Facebook for BlackBerry OS v4.1.0.18 now available in Beta Zone

By Bla1ze on 16 Aug 2013 05:38 pm EDT

If you're wanting to partake in some beta testing over the weekend, the BlackBerry Beta Zone has just loaded up a new Facebook for BlackBerry OS devices. Pushing into v4.1.0.18, this release doesn't bring any feature additions over previous releases though, it does squash some bugs along the way and includes some UI improvements to the 'Check-In' functionality. It's live in the Beta Zone right now.

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Facebook for BlackBerry OS v4.1.0.18 now available in Beta Zone


Installing as I post! Thanks BlackBerry, keep squashing those bugs.
I wonder if the PB version will ever get fixed!

Whats that got to do with anything? I was 9 months into my 3 year and managed to pay full price for the Z10. Don't make a stupid assumption regarding contracts and peoples willingness to actually pay for something Mr Cheapo.

we all dont have that kind of disposable income. i was busy buying a house rather than a cell phone. priorities my friend.

The starting comment in this portion was "Yes we do. Heard of 3 year contracts?" jgenn3, you have stated nothing to expand on this comment, you may want to actually respond to the correct poster.. Eve6er9, I can relate. Not too often I get a little extra cash that I can throw away. Got a good return on my S3 at the time and Rogers price matched national advertised Telus pricing of $49.00.

Actually a mod can move my post under rajbir01. My point is not everyone wants BB10 even if they can afford to buyout their contract. I can get a free Z10 though Best Buy right now and $60 back through the BB upgrade program and I still choose the BBOS device that works better for me at this time for too many reasons to list here. The day it doesn't I will move on and won't be locked into a contract when I decide to.

The probability of the Facebook for BlackBerry PlayBook app being updated is the same as Obama being elected for a third term.

Can I register in beta zone on other country when I can not register on my country? because I from Poland and have not possible for me.