Fake of the Week: Knockoff Bold 9000 looking good in red

CrackBerry Fake of the Week
By Adam Zeis on 25 Jan 2011 09:26 am EST

This week we have a sweet looking fake that resembles the Bold 9000. While red isn't really my color, I do think this one looks pretty good. As with last weeks fake, this guy "features" a dual SIM, analog TV, Wifi, Bluetooth and an FM tuner. While it does add a bit of flair over the good ol' Bold 9000, I wouldn't go rushing out to pick this one up. As we know well, these may look good but don't work worth a hoot :-) More images after the break.

CrackBerry Fake of the Week

CrackBerry Fake of the Week

CrackBerry Fake of the Week



Does it have a touchscreen ??? because i can see a place for a stylus !!!


I think it is for the TV antenna, and no, I'm not kidding!


9000 with the screen from the 8900. XD


I guess if RIM isn't going to come out with a new version of the Bold, someone has to. C'mon RIM.. get out some new phones (i.e. the Dakota) to the masses. I'm tired of having to battery pull my 9000 every day because of the limited amount of RAM.


You forgot to mention that it only work with 2g simcard!


Not even sure why you'd publish these, honestly.. We're interested in real Crackberry's here.. Not knock-offs!!



Mojoski: Speak for yourself, I like seeing the knock-offs.


Agreed! I get a kick out of the fakes. Sometimes I will even hop on ebay to see if I can spot any to send to crackberry

Phil DeLong

Does the butterfly wallpaper come included? Because that's a deal breaker.


Hahaha that's awesome!


If it only came in forest green with pink stripes . . . :(


Free cancer, and after 30 days it'll explode ripping part of your head off.

Made in China


These kind of phones from china is the craze in where i live in (http://maps.google.com.my/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=kuching&i...). majority of the phones sold are these china's knockoffs. pros - cheap, 2 sim cards, tv, radio and looks like blackberry. cons- its not bb, os easily corrupt ( to reinstall the os costs as much as buying a new knockoff set) , no apps that can be installed etc etc.