Fancy Characters 4.0 released - 50 copies up for grabs

By Adam Zeis on 16 Aug 2010 09:02 am EDT
Fancy Characters

Sergey let me know that Fancy Characters has been updated to version 4.0. If you're not familiar with the app, it easily lets you add characters from your BlackBerry to your emails, BBM and more. Fancy Characters shows all of the country flags, smilies and icons your device has to offer and lets you add them with just a few clicks. New features of version 4.0 include:

  • Added few missing flags and fixed existing codes.
  • Reworked flags list to include countries names.
  • Flags list can be filtered quickly by typing country name for fast access.
  • OS 6 and Blackberry Torch compatibility.
  • Transparent smiles background on OS 6 and latest BBM.
  • Keep Field Visible mode - option to ensure that FC popup do not cover bottom text field.
  • Side Convenience key support for the fastest access experience

Fancy Characters sell for $1.99 in the CrackBerry App Store, but we have 50 copies to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.

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Reader comments

Fancy Characters 4.0 released - 50 copies up for grabs



I've been trying to win the previous app but guess I wasn't lucky enough. So I'mma try again here. Well can someone help me win this app? Please?, would like to be counted for this1- Fancy or not, they make writing easy- which is soooo coolll...

Fancy Characters i been sick plus had to wipe. app quit working. Trying to win something for the many times I didn't. b nice to win but right now my health is more important, blackberry comes next
. Good Luck to everyone Tc

My girlfriend has this app. I have to copy and paste while she has all these emoticons at the tip of her finger. Hook me up Crackberry!!

i used a lot of these icons all the time! its such a pain to have to edit them into auto text, half the time they wont save anyway. it'd be awesome to have an app to help with that :)

Recently I learn about adding icons via the autotext option wich is great and easy, this would be great I just hope I win and that there be diffrent from the bunch I add..

Guess I need to win this app since they are charging for an upgrade to add some extra flags of countries I have never heard of...

Between Twitter, BBM, & txting - I'd let everyone who remarks about the awesome characters just where to get it and about the great site I learned about it on! Rules! Hope I win!

Could totally use a copy of this. I'm constantly on my BB for US Marine type work and many of the charactors depicted in the picture correlate to many of the symbols we use in our infantry work. Hope to get a free copy!

Eventhough my chances are really low between hundreds of comments! but i'ld love to get a copy of fancy characters for all others, gluck :) and thx CB again..

i want !!!!!
i had the trial ... but it finished :'(
and now, offering me this will fill up the hole in my heart;;)

ur my last chance of survival ... live or die... make my choice :P

Out of any app I will ever use or need on my BlackBerry, this is the one I absolutely have to have! Everyday, I have to copy and paste special characters from Wikipedia into BBM, or manually input one of the "hidden" smilies. This app would be so much help!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me win a copy!

This was always one of those that I thought looked interesting, but was happy cutting and pasting to avoid paying for it :) Would love to snag a free one

i was first one to send all my bbm friends the hidden smilies so this cud make me the cool kid on the block yet again. Also i just got my torch so hoook it up

I think its awesome that Crackberry gives their members a chance at something great for free ;)

well its my 4th or 5th on contst but never get anything pleaseeeeeeeeeee
i cant buy even if i want to cuz its impossible to get credit card here in afghanistan

Something like this should be standard on all BB's. Since it's not... Give me a G-I-M-M-E, what's that spell? GIMME! Yay!

I have been looking for this kind of app. Now I have a chance to win it. So pick me. It has been a long dry spell.

I could really appreciate this App on my phone.. cmon.. lost to torch and every other contest... gimme this at least perrty please

I keep creating a bbm list item with all the new icons in a group so that I can copy and paste into messages, but that is such a pain.