Fake of the Week: Knockoff Torch looks just like the real thing (kind of)

Fake BlackBerry Torch
By Adam Zeis on 27 Jul 2011 09:40 am EDT

It's been quite a while seen we've seen a good fake BlackBerry, but Scott let us know that he spotted this knockoff BlackBerry Torch. It looks almost as good as the real thing - complete with slider, trackpad and Torch branding on the back - but this fake also sports some dual-SIM action, TV, Wifi, Bluetooth and more. As you can see from the photos it's not running a legit BlackBerry OS however, so if that is something you need then you might want to pick up the real thing. Keep reading for a few more images or check it out for yourself. Thanks Scott!

Fake BlackBerry Torch


Fake BlackBerry Torch

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Fake of the Week: Knockoff Torch looks just like the real thing (kind of)


OMG is this the Torch 2!? When will this be out? Will Verizon carry this? Will ATT carry this? Will TMobile carry this? Sprint!?

Is this the monaco? Is this going to be QNX ready? Will this have angry birds? Will this be dual core? (I NEED DUAL CORE BUT I DON'T KNOW WHY!)

LMAO, that actually made me laugh at work. i see people post stuff like that, and im pretty sure half of them wouldn't know what the hell dual core even "did".
and also that it would need to be above one point anything ghz, or it will fail. not might. it WILL.

Because the underlying hardware is very similar between all the fakes. lol... looks pretty slick though.

Few "GREAT" things about knockoff BB's (1) You commit to 2 phone companies (2) You can watch HBO China when you bring the antenna up all the way (3) Steve Jobs could be their CEO since they release them shortly after announcement :o).... Gotta love em lol ::Sarcasm::

Omg this is just to funny.. Cause I actually seen this at a phone booth in a mall that's near my house and thought it was the torch 2 until I took a closer look at it

Has forward facing camera. The Torch 2 doesn't even have that. LOL

Not great quality photos but a start. LOL

Dual-camera; 300 KP front and 2.0 MP back camera w/ photoflash and 5x digital zoom. Photo max resolution: 1600 x 1200 pixels

It says TORCH on the back .. I wonder if there is a fire mode ... haha

It has a TV tuner ... there must be a reason we don't do that in North America!

Just fine tune it between channels 6 and 2 on VHF-H and you'll be able to listen to taxi radio communications in come cities who now use that frequency :D

I can't believe that this CLEAP POS has DUAL camera and the Torch 2 doesn't.....WTF? I really would love ANY of the new BB's to have the ability for Video calling.....I'm probably one of the biggest RIM / BB Advocate's....but come on!

This would probably make a decent mp3 player and could also be used for internet access around the house using wifi.

LOL, the antenna pic is classic! WTF is this though?

2 x 1000mAh battery (700mAh battery)

What is it, 1000mAh or 700mAh? Is it 2 1000mAh and 1 700mAh? Everything about this fake is bad, just bad..... The money you save on shipping to get it will help pay for you to send it back when the battery melts the phone because they gave you a charger for a 1000mAh battery and only supplied a 700mAh battery!

has 2,9" screen but still using the old resistive touchscreen? LOL. Don't waste your money on this thing guys!