Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones updated to version

By Adam Zeis on 6 Nov 2013 09:16 am EST

BlackBerry 10 users have been getting plenty of Facebook love and now legacy device users can have some fun as well. Facebook has been updated to version and brings along a much needed update with some new features. This one rolled through the Beta Zone with good results and brings along the long-awaited Share feature for posts as well as the ability to update profile and cover photos. 

Features include:

  • Share updates from your friends or pages on your wall, on your friend's wall or in a group
  • Set cover and profile photos using photos stored on your smartphone
  • Right to left language support for Arabic and Hebrew
  • Unlike a Page
  • Improved photo loading performance in the News Feed
  • Notifications now display icons and new notifications are color marked

If you're using a legacy device you can grab the update free from the link below.

More information/Download Facebook



When will Facebook for BB10 be updated to have the same features as iOS and Android.

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I'm not a big user at all, so this is an honest question, but what features in the current BB10 Facebook are missing that iOS and Android have?



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This what??

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1. Posting pictures in comments. (ok, I don't remember if iOS/Android can do this but I think they can)
2. Stickers in messenger.
3. Editing posts.

These are things I've found personally, meaning I'm sure there's more. Also iOS/Android seems to show more stories. I frequently find my BB10 version to be a blank screen until it loads and IIRC Android/iOS has the old stories displayed while you wait for it to update.


Group admin functions ie adding members deleting posts etc. Posting pictures on posts.

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Posting pictures in comments *

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Nice. I will have to check this update out.

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Where is facebook for BB10? Do search on BBworld and its not available for my device, Q10????

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Make sure your phone also has the latest update

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Oh cool. Maybe they'll update MySpace for the curve 8300 too.

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Too funny!

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Do you remember how simple & less chaotic life was without facebook, twitter etc...Give it a break for a few months and you won't even miss social media.

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+ 0.2

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yup now lot of my friend less posting on fb

CB10 need update!


Never saw the need....still don't. That's just me.

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I don't use facebook but good to see the update for facebook users.
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There was a story on the main news here that said that Facebook is not too popular with the teens anymore because a lot of there parents use Facebook.

This would be a perfect time for BlackBerry channels to hit the market as a cool hip thing for the teens first.

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Such strong language...."Unlike a page"!

There are some that I really unlike!

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Jeff Lima

People want blackberry to be different from Android and iPhone yet still ask to have the same. Things they have I do understand

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The FB update was causing an unhandled java exception error on my 9810 after the reboot. Once I deleted the app, the error disappeared. Anyone else experiencing this error?


I saw that too, and the Facebook icon was nowhere to be found. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and everything seems okay now.

Jose Casiano

Not available on 10.1 which at has not updated to

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Jose Casiano

Nvm I'm dumb lol

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2-Shoes is for legacy os not bb10

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Yeah--that's what it said when I tried to download it. Device not supported. Oh well, the current one is fine and the sideloaded Android one is awelsome.


They could stand to fix bugs still for BB10. I can't always see my foursquare check in when people like it and I never see comments when I get a notification that someone commented on my foursquare check in. Then again, the mobile site is lacking in this department too. Anyway, the BB10 browser handles the full facebook page adequately - not perfectly but close in my experience.

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is there a way to upload a video now?


Is this only for q10?

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Um not available for my device Q10 *sigh*

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Funny, it says not available for your device although I am using BlackBerry Z10 with OS 10.2¡!

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No love for STL100 - 1, again!


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I use 8530 and no sound on FB notification, no problem on others, I tried delete and re-installed, battery pull, wipe handheld and re-installed OS. When I edit the profile and use the try button it sounds but still notification arrive with no sound. Anyone know the solution?


I always get this error "We cannot reach facebook server at this time". Unless I connect to wifi.. But I have BB service and always on 3G.