Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, proves that BlackBerry People Do

By Michelle Haag on 6 Aug 2012 12:43 am EDT

Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world, as he proved again earlier today in the 100 meter dash in London at the 2012 Olympics. Winning the race in just 9.63 seconds, he not only earned a gold medal, but set a new Olympic record as well. During an interview after the race, when asked how long he will allow himself to celebrate before competing in the 200 meter race, Usain replied:

"All I gotta do is thank a few people on my BBM with my congrats and that's it pretty much. The rest of it is all about getting enough rest, eating properly and then coming back for the 200 meters, because I'm really looking forward to that one."

That's right, the fastest man in the world uses the fastest keyboard and messaging system in the world. This is the kind of person that Research In Motion needs to look at for BlackBerry 10 advertising. A real person, doing really awesome things, who also uses BlackBerry Messenger to keep in contact with people who are important to him all around the world.

BlackBerry People DO.

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Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, proves that BlackBerry People Do


They need to send him a Jamaican or green bold now. I don't know why they are against so many color options, oh yeah that's right, because most of their users are against it too for some reason.

Better than that, they need to send him a personalised 9900 with 'Bolt' on the back instead of 'Bold' - come on RIM, it's only one letter different, you can do it!

Jamaica is already BlackBerry country. Since the last year, there has been a steady increase in Android and some iOS use, but BBs and BBM is still the top thing. Usain reps the BBM. Go Usain, Go BB.

That's awesome! Fastest Man using the fastest keyboard and messaging! Great Promo for BlackBerry! Definitely need to use him in a commercial for BlackBerry 10!

Yes i agree to, people like him make blackberry again big...believe me there is many around the world they start to say bye bye to apples iphone and go to nokia lumia or who knows to blackberry 10????

That's almost exactly what I said on another forum. The marketing team needs to have an endorsement deal with him NOW!! Fastest man + fastest's a no brainer that even an overpaid marketing exec should realize.

RIM really needs to find a way to do some marketing with die hard BlackBerry supporters just to show the testimonials as how business gets done.

Something like "I am Blackberry" ...

This could only help.


You'd think they'd hire people who are capable of such great marketing techniques. Come on, there are so many psychologists they can pick from!

This guy is incredibly focused and has the success mind set. RIM should send him a new 4g Playbook, which is RIM's #1 product
Playbook, the one and only

RIM needs to capitalize on this. Seriously if they don't then I vote Michelle for new C. M. O!!!!

The only other thing on the planet that could keep up with this guy is a 4g lte PlayBook with BBM!!

RIM better get coding quick!!!

Yea I saw/heard that like "wayment" did he just say that? Can you say RIM as an international sponsor for "Getting it done"? This could be epic for RIM in the public eye. The "Usain BOLD"

RIM better get on it quick before Apple or Samsung start throwing millions his way. Well, Samsung won't throw cash but they would set up his family and all his friends with free Galaxy S IIIs.

I know what Usain means. However, after nearly 8 years with RIM, I had to jump ship to Android. My Bold 9000 that I've had since 2008 was finally on it's last legs, and after 2 housing changes, 2 LCD replacements and 3 trackballs, it was time to retire it.

I'm now rocking a Galaxy S3, but I find myself missing my Bold keyboard, I miss the instant and easy email setup, my BBM contacts and how easy it was to send pictures and messages.

Believe me, Android isn't all it's hyped up to be. The thousands and thousands of apps are mostly just spam or junk, and the real good major ones, are usally found on BlackBerry.

I really hope BlackBerry 10 is something people will embrace. And yes, RIM should try to regain it's celebrity and powerful figure endorsements. It meant something when the Paris Hilton's, the Barack Obama's, the Lebron James, the CEO's all chose BlackBerry.

When I first bought my Bold in 2008, everyone at university in my classes was wowed by it. Not that I bought it for a status symbol, but it exuded power, class, style, functionality. By 2011, people were asking me how I could live with that outdated brick, but it still got me through my day.

With your comments about the S3, I'm going to assume to haven't used the S3 for very long. I'm only saying that as it's a freaking beast! And the apps are junk? Okay.

And now after using that massive 4.8" screen, you want to return to the 2.2" or maybe even a 2.5" screen? You should read the manual on this thing - email is very simple to set up and pretty damn simple to send pictures too. Wait...I have a text message.....I'll just put the phone up to my ear and it will call the person.....:D. The camera is freaking awesome. Swipe to take a screen shot? And no battery pulls! No spinning clock.....

And yes, I use both the S3 and a BB. And I'm telling you the S3 is way above anything BB has to offer at this point.

No he's telling the truth. I went from iPhone back to a Bold because I just couldn't hack the terrible typing experience on the iPhone.

How is the keyboard on that S3?

And does it have IM with groups and messaging that connects pretty well instantly?

And "damn simple to send pictures too"? Seriously? You think sending pictures from the BB is not easy?

It may be ahead of the BB at some features, but not all. Depends on your priorities and on what BB you use for comparison. The 9900 is an excellent phone - I haven't ever had to do a battery pull and the clock doesn't spin.

So perhaps not "way above" overall.

Thank you for telling me how to use my own phone... What good is the larger screen if you don't really watch movies? If I want decent texting ability, I turn it sideways and the whole screen is then turned into a keyboard.

Going froma 4.8" screen to a 3.5" wouldn't be so bad, especially if I get a dedicated keyboard back.

Email is not simple to set up, you have to set up several accounts, activate sync settings so the battery does not get eaten up etc. It's quite limited and horribly clumsy when it comes to attachments or copy and paste.

And no pictures are not easy to send. On my old bold, I took a pic, highlighted send and sent it as an mms or through BBM. Here, I have to physically go to messaging, compose, attach file, pick the picture etc.

And for some reason, MMS picture messages get sent as a poor slideshow, and I cannot zoom in on wat my friends send me unless I save it.

Is swipe to take a screen shot really easier? Sometimes, it takes a pic as the page is turning, or you accidentally click an app.

And yes, I agree the GS3 is ahead of what RIM can offer technically, that's why I didn't go to a 9900 though I really wanted to as it was the upgrade to my original Bold.

But I really believe RIM will close the gap with the BB10 devices. BlackBerry has a simplicity that is unmatched.

He might get a slap on the wrist for that (if they can catch him) because Samsung is the "official phone" of the Olympic Games...

New BB10 phone: Blackberry Bolt, with him as the Celeb pushing it. Can RIM afford him? Hell give him 3% or so a shares in RIM. The marketing opportunity of a lifetime.

Shares will not tank after bb10, either it'll be a hit, or someone will buy RIM either way shares will go up.

I can see it now, this should be the tagline for Bolt. "I'm Usain Bolt, I make my living doing things under 10 seconds or less on the track, off it, only BB10 allows me to stay that fast"


RIM needs to capitalize off of this!! And based on their poor marketing or lack there of in the past, I am afraid that they won't. Great job Michelle "The fastest man in the world uses the fastest keyboard and messaging system in the world." - I like that!

Shoutout to all my fellow Jamaicans. Happy 50th!!!

Not only bolt but the Puertorican Javier Culson on the 400mhurdless do use Blackberry. Rim need to know this and realize that using this guys would be great for the mkt of bb10 as well as the company. What better mkt that the faster man in the world,the best 400mhurdless, and other celebrities.

BlackBerries are still big in the Caribbean, at least 10 of my BBM contacts are living in Trinidad and Tobago. Go BB! Go Trini (we came in 7th, but it's all good)!!

If you are refering to the video - it is posted on Youtube (in the public domain) and has allowed itself to be embedded.

Not to crap on the Parade but, bolt uses an IPHONE as his primary device you will also notice that many people in JA carry multiple phones. one for each of their needs

Big UPs to BOLT and the BEAST that came in right behind him bout to do it all over again in the 2

ROFLMFAO you know what is his primary phone? Dream on A-hole. We are talking about what he actually said not your dream iBoy.

Newsroom is a highly charged political drama by Aaron Sorkin on HBO. Last night episode had most of the characters rocking blackberry phones. There's that.

Yes, but noone would want to be associated with newsroom ;) (disclaimer - I've never actually seen it so what do I know)

Real famous people known all over the world, that's sales endorsement. Not some clowns that are barely known in North America and totally unknown for the rest of the world!! Let's hope BB10 comes fully loaded on the marketing department, one can only hope.

This is dumb. He's Jamaican not a Blackberry person. The Blackberry didn't help him do anything no other phone could not have done. Talk and text. Lets not over do it crackberry.