Fancy Characters 2.0 Adds New BBM Icons to the Mix

By Adam Zeis on 6 Mar 2010 08:15 am EST

Back in August we first checked out Fancy Characters, an app that lets you easily add symbols into messages. Sergey let me know that the app has been updated to version 2.0 and includes some cool new icons. With the app, you can add symbols to email, SMS, IM, PIN and BBM messages. The update even adds a tab to BBM 5.0 so you can drop in a symbol with just a few clicks. Check out the video above to see Fancy Characters in action. You can pick it up for just $0.99 in the CrackBerry App Store.

*Please Note: Fancy characters does not work in BBM Groups. It is designed for person to person chat.*

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Fancy Characters 2.0 Adds New BBM Icons to the Mix


I too would like to know if the recipient will see the symbol or just a bunch or random characters.

Or put another way, does the recipient also have to have this application installed for the symbols to show?

It would be nice if someone would answer this question.

Thank you


The recipient will see these smiles in case he has BBM 5.0 installed on 4.6+ OS.
So basically you do not need this app to see smiles and characters. They are build in new BBM.

"Back in August we first checked out Fancy Characters, and app that lets you easily add..." Adam, you mean "...checked out Fancy Characters, an app...". No biggie, luv ur blogs!

Woah woah woah - if we're going to actually start correcting people's mistakes on the main blogs here, leave poor Adam alone! B1aze, I love you man, you're funny. But you have the most terrible grammar when you type! There will be run-on sentences without any commas in almost every post you write...I sometimes seriously have to re-read your sentences because, since you have no comma, it can be read two different ways. It's interesting because I can begin reading a post on here without looking at the name, and within about 20 seconds I can tell you if it was written by B1aze or just someone else.

"An --> And" is a fairly common mistake and one that is very easy to make when typing. I'm surprised THIS is being corrected, when B1aze's posts are filled with run-on sentences, invisible commas, etc etc and aren't being corrected. :-o

Soo...what you're trying to say is that you love my writing so much you read it more than once? ;)

PS: Love you as well, lol.

downloaded the free trial....and i see the old characters...the "new ones" I just dont see them.

That's exactly what I was afraid of. It looks like we're just being charged 49 cents for nothing but an added tab at the top for the new BBM 5.0 characters, which you can have for free - we're just being charged for the slight added convenience of being able to pull up Fancy Chars to put the BBM characters in places, instead of relying on AutoText to do it.. :\ where are the actual new characters? I don't see them in the video or screenshots, either. BBM 5.0 characters don't count in my opinion - we have those for free already. I'm a little disappointed, but at the same time I feel dumb since it's just 49 cents...but AGAIN at the same time - why should I be giving someone 49 of my cents for nothing? :(

Maybe I'm just too much of a cheap-ass.

Judging by the screenshot of the app, the icons are indeed viewable by other BBM people, anybody else (ex iphone) would not be able to see these icons. These hidden icons already exist on our bb, but I do like how this app makes it much easier to access them all.

I love fancy characters, use them all the time, had the free ones, this is way more convenient to put in the convo instead of copy paste.

i heard on cdma phones it doesn't work on sms messages.does anyone have a cdma phone that can verify this please.thanks in advance.

CDMA protocol does not support unicode characters. that's why cannot use other characters rather than default latin letters set. moreover event on phones with both ccdma+gsm (like storm) being on gsm network rim does not allow to enable unicode. that's sad.

I tried finding this app in app world and can not find it neither. I have all the icons just don't want to go through the hassle of auto text.

i bought the app but when I click on "insert fancy char" nothing shows up. Yes, I have the newer BBM. Yes I know that I can copy and paste into auto text but there are so many and I don't want to change or make a new word for every symbol I want. This seem to be the easier route to take because I can just click from the screen....but there is no screen for me to click on. Fortunately, it was only 99 cents but I still would like to see what I paid for. And from the looks of it others are having the same issue.

the colorful icons seen in the vid above are only available in BBM. In email, you have a limited set of icons, and they are not in color.

THey are there in BBM, and you don't have to use Autotext to insert them. I just selected Insert Fancy Characters from the BBM menu and those colorful icons appeared in a pop up menu.

Yep. :) Duuuhhh...I should have paid more attention to the video! :P

App is well worth my spent $1

how come i can't use the new smiley's in the group chat? i have all the other new symbols but just not the actual smiley's

Well I hoped right now anyway LOL...
..Your software order will be billed shortly, after which you will receive an email containing electronic download and registration instructions (allow up to 24 hrs).. I thought it'll be a little more of an instant purchase like when I purchase downloadable apps from other places or for my PC.. Oh well still cheap and finally bought QuickLaunch too..

I still think autotext way is better, u can put a autotext for all of them together, and u can make it 1 by 1 if u want, and if you think that thay are way 2 many to do it 1 by 1, well just put the ones that u most like !

i downloaded it, its nice and all but as mentioned earlier, my verizon tour doesn't let me use any of the smilies while texting or emailing.

buzz kill

wait what? i read a post about autotexting "hidden" icons a few days ago but i couldnt make heads or tails of how to actually do it - do you have to have someone bbm them to you first (i.e. cooperdog?) or what? feel like i'm missing something here.

I have 9700 bold tmobile. How can I get better video quality? Some sites I go to are crap. Is there a app or what

I purchased this app only to find that a lot of the characters are squares. It looks nothing like the characters on the you tube video. Waste of time and money...

I upgraded this morning, and now i have black squares where i know there was previous icons ! ! ! !

The BBM Smileys are all there but the other 4 tabs show some icons and some Squares.

Any Ideas on how to fix this or is this just a bug with the upgrade...

I don't believe this program will be in App World because of the price. My understanding is that the lowest price for an application in App World allowed by RIM is $3.99.

Seems to work fine but when I sent it off to someone they only saw black boxes. they have a curve 8330.

anyone know how to fix?

ask them to upgrade their BBM to v5.0.0.57 by entering from their BB browser and d'loading the new version

Are any new emoticons gonna come without the white masking in the background? I don't know how difficult that may be...just wondering...

That white background comes from BBM itself. it is possible to remove only by redrawing icons. but after inserting to BBM they will still have background. so this is senseless.

And it works just fine on my Tour. It's a lot easier than taking the time to enter everything into Autotext. Great App! Worth the $1 that it costs!

What theme does this bb have in the beginning of the video? It's basically the original theme but with a weather thing in the right. I'd love to have that

Bizarre waste of a whopping $.99 but, if that's the worst I have to worry about, I suppose I'm in pretty good shape. It is a misrepresented product for sure.

who in the hell wants to do all that autotext crap or go copying and pasting when you can just spend a dollar?

I would rather AutoText and so would 216 other people (Thats the # of people ive helped get the icons for free. If that sounds braggy I wasnt trying to be, just making a point)

me and some Bold user can't read Contact name on BBM which using Fancy Char on their Name's,how come?