Fandango BlackBerry App Updated And Offering Special Deals

Fandango BlackBerry App Updated And Offering Special Deals
By Bla1ze on 4 Feb 2010 04:48 pm EST

Fandango recently updated their BlackBerry application. Bug fixes and UI changes round out the latest version but for a short time you can also take advantage of the special offers Fandango has put in place. As the pic indicates, no service fee will be applied to any ticket sales from now until, March 7th. The app is free to download, so give it a run through and while you're at it, grab some tickets to a movie. I personally suggest Avatar if you haven't seen it yet.

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Fandango BlackBerry App Updated And Offering Special Deals


I received an email from them this morning telling me about the update. I tried to install it over the older app but it wont work, I have tried several times. Im running .419 on a VZW Tour

Just uninstalled the old app and downloaded the new one, it worked like a charm.

Would love to use Fandango all the time but those service fees are just too high. It's just as easy to show up and buy out of the kiosk 99% of the time with no fees.

App looks the same except for the Blackberry menu button. When you press that you can access your account and exit the program which you couldn't do before.

I had the old version, worked fine on my 8330, when I try to download the new version, says not available, visit our wap site. wtf?

check your browser settings.... I had the same problem when I was set to have it act like Internet Explorer. I switched it over to be recognized as Blackberry browser and it worked

the first fandango app wouldnt work on my 8330 OS 5.0, this one seems to be downloading just fine. Looks like it finally works, thats pretty cool i'll use it just for the showtimes and info but not to buy a ticket. service fee?? thaaaats whack

...finally adding an exit button to the BB menu! This is the reason I haven't purchased tickets with this app yet. I was scared that if I hit the back button, it might resend my purchase confirmation and double-charge me.

Well, either they are looking into the future or they like the Euro style of dates.

updated: 03/02/2010

downloaded to my old Bold 9000, that's fine, but when I try to locate with my zipcode, says it does not recognize, then tried several different zips, same response, so it is gone off my phone.

I couldn't get it to install initially. Got some error message about not supporting my device, a Storm 9530, which is on the supported device list. I checked and had my browser set to Internet Explorer emulation mode. Flipped it over to Blackberry browser mode and it installed fine

i usually go to using opera browser on my Tour but saw the link to download the Fandango app. i did and it works but the text is so small its pretty much unreadable. any way to adjust the text size.. using opera the text is perfect.. thanks.