Facebook v1.6.0.21 Released Many Fixes For Calendar And Friends List Refreshing!

By Bla1ze on 7 Jul 2009 10:13 am EDT
Facebook v1.6.0.21 Released Many Fixes For Calendar And Freinds List Refreshing!

Recently RIM pushed through an upgrade to it's Facebook application. Moving up from, version is now available for download at all the normal locations, but this time around a lot of bug fixes were included (Sound familiar?). Fixes include better calendar integration and how the friends list refreshes - that's the basics of it. If you would like a more detailed look at what has been fixed you can review the RIM knowledge base articles as outlined below for more information.

  • KB18441, informs that the unending “friends refresh” issue has been fixed in
  • KB18442, provides a resolution and workaround for restoring BlackBerry calendar events during an OS upgrade when the Facebook calendar can become set as your default calendar. Basically, this version of Facebook avoids that issue, according to the article.
  • KB18674, informs that Facebook for BlackBerry will display a maximum of 1200 friends.
  • KB16369, details the Facebook for BlackBerry minimum requirements.

If you are a BlackBerry facebook user, it's suggested you grab this update to ensure that the application runs correctly for you at all times. I would even take the step of reccomending that you remove the current version installed previously and download the latest.

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Facebook v1.6.0.21 Released Many Fixes For Calendar And Friends List Refreshing!


Doesn't work for me on Bold OS, also the mentioned KB16369 clearly says...

"BlackBerry® Device Software 4.2, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, or 4.7"

..what, exactly, is the point of including an option to check for updates or automatically update Facebook if this upgrade doesn't show up when you do? Why??

Facebook not updating..yeah why???

Or the one that says to leave notifications on email server?

If you uncheck it, they are deleted from the server completely.

If you leave it checked, your BB Email service won't download them but they are on your email server.

really need to be fixed, I hate logging in to my PC on the weekend and seeing that I missed a bunch of notifications. And yes I have them turned on, I will get some and not others, pokes are the worst.

why don't you just go to the mobile site on your phone? That's what I do. They have updated the notifications. You can see apps, etc. now

Why is it that we have this option to "check for updates" and it says "no upgrades available". I had to go to the facebook website on my bb and download manually. They need to fix this ASAP.

Oh yeah, sooo excited for the Tour!!!

How when I open up my Facebook app and check for updates and it says no updates available, when there obviously IS an update available. Anyone else have this problem?

I just hope this fixes the problem of latest Facebook being installed on .148 and the icon not showing up at all.

it came up for me, 8310 running OS 4.5 here. I gave it a shot & had no problems, it said an update was available & asked if I wanted to continue. It did time out, but when I hit the button again it went right thru without a hitch. I gotta say that my friends list does seem to refresh a H@ll of a lot faster now then it ever did before.

I refuse to update this crap app until it works properly. I'm tired of being used as a supplementary beta-tester for poorly designed and coded Blackberry apps.

i just used the desktop manaager "4.7" to remove the program since it kept freezeing my phone and now i got an error 552... great

The verison that's on my BB says 1.2.0. Should I upgrade? I'm a light facebook user and so far, it's been working for me. I don't know how large 1.2 is but this new one shows 813.2KB which seems huge to me. I have a 8130 Pearl; not a lot on internal memory. Any idea how what's the difference in terms of memory between 1.2 and It's much worse than BB App World which is 532+KB which I also don't have the room to have on my device. Keep 1.2 or upgrade? Give me a hint someone Please!!!

Stick with what works. I'm down grading tomorrow going back to 1.5. 1.6 has major bugs that need to be fixed.
not only does the calender events not work but the merge of contacts does not work.

Options for both are grayed out

can someone post downgrade links

I was able to check for updates from the Facebook app, and so far so good! Went from version to, rebooted the device and it seams to work. I like the progress indicator when refreshing friends...

seems like i cant see all my frineds... anyone know how i can get 1.6.017 back? .21 only displays 1200 friends on fb... thanks

i wish this version can get notifications on my storm. i hate going to the website to see if i have any notifications. i want it to be sent to my phone to alert me when someone comments or at least pokes me. either fix it or i might just download the myspace app. lol ya i said it...

to not have your friend list refresh every single time you would like to check a phone #, the refresh should happen when a user chooses to. But then I guess Fb would need to steal more precious memory from your BB.

However, I personally prefer to do it manually. Nothing is worse than doing the auto thing and find out how bad it messed things up for you. :-O always worked perfectly for me, now I've installed and no matter how long I wait, my friends list just wont refresh. It never goes past 9%. Anyone got the alx file for, I'd really like to downgrade.