Fancy Shake Lets You Answer Calls By Shaking Your Storm - 200 Copies to Give Away

By Adam Zeis on 5 Nov 2009 11:49 am EST
Fancy Shake

Sergey emailed me about his latest app Fancy Shake, and it made me laugh a bit. I had a vision of every Storm user shaking their device to answer and Storms flying through windows and into walls. Fancy Shake gives you the option to answer incmoing calls just by shaking your device, and you can also silence and reject calls by flipping your device over. You can choose any combination of shaking and flipping, and can even adjust the sensitivity. Fancy Shake is on sale in the CrackBerry App Store for $1.99 through November 8th. We have 200 copies to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST.

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Fancy Shake Lets You Answer Calls By Shaking Your Storm - 200 Copies to Give Away



I love the idea! I cant wait to try it and my friends wondering why there phone cant do that! <3 Blackberry!

this is worth the comment... thank you crackberry for yet another chance to win something cool...

I would try this. If for no other reason than to see the looks on my coworkers faces when I start flinging my Storm around when it rings. :)

Can you imagine the drama, your phone rings, you see it's a called you don't want to take, the phone slips out of your hand or you bobble it, and the phone picks up? No thanks...why is pressing talk so difficult.

dude what happends if your getting a call and by mistake your pants press the awnser button.. its all the same shit... shake the phone to pick up how simple is that

if I can shake it to wake it, or answer it, or whatever, then what the heck, if its free.

Doubt I would buy it, but free is always good.

I imagine a world out there where people will start making these gyrations to answer a call, or other gyrations to wake it up, send an e-mail, change themes, its JUST THE BEGINNING.

Someone should make a video of all the gyrations coming to a smartphone near you!

I have the Storm 1 and it seems that anything that requires the use of the tilt sensor, is just plain flaky. My "Stop Tilt" app always behaves in an unpredictable & irratic manner. I hope the Storm 2 improves in this area!!!!

I just got a Storm2 and absolutely LOVE it. I had a Storm one and the typing experience on the Storm2 is 100 times better, even better than a real mini keyboard!!!

This application look to be a MUST on my new Storm2


There's nothing I hate more than having my phone ring, and then having to press a pesky button to answer it. I mean c'mon, what year are we living in that we have to go through the trouble of pushing a button EVERY time the phone rings?? I always said to my family and friends "I wish there was a better way..." Finally, these app developers are becoming in tune with our needs!

Ok now this is too funny to not sign up for. This would be fun just to have and see the looks on peoples faces as you shake your phone.

I would love to win this free app for my Storm. It would make answering phone calls fun by just shaking the phone rather than doing something boring by just pressing a button. It would be great exercise also to have to shake my phone.

I would NOT like to win this. Super dumb idea. Who's to say this wont mistake movement in your pocket for shaking the phone and accidentally answering a call? Disaster waiting to happen. Vultures, you guys!