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Fancy Characters Updated to v3.3 - Free Upgrade for 2.x Users

By ObiGeorge on 11 May 2010 04:26 pm EDT
Fancy Characters

Fancy Characters is an appplication that allows you to add symbols to email, PIN, IM, BBM, and SMS messages. Back in March we posted on the last major update of Fancy Characters, which added the hidden BBM emoticons and a new tab for BBM 5.0 users. This update also brings some nice new features including:

  • Many more symbols added
  • Symbols are organized better into categories
  • UI refreshed
  • Fixed symbols size for large icons setting
  • Simplified activation model
  • Extended options to control buttons color and menu position
  • 'U' and 'D' hot keys added to scroll though symbols list
  • Fixed country flags

Fancy Characters is a nice app for those who message frequently, or those who would just like all the symbols in one place. You can pick it up in the CrackBerry App Store for $1.49.



I could have swore I had to pay an upgrade fee....Why is/was that? (oh, btw, I did verify that I did in fact paid an upgrade fee)


im still waiting if there would be any contest for fancy character 3.3 on CB anytime soon :D


weird....i dont have any of those arrows when i go to that tab and i'm using v3.3...what am i doing wrong here?


I don't have them either! What's up with that as well?


Same here don't see them either!

I just went to my account and re-downloaded ver. 3.3.1 to replace 3.3 rebooting now we'll see if the arrows are there.

No luck! Still no arrows.


I bought this app wen it was 2.x and was charged to upgrade to 3.3. I don't mind paying for the upgrade but don't advertise it sayin the upgrade is free. I mean people that bought 2.x being charged more to upgrade then what it was to buy it wen it was 2.x, c'mon.


My upgrade was free through MobiHand. However, I have yet to see an upgrade notification from them. I saw this article and went there. I did buy 2.2 recently though. A month or two ago.


Here is what I did:
1. Went to App World on my device
2. Downloaded FREE Fancy Characters 3.3
3. Said yes when it asked to replace previous version
4. Once the download was complete, I restarted the device
5. Once powered on open Fancy Characters and click activate
6. Select automatic activation
7. Your PIN is displayed and it says your PIN is ready for activation, click below to activate.
8. Finally, squeeze your nipples and send me a pic cause hey, there is nothing better than you sending me a pic of that shiznit.


pls gimme ota link of this app


free here too. got the upgrades


Ya, but did you send yur nipple pic??


People really are willing to pay for something like this??


Dude its 99 cents, get a grip. Worth it.


I too just bought and installed this application, and cannot find the characters shown in the image above.

This is very strange, and I'm hoping the developer will fix this problem ASAP, as I actually bought the application because of some characters shown in that shot.

Also, where are the country flags located, to which reference is made (Fixed country flags)?

Thank you.

EDIT: Ah....I now see that the country flags ONLY work in BBM. Wish I had known that prior.


I too got all the upgrades for free after the initial purchase. I received the upgrade notification on Apr 30th. This post is a little late. Love the app though. But unlike pictions (similar app of the same kind) it doesn't list the names of the new icons. But for $1 couldn't complain. I purchased it when it was on sale for $1


When I send a text and insert one or more of the symbols the text does not get received. When I send them in an email they do.

Does anyone else have this problem?



I got this upgrade and now almost ALL of the cool pictures from version 2 are there some way to go back to the old version cause this one sucks


Just figured out that even though it says you can use it in SMS...ALOT of the icons dont show up when you send A sms message, the only work in BBM...but the arrows are still not there