Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphones App Loses IS

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Jun 2008 09:36 am EDT

Facebook Gets an Update!Remember how Facebook.com scrapped the IS prefix from status updates, yet the IS prefix remained on the BlackBerry app? GOOD NEWS. It's FINALLY Fixed. I say finally because RIM tells us the app took only TWO DAYS to develop. Seems strange that they can build the app in two days, yet it takes over TWO MONTHS to fix one little thing like IS (also seems many BB developers have questioned this two-day claim from the beginning). Version 1.2 of the Facebook app is available for download from mobile.blackberry.com.  

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Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphones App Loses IS


While 'is' may be gone, I am receiving many of my notifications in email rather than in the Facebook application now.

Even when the option to leave the messages on the server is unchecked? You may have to log out and back in on the app.

I can't wait until the status in the app and on my actual profile sync up - then I'll be happy. Its really my only gripe with the app.

When you leave a status message on face book it adds an IS to your message like this “ YourName is STATUS MESSAGE GOES HERE” I hope this helps yes I know it probably still sounds confusing. Basically they add an IS to your status message and that has been removed with the latest version of the facebook app.

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