the high-end 4G, 32GB version? OK I accept your gift.

One thing if I do win. I'm maybe an hours drive from Winnipeg... any chance I could ask Kevin to hand-deliver it? :)

I would love to Have this Playbook. Out with my old Playbook and in with this new 4G LTE Playbook. BlackBerry by choice.

The Blackberry Playbook 4G LTE is simply an amazing device and with 4G LTE network makes it even more incredible. The name playbook says it all:
P - prodigious
L - lavish
A - awesome
Y - youthful
B - best
O - outstanding
O - overwhelming
K - kool

I'm really grateful to everyone involved in this giveaway. It takes a lot of generosity to give away a PlayBook for free. Thank you very much. A lot of people can't afford a BlackBerry playbook but they truly want it, I hope someone like that wins the playbook. God bless BlackBerry, god bless RIM.

Thanks Blackberry.. Thanks Crackberry.. Finally, I'll get an uninterruptible connection with 4G LTE release wherever I take it..

I really love to win a 4G LTE PLAYBOOK because of the following reasons:

a). I work in a AD agency here in the Philippines and having the PLAYBOOK would enable to finish my work faster and I am also able to advertise the PLAYBOOK here in my country better which would help get RIM much needed sales.

b). I really love blackberry. I really love it that it has been my smartphone since the beginning. Hence, pls. KEVIN let me win this one!


Would love this! My 16G is no longer working and out of "warranty". Totally miss it and all the apps I purchased for it!

I have a big licensing exam at the end of this academic year which is the single most important exam I will ever have to write. It would be great to have the 4g playbook so I can have access to my notes and pdf texts from anywhere. Please consider me.

Wow. What a promotion for Crackberry to run. Truly honoured to me a member. Hopefully, I will be reading these forums on my Playbook out in the wild without WiFi and without bridge. AWESOME!

Looks prety good, this baby with BB 10 will a successful couple to me. i want it rigt now for use here in venezuela in H+ Movistar.


Please, huh? Please? Pretty please???? With brown sugar and chocolate syrup drizzled on top???


The odds of winning are pretty good because 5 out of 4 people don't understand fractions. =)

Pick me, PLEASE! I have blackberry everything, I'm a faithful blackberry user! I have the 1st PlayBook. Oh my gosh, I would be the happiest person alive!!!!

Good luck everyone! :)

BlackBerry Love right here... Love my Playbook and my Torch 9850 i know its a long shot with over 4000 comments however, here we go with throwing the name in the hat, fingers crossed lets see what happens! Go 4G!

Ah. Now that they have disabled the free wifi in the area where I work, this is actually a very timely release.

4G Playbook ?? This is what RIM needs to revamp this great product with great OS, just hoping that it will be upgradable to OS 10...definitely I want it !!

As a dyed in the wool crackberry addict, there is nothing like having the top of the line tablet, to go with the best phone available(until BB10. (too bad I need to get one free, as I am BROKE right now :-) )


The new Playbook would be a wonderful addition to my working life. I really like the size and the fact that it is a real (fast) workhorse!