Farewell from CrackBerry Live at BlackBerry Live!

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 May 2013 08:50 am EDT

BlackBerry Live 2013 has now come to an end and our amazing and awesome CrackBerry Live setup has been fully dismantled. Before we closed up shop, the CrackBerry team in attendance jumped on stage one final time to say farewell and thank you. Be sure to hit up the video above for our tear-jerking farewell.

When BlackBerry first announced they were rebranding their annual event from BlackBerry World to BlackBerry Live, we just knew we had to include a live component to our show coverage. It was our first time across any of our Mobile Nations sites going live, so it was a learning experience for us. And learn a lot we did. We've already made our list of things we'd change up for next year, so hopefully the powers that be at BlackBerry will allow us to bring you CrackBerry Live from the show floor again for BlackBerry Live in 2014. We'd love to do it again. It was a lot of work, but also a ton of fun. 

It's been a crazy week - I haven't yet stopped to count exactly how many hours of CrackBerry Live coverage we streamed and videos we produced, but it was a LOT. We talked to many folks from Team BlackBerry, a bunch of developers in attendance, and of course we recorded our CrackBerry podcasts. There is literally hours of footage for you to go back and watch. 

On that note, hit play on the video above and we'll let CrackBerry Live do the talking. Though this the end of our CrackBerry Live coverage, we still have more post-BlackBerry Live editorial content to come, so keep it locked to CrackBerry. Be sure to hit up the link below for all of our BlackBerry Live content. 

Thanks again for watching. We can't wait to do it again next year!

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Reader comments

Farewell from CrackBerry Live at BlackBerry Live!


It was great seeing everyone. Wish I wasn't running around the convention center while this was being filmed. Darn session :P 

You guys all did a great job! Wish I could have been there, but next year should be bigger and better, and I won't miss it for anything.

I liked the event but - honestly I really got a kick out of the All Nighters in T.O that was a riot

Yeah, all nighters are fun. That's not really show coverage though. We'll have to fire up some late night live podcasts... just need to get Adam's wife to give him permission to stay up past 10pm. :p

yea it was not coverage your right the all nighters - you guys did a nice job was all pro this event, pretty cool you guys had the CB microphone :o)

Love Adam and James' fist-bump attempts lol oh and the rest of the content. Didn't realize DJ was so short! Though not fair putting her next to Simon lol

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

Great effort from all concerned. Well done the Crackberry team! Please do it all again next year.


I'm sure Adam is a lovely guy but it's shame he doesn't express or project his views and opinions very well on camera. Even though judging by the above video I think he would have done very well in the golden age of silent cinema. Loving his facial expressions and arm flapping! Sorry Adam. Your Zen-like BlackBerry knowledge is still legendary in my book :)

Kevin, you are the man. Untouchable. You should have your own prime time TV show on all things tech. A fantastic personality and a great presenter. Good job.

Rene is awesome as well. Yoda has nothing on your wise words and insight :)

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, and it's a new Blackberry!

What exactly was Rene from iMore doing at BlackBerry Live? Will Apple purchase BlackBerry by year's end?

*cue conspiracy theorists* lol

Hmm. How about a summary of what was learned that's really new. BTW BBM, as well as Twitter and Facebook, are of no consequence to me.

I am disappointed at missing the live events and streams, but at least I got to catch up on them. Can't wait for crackberry to visit toronto again!! :)