Fake of the week: Knockoff BlackBerry Style is not so stylish

By Adam Zeis on 3 Jan 2011 10:32 am EST

Fake BlackBerry Style 

Remeber the BleckBarry? I thought that was a real low as far as BlackBerry knockoffs go, but this latest spotted on eBay takes it one step further. The "Quad band touch screen Wifi cell phone TV Mobile 9670" is a dead ringer for a red BlackBerry Style. If you didn't inspect things too close (or look for any logos) you wouldn't really know the difference, but this fake is far from the real thing. As it states in the eBay listing, you can't even use a 3G SIM card in the device, although it does have dual SIM slots. The device also "features" a touch screen, Wifi and analog TV - a real great package huh? :-) Keep reading for some more images. Thanks jropelski.

Fake BlackBerry Style

Fake BlackBerry Style

Fake BlackBerry Style

Fake BlackBerry Style



got to be loving the os5 icons :)


Someone is really good with photo shop


One of the people at work had a touchscreen phone with trackball and BlackBerry logos. I was immediately sure that it was a fake, and when I picked it up I saw it didn't even have a resemblance to BB software on it, the software looked like a Nokia or SonyE knockoff. The lady was insistent that she had bought a BlackBerry until I explained to her that I had about 5 BlackBerry devices go through my hands on a weekly basis and had never seen a device like hers, and also showed her what BB software should be looking like.


I like the leather battery door.


Wait... Analog tv? That doesn't even work anymore.


Touchscreen is a smart idea....

Great Idea, POOR Execution!!!


I want one, what's the going price?


The color is hurting my eyes


I heard Verizon is announcing this at CES!


Any chance VM USA announcing the release date of their next BB at this event? 9830 Torch, I think that's what everyone is calling it.


How exactly is this worse than an actual BB Style?


Me thinks jimcalvert hit the nail DEAD on its head; exactly HOW is this WORSE then the ACTUAL Style...looks like a cross between the Style and LG's newest Lotus...with a NICER battery back!!!


Insanely wicked lol

Clever design also. Analog is still good, OTA signals can still be caught, even some radio stations.


I feel bad for anyone who purchases this thinking it was an authentic bb.


its funny.. the pic clearly shows the camera as a 3.2 mp camera. However I went to the specs on the Ebay listing (out of curiosity) and the specs show the camera as a 1.3 mp.. lol


in europe there are all kinds of fakes from bb to nokia and especially "eyephone" :))


I just want to inform you that this kind of fakes come mostly form China which is really NOT part of Europe but its in Asia - you should learn at least basics of the geography ;-)


It's quite a spiffy looking phone. Too bad the OS is prob junk. I will say this, as soon as I saw the BB Style, I had the 'Lotus/Cleo Knockoff' thought. If they put the BB Style out on ATT, I'll deff be getting my bf one!


Shows the style is going to sell well in Asia despite all the griping about it on here when it was released.


imitation is the highest form of flattery right? lol. looks pretty good for an imitation.


Psssh I'm holding out for the Quad-Band Dual SIM TV WIFI Mobile Phone H9500


I mean just look at that browser! And a 12.6 MP camera?!? I'm sold!


curious if the touchscreen is better then the Storm series cause i'll get one if yes lol.


In Soviet Russia, all Blackberries are red.


The style cant get any uglier


I will buy it if i could run OS6, Definitely Buying it!!