Fake of the week: The BleckBarry!

By Adam Zeis on 17 Sep 2010 11:06 am EDT
The BleckBerryThe BleckBerry 

It looks like a BlackBerry, it sounds like a BlackBerry, but is it a BlackBerry? No way. It's a BleckBarry. This fancy "smartphone" has some amazing features (if you're living in 1990) that anyone would love to have. this dual-network phone has not one, but two SIM slots, a 2 inch "vibrant color" screen, Bluetooth and 506KB of internal memory. And as if that all wasn't enough, there is a built in FM and TV tuner complete with antenna. This device really does do it all. It looks so much like a BlackBerry -- right down to the cloudy looking OS -- that no one will ever notice the difference. So if you're fed up with owning an actual BlackBerry, you can pop down $70 to have this knock-off by your side. Thanks Andrew!



This is the greatest thing I have ever seen


Before this we have BlueBerry and now BleckBarry? Cool..


I'll admit I was taken when I first saw it. I thought RIM slipped one in on us.

Imitation is the best form of flattery.


Would a phone like that even work?


Funny, my visceral reaction to it was "BLECK!"


12.1 megapixel camera. And two batteries. I need this.


Where'd you see that it has a 12.1 megapixel camera? :-/


And if that was a front facing camera...RIM could learn a few things


I'll guarantee it's still susceptible to less virus's/malware/spyware than android is HAHAHA. It's funny cause it's true.


It has a front facing camera, look carefully to the top right corner ...


... so you CANT see what youre taking a picture of?


This thing will probably explode and kill you like most cell phones made in china. And guess what, xour death by Bleckbarry is included in the price for free! Also the Tumors and cancer it will give you, so sign up and buy one now


This site was great. I wish they had a comparison to the Blackberry Torch cause I would have brought it. It has some pretty nice phones on it too. For the person who asked do they really work... YES! My cousin had a fake iPhone when they came out and hers was just like the real thing but just nopt name brand! I MUST put this site into my favorites!


Man, the OS actually looks exactly the same as the one on my 9650.

I really wish that statement was less true


anyone with this phone will automatically be talked down on... no ifs or buts, but this is worst than a fake pair of JO's.


RIM is being overrun by Chinese mom and pop shops who technologically outperform them on production costs and swagger. I mean look at this thing, it can take the new berries apart and make BBQ dog out of it.RIM, bring your A-game or sell to Apple, seriously


506Kb of memory, sweet! i wonder if it comes with a bag for your tears too :)


Wow it hurts my eyes


That's better than the crappy wheel on my 8900. Sad but true LOL


Your 8900 has a wheel?? huh??!


Less than an evolutionary leap, more like a tumble down a flight of stairs.


"that KNOW one will ever notice the difference."


Doh! Okay, okay that was a dumb mistake. But not as bad as "know" instead of "no"! ;)


Never start a sentence with "but". Stop correcting people's grammar. Read the article then on to the next one...


Shouldn't you be busy complaining about Brittany's CB Idol reviews?


lmao.. i think he meant Grammar


All of that on a phone for under $100. hmmmm If it actually works well the what the hell are the companies here in the usa doing to us?


looks like an os/skin from a sony ericsson phone


Im not really sure whats up with this one... I mean. They even have the actual BlackBerry name on it. Yet the Logo is 1 berry different. Lol... Good Job Though http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.39625


It has dual cameras too and one is a front facing one!


LMFAO @ them having an actual "blackberry 9700" in the pics to fool people.


Wow!!! That's all I can say about this one.


If you look at the bottom of the page on that dealextreme site they actually have a fake "9550" and "8900" model too that look just like the storm 2 and the curve 8900. The storm fake even has a little trackball :)


Based on the specs, this almost sounds like a Chinese version of the Bold 9700, less the built-in memory part, which that ver of the 9700 is lacking: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.39625


Well, and there not being any WIFI on the device.


must be made in China....LOL it like when iPad came out, China launched iPed...LMAO


Oh...BTW...there's an OS6 leak out for the BLECKbarry 9700...KIDDING!!! LOL!!!


That was absolutely hysterical!


For my Teens! They are all so into what everyone thinks yet none of them can work tech at all lol. Sad when stepdad knows more lol


I wish there was a Blackberry (or any other for that matter) with two SIM slots. Then I could stop carrying two phones.


Does it come with BleckBerry OS 6?!?


Looks like a BleckBerry OS 4.6 to me.


We all know its a fake but come on a front facing camera, built in tv tuner and radio and it comes with 2 batteries!

If this thing works technically it is better than any blackberry to date....


It has a better trackpad than the Bold 9000. Oh snap, no he didn't!!


Now that they switched to digital? I'll bet the picture is AMAZING.


I think you meant TV tuner. FM has always been "analog". It is the local TV stations that went to the digital broadcast during the "Big Switch!!!!!!!" a year or so ago.

Still, I am almost tempted to buy this just to see if it would really work. Mostly for SnG's.


It even looks more innovative than a real Blackberry.


Ok, I feel like I'm about to be made into that triforce kid, but I have to ask, is this real? Would this phone work? What carrier coudl you use? I mean I feel like I'm missing something here. Tell me that this phone doesn't actually take and recieve calls right? What OS would it have?


"BleckBarry" huh? These are the type of cell phones that will explode when making or taking calls....


It'll already be better than Storm 1, when it came out ;-).


I am totally speechless. A 12.1 MP camera


LOL i just googled the "blueberry" and at least them bootleggers tried harder to mimic the "look" of a blackberry... so can RIM sue?


does it have a TV antenna?! If not, I won't buy it.


Who else here thinks that Crackberry.com should get one of these and then do a comparison video between the knock-off and the real BlackBerry model.


I'm with you - that would be very cool!!


I agree. For the low cost it would be very interesting to see if they work as bad as they look. Even though they always have a long list of features.


Yes, a review on this phone would be interesting.


This is an even better idea :D


Yeah CrackBerry, buy and review this!? Then send it on to RIM for some backward engineering. ;) Seriously though, test this bad for for sh!ts and gr!ns and all.

The Consigliere

I was just thinking the same thing, compare it to the real things & see what happens.


my wife bought a new faceplate from this website for her 9700 and it fit like "blek".. they sent her a new one, and that one too fit like "blek."

i will never shop at this website again..


wowwwa, and has front camera too :)


Oh yes I greatly approve of this, weekly fakes ftw!


pretty damn cool LOL the 8900 version they have is even better


RIM should take a look at that front facing cam. You know just a small thing like that and video calling can take a device a long way


Why would anyone buy this?


I had it on the shopping cart then I realized it did not have WIFI. Dang it such a perfect phone lol.


There are so many BleckBerry, BlockBerry, B1ackBerry and WatchamacallitBerry devices out there, I'm surprised I had not seen any posted in CrackBerry. ;)


There are tons of gadget that had been cloned in china, you guys should check this out http://clonedinchina.com those people are really good at cloning :)


Does this come from the same company that spams the comments with ads for $10 "designer" handbags, shoes, and such? And if so, do you get a free "designer" case with your purchase?


This "Bleckbarry" is just as good as any Blackberry! Today I bought an HTC EVO and I have to say that after only owning it for just about 5 hrs, this phone is where it's at! With the technology we have access to today, why is Blackberry so far behind?!! I've always loved Blackberry but after a new OS here and a new OS there, it really hasn't amounted to zilch! So after having my heart broken by the piece of crap Torch I bought recently I said screw this and went on like everybody who knows any better should! I have no idea over the years, how many pointless "apps" I've purchased but they were all pretty much worthless and in retrospect, I can't believe they had the nerve to charge for these but I guess that every consumer has to learn their lesson sometimes but no more!

Thanks Blackberry and kiss it!

and now for the jealous comments....


I hope so. Enjoy your new evo.


Just crap! But i like the idea of having dual sim - which rim just don't offer ... You could insert a "business" and a "private" sim and switch with only one button between workphone and private cell...


We really need those. Carrying 2 phone is really annoying


I sent this "tip" in, had no idea it would make it to the blog roll. I find all kinda of oddball replacement parts and BB fako's, usually nobody cares..



Lol, I'm assuming BlackBerry will be suing? The Chinese are amazing at doing this... anyone ever seen the chinese BMW X5? This thing is prbly made with lead paint


this is the Funniest thing I have seen!!! LMFAOO!!!


Look at all the bootleg phones they have. They look like alot of fun and you don't have to worry about damaging or losing your expensive BB.


I wish RIM will make a phone like this, It looks so cute
China's Fake Blackberry Design looks better than RIM's Design

When will Blackberry have Front and Back Cameras
When will Blackberry have dual SIM slots, Even a fake one has