Facebook Version Launches Bringing OS 5.0 Compatibility!

By Bla1ze on 22 Sep 2009 10:42 pm EDT
FaceBook Version Launches Bringing OS 5.0 Compatability!

*UPDATE*-Seems as though users who are NOT running 5.0 OS on their devices are having issues with downloading, OTA links can be found in the comments for users running anything less then 5.0.

One of the major concerns with running a leaked version of OS 5.0 has been the fact most RIM designed applications were not yet compatible with OS 5.0. Facebook is of course one such application that until earlier tonight was among the non working applications, but RIM has rather quietly updated Facebook to version which does indeed make it compatible at this time. So if you have been running any of the leaked version 5.0 operating systems and been missing Facebook you can grab the updated version and be back in business.

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Jared DiPane

:) sweet, I am going to go download this now!


Come on RIM! now fix BBM so it will run! Please?


I don't have any problems with BBM working on


is it the BBM 4.7 or 5.0 version?


I just went to the mobile site on my Tour and its prompting v1.6.0.21 still? anyone else?


Same here. What's the deal?


checked on Telus Storm and Rogers Bold, when you goto Rim's page then to the Facebook download, it shows

This story is bogus.


Same here, I still see .21 not .22, even after clearing my cache and doing a battery pull.


Still shows as version 1.6.21, after I select it from the Social Network set of apps.

Or am I missing something?


I guess I'm not the only one.


Clear your caches, clearly u can see the download page does indeed exist, cause you know...we would always post fake news here..lol! But then again, RIM has been pulling stuff left and right.


you should pull this news posting, it's false!


Have you read the forums lately?


I just checked on three devices, and just shows up. So yeah, I don't need to read forums to tell me that this news posting is false.


Are u even running a 5.0 device?


I think the update only shows for users with 5.0 not 4.x


Facebook app on my 5.0 OS from the Blackberry Mobile site. sorry dude. The post is true.


Through www.mobile.blackberry.com>Social Networking>Facbook, It is indeed.22, and indeed is compatiable with any possible...5.0's, so 'tis true! :D


I came across the same thing with my Storm WishinItWas


Weird, whats with all the posting, getting everyone excited, then taking down lately?


confirmed FB working on on BB Tour. I downloaded from the shortcut to FB download that is in the applications folder. It should also work from mobile.blackberry.com

Jared DiPane

how do you figure? i am running it on my device as well.


Were we not talking about 1.7 not to long ago. I thought that was going to be the next facebook upgrade??? what's this about?


Last week I finally downgraded from 5 on my storm... like 2 months of waiting for facebook... Well about time I guess. Thanks


downgraded wating for 5.0.2xx and that night its posted and facebook too now. i guess ill have to use msn as a cheap excuse not to do it again this week... EFF


Worked for me. Great find!!!


I will just wait until tomorrow and after a batt pull, maybe then it will work


Is it up for 4.6 software? I've gone to facebook.com as well as the link posted up that takes us to mobile.blackberry.com and gives us the download to not


I manage to install facebook app on my curve running on OS but I can only see max 2 comments or I mean read 2 comments even though it's showing that the post has more then 10 comments,anyone experiencing the same thing as I am?


i got and it works...

now only need BBM 5.0 and its all gravy


Kevin...or anyone else....whats the latest 8900 5.0 leak?


Works for me, thanks for the update.

Riders On The Storm

Could someone post the app or offer an alternative download? I just checked after clearing my cache and it is still


http://is.gd/3Adga OTA added courtesy of bbhybrids.net May have to try a few times, till traffic to the link slows down.


When i write this link,it starts to download.. than i receive a Error 907 COD. I cant download it.. And i cant find .22 anywhere as everyone said.. I looked facebook main page,appworld,mobile.blackberry.com,etc. wherever i looked its .21


Downloading OTA using the given link and receive 907 error. 8330 running 4.5 hybrid with a .169 base.


Bla1ze, is this the link for below OS 5.0? Such as Thanks!


I upgraded to the new leaked for Tour last night and love everything it can do but seriously missed my Facebook. I *ALMOST* considered downgrading to get Facebook back but would've hated losing threaded SMS. Luckily 24 short hours later RIM answered my prayers!

PS I had no problem getting through the Mobile BlackBerry site provided here. Don't know why the rest of you can't! Hang tight.


to everyone saying it's fales...

GO TO FACEBOOK.COM, at the very bottom, click download and it will take you to




I installed this on my Storm OS and the icon is missing. Same problem I had with AIM - it installs fine, but its nowhere to be found after. :(


mine was hidden in "setup" folder


I've checked every possible folder with no luck.


...I needed it...ironically, I purposely have my setup folder hidden.

Riders On The Storm

Are you guys running 5.0? Im running 4.7 and I am wondering if that makes a difference?


Im on Verizon with my Storm v.167 and using the mobile blackberry site its still .21 not .22 for me :(


LOL I'll wait for it to hit the Appworld. Something about this still smells to me LOL.


...jk, tho, it works great...I feel like It's comeback time


yahoo messenger is now compatible as well!:)


i find it a tad comical that people were FREAKING out on ppl who kept asking if FB worked with .230 and they kept saying "you are so stupid for asking that. everybody knowssss it won't be compatible until 1.7" is NOT 1.7.

my point? stop crucifying people who have questions, because you obviously dont know everything either. just sayin. ;-]


went to mobile blackberry, facebook.com, facebook app itself, and appworld. its no where!


While the mobile site is pretty good, I find it a bit annoying when replying to messages as the insert feature is very touchy and jumps all around when hammering out replies. Glad to have this app back on my Storm.


Regardless of expanding compatibility to OS 5.0, I hope Rim and Facebook still did some general housekeeping in this update that will benefit all users. Remember, the Last facebook client wasn't perfect, and often tripped over itself when doing certain things- I have about a dozen missed FB messages to prove that... It's great that 5.0 Users have it working for them now though!


The best part is that Bla1ze gets called out for posting a "fake" story just because like 5 noobs are too lazy to read that it is for 5.0 OSs. I'd be willing to bet those people calling him out are either Storm or Tour owners :)


"Download Failed... Invalid COD" HOORAY! not.

Riders On The Storm

same message here. Any ideas anyone?


Gotta love the imbeciles going off saying this story is bogus, when IF you had a leaked 5.0 OS on your phone, you'd have no problems at all downloading it.


Can't seem to get the new version. I have v 1.6.021.. thats the only version which appears on the Blackberry site. Running OS on 8900


seriously? Ugh!!!! Just read


Just instaled from home site (BB Intenet default site) and works flawlessly, also APP WORLD is up and running smooth on my Javelin... Yet APP WORLD Shows in the Free Section FB .21, make sure you get the .22 one from the site not appworld!...
Thx CB... now i need BBM 5 working anyone care to leak or superior?
even better a higher 5.0 for Javelin :D


Its about time! I have been checking like EVERY day....


If I am on a Pearl running 4.5 then would STILL be an upgrade for me right? (none of the links posted for .22 would work for me)

Is the only difference between this update and the previous update the compatibility with 5.0?


Can anyone clarify. Is the .22 update ONLY for those running OS 5.0 or is it for all phones and OS? I think answering that would clear up a lot of confusion.

(also, I just now realized that I was already running .21, so disregard my last question about it being an upgrade please!)


Can someone help me find the latest 5.0 update for the bold? every link I've hit has been taken off

ecs racing

I have the Verizon Tour running stock .140. I was able to dl .22 from the OTA link and it did show up under apps as .22 BUT it is no where to be found. Just a fb icon which when clicked on brought u to the mobile site where u can dl the stock .21 version of fb. I tried several times and same results. I believe u need to be on the new 5.0 to be able to successfully d/l AND run .22 of fb.


Just to clarify, it appears that RIM updated all of their apps on the mobile.blackberry.com site. Myspace works great on .230 and I have heard people say the rest work too.


so when i get back to my PC tommorow, this is gonna be awesome!!


Couldn't download ota, got this error
907 Invalid COD

I'm running on OS 4.5


Couldn't download ota, got this error
907 Invalid COD

I'm running on OS 4.5


Couldn't download ota, got this error
907 Invalid COD

I'm running on OS 4.5

Enraged Medic

is it really necessary to post that 3 times? DID YOU EVEN READ THE POST?? ONLY WORKS WITH OS 5.0!!! R-E-A-D!!!


was a mistake.....didn't try to post it 3 times.....my blackberry had an issue.....


"*UPDATE*-Seems as though users who are NOT running 5.0 OS on their devices are having issues with downloading, OTA links can be found in the comments for users running anything less then 5.0."

Wouldn't that include 4.5??? It's "less than 5.0"

Everyone with older devices are not stupid!


Now i feel the frustration of ppl that got 5.0 for there tour or did a leak for there storm!!! I have Storm, when will we get our 5.0 and the new FB app....


have done it...........walla ...fb here i come again
thanks to rim [quitely plsss]


until BBM 5.0 doesnt work on OS 5.0 im not moving !
as well as AIM, Googletalk, MSN, Yahoo,

i'll wait for OS 5.0 to be official instead


Wow, really nice.. Thanks to all developer..

Fear of Flying


dude its working on my bold running V5.0.0190. Saweet


I am running OS, facebook on my phone is I can not find the new version on the website or mobile site. Is it not made for what I am running? IDK, new to blackberry...just know my FB app has not worked in days.


Workes great. Now all I need is a working Telenav and I will be set.


TeleNav works without a hitch on on my Sprint Tour. Both the Sprint version and the TeleNav version.


Downloaded perfect from the permanent link on my Sprint Tour running .230!


Christ on a cracker! FB 1.6.022 os ONLY for OS 5.0. Take 2 seconds before you bitch about how you can't download it and ask yourself, "Is my OS 5.0?"


That being said....explain this:

"*UPDATE*-Seems as though users who are NOT running 5.0 OS on their devices are having issues with downloading, OTA links can be found in the comments for users running anything less then 5.0."


Sweet! Instant messaging apps updated to work with OS 5 now too!


I dl'd .190 last night for BB 8900 and once it downloaded was the point at which FB .22 was available to me. Prior to the download I couldn't find it anywhere. The facebook icon that came in my .190 was actually a shortcut to the RIM site to download FB from them.


works great i had some trouble in the beging with the startup but after that it was smooth sailing


trying to download, as of yet not available. When I try downloading, comes up ???


im running .230 and i had no problem downloading it or using it. its about time, ive been wanting to go back to 5.0


so some ppl r saying the update is for O.S 5.0 users... when that o.s is beta... i dont c y rim would do that when niff ppl dont have o.s 5.0....


Why not? Does it not make sense to make sure it works on 5.0? Your comment makes no sense.


Get BBM 5.0 working on OS 5.0 and i'll be set.


Read the forums and you might get it working... BBM 5 works fine on my Tour with


I had to download the update via blackberry.com/facebook and it worked like a charm. I'm good with 5.0 now. BBM 4.7 doesn't bother me honestly.


...OS 5 will be here for us in no time peoplr...just wait and you'll see...


c'mon guys... this is SUPER SIMPLE. If you are running OS 5.0.(or greater) you will see the FB OS ver.1.6.122, and if you are running any other BB OS under 5.0 (most of us) you will NOT see a FB OS higher then 1.6.121. All i want is FB 1.7 already!!


if ppl not running o.s 5.0 cant get da new fb verison why say there is an update when os 5.0 is a beta...


i have a storm. i went to the application center and it says .21 and installed. so i went to mobile.blackberry.com like this other dude said, and even that said .21 . am i doin' it wrong?


i have a storm. i went to the application center and it says .21 and installed. so i went to mobile.blackberry.com like this other dude said, and even that said .21 . am i doin' it wrong?


This is the worst. When will Fb 1.7 be out. Not everyone has OS 5.0 so this is stupid. Also Im tired of every Iphone user showing me how their FB app has chat. The blackberry needs to step-up in alot of areas


Has anyone ever had Christ on a Cracker? LOL What the hell!


I have seen Christ on toast before, and the virgin Mary on an English muffin! I really don't see the need to flame people with some of the remarks left on here just so you can get a post in. Please try to be helpful as much as possible or just don't post. BTW this is just to pad my posts stats, LOL.


the download worked great everything working well myspace doesnt work but i can live without it lol good shit my Tour is working better then ever


Now let's see the new OS so I don't have to throw my Tour through a wall.


I am running BBM works GREAT on here!
I am working on getting FB app up... I can Download it but cant find the icon... but i can see it when i pull my apps up under settings... keep you posted


I installed and it doesn't work... running 5.0.147 on 9530 Storm....


Its working good on mine. Hey drumdog00 what O.S you running that BBM 5.0 is working? Cause I've tried that link you posted and I downloaded it but no go. Any idea?


yay, that's great...too bad it took RIM two months to update the app after their beta of 5.0 was leaked. :(

still, I will stick with lyricidals hybrid


You will ONLY see .22 if you are running a 5.0 OS. if you are NOT running a 5.0 OS on your berry then you will NOT see .22. .22 is not an upgrade for 4.X users.

Since it is only an .01 increase. I believe it is essentially modification to .21 to allow it to work on 5.0 OSs. No additional features added to it (thats for 1.7).

OTA links is a work around for 4.X users. however, since the .22 is for 5.0s it wont show properly for 4.x users. This is why you cannot directly download the .22 from the facebook or blackberry sites..no point in downloading it if your a 4.X. It will not benefit you over .21.

Non Sequitor

Does this mean the official release of 5.0 is coming? Please say it does.


i am runing os on my bb 8900 and i downloaded facebook Version and i still cant find it on my phone


how come when i go into facebook app and click on check for upgrade it says no upgrade at this time. how can i get upgrade?


can anyone send me the link for 5.0 upgrade please?


can someone tell me where i can get the 5.0 upgrade??? or send me the link?


I just upgraded to .230 on my storm, and when I opened the fb app it immediatly took me to the download site for .22. Nothing to do on my part other than click the download button.


the .22 is an upgrade specially for parts of the world where 1.7 don't work. There is no reason for North America to waist their time on it.