Facebook for BlackBerry Updated to

By Adam Zeis on 19 Nov 2009 10:33 pm EST

We just got word that Facebook has been updated to version No notes on what is new, but most likely nothing major. The last release was a pretty decent overhaul, so I would think nothing more than a few tweaks and bug fixes this time. You can upgrade by heading over to blackberry.com/facebook from your device.

On a side note, check out the image after the jump. I tried to upgrade the app from the Facebook mobile site on my Bold 9700 and saw "Download a Facebook bookmark for your Onyx". The link took me to a download page for a launcher of some sort. On every other device I have I've been able to download the app from the same page. Just found it interesting to say the least.


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Facebook for BlackBerry Updated to


I got the "download bookmark for your onyx" thing too...and I have a Tour (although I after I clicked it, it got it right)

Here's to the new version not being so horribly broken as it's been for me lately.

For some reason, app world is always behind on the latest and greatest apps that blackberry actually develops. It doesn't make sense to me.

It has always identified me correctly on a Storm, but it was definitely cool to see a different UI on the mobile site.

i was hoping that this update fixed that damn content protection shit that the last update did to my phone!!!

Maybe they should post that answer in every post the icon appears in a screen shot, because someone asks every. single. time.

well sorry that it is my first time on this website, and i didn't feel like looking through every comment...
not that big of a deal that i asked a question

1. If you sync your blackberry calendar with the facebook program, your fb calendar becomes the default on your bb; no?

2. If you use iCAL or Google Calendar (or other calendar programs) to sync to your bb, you can d/l fbCal to your fb page and then follow the prompts to sync the birthdays and/or fb events.

my .02

see what happened is, when i upgraded my OS, all the FB birthdays got deleted. The only thing that shows up are the calendar events which is fine. But i would like to have the birthday reminders from FB as well. The FB birthday doesn't become one with the BB calendar since they are separate groups. The FB iCal doesnt show up for some reason, i tried deleting it, syncing it, everything but it still doesnt show up.

What you need to do is go to calendar, calendar options, facebook, and select NOT to show the reminders. They'll show up, but you won't get the reminders at 12:00am.

Did you go into your facebook account from a PC? You can hide all types of events there, and then they won't show up on your BB. As far as the actual news feed tab it has, I wish I could get rid of that!

Where do I go to get the upgrade? The app says no upgrade and the download a bookmark doesnt do anything but put a bookmark into my download folder that just brings me to the website.

Why can I not access the apps I have bookmarked on the web version? what a lame BB app. Price I pay for being a loyal BB user I guess.

Running Verizon Tour 9630 v4.7.1.61 and I can't seem to get the update to FB through App World, FB Mobile or BB Mobile.

Anyone have a suggestion as I am running FaceBook v1.7.0.18.


I just got my Tour at the beinning of the month, the first few days Facebook ID'd my phone as a Storm...recently it's been corrected and says Tour. I get the launcher download when I click the link as well.

I've only got a measly little 8310 but the app seems much more responsive. Viewing the Friends (F) list loads a heck of a lot quicker for me. The pics seem to load just as slow (again, this could be the 8310 kicking in...) but when it switches from screen to screen it seems quicker and the scrolling seems much more smoother.

I friggin hate how App World is always so behind on this stuff. I mean, you'd at least think that App's made by RIM would be immediately available in App World but apparently that is still too much to ask for.

looks like they somewhat fixed the Like. It seems as if it shows your friends if they like an update. This didnt seem to happen with the last one. I wish they'd let you choose a default view...I'd rather be seeing Status Updates rather than the News Feed by default.

I would REALLY like to have back! It has been three minutes and all of two friends have loaded on the friends list. The status updates were still blank after five minutes. Bold 9000.

It is nice to be able to see who "likes" a particular post. Also, it does seem quicker//more responsive on my Storm2.

You'd think one of these updates would fix the "Look for update" option in the app, rather than going to Blackberry.com every update. Or simply remove the feature if it's not going to get utilized.

Even .018 doesn't recognize that .022 is available. Tired that in lieu of BB World not having the updated version for download either.

I guess I'm waiting....

I have a Tour and the first time I went on the mobile site it said download for your Storm then it said Onyx. Weird

Is anyone else having trouble retrieving notifications? Whenever I receive a new notification and click on it to read it I get the following message: "Unable to retrieve the post at this time. Please try again later." I've gotten several notifications since installing .22 and I've been unable to check any of them. Is there any way to go back to .18? I'll trade whatever small improvements they've made with this one to be able to read my notifications again. :(

I was wondering the same thing, I HATE that image compression! You probably already know this, but, you can get the full image on storm by opening message>menu button>facebook>send message..then just use the shortcut at the top. It is sort of a pain in the *#! but at least you get the full image.

Looks good. The only thing I dont like is when mor than 1 person likes something, you cant see who they are after that. Is there a way to show it? I can't click on the "like" to view who those people are either.

My Bold 9000 keeps re-setting with this FB upgrade. First, it was once or twice a day. Today, for the past 18 hours, it has reset 4-5 times. With the leaked OS verion, my phone does go into re-boot once in a seldom while. I also got this meSsage at the last re-boot "Your handheld has been registered with the wireless network."

Another thing I notice is when FB icon comes on to notify that a new entry has come in; I go to my phone home screen, and the icon goes off even without me having clicked into FB. Weird! What can we make of this?

This re-setting is so annoying, as I don't even know when the phone has been re-booted. Only when I check it.

Any remedy to these issues?


After upgrading to .22, I noticed that I can't view the wall posts on individual profiles. I just get a message that says, "No stream post available."

i think its a FB issue altogether because i'm still running and i haven't been able to view wall post all day. i'm not going to download the update until i see some happy post.

I'm gettin' this on the 9530 Storm!!! --- I've tried every kinda reset, battery pull, uninstall reinstall - nothin'!!!

I'm gettin' this on the 9530 Storm!!! --- I've tried every kinda reset, battery pull, uninstall reinstall - nothin'!!!

I'm gettin' this on the 9530 Storm!!! --- I've tried every kinda reset, battery pull, uninstall reinstall - nothin'!!!

I'm gettin' this on the 9530 Storm!!! --- I've tried every kinda reset, battery pull, uninstall reinstall - nothin'!!!

I'm gettin' this on the 9530 Storm!!! --- I've tried every kinda reset, battery pull, uninstall reinstall - nothin'!!!

I don't know if it's been covered in the comments sections yet, but it seems that the FB app update allows us to send BB notes to FB. I use this feature a lot to send my notes to my secretary at the office via e-mail. When I went to do that today, instead of e-mail topping the list of "send as" options, Facebook was up there.

I haven't actually tested this yet to see what it looks like on FB.



Does anyone know if there's a way to filter the news feed from this version? I haven't had any problems with upgraded version, but it drives me nuts to have to read "news" from friends' lame facebook apps--like "Nick found $1132 good luck chips on the casino floor while playing Zynga Poker! Bla bla bla bla blah..."

Posts like these don't show up in the actual live feed on Facebook's site if you're viewing it from a computer, it's just on the BB version.

I just am super sick of scrolling through 2 or 3 paragraphs of details about how someone watered all their crops in Farmville...

Anyone have suggestions? Besides defriending people? lol.

I have all that nonsense blocked from facebook on PC, but I still see it on my BB, where it is even more annoying.

Were you ever able to find a solution?

anyone know where i can download the previous version of the facebook app, which actually worked?

I've been searching the forums for this issue, but haven't come across it. I am running FB 1.7, Ive been having connection issues etc, and it seems like just in the last couple days or so, the option to "like" a status has disappeared. has anyone else experienced this? thanks.

i actually don't see exactly what the upgrade has changed AT ALL. i still can't like any statuses, which is quite annoying! and i still can't accept friends...something i could do a few upgrades ago. while i like that the FB app feels very much like i'm sitting at my laptop on FB, it would be great if the same feature worked!

I dont even know which version is a good version. I am having the same problems as you are. This is just crazy.