Fake of the Week: Knockoff BlackBerry Storm sports touchscreen, analog TV, dual SIM and a trackball!

Fake BlackBerry Storm
By Adam Zeis on 14 Jan 2011 10:05 am EST

This is probably my favorite fake so far. For all those Storm users that have been wanting a touchscreen AND a trackball - this is for you! This fake was spotted on eBay and sports a dual SIM, analog TV, touchscreen, GPS, Wifi and a trackball. It does have a pretty stylish design and looks to be fairly thin as well. No BBM or the like on this device, but if you're looking for something to change things up a bit then look no further. Check out the full details on eBay. Keep reading for more images. Thanks John!

Fake BlackBerry Storm

Fake BlackBerry Storm

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Fake of the Week: Knockoff BlackBerry Storm sports touchscreen, analog TV, dual SIM and a trackball!


Honestly. I like the look of that over the storm. It kinda reminds me of an HTC. Just because a phone that is sold on ebay looks like a blackberry, doesn't automatically make it a knockoff. :D

They are trying to copy the OS5 icons and layout of the OS to be as close to BB as possible. Its not just the look of the hardware but the entire idea of that device. KNOCKOFF!

These chinese phones are becoming very popular, I see a lot of people on a tight budget that want more than a "dumb phone" getting stuff like this, specially because of the dual SIM feature,since calls wirhin the same network might be cheaper, and others just because like to have separate numbers for different reasons. And the price is not bad!

These phones suck sorry I have bought many for friends and they never work. They are nice looking that's about it.

I use nothing but BlackBerrys Thank You, I buy them at request because they want a nice looking phone without paying the extra for data, I can tell them it's junk all I want but they don;t listen. Its there money not mine. So I don't really care you pay I buy.

Quote - 'This phone will not support a 3G card. If you put a 3G card in, it will display "No SIM Inserted". But it is a great phone for your 2G card.'
Useless for anyone in the UK then!

I actually saw one of these, one of my custoners got it for christmas from his kid. He did something so he could go online and get email, but overall it was slow and sounded like you were talking to someone under water.

What are yall taking about? This is not a fake phone, is a great phone I'm using it right now writing this. Had it over 3 years now and still loving it. 5g, free wifi, 3d tv lol

Check out the images on the eBay listing. Nothing like having a big tv antenna sticking out of your phone... lol