Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones updated to version in the beta zone

By Adam Zeis on 10 Sep 2013 04:20 pm EDT

Beta zone users can grab the latest update to Facebook for BlackBerry which now sits at version This one is for legacy devices and includes various bug fixes and enhancements. No huge goodies in this one but it does beef things up a bit from the last version. If you're a beta zone member you can login to grab this update now.

Updates in this version:

  • Notification enhancements
  • Photo loading enhancements
  • Set Cover Photo functionality
  • Set Profile Picture functionality
  • Right to Left language support
  • Micro Icons for Notification Types
  • Improved User Interface for Unread Messages

Check out more in the BlackBerry Beta Zone



Wish they would allow other apps to be in the beta zone too. Maybe a section can be devoted to 3rd party apps? That way, developers can let us beta test apps too. With the beta zone app, such a thing will be so convenient. 1st

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Drew Oswalt

They used to have a beta app area in app world.

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When it comes out of beta zone i hope it has the share option this time,really miss that! Ooooops just noticed its not for BB10 lol


They need to update the bb10 version so I can check in to locations lol seriously

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I read your post and checked my device and you're right. Error message: "You do not have permission to access device location."

Note: I have granted Facebook the Location permission but the problem could be because I'm on the 10.2 leak.


Are you on 10.2? Someone said that 10.2 has location issues, but idk if it's present in the latest leaks

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Yes I am running a 10.2 leak. Don't know why it isn't working and I hate to take the attention off of what this post is really about.

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Check in works on bb10 for me

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Always legacy. Smh.

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TesseracT is a great band

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Sayumi Whisp

Good to support the legacy Users. ...
But no beta Facebook for bb10 users? :(
Facebook isn't the most important but an upgrade would be nice.

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Yes, I agree. Also, with BB10 being delayed so much, I wonder what Facebook would have been like had BB10 launched in Nov/Dec?


It would be just the same.

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Hey guys, I'm running the latest 2.0 version and I don't have a problem with FB checkin!


Apple releases it's new attempt to the public today and BlackBerry releases updates for obsolete devices! How about 10.2 for my Z10!

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m osnato12

So still no share option huh?

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the logo should change but nothing happened

Gene Ellison

nice... getting it now... my FB has been acting up all day...


How do I get this beta????

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Jimmy Fong1

Wish we can delete a post. Good that we finally change the profile pic.

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Seriousllyyyy?? What of fb for bb10?

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Can this beta be downloaded straight from mobile? It's not allowing me., I have access to it, do I need to do this on my computer?

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Ummm, tried downloading and it said does not work on BB10???

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The FB app for BB10 hasn't worked for well over a month. It is completely useless. Forget about sharing--it doesn't even open. Read the reviews on BlackBerry World and most are 1 star because there's no way to rate the stupid thing with fewer.

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Why my beta dont have a facebook and twitter only bbm

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It would be great if the separate FB chat apps release


No thanks.

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Subscribe please :D
#HondaLovers :)