Farewell Brick Breaker, I'll miss you

Brick Breaker
By Adam Zeis on 11 Oct 2012 12:12 pm EDT

Oh Brick Breaker. You've been there by my side for so many years now. You were always there to keep me company when I was bored, to occupy me in the waiting room at the doctor's office, and even to take my mind of things when times were tough. No matter what device I chose to use, you were there waiting for me, just a click away. Sometimes I'd get mad and sometimes we'd fight, but I'd always be back again to play some more. 

Mixed emotions flow through me knowing that we will soon part ways. For as much as you've been there for me, I fear it's time to move on. You had such a great run and even stood strong next to that pesky Word Mole. You see, BlackBerry 10 is just a few months away, and I doubt you'll come along with it. Like all good things in life, your time in the spotlight has come to an end. If I have to choose between you and a sweet new mobile computing platform, make no mistake - your time has come.

Don't worry - I won't forget you. I'm sure there will be days I'm feeling sentimental. I'll open my device drawer, shuffle around a bit and pull out my old Torch 9800 or Bold 9900 just to hang out with you for a while. I'm sure others will try to clone you as well -- and some will cheat on you -- but not me. I know there is only one real you. We had lots of good times together, and for that Brick Breaker, I thank you.

Hey RIM - If you want to make me the happiest camper around, PLEASE bring Brick Breaker to BB10. New levels, new resolution - NEW ADD ONS?!? - make it happen!! 

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Farewell Brick Breaker, I'll miss you


There is no BlackBerry without Brick Breaker! Whether I was on the bus waiting through traffic, shopping on the weekends with my wife, or waiting for Windows updates to install Brick Breaker has been there for me. Count me in on asking for a newly tweaked version for BB10!

Ditto. Though the only real addition I truly want to Brick Breaker is the ability to save progress. It really sucks getting to a new personal best, then having to abandon the game when something comes up.

The lack of Brick Breaker makes me worry about the success of BB10.

Ok well not really, but I still always loved playing that game.

I can't see how it's a BlackBerry experience without Brick Breaker...always assumed it would be on BB10

Brick Breaker has been re-done by co-op students at RIM using HTML5. Adam Stanley I believe showed this off at BB Jam. I don't think it will be something that will come pre-installed on BB10 devices though.

JAM27:  Performance and Debugging for Web Developers - http://hosting.desire2learncapture.com/RIM/1/watch/55.aspx

Sources are available at - https://github.com/blackberry/BB10-WebWorks-Samples/tree/master/BrickBreaker

I say see ya. Rim fails because their customers are stuck in the past, this is a great example. Part of the allure of bb is you couldn't save but it isn't fair when you can't save and the game and you need to do a battery pull

Then came the trackpad and touchscreens, making the game less fun even though the system was more stable. Now, they need to work on more multiplayer games out of the gate u can play via bbm. What about air hockey, 4 way pong, connect 4, or something? Along with some single player games with a future in touch gaming and learning.

I don't think you should give up on Brick Breaker so quickly Adam.

Adam Stanley in an interview during BB10 Jam Americas (for another site) showed off Brick Breaker working in HTML5 on the BB10 DevAlpha B.
It was pretty smooth


Right, and SOOO many better things to eat . . . . but NOTHING can touch a good ole, Mom made it and cut it diagonally, peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

Sometimes, the simplest things can take you back - they are so trustworthy and consistent. Ala - BrickBreaker and PBJ's.

P.S. WELL done on the write up - I'm sure there is a teach' around here somewhere that can verify/assign the A+ you deserve for that piece!

Wow, you guys are really attached to BrickBreaker. I've removed it from my last 3 or 4 BlackBerry's as soon as I've gotten them.

Nooooooooooooooo!!!! This would be like... Apple taking away that little sound you get when you turn on a Mac!! I'm depressed now

Ode to BrickBreaker

Alas the game that taught my thumb
Dexterity, agility, until gone numb

Will you fade from us, in OS Ten
Or like the phoenix, rise again?

I agree, Adam. It's the only game pretty much that I can play on the subway on my way to/from work since it doesn't require an Internet connection. Have only gotten to level 5 though... :(

The woman beside me on the subway yesterday was playing Brick Breaker the entire time (about half an hour) on her Curve. I haven't actually played it much in a while, but it definitely made me nostalgic because I played it all the time on my first BB.

I stopped playing Brick Breaker when RIM came out with the trackpad. I had always been very good at the game but somehow the trackpad frustrated me. I hope that RIM keeps Brick Breaker on BB10 if just for nostalgia.

Actually I saw a video with Rims HTML5 guru where he showed a BlackBerry10 brick breaker app built completely with HTML5. I'd post the link but I'm busy, however I'm sure you can find it on YouTube with a search.

Ha, ha. Too funny. I've been thinking that Brick Breaker had needed an upgrade many OS's ago. It is a great time killer and one game that doesn't require much thought. Would love to see a revised version for OS 10 with high def graphics, sounds. Come on RIM as Adam said make it happen!

FUCK BrickBreaker...
That apps a pathetic attempt at a REAL game... so many bored times and all i had to play was stupid brickbreaker... while all other smatfones had real games...

Coming from a true gamer..

Yeah man yea! Tell us all yea!
Cause true gamers love to talk trash on simple games that people love..
Grrrr so angry. He's the filth.injector, grrr fear him, bitchin about a game that's been on a platform for years. I assume you hate solitare and minesweeper as well?

Ya! Replace it with QWOP! It's way bettar and moar awsomer!

Or better yet< a text-based MUD RPG!

Yup, those sure are better than Brick Breaker!



I havent played myself recently either but brickbreaker really is the solitaire/minesweeper of windows for the blackberry handsets. I give credit where credit is due. It IS after all a great time waster.

Brick Breaker blows. It's like a bad joke. Even this whole article is very tongue-in-cheek. Put Arkanoid on the phone and then you'd have something.

I delete brickbreaker directly after I agree to the terms and conditions after first activating a device. This 9930 battery life is only enough to allow me to call text and Facebook.

I was really hoping for an amped version of brick breaker, It could only get better on BB10. RIM please don't let this become obsolete, make Brick Breaker 2 HD for us!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW!! Brickbreaker is so AWESOME! The graphics are so almost 3D and part 2 is SUPERB! I can't Wait for part 3 and 4 to see the EVOLUTION!!! You get where i'm going with this??

And everybody including Adam has forgotten that MAGMIC made the game, NOT RIM.

I can't believe people these days... Relax, IT WON'T vanish from any blackberry unless you remove it yourself. Bb10 will have it in appworld regardless.