Fandango App for BlackBerry Smartphones Now Available

By Adam Zeis on 21 Dec 2009 10:29 am EST


A few weeks back we got the heads up that a Fandango app for BlackBerry would be coming in the near future. It looks like some keen eyes at BerryReview noticed that the application is now available. I'm in the same boat wondering why it is available on GetJar and not BlackBerry App World (or elsewhere), but free is free I suppose. The app is available for most devices, and lets you browse movies and showtimes, find theaters, buy tickets and more. Head over to the links below for more info.

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Fandango App for BlackBerry Smartphones Now Available


I just downloaded it on my Curve via GetJar. It's actually not an app so much as just a homescreen shortcut to the Fandango WAP site...

When I access Fandango from the this app, I get a much richer graphic oriented result than when I just go to their wap sight.

Doesnt seem to be as refined as poynt IMHO. However it is a beta. Some things to consider:

*No GPS functionality (or its just not working right now)
*Seems to have some screen corruption

*Saves Favorite Movie Theaters
*Provides Movie Details, Trailers & Reviews
*Links with existing Fandango account
*Links to Fandango site & Network of theaters
(I find that poynt doesn't allow me to buy tickets from the theaters I goto)

This review was based on the storm 2 version..

If it's a WAP link then it must be something tricky as the menuing that comes up is NOT browswer menu. At 770k, it looks and works like a standalone app, at least on my Tour.

Seems pretty cool, accesses GPS info and shows you theaters nearby - handy for travel situations. I like it so far, my kids love (don't they all?) going to the movies.

Worth a look, in my opinion.

I downloaded the "app" and on my curve it's just a internet shortcut. Maybe it's a full app on some phones, but not on mine.

Ok, I have a 9530 and there's no way to exit the app. The only way I could close it was to hit the back button until I finially got to the first screen I viewed. Then when I hit it one more time, it finally asked me if I wanted to exit the app. What the hell is that about? Everytime I use this, I have to hit the back button fifteen times to close it out? What if I purchase tickets? Couldn't reloading a previous purchase confirmation screen cause double charges?

Its definitely just an internet shortcut on my curve 8330. Guess I'll try the 8530 version since I'm running 5.0.
Edit: That doesn't appear to work either. Guess getjar is reading my device type and won't allow me to access anything other than the internet shortcut. Pretty lame IMO.

It's an APP on my Tour. Yes it seems the back button is the only exit. It needs work but is a decent start. Looks a lot like flixster.

Yeah, I can't believe the back button is the only way to close it. But I agree, it's a nice start. Text could be a bit bigger, though, and landscape mode on the Storm.

I downloaded it on my Tour and the download finished, so I clicked run and it said there was an error. So, I try it again and the same thing happened. I took out the battery and restarted it to see if that'd change anything and now I have a RELOAD 552 ERROR. Here goes that annoying as hell process!

i also got the error when i tried running it on my Tour. thankfully though, i deleted the app immediately and avoided getting the 552 error for the 2nd time in a week--got it when i tried updating AIM to 2.5.32 last friday. from reading the comments, it seems like it might be worth waiting for a full launch or at least a beta update anyway.

i have a tour and i have just gotten over of having the crash problems..however I am really tempted to get this app because I like fandango better than flixter as it is and then to push me even further fandango is half the memory of flixter...any tour users pls let me know if this is happening to you guys...

It's NOT a shortcut link. So far looks promising but needs some work. Not as easy to navigate like POYNT. It needs to have a button where it shows everything that's playing just a a specific theater. But it's a BETA anyways.

I downloaded this app and I kept getting an error so I deleted it. I did a battery pull later in the day and got this Shitty error. I hate when this crap happens. DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS IF YOU HAVE A TOUR BECAUSE YOU WILL GET THIS ERROR... Wait until Fandango gets their shit together to try and download it.

1) On mobile browser go to
2) Scroll down to "Quick download code"
3) Enter 04360
4) Click download

There you go.

Well, I think there are problems with this and my Tour. I downloaded it this morning. This afternoon I try to buy movie tickets and it freezes up after I push the "Buy" button. Now I have no internet access at all and Weatherbug has stopped working. I get an error when I try to update the weather. I have done two battery pulls and am now going to uninstall the Fandango app. Hopefully I don't get charged for the tickets. They ran my card at the window and said no tickets had been purchased on that card. At least at that time.

Fandango is Ok i guess, but it seems like the purchasing ticket option is not available in Canada. Well at least from the theaters that are surrounding me. However, Flixster is fully functional.

Overall, I like Flixster waaay betta!