Would you like these BlackBerry 10 sliders?

By Adam Zeis on 5 Feb 2014 11:15 am EST

If a BlackBerry 10 slider is something you think would be awesome, these fan-made concepts are for you. Our friend Ziro1 is back with some more designs — this time for the "Z11" and "Z20". Two slider concepts that are two sets of awesome. 

I was a total Torch lover so I have to say that either one of these would be amazing to have for my day-to-day. I love that you can drop away the keyboard when you don't need it, but you can also rock it out to pump out messages when you need to. I'm definitely more partial to the design of the Z20 more so than the horizontalness of the Z11.

We've seen a load of concepts come out over the last few months, but these are topping my list so far. We most likely won't see a BB10 slider anytime in the near (or distant) future — so take them for what they are and don't expect one in your hand anytime soon.

In any case, these pretty much speak for themselves. So take a spin through the gallery above to check them out, then hit up the comments here with your thoughts!

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Reader comments

Would you like these BlackBerry 10 sliders?


We should have a petition for a slider

Even though I love my z30 I definitely miss the ease of a physical keyboard

Posted via CB10

I'll sign a petition for a portrait slider. Didn't Chen say he wanted to cater to the fan base? We want this John.

Nope. No need to fragment their devices even further. Sort out the skus that sell and then focus efforts on them.

Users that want sliders can contract their own design and manufacturing dollars to a partner. Like Porsche. And if they are popular then these same users can build a successful business from that design.


Posted via CB10

This defeats the purpose of having a large screen and hardware keyboard. If its going to be touch then might as well get the Z30

Posted via CB10

Yes! Where is the 10.2.1 update for T-Mobile.. BlackBerry is not the same without All the changes/tweaks AND the Android Apps.

Posted via CB10

I loved my torch but never used the physical keyboard, a slider should have been the first BlackBerry 10 device they would have hit both markets touch and physical keyboards.

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10

It also misses both markets though as you have a physical keyboard that is worse than a proper qwerty and a bulkier all-touch at a time when the market places high value on lightness and thinness of devices.

^ This. Sliders aren't the "best of both worlds"; they're just "both worlds"...jack-of-all-trades-master-of-nothing devices. There is a point about how thin is too thin, but people generally don't want to sacrifice thin and light--something they'll experience all the time--for a physical keyboard that they may only use some of the time.

I want a slider so much! Phones don't need to be extremely thin. The lumia line line of phones are nice and they are thick.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

You guys should do a poll and make sure BlackBerry sees it.

My wife and I where Torch users and would love to go back to a slider.

Love a slider it is going to be my next instant purchase if it is decided to be made.

Posted via CB10 on my blazing fast Z30 running

That's actually a very cool concept for a keyboard. Although having it a touchscreen kind of defeats the purpose, that way you could have either a portrait or landscape keyboard (depending on which way you slide it) without sacrificing screen real estate.

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

Used to want a slider. Now I am so used to and loving the touch keyboard that I'm not sure I'd buy one after all. The only real scenario a physical keyboard as well as the touch would be useful is when walking, which is regular but not really enough to justify carrying a bulkier phone.

The Z20 looks sexy as hell but I would have to test it out before purchasing.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Yes I've always been a fan of the slider!

Posted using the best phone ever, the white Z10!

I'm partial to the z20 concept. I was a loyal Torch 9800 user for three years before the z10 was released. The slide out keyboard isn't just for "slamming out messages". It would be a huge benefit in BBM or any other place where you need more screen real estate to see the big picture while responding. When the virtual keyboard pops up it takes up so much screen real estate that the experience suffers. It would be a win-win.

I totally agree with this. I type on my Torch 9800 every day, and having extra screen space to see what I am typing and what onscreen I am typing about is a must! Plus just the tactile response of a physical keyboard is a plus. The only thing going for the virtual keyboard is predictive typing, and I can live without that.

If you loved Torch, you were better off with Dell Venue Pro when they both came out around the same time. Sorry but Torch was a garbage. very slow CPU inside/poor OS optimization when it first came out.

I've already jumped ship and gone to Android (Samsung Galaxy S4), but I can say my wife would love a slider with a real keyboard. She had a BB Bold 9900, then her employer switched her to a Z10, and she hates, no, HATES the way the Z10 virtual keyboard works. While she has certainly gotten more familiar with it and can use it better than when she first got it, she's take one of these sliders in a heartbeat - she might even 'accidentally' drop her Z10 in the toilet if that would get her a Z11 or Z20.

My dad hated his too because he didn't figure out until I told him that it autocorrects after you press space. He thought you have to fix every wrong letter as you're typing lol

Posted via CB10

I love the Z10 keyboard. Just have to know how it works and how to work it. I think its great. Works way better then my wife's Note 3. I make less mistakes then she does. But that's just me i guess.

Take all of my money, Blackberry. Take every last dollar.

I would even bother selling my Z10 to get the white Z20, I'd just give my Z10 away.

I'm z10ing. Yes, I invented a verb.

Love the design but would personally never use a slider phone ever again. I always seem to break them

Imagine that. A duel screen blackberry that can be more then just a slider. I would give it a go.

Posted via CB10

I know its a reader's choice, but stop it with all these posts about what we want and what we don't want. We all know blackberry is not coming out with a premium device so this is a waste of time. It doesn't matter what we want, we'll get whatever they come out with, which we all know will be nothing for a long time.

That's the way to shun all hopes, "we" appreciate you commenting Mr. Chicken Little...lol but I do see your point. I'm happy with my Q10 and I plan on keeping it for a while.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

I bought a Z10 and a Q10 from T-mobile that I paid out right and my daily driver is the Q10. I just think these posts are just useless, but that's just my opinion. Maybe they know more than me and that's why they keep posting these questions. I do want a bigger Q10 though.

Portrait slider for me, don't really like horizontal slider that much as they too wide when typing. I used to give a torch 9800 and i loved it hope they come out something similar to it.

Posted via CB10

I still don't get the appeal of horizontal sliders. When in a messaging mode I certainly want my phone to be vertical...

Had a Torch briefly and never used the physical keyboard. These are nice but I'm not a fan of the 45 degree corners at the bottom. I am all for symmetry.

Z20 I like that style the z11 not for me don't like the sidekick style anymore

Posted With My ZL1 OS:Unknown Via CB10

Nicest drawing maybe, but not the best concept as it was never a viable design, the truly best concepts push the limits of what is possible rather than just ignoring them entirely.

I would be heart broken if they made a landscape slider. I'm ready to buy a portrait BB10 device as soon as it's released...if it's ever released. I can't type well on small landscape keyboards.

I was a huge Torch fan. I *really* wanted a OS10 version...

But I think the ship has sailed... I'm loving the Z10 virtual keyboard, and don't think I'd give up the thin profile for a Torch design.

Love to have a BB10 slider so long as it didn't crash when slider operated as my 9800 Torch eventually did.

Posted via CB10

No just keep improving on the Z & Q series. I personally won't be purchasing anymore physical keyboard BlackBerry's. So I hope they release another flagship touch screen.

Posted Via AT&T BlackBerry Z10

awesome .. Z20 with a 4.5 inch screen with BB10 + Google Apps + 3G RAM + 64G + Super Spec Processor
I'm in ......$$$$$$$$$$$$$

The only way a BB slider could be justified is if the keyboard were a physical one. Think about it, the screen real estate needed to make it a media consumption device and the physical keyboard goodness that I look for. IMO.

Love the slider concept, but the Z11 design with a lip around the keyboard is a deal breaker. Poor ergonomics! You have to arc your thumbs over it, esp to reach the outer keys. Loved my Torch, but gave me carp-tunnel ache to my thumbs joints and wrists … on the phone itself wasn't that bad, but once you added the bulk of a case.

But I'd buy the Z20 in a heartbeat if we also got a trackpad. Even though I really like my Z10 - I miss the trackpad and the keyboard shortcuts.

I like the slider in the landscape view. Portrait the virtual keyboard is great on the z30. But in landscape it uses up the viewing screen as with all devices. So this would be a neat solution.

Posted via CB10

My first BlackBerry was a torch, going to the on screen keyboard was tough for me, it was like my thumbs were too big or something. Anyway I have gotten used to it now, I do miss the physical keyboard though so I would pick the slider.

On my awesome BlackBerry Z30

I loved my Torch too. There was something about the build quality and slider mechanism that made it feel bulletproof and it worked well for the OS it was stuck with. Either one for me.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Absolutely, give the people a slider - I will stand in the queue on the day of availability - for the very first time in my life. :o)

I don't love the z11, but sign me up for that z20 (or better yet a q30/q50)... either way... get me some top-line screen real estate + BB keyboard (permanent or retractable) and we are back in the game...

No slider for me, keyboard has to be visible, a variation of the Q with a slightly bigger screen is what i'm hoping for

why sliding up and down, why please tell me why :)

The Z11 concept is insane! The Z20.. not so much.. the Z20 size and shape is awkward. I think the Droid like slider is easier and better

Posted via CB10

Research has shown BlackBerry users are most knowledgeable group of people. They like to be informed. I don't understand who or what made the decision to not bring the BlackBerry news feeder native app to BlackBerry 10. Best news feeder above what is currently available. Very efficient. Big Mistake to Whoever is this taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back!! Facebook is 10 years old. They are moving forward to future with news app called PAPER. 

The native voice control should improved to the point the difference is day and night. Same goes for BlackBerry Maps. BlackBerry should do something with QNX. Native voice control is vital for future BlackBerry phones. Along with a trackpad/gamepad/editing pad in one!!! with well designed sliding keyboard touch screen. This is the future. Cant you see?  The phone is not a phone. It will be smart computer in palm of your hand. I could see BlackBerry leading.

We don't want junk apps from Google Android that turn on GPS to monitor your location periodically.among other things it want to access.This is why android phone batteries drain fast. I think BlackBerry is Careful with quality not quantity. I like to see Google + Pintrest , Instagram.(BBM Channel is Better)  Native apps.

BlackBerry Lead. Do not follow      

Posted via CB10

Yes I would live to see it but I would have to come with killer components and specs. Blow the doors of the new phones coming from the top two. This way BlackBerry can say we have the best of everything, specs, features, OS, apps and support.

Posted with the Glorious Z30

It is a good idea, but not sure right now for BlackBerry. I actually want a thinner phone like the bold 9900. I mean it felt thinner with the curved outline in the back. Also lighter phone. I have q10 right now. Its kinda heavy for long time one hand typing.

I wouldn't. I upgraded from a 9810 and, even though I liked the physical keyboard, the slider part always came loose and vibrated while in the car. If I had it in my hand while riding in the car (or typing on the virtual keyboard), I could feel the vibration as well. It got a bit annoying. I replaced the phone 3 times due to this issue.

Also, I very seldom used the physical keyboard.

Posted via CB10

No. The 90's called and they want their phone back. With the ease of the Z10/Z30 input system and availability of the Q series, let's not waste resources on a Blackberry "Sidekick"

Yess Baby, that's what BlackBerry needs to stop the talks about keyboard vs. full touch screens...


Ferrari ZetaDieci

Never, these are just more of the fan-made designs that crackberry now posts since BB has learned to stop leaking info about their new devices.

That wide slider would be the most awkward typing experience on the planet. Not a good idea.

Posted via CB10

That's awesome proto work ...
But that's not my cup of tea. I'll pass on those (well, maybe not, but for collecting only, probably).

That's a no from me.

BlackBerry can't afford to produce sliders.

This is a backwards step. The smartphone market has moved on from sliders.

Time to do a poll then we would see.

BlackBerry has to draw more people away from other operating systems.

The current crop isn't going to do it.

BlackBerry...Get it done

Posted via CB10

The nice thing about a slider is that you still have access to the entire screen when typing. A slide out input lcd might be neat as the input area can be transformed into anything such as a game controller for games or freehand input for Chinese characters.

That would be an innovative feature and I'd definitely consider getting one.

Posted via CB10

1.Physical Keyboard is important for people who want to get things done. We don't have no /::!;'@ time on the 3rd attempt to hit the PLM QAZ along the edge of touch keyboard because our thumb is big because we protect our Faithful BlackBerry with a Case

2.For some reason it's so darn faster to type on physical keyboard .

3 It's got to be well designed and built. No room for failure

BlackBerry Lead

Do not follow

Posted via CB10

I better like the Z20 slider but your other design with the Q30 where awesome... continue your work...

Posted via CB10

I loved my torch but unfortunately I'd never buy one like it again, the slider mechanism broke and I had to get a new phone within a year. I loved the ability to have the touch screen or the physical keyboard but now with my Z10 I'm more than ok with a full touchscreen keyboard.

Posted via CB10

Not big on sliders personally but that Z20 concept is worth looking into. I think you've a winner there lots of sales potential.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Forget about sliders. The all touch keyboard from Z10 is the perfect keyboard. The bar form between 4 and 4.3 inch is also perfect for a normal user. Don't need a mechanic keyboard and a complicated slider mechanics which for sure in a few month will have problems.

Posted via CB10

Don't like the sideways Z11. Don't mind the slide up Z20 - it will sell especially in the enterprise trying to standardize on one device that meets both needs (keyboard & large touchscreen).

The Z20 slider concept looks so good! I was big Torch 9800 fan, so this design is a winner!

Posted via CB10

Dear sir,
Your design is perfect sir. But I feel the concept of slider is not a trend nowadays because from small children, teenagers up to elders are perfectly ok with touch screen. But the same design is perfect with a little bit changes like a real life slim phone with around 5" to 5.3" display but being no gaps. The total front face being the display by taking of the top and the bottom bars. We can try to bring the front camera, ear piece and the mic to fit into the display. It will look perfect.

This is what I feel sir.

Thank you

Posted via CB10

Nope. Not a fan of the slider, but I love BlackBerry!

Posted with none other than the Zed 10

Nope. BlackBerry has the best on screen keyboard why do I need that? It's either the QWERTY or touch screen not both or Tucked away.

Posted via CB10

I love the touch keyboard. I injured my rt thumb a few years back and cannot use it for texting. I'd love to see a sure type keyboard like they had on the Storm. I would like to see a little more curve on the backside if the phone. A little more weight. Texting one handed with the Z10 is the best experience for me. I'd also would like more texture to the back cover. Make it slip resistant.

Posted via CB10

Z20 for me. Have tried horizontal sliders before can't get used to them. Portrait slider are ideal...

Why wouldn't you use the Z30 as the size of a slider???????

More space = better keyboard.

Posted via CB10 and Zed30......

Too wide of a layout like another comment said. It would have to be vertical for me to buy in.

Posted via CB10

I'm not's fan of the sideways one. I saw a better upward concept one where the screen tilted outwards a little. It making it flush with the keyboard. That looked cool. No sideways plz, sidekicks died awhile ago

I personally prefer the vertical keyboards, but the phone does look sharp. To me a horizontal keyboard doesn't seem very "BlackBerry" but maybe it would grow on me.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Do we need these? I mean I don't want BlackBerry going out of business by making these phones? I love the Z11. That one just looks amazing but I already have a Z10 and have 1 and half year of my contract left. If you do make these amazing phones make sure you make some profit out of these. Please BlackBerry. Don't go out of business, your epic.

Posted via CB10

I know my wife would get one in a heartbeat, as she's been waiting and hoping for a BB10 slider.

A year ago, I would have said YES. But after using my Z10, and now my Z30, I'd have to say no. The virtual keyboard is beyond words.

F yea! Screen real estate with Querty option yup. I used to have an android(Evo Shiftthat tried to execute this format factor, but the software design sacked. And besides everyone knows BlackBerry does keyboards the best.

Posted via CB10

I wish the slider was available now. I absolutely loved my Torch and still miss it. The best phone ever would be the Z20 operating the ever improving BB10 software.

Nope, I'm not in the least interested in phones with physical keyboards. A smaller variant of the Z10 would be far more useful (and better selling) for us with smaller hands.

Would definitely love the BB10 slider. Love the fact that you have options - horizontal or portrait orientation & keyboard or keypad. Loved the Torch so much, still using it now as a secondary device.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Reminds me of my old Nokia E7. If BlackBerry bring this to life i'll regret that I bought a Z10. Touch + Slide w/ Physical QWERTY keyboard is a WOW WOW.

Posted via CB10

I like he z20 concept but to be honest I would really just want more real estate on my q10. Edge to edge screen with a 3.5~4 inch touch screen and bold 9900 like keyboard would be ideal.

I don't like the sliders but I am sure there is a market for them.
I had a torch but I never used even once the physical keyboard.

Sent from my Z 30

Vertical keyboards are the way to go, horizontal are useless. I very much look forward to a torch style phone announced hopefully soon.

Posted via CB10

Great renderings, but alas, not a slider fan due to previously poor experiences with them. Also agree with an earlier comment that now is not a good time to add additional fragmentation in BlackBerry 's devices.

Posted via CB10

If BlackBerry want to produce a slider , BlackBerry needs to invest in a super efficient battery which is extra thin.

BlackBerry needs to be making money in all its four sectors before it can expand its smartphone portfolio.

The Motorola Moto G is the blueprint by which BlackBerry needs to target.

The Moto G does not have a decent camera, the new BlackBerry can have a better camera and flash.

The Moto G doesn't have an expandable memory, the new BlackBerry can have an expandable memory to 64GB.

The next BlackBerry can have 10.2.1 built in.

Then under cut the price to £100.00

Posted via CB10

I think these are nice concept phones. I like sliders. I'm still using a Torch 9800. I think the extra screen real estate and a tucked away keyboard offer the best of both worlds. However, they'd have to be endowed with killer specs and a removable battery!

If it was built sturdy, I would go for the horizontal slider any day. Nice wide physical keyboard (preferably with an optical trackpad on its bottom right corner) and still with the option to use the on screen keyboard in portrait mode. Nice full screen... magical hand held computer...

Magnificently composed using CB10 on my BB Z10!

I would like the Z20 option to use either keyboard--best of both worlds. As long as the keyboard had the same quality as the Q10.

They should just keep the size of the current Z10. And have edge to edge display. Increase the specs. Offer at least 32gb or 64gb internal memory plus micro sd card, the screen to 1080 hd. I like the size of my Z10. Offer a killer camera with OIS.
Grab good points from Apple iOS and Google Nexus for operating system.

P.S. Native Blackberry 10 Apps are always better.

Posted via CB10

I would LOVE a slider! I'm loving the screen size of the Z10 but I miss my Bold 9900 keyboard. Playing with my girlfriend's Q5 only makes me want it more.

Posted via CB10

Although I'd have zero need for a slider or any physical keyboard, seriously naysayers, the Z series touch keys are amazing, it would be neat to have on the market.

Only thing I miss is some of the quick action kb shortcuts. But not enough to need a physical keyboard anymore

Posted via CB10

the second and third designs are awesome. those would certainly be best-sellers. i would trade my Z10 for one of those i bet

The bottom keyboard should be all touch screen, customize it for controls in gaming maps, still act as keyboard, and do whatever your mind van dream up. Dual touchscreen!

Posted via my awesome Z30!

I had a Kyocera Rise Android device before coming back to BlackBerry and I must say that I do miss the bigger screen (I have a Q10). A BlackBerry slider would be pretty nice!

Why not make the horizontal slider have a rotating screen... best of both worlds, yeah? it would seem the vertical slider would be awkwardly tall...

I'd sign a petition for a slide! My Torch 9810 was AND STILL IS MY FAVORITE PHONE. I have been wishing for a phone like either of these! I want it now! They may just be a concept, but I want them to be a reality.


I'd never go back to a physical keyboard with BB10's intuitive flicking. Sliders are cute, but too many breakable parts make the phone exposed to damage.

Posted via CB10

Z20...in a nanosecond. I wish that were available this year.

Don't care for the slider that puts the keyboard landscape. IMHO, too much travelling for the fingers to type efficiently and swiftly.

A horizontal slider would be a cult hit, those who buy it will take it to the grave... just look at n900 users (tho granted that device has rare & magical capabilities).

In any case a horizontal slider would be very useful for editing documents and spreadsheets... also coding. The keyboard would have to include arrow keys, TAB, plus extra symbols for coding.  Not sure about the keyboard being virtual... it would keep localisation costs down and open up new functions (like handwriting input), but from what I gather most people who go keyboard do so for the physical keys.
If it were available as premium 'developer' device for around $1k I'd definitely buy it.

Posted via CB10

I like to have a keybord on my phone with large screan.
Yes would be good to have high end keyboard phone.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Slim desing high end 5.5inch would be perfect. I still have my nokia n900

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I would take the portrait slider in a heartbeat!!!

I'm not crazy about the angled off (clipped) corners design on the base of the Z20, but I'd still take it, as I've always been a big fan of the portrait slider form factor.

The Z11 is a no go for me as I've never liked landscape sliders. Having to flip your phone 90 degrees every time I want to type is a pain, as I normally don't use my phone in that orientation unless I'm watching (or recording) a video.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

Sorry, but no I wouldn't. They're just looking as Android G1. Vintage is not futur !!

I think sliders are and look hideous. And people who keep clamoring fir it, need to let that isht go. Much like bbOS 7 needed to die ages ago.

Posted via CB10

I already gave this suggest to blackberry last August 2013
Many ppl are looking for such device for their business which is not supported nowadays
So ppl can use it as touch mobile like Z10 or they can flip it to use the keyboard exactly like old Nokia E7

Posted via CB10

a big fat almighty YES for a slider with a physical keyboard.
i dont care if its horizontal or vertical. i just want to see the messages im responding to and not have to guess/ memorize/ endlessly toggle what it said while im typing out a reply.

Despite the vocal minority on here, there is clear evidence that the slider market is dead as not even Samsung with their vast range do one and they even find room for a flip-phone in that range.

If they do release a slider I would only consider a portrait slider. I have never been a fan of landscape keyboards virtual and especially not physical

Posted via CB10

I'd be indifferent towards it. I cant stand physical keyboards personally and I think there is a lot more opportunity for growth going forward with all touch screen devices.

Posted via CB10

I love the Z10 but having the joy of using my 9800 along with it would make my day. I hope BB comes out with a slider before it becomes time to switch-up my current phone.

I didn't fare well with the Torch Series, sliders in time would wear out. I lost connection with the key pad, hence the upgrade to Z10. Big screen and physical keyboard = awesome.

Posted via CB10

Honestly, I'm tired of seeing these, because they are just reminders that BlackBerry's product development cycle seems to be about the same as the length of time required to design space shuttles.

Regardless of their internal turmoil, BlackBerry should have released a vertical slider at least 6 months ago. Additionally, it would have been well worth their time to have released keyboard cases for the Z10 and Z30.

No I wouldn't! Don't want to go back to a physical QWERTY keyboard! I was looking yesterday at my Curve 9360 and it looked soo dated!

So no thank you!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

At one time, I was thinking I would kill for a BB landscape-oriented slider, because typing on the Torch 9810 was pretty cramped. But I've found that I do not like typing on my Z10 in landscape mode, so now I'm questioning that preference. Maybe it would be different with a physical keyboard. Would definitely give it a serious look if they came out with one.

For people who say sliders wear out, I never had a problem with either my 9800 or 9810 (other than getting tired of the typing position). Especially the 9800, which I had for well over a year and a half. It was as solid when I sold it as it was when I bought it. If there's one thing BBRY knows how to do, it's make durable hardware.

Oh yeah ... nice work on those concepts!

This will shut the game down! They are stupid for waiting so long. The torch was pretty much the best sell besides the 9000 when it came out. I love my z 30 but id put it down in a heartbeat for a slider.

It would be a dream... let's make a bigger 9800 (z10 size) with BB10 running on it!
I would get on a plane to get it as First!

I went Berry once and i'll go Berry for ever!

No one remember "what a sound" when the 9800's slider closed?
I guess it couldn't be toooooooo thin but 9800 was a perfect fit hand, longer and larger maybe, to allow a bigger size screen. No logo and no name over the device, they should appear as soon as the phone turn on.

I went Berry once and i'll go Berry for ever!

Horizontal slider is useless, horizontal keyboards are too big to be efficient.

Come on with this slider already! I'm waiting for it for 2 years!

Posted via CB10