The FASTEST way to win a 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook is in THIS CrackBerry Contest... Leave a comment to Enter Now!

Enter to Win a Free 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook!
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Aug 2012 03:10 pm EDT

Contest: Login to and leave a comment to this article for your chance to win a 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook!


August 9th is here which means the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook is officially available for purchase in Canada (coming soon to Europe and the USA). CrackBerry already has its hands on one (check out our unboxing video here) and we're full LTE speed ahead into review mode putting the 4G LTE connectivity to the test. 

So while you're waiting for our official review of the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook to hit the CrackBerry blogs, we're going to kill the time by giving you a chance to win one, for FREE.

Win a Free 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook: To enter, All you need to do is login to and leave a comment to this post. It's as simple as that. The contest is open worldwide. We'll hook the winner up with an unlock code for their new PlayBook so they can run it on a different network if required. You're winning the hardware here (no contract committment)... but the winner will be responsible for their carrier bills on this one. Contest Ends 48 hours after our 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook review goes live. Good Luck!! 

Reader comments

The FASTEST way to win a 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook is in THIS CrackBerry Contest... Leave a comment to Enter Now!



4G 4Me OK ????? And it's nice to see the 4G pop up in Asia rather than nearby Canada :)

Looking forward to hear good news down hereeeee !!!!!

SEA with Bold Black Beautiful 9900 @ SG

Awesome - I want this tool - PB is the best tablet on the market - love it - especially after 2.0 :)

I love to win a LTE Playbook, please pick me.

I went to the Bell store today to take a look of the brand new LTE Playbook.

First thing it impressed me was the smoothness and clearness of the screen. It feels different from the Wi-Fi Playbook. I woner if it has a Rain Guard know the one for your windshield, so rain drops slide off.

Because it was brand new, it took a while to setup and boot, not overly so, quicker than the Wi-Fi PB as I can remember. The software version is

LTE feels faster than the Wi-Fi brother. Make sense with 50% more CPU power.

Couldn't try out the LTE as there is no LTE in the area...too bad. I was looking forward for the lightning speed experience.

There are only two LTE tablets offered by Bell.
Samsung Galaxy 8.9 LTE and the LTE Playbook. Galaxy has reduced their price to $200 with a 3-year contract (just few days before the LTE Playbook launch, before it was $300).
The LTE Playbook is $350 with a 3-year contract.

So I was curious as to what extra $150 buys you.

Playbook - 1.5GHz dual core CPU, 32GB memory, 5MP rear facing camera, 3MP front facing camera, HDMI output, bridging for BBM

Galaxy Tab 8.9 - 1GHz dual core CPU, 16GB memory, 3MP rear facing camera, 2MP front facing camera, No HDMI output.

As you can see, faster CPU, better camera and HDMI all translate to a better user experience in speed and a big screen experience for any kind of HD presentation. 32GB memory is a sweet spot, as 16 GB is not enough and if there were a 64 GB offering it would have been more than enough.
For example, Playbook has a great map/navigation app called Osmand (superset of Google Map) which can download offline maps, so memory space is desirable (16GB will be lack and 32 GB is great).
The reason I call Osmand a superset of Google Map is, one of the switches can turn on using online map (instead of offline) from various sources; one of them is Google Map. Osmand offers multiple online routing service or an offline routing, with turn-by-turn navigation. The Playbook is a perfect size for the car. Next time when you go to a foreign country, you can download an offline map (many countries available and many languages) and you will never get lost driving or walking, even without any Internet connection!
The best part is FREE!

Clearly, the Galaxy tablet is aimed for Play. Do a great job of it with plastic packaging.
Playbook is aimed for Work and Play. It is a bonus for the wait-and-see (not willing to take the plunge with the first version of Playbook) BB phone users as they can instantly grow their screen real estate on the Playbook, do everything on a 7" screen...biggest phone you can get in the world...7" phone!

Of course, the LTE Playbook is a fully standalone tablet that has a unified inbox (bring in mails and messages from all different sources into one), contact and calendar for the not-yet BB users.

I can't justify to buy a LTE Playbook as we have one Wi-Fi Playbook already in the household. But it sure would be nice to have the LTE Playbook so we don't need to time share the Wi-Fi PB. :)

Thanks, please pick me :):):).

I bought a playbook (my first blackberry product ever) back in Oct 2011. Yes, because they were on for a great price. I fell in love immediately! BEFORE os2!
Within 2 weeks I bought 2 more playbooks for my teens. They fell in love with their playbooks too.
By December I had my first berry for work. I fell in love with my work berry!
By March all of us owned 9900's.
I dont get swayed by marketing hype. I choose products that fit my needs and budget. Berrys do that for me.
I have owned MANY other phones over the past 9 years. None compare to the quality functionality and reliability of RIM.
I can afford the data plan for my new playbook so, if i am gifted the new playbook, I will give my current playbook to a random person in need.
Cheers to all users and products!

I want it! I want it! It would be an awesome experience to feel the new 4G PlayBook... Hope the OS 2.1 release soon enough :). Thanks CrackBerry :)

4get about webOS, 4go any inclination android, 4sake temptation brought about by Apple, 4tify your resilience against the Microsoft's Surface tab and most of all I 4see myself winning a PlayBook with 4G.

P.S. A certain Mr. 4stall should take hints at how a good OS is designed. (Sans the patent litigation). BB4Life!

Ouwh WOW...!!!!

Give me One Pleasssseee...

it will be a long time to wait this PB in Indonesia...

it will be Great if I Win this PlayBook...

Terima Kasih...

am waiting for my playbook (wifi only 32G) to arrive in six days time. I love the design , hardware and the OS that powers it up. So despite the negative reviews RIM devices are getting at the momment, I settled on this.
Winning an LTE playbook will definitely make it worth my while since unlike in the developed countries in Kenya wifi networks are not everywhere so an LTE playbook will improve my connectivity.
All in all count me in.

So excited about the 4g PlayBook and the new bb10 phones that will be coming out in 2012.

To all of us who have suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous criticism with dignity I can not wait!

Torch os6/Playbook from day one

ok, another contest. i want to win this thing because im really not in the mood for blackberry right now. maybe if i win this thing, i'll fall over again for blackberry. but thats a big if. well we'll see

....Kick this out of bed! I am stoked for this contest.
I thank you in advance CrackBerry,, & Kevin (Da Mayor) Michaluk!

Oh man I would love to win this. After my playbook was stolen i still did not get a new on so this would be a wonderful win

I would love to own Blackberry Playbook 4G LTE as it would perfectly complement my Curve 8520. In the evenings, I will not have to sit in front of my work laptop to reply to my emails everyday and Playbook will make my life much more easier. I love Blackberry devices <3

I'd love it just to write a review of how it compares to the 16gb playbook! That and to prove it blows all other tablets out of the water!!

I'd love to be one of the first in Australia to have one of these. The 64gb Playbook I have now will have to be passed onto a family member.

I've been using my 16GB WIFI Playbook every day since January, when my wife and I gave each other Playbooks for Christmas. It's become an essential piece of my work day and my connection to the world. Thanks RIM!

Okay there's no LTE here in the U.K But Vodafone UK's HSPA+ network is more than quick enough! Plus I'll have an LTE ready device!

I love my 64gb PB with my 9810. I would leave this one at home a "google" tv to stream movies/music and search the internet. If I were lucky to win the LTE PB, I would be a rock star but if not I love my PB.

Well, I hear you found a new friend and lover, to keep you warm on those cool cool nights.
Oh theres a rumor in the air. ... I'm in! ;)

I really really want one, and living in Denmark Kevin, you might be my only chance to get my hands on a 4G PlayBook.


Please!! I would love to have a new 4G PB just for the better battery life. Even if it's not a 64GB. Thanks in advance.

Here in my region, government policy doesn't allow us to use powerful wifi routers, so my wifi PB many times is kinda blocked from the world. I really need and want 4G HSPA PlayBook

This would be awesome. the 4G LTE version would be a great replacement to my regular 16GB one that just died!!

I already use my PB connected to my 9900 to conduct training sessions at my station. A 4G PB would be an awesome addition to the truck, for documenting scenes, notes, and referencing our pre-incident plans and gaining access to haz-mat information, while on scene. It would be a tremendous asset to improve the safety of my members while on scene.

Well seeing as I work for one of the largest telecommunications companies in Canada, I would think I'm the most viable choice to receive a free LTE PlayBook. This comment has been left using a 32gb PlayBook. Plus if I did get it, I'd be busy being completely awesome with it! :)

“Think highly of yourself, because the world will take you at your own estimate.”

very sweet. I would love to give this to my daughter...keep the blackberry nation going onto the next generation!

Love the Playbook,
My 5 daughter says to me every day before bedtime- you can lay with me before I sleep and watch tv with me but NO blackberry allowed in my room .
Thats becouse Im on it all the time.
4G would even be better to have, can have internet access everywhere I go.
Not sure if my wife would be happy with this but I would.

I've been bugging my wife since the rumoured launch of the original playbook. It would be a very nice gift to her to not hear my whining anymore :)

Free 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook?! Yes please.

Sent from my cherished non-4G non-LTE BlackBerry PlayBook that I will keep even if I have the good fortune to win.

Why not just add phone capabilities to this new Playbook and have the best and BIGGEST smartphone??? ;)

Since CrackBerry Shop has started shipping to so many more countries, I think these give-aways need to go International too ...

You can start by sending this 4G LTE Playbook my way in Pakistan ....

fingers crossed

Kevin, once again, you know how to draw us in. As for me, sign me up. I've been looking to get one and free is the price for me(actually did not me for that to rhyme :P).

Sign me up. Someone said they want the BlackBerry Table?? When did they make a table? :) I assume that had to be a typo but given the emergence of the Windows surface device (formerly a table) I had to check.

a 4G LTE BB PB will definitely look nice in a sleek leather case and show it off here at the office. Just because we have two BB PB and cannot use them on the road. Yes, BB Bridge is available but due to IT concerns, BT tethering is not available. PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE! a 4G LTE BB PB will be an early christmas gift for me!!!

I would love to win the new 4G,the only thing is I need a "clone app" to help me spend more time doing and discovering new things.Be Bold! Looking forward to BB 10 Launch!