Hemlock Grove's Famke Janssen isn't a fan of tech or selfies but still digs her BlackBerry Curve

By Bla1ze on 22 Jul 2014 04:29 pm EDT

Famke Janssen has had plenty of success throughout her acting career, starring in Nip Tuck, Taken, Taken 2 and perhaps most famously, as Jean Grey in the X-men series of movies and James Bond flick, GoldenEye but her role on Netflix's horror series Hemlock Grove is her latest work. As part of the promotion surrounding the shows second season, Famke sat down with USA Today to talk tech, even though she admittedly doesn't like much of it.

As noted in the interview, she's not on social media, she has an iPhone she's never used because of the touchscreen and she doesn't even have a TV. Which she does have though, is a bit of privacy, individuality and a BlackBerry Curve she's not really embarrassed to admit using. As for selfies, she's not a fan of those either and thinks they're a little intrusive on personal space.

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Hemlock Grove's Famke Janssen isn't a fan of tech or selfies but still digs her BlackBerry Curve


Plural "s"? :-)).


Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy youth.
Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant roe; let her breasts satisfy thee at all times; and be thou ravished always with her love.
- Proverbs 5:18,19 (KJV)

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Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Like a gold ring in a pig's snout is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion.
- Proverbs 11:22 (NIV)

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Q10 on T-Mobile

OK....she has permission to be Alicia Keyes replacement for Director of Whatever the Hell....

Get her under contract and for the love of Pete get the poor girl a Z30....

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After watching the video... I have concluded that hot chicks and hot chick wanna bees like BlackBerry....think Cage in his lululemons climbing a fence.

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Um, no it's not. There's no "best" choice because everyone have different preferences. I for one will never give up a physical keyboard because that means giving up one-button homescreen speed dialing, keyboard shortcuts in apps, and the accuracy of typing with a physical keyboard that doesn't require any autocorrect or predictive text at all... You enjoy your Z30 because it's the best phone FOR YOU. I'll enjoy my physical keyboard phone because it's the best phone FOR ME. Thanks.

Same here. I need the physical keys to type on.

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But but but.... how does leehardballer12 get the validation he so desperately yearns for if people don't agree with him??? Oh, the humanity! lol

A lot of us were on Qwertys until we weren't anymore....

That said... I may have to expand and develop the "Passport Club"....has a certain ring of sophistication to it....doesn't it though?

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mnhockey... sure thing....get your dues on and we will take care of it.

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

I'm in on the " Passport Club ". Sounds like you've one up yourself on that one. Z30 Club won't sound that Exclusive anymore after that one Drops.

Actually, like many a 9900 user - she might be lost without her track pad....better wait on the Classic for this gal....

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Definitely in my top ten of stunningly gorgeous actresses. Love her work and more-so knowing she loves BBRY.

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A) she's beautiful
B) best role was as Xenia Onatopp in Goldeneye
C) She's beautiful
D) classy
E) she's her own woman
F) she's beautiful.

That's all.

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Lol :o)

I agree. A/C/and F

Being dutch is a bonus, since my parents were both dutch too.

(for anyone that lost someone in the plane that was shot down, so sorry for your loss my heart goes out to you)

Life is short, don't waste it, no one knows when their time on this earth will end.

Take care


Thats awesome! It is a little bit annoying that everybody considers BlackBerry users to be "old school" though. Granted, she was using a Curve and that obviously isn't the most up to date device, but they referred to BlackBerry in general as being old school. I consider myself to be part of the "new school" (or whatever that means) but I prefer to use a BlackBerry. Apple's iPhone has been essentially the same design since 2007. A slab of glass with a button on the bottom. Does that make Apple "old school" as well!?

I don't know, no TV and a mid / low range Legacy Device sounds Old school to me. I think most BB10 users will agree that Legacy devices where good but don't rock there boat anymore.

Oh, I agree completely that an old Curve would be considered old school, but I was referring to them talking about BlackBerry in general being old school. I have a Q10 and people call me old school all the time. It isn't the newest and most technologically advanced device on the market today but it def isn't old school.

Yep, it's a Bold...either 9700 or 9780. The chrome strip along the top of the back side is the giveaway...I was rocking a 9780 until the Z10 came out. Still a great phone, but the small display was getting to be a challenge.

She is HAWT!... Loved her on X-Men and STTNG. And now I know she uses a BlackBerry.. all the better ... lol.. But all joking aside I like the fact that she is pretty humble considering how famous she is. She private and values her privacy.. that's why she uses a BlackBerry....

Hey, any publicity is great for BlackBerry and she was somewhat positive about what she enjoys about it.

I like her not for just the fact that she has an older BlackBerry, more for the fact that she apparently gets it that social media is not essential for daily life. I admire anyone who stays away from the hype. How did we ever survive the days without it?

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I knew I loved her for some other reason than that English accent from season one.

I totally banged watched Hemlock Grove and the X-Men movies this past weekend.

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Say what you want about the curve...

The curve of each generation will always have superior audio over touch screen phones of their own class.

I love my Q10, however...

The blackberry classic has the opportunity to offer the ability to toggle the touch screen on/off.

The reason this is important is because phone cpu processors of equal quality will ALWAYS produce better audio when they don't have to cope with the "interrupt " of a screen that is always constantly testing to see if someone needs to touch it.

The touch keyboard also has an interrupt, but it is relatively simple compared to a touch screen.

The dirty little secret that touch phones like iphones and android ave a problem with... the faster the processor, the more often it disturbs audio processing.

So, the latest curve gives a fast processor, but no audio interruption.

If the new classic allows the ability to toggle off the touch screen, then we can have the best of both worlds.

I am REALLY excited about the minimalist keyboard of the passport.

On a similar hope... nobody ever says that the track pads slow down laptop computers. so, if a passport is able to toggle the touch screen off, and still have full function like a curve or classic, then I will go crazy trying to get one.

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Hey Omaha
I hope what you are saying about the Classice is correct. I see BB is having Foxconn make a cheaper version. Did BB can the one JC was holding with the PassPort? I'm hoping for the erogonomic keyboard and at least 3gs of RAM and not a Q10 with a track pad. PM me it you know and can't say.

she probably likes the compactness of her curve. sending her an updated BB would be like a step down for her for her needs. let her be and appreciate her for who she is.

I think blackberry must have a workshop with her to use the blackberry classic. Someone must copy her stuf to this classic phone and let her be the first using this phone. Spread around that the blackberry classic is been spotted.

The workshop how to use bb10 is important to see if she finds it worth to swap.

! Femke groet uit Holland.

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I had a curve years ago the 8530. Good phone actually never froze but upgrades have been good to me ;)

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Imagine a pic of Famke Janssen, nude with 3 BlackBerry Phones covering her bits...a Q10, a Z10 and a Z30...use your imagination as to which covers what bit! Now that is BlackBerry publicity!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

While great to have a celebrity endorsement that the keyboard makes the Curve a better choice for her than an iPhone, this is overall negative for the brand. She's proud of how far behind she is with tech. This only reinforces people's perception that BlackBerry is an outdated platform for people who behind the times. No mention of BlackBerry 10, or how far from the truth that image is these days.

Did she say she's not embarrassed to admit it?

If so, that's a problem. It shouldn't be embarrassing for anyone to own a Curve. And if she meant BlackBerry, then again, no one should be embarrassed.

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I totally forgot she was in Nip/Tuck. That series was (is) one of the best of all time even though the writers seemed to take a vacation in a couple of the middle seasons.

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I had a massive crush on her. I thought she was sexy.

To my surprise, NOT!!! When I lived in NYC I ran into her at Barney and her legs were horrible...K-legs and that turned me off.

LMAO. However, I will give her props for rocking a BlackBerry.

Glad to know more rocking legacy blackberry. I still rock my bold 9900, 9700 (video recorder, media streamer, voice recorder, picture snapper). :D my pearl 8130 (sometimes used for video and voice capture too, even photo snappin') and BlackBerry 7290 are super loud alarms. :)

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BlackBerry should give her a BB10 device maybe the Passport. Invite her by, give her a tour of the device and then present it to her, a gift for being a loyal celebrity.

Cool interview.

This is the perfect opportunity for BlackBerry to market to the old school user. They should use the old school term to their advantage with users saying they are old school and why. I am sure we can all say why we are old school. I am old school that is why I carry the BB Z30. It gives me the most modern OS, security and he best touch screen on the market or I am old school because my device gives me a classic feel connecting with the most modern OS.

There are endless fun and creative ways to spin this.

Why are you old school?

Sorry, but not having a TV set in todays day and age is just weird. I dont care how hot you used to be.

She's in the dark ages as far as technology goes and is a blackberry user..... Match made in heaven.

She probably is so independent because she doesn't have TV and doesn't do Social media. There is no pressure to change. Just work. Wear what you like. Make your own decisions without outside influence.

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Just 100 posts so far. Yet, these are the fine little articles which I call "intelligent".

No offense to anybody here. But can you imagine the masses living like her??? I guess they would throw each outta the window ASAP!

Just 100 posts! 100 users thought about it. I find this very exiting! She has the luxury to say "No"! She can "decide" and NOT going this trend! She is not a slave! A fine video which make me think about it a lot!

Thanks Blaze!!!!

Come on Bla1ze... she is having an Bold 9790 !!! It is very easy to spot the difference between an Bold and an Curve... Are we professional or what? :)

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Hey, that's awesome!!! I loved my BlackBerry Curve too, and I'd still have it if it kept juice. Now I was forced to get the new Z10, just so much stuff this phone doesn't do whereas the Curve did. I miss my Curve.

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