Free FancyLog App Lets You Quickly Access the Event Log

By Adam Zeis on 30 Oct 2009 10:10 am EDT


Sergey let me know that he released a small app called FancyLog that allows quick access to the Event Log. As most know, access the event log means cranking out a key combo that can sometimes be a hassle. With FancyLog, just click the icon and you're in. This app is a great tool for developers or hardcore users who often need to access the Event Log quickly (it is especially handy for Storm users). The app has a super low footprint and is compatible with all devices running OS 4.2 or higher. Best of all, its totally free.

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Free FancyLog App Lets You Quickly Access the Event Log


not sure if it is me our not... might be me... but i am unable to even get the key combo to work on the Storm running 5.0... anyone notice this as well.. does the combo need to be done on a certian screen in 5.0?? but will be getting this app.. nice to just get to it in one click.. thanks to the developer..

To use the key combo you have to bring up the keyboard on the home screen, but with 5.0 you can't do that anymore. This program will all you to get to the event log now and clear it out if you want.

I have 9530 5.0.328 and can't even open the app. Checked compatibility mode (enabled,disabled,) battery pull, still nothing. Guess I'll wait for now until there is more feedback.

How can I disable the event log. Does the log really take up that much memory. Would it be better do disable the log or download this app to clear it out daily?

Quick Launch has this feature inbuilt. I am using it on Quick Launch since the time I have QuickLaunch. Though this is a nice little app. I don't think I need it, because QuickLaunch's Eventlog does the same.

Btw, appreciate developers work on this.

Thank you!

Start Qucik launch, Press BlackBerry Menu Key >> Select Add Items >> Select Application. Now in the application list choose Event Log. Press the back space. It will prompt you to Save. Click "Save" now u should see the Event Log in the Quick Launch are all set!