Fancy Smileys adds smiles and flags to your email and SMS

By Kerri Neill on 27 Apr 2011 09:11 am EDT

Fancy Smileys

So you would love to have all those great characters to use in your emails, SMS & BBM messages but really don't want to have to pay for them right? Well now you don't have too! The folks over at AFBB have released Fancy Smileys and best of's FREE! Through this app you can send colored smiles and country flag in BlackBerry® Messenger and unicode characters in EMAIL, SMS, IMs and status messages!


  • More than 300 Colored Smiles and over 200 flags for BBM v5.0
  • Integrates to any text field
  • Supports all Unicode symbols and characters
  • Neat category tabs for easy access
  • Insert More than 1 Smiley under Multi-Character Mode
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Reader comments

Fancy Smileys adds smiles and flags to your email and SMS


Hmm... loaded it up on App World on my 8520 and the reviews are not that great. Two and a half star average. Quite a few 0 and 1 star reviews. I'm skeptical.

I'm skeptical as well. I downloaded the app, and on the permissions screen it wants to access my personal information. Why would it need my personal information? I denied access to that portion. We'll see how it works.

Upon opening up the app in BBM, it seems to work OK, but I only have 5 tabs and not the 7 tabs as it shows in the screenshot. I'm missing the first two tabs. Anyone know how to show the other tabs?

EDIT: Seems as though the app is buggy. In order for me to get the color tabs, I have to do this: Open BBM contact, and open Smiley app to insert smiley. Close popup, and goto BBM buddy list, and open another buddy to chat. Open the app again and this time the color tabs are present. Go back to the original contact and do it again and you should have the color tabs. Really annoying.

I had this app installed on my 9800 Torch a while back. There were none that were in color (only B/W) and were really small (in options, I clicked on large icons).
Because of the above I unistalled.
Again, the advertising shows color in the smiley faces.
so I downloaded again.
Everything still B/W and very small.
Anyone with a 9800 getting color???

I just tried this app on the new BBM version 6 from the beta zone to see if it would work.
It doesn't. When you click to open up the smiley in BBM, nothing happens.
I uninstalled it.

I tried it on the BBM version beta was surprised to see it work ... but at first it dint i had to open the app n save my choice setting n than tried it on the beta bbm it worked ... well it aint that great the appearance is sad but something is better than nothing :)