FaceFlow teases BlackBerry 10 app - Still on track for Q1 release

By Adam Zeis on 17 Jan 2013 11:32 am EST

FaceFlow stated a few months back that their app would be "coming soon" to BlackBerry 10. Hitting up the CrackBerry forums today, the founder of FaceFlow let us know that the team is hard at work in hopes of getting the app ready for BlackBerry 10 by January 30th. If you haven't seen it before, FaceFlow offers free video chat for mobile and on the web. They are currently looking for comments and feedback while they get things sorted, so if you want to show your support or offer up a suggestion, hit up the forums and let them hear it. Check out the video above for a quick teaser of FaceFlow on BlackBerry 10 as well. 

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Can't wait for this. Looks great!


Slick video.. Slick app. Can't wait to try it.


This app is going to make BB10 S-I-C-K.......in a great way!

I don't know what I would do with out my berries!


Yeah it look great can't wait 12 day to go...!!


working perfect on Playbook browser, far better than imo.im!


Can you use the front camera? It seems to only detect the rear one. Plus I have to use my BB as a mouse to be able to navigate properly. I will try again in a few though, to check if this is a user error lol.


works just fine with the touch, also if you touch the video box, a drop down list appear, to choose a camera.. "0" for front facing, "1" for rear camera


working very well on my playbook. front camera and all.

I have to use faceflow because the video chat app from rim doesn't think my camera is free.


I'm feeling manipulated...I like it :D


Fantastic. Looks like a solid quality app. Just what we're looking for.


I can't wait for this. Looks great!


Love the video especially the last 2 seconds. Keep it going. I'm excited.


Looks really good!
But what's with the apple-like-reminiscent-music in that video? XD For a moment my brain turned to the dark side.....


Very clean and crisp awesomeness.


First, thank you for your hard work in helping BB10 shine. I am sure some very long hours and neglect of sleep and relationships is taking place. Second, thanks for asking the CB Nation what we think. We love it and hopefully some people with a bit of expertise will step forward with good suggestions. Excellent vid.

For me the biggest deal is cross-platform and easy enough for children to use. Also, integration with the BB10 parental controls.


Wow that's cool....now where is Skype?


Is it the 30th yet.....this app is a must have ..good job..


Very hot teaser, I hope it has the option of running on and off wifi. TWO more weeks to go!!

Living Bold-ly!


Four way video chat... daaaamn! Can iPhones or any Android devices do that?
IF you guys want to see something else that's pretty cool check out this BB10 Cascades MapView. It puts other maps to shame:
(cut/past this url or do a YouTube search)


Thanks for sharing that Bruvva, looks like VERY good maping!

And the FaceFlow looks to be great too. BB10 looks better and better every day!

Mr Gill

Amazing app, however the teaser was a bit crude.


Cross-platform,what else? Make it as simple to use as possible, make it attractive, let's hope it runs smooth, make a second -even more attractive- teaser showing off all of what the customers need to see... and we don't need Skype anymore. Great alternative.


Yeah we don't need skype! We can just tell our various bosses, colleagues, clients, family, ect. to switch to this! That makes much more sense.


I can't help but to smile ear to ear knowing I had a lot to do with this app coming to BlackBerry :D


I used this app (web app) on my Playbook and running very smooth, can't wait this app available on Blackberry App World.


This is perfect marketing! I will be picking this up the day I have a Z10 and an X10 in my hands. BlackBerry should take notes from this company on how to market a product.


This is the power of multi tasking. I'm now jumping into conclusion that the killer feature of BBM Video Chat will be able to handle multiple video chat at once, wow! Imagined you can video call your wife and your kids and or having a conference video call anywhere in the world, that's amazing! Faceflow is a great addition for this for sure. Go TeamFaceflow and Go TeamBlackBerry! We the consumer are here to support you all the way!


Face Flow, AKA Face TIME, AKA Apple iPhone rip off? Sigh...

Dany Pell

FaceFlow was created 3 years ago, a little before FaceTime ;)


How is it a rip off? Unless your refering to the name "face" in the app. Other than that, its another vid chat app aside from skype and facetime. Besides, correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think "facetime" can have multiple split screen vid chats all @ the sametime can it??? Just asking...

Dany Pell

Thanks everybody for the great comments. Great to see such interest in what we're building. We are taking your comments very seriously!


It should be us thanking you and your team for this GREAT app Dany. You're going to have a lot of very happy customers.


Most importantly, it makes Skype much less relevant, if not irrelevant altogether.

Thanks, good luck and best wishes!


That vulgar ending/teaser has me soooooooooo EXCITED! Not gonna lie didn't think the Z10 was powerful enough to handle group chat in a four-way!!!! Can't freakin' wait!!!

Anybody think that people will be able to BBM Video/voice chat from playbook(without bridge) to bb device?? Very curious to how RIM is going to handle PB and BB10. Haven't heard much PB news lately.


This looks Great can't wait to get it for my Z10
Bold 9900 & Playbook
Blackberry by Choice


Can't wait for my bb Z 10!!!! I've been waiting so anxiously :) I want all this features.


Wow, this looks great, never even knew it existed. Can we also get a Playbook release too. Can't wait for BB10.


Can't wait to use it on blackberry 10!