Facebook for BlackBerry 10 adds the ability to tag friends, hide posts and more in new update!

Facebook for BlackBerry 10 adds the ability to tag friends, hide posts and more in new update!
By DJ Reyes on 29 Jan 2014 12:11 pm EST

With BlackBerry 10.2.1 now upon us, it seems that BlackBerry apps are being updated inline with the OS update. We've already seen updates to the Calculator and Compass apps, integrated Cloud services Dropbox and Box, and BlackBerry Virtual Expert. Today we're seeing an update to the Facebook app. Great news for Facebook users.

What's new in v10.3.0?

  • Tag friends in Status Posts and Comments
  • Delete or hide posts on your own timeline
  • 'New Stories' active link in the Newsfeed informs you as new stories are posted
  • Enhanced caching, so you can access all content downloaded prior to going offline, when offline
  • Screen Reader Accessibility Support (for buttons, jewels, and newsfeed)

Take a visit into BlackBerry World for the update, if you're not seeing it yet, give it a bit, you should be able to download the update in due time. Alternatively, you can do a little search for Facebook in BlackBerry World and it may show an update available that way.

Learn more / Download Facebook from BlackBerry World

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Facebook for BlackBerry 10 adds the ability to tag friends, hide posts and more in new update!


You can it's just obnoxious - go to m.facebook.com from your phone, switch it on the news feed on the mobile site, close the page after it changes and then it'll stay that way for a while, but you'll have to redo every once in a while.

Posted via CB10

ya i know, that's what i do now and I hate it lol It's not too bad for me, but I know, my friends using their iphones don't have the option and yet android users do have the option.

That would be nice, but I'm more interested in something that to me is very simple yet important: SHARE A PHOTO

I've asked the FB devs for that for months. It's so annoying to have to go to the browser version in order to do that. I like my newsfeed to be the most recent posts. I can't stand that that Top Stories crap. Hopefully, they'll do a maintenance fix quickly & address that.

Didn't we have that option before? It's kinda weird that it's gone now

 We have apks cuz we need 'em not cuz we want 'em 

Try going to settings and refreshing BlackBerry World, close app, reopen, check again. I also didn't get the update until I went to the fb app page in world instead of updates.

Posted via CB10

Now they just need to re-release the twitter update and I'll be the happiest BlackBerry user ever! :D

Posted via CB10

Try clicking on the 'Installed' tab in your BBW, then click on Facebook for BlackBerry 10. I did that and the update appeared.

Posted via CB10

This and every other suggestion hasn't worked yet. I even tried refreshing app world through the settings... Not a huge deal if I get it right away though, I don't use Facebook much anymore.

Thanks for the suggestion. Worked for me too. Bit convoluted, but this appears to be the only way to get the update to appear...

Posted from CB10 running on my awesome Z30

if you don't see the option to update, under installed apps, open Facebook from there, it should have update button on top right

Apparently the update is up only on devices with official os. I got it on my q10 which has. 537, but not on my z30, which runs leaked 1925.

Posted via CB10

I also am using leaked version and I got it too. Go to the actual app page, not the updates page.

Posted via CB10

If you're not getting the notification, go to BlackBerry World and do a search for Facebook. This will display it whether you're using an official OS or a leak.


I have found that I no longer get update notifications to upgrade apps. It says that there are none available. However upon simply exiting BlackBerry World and going back in resolves the issues sometimes...if it's still not available then I search for the app and I can see the update, I can use the example of the latest Facebook update today. I think BlackBerry needs to improve on this, otherwise it's great to see all these updates coming!

Posted via CB10

Any chance this update brings stickers to chat (yes it's oppressive feature but fun when chatting with your kid)

Posted via CB10

I'm not getting this either and I'm running the new beta version of Blackberry World. Even when I open the app in Blackberry World.

Okay so it didn't show in my updates list, but when I go to Facebook in BBW, it shows the update option. Updated and installed.

I hope this update solves notification issues. The app seems to go offline, every now and then. Notifications doesn't get push through.

Posted via CB10

I don't know about everyone else but for the first time in a number of years I feel BlackBerry is listening.

Posted via CB10

I've tried to get it, but just getting an error message. I know there are issues with other parts of update servers so I'll leave it a couple of days and try again.

Posted via CB10

It's a good day for BlackBerry.
10.2.1, igrann, app updates. :)
How about twitter? Update pls. Haha

Keepin' it Chill Z10 (

Updates are nice. The problem is that the previous issues about posts not showing are still present.

Powered by BlackBerry Q10

Finally, It about time. I was getting tired of having to use the mobile version (which is wayyyyyyyyyyy better).

Still waiting for the update were I can edit post and do voice chat. But still glad we even got an update.

Posted via CB10

To get the new I had to uninstall the old one. Rebooted. Then install.

BlackBerry World still showed the older version but the version actually downloaded and installed was the new one

Still looks like BlackBerry has no clue how to run BlackBerry World.


CB10 via Verizon Z10.

I really wish I could send those cute stickers in chat...from my z10.... (it's the kid in me) :(

Posted via CB10

I updated. Now when I scroll down the news feed on my Q10, all the pictures seem larger. Anything that has writing on it is too large to view, you have to open every one manually to see it.

Also when I get a facebook notification in the hub, when I click on it nothing happens. Hmmmm

Posted via CB10

Nice additions, about time, but STILL NO EDITING of posts and comments! I still need to use either mobile site or apk version to edit posts. Please bring post/comment editing!

I am on 10.1. I see the FB update, but I also see many reviews listing problems with the update. Should I go ahead and do the update?

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z10 leaked os

went to get the update and it wasn't there... i refreshed and it didn't show... stayed in bbworld for a minute and the update showed up... updated and loaded fine...

one of the features i've been wanting was to be able to tag in comments and posts... i'm glad that's finally been implemented... anything that i can't do with the bb fb app, i usually go to the mobile site but now i have the android version as well just in case...

the con to this update is that i always liked to just use a friends first name... instead of their full name that is listed on fb... but in this update... if you tag a friend in a post... it has to be their full name... if you start deleting the last name... the tag won't work

although i haven't been able to check on this version but another feature i've been missing is the ability to review a tagged post and approve it to be shown on my timeline... i always need to go into the mobile site or android fb app to approve...

anyway, keep up the good work... hoping for more updates soon...

What would be nice is to be able to approve things when you have timeline review required enabled.

Posted via CB10

What it next needs to work on, is the Audience Selector feature, allowing users to use "Custom".

Posted via CB10

looking good here, finally i can tag people on comments & posts!!! and the app opens quicker, uses less RAM footprint BUT with the enhanced caching capabilities now present, i'd like to have the option to clear the cache so it won't bog the storage down after a while..

and.. sometimes if i have a notification on the Hub about someone tagging me on their picture and i choose to open it from the Hub, sometimes it crashes but that's not a major issue for me though..

Updated my FB app, but still doesn't work. It still says loading accounts en stays like that. What kind of update is this?

By the way, i'm not yet on 10.2.1

Posted via CB10

How many times are BlackBerry gonna release fb updates and not include "most recent posts"? Its beyond a joke now. No use having an out of touch app... I guess it's bk to my browser :(

Posted via CB10

It's slower loading than previous version....not sure if it's because I'm on official os or 1925 leak was better...or the new version of Facebook is actually slower.....WTF! Upgrades should be better not worse

FB aside, this once again illustrates that BlackBerry World notification system is broken.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

I like the updated improvements, except now any pictures in my feed are 25% bigger and I have to open the picture to view and read any words on them.

Verizon BlackBerry Z10

What about the ability to post stickers when chatting with friends!!!!!!! Ugh they always update useless stuff

Posted via CB10

Pictures are bigger, app loads slow and does not refresh on opening...need to pull down update to get latest feeds....doesnt matter if they added features....update Sucks...get your shit together blackberry...test before release....and make improvements, don't make things worse

Seems like my comments and thumbs ups keep disappearing every since the update. Has anyone else experienced this?

BlackBerry Z30  on the Rogers network

yeah, when i got this update though it did indeed fix that.
I used to just click facebook notifications in the hub and they didn't go anywhere-- now it brings me to the proper message/app to view the messages/notifications. this update is SOLID. kudos to the devs.

Yes. Sometimes it won't load notifications on the hub. I have to restart it to make it work again. And everything seems to load very slow. I thought the update was good, but apparently not. It made the app worse than before.

Powered by BlackBerry Q10

My notifications won't open from the Hub and when I get messages I don't get a notification at all but have to open. The app. Also, the options like Status don't do anything when I click on them. The screen dims as if it's going to do something but nothing happens.

Posted via CB10

Did the update but can't tag friends on status or in comments..is there some new method or the same old @

Posted via CB10

Still getting no notifications pushed to my z30 hub despite having everything set to on. Didn't get any either with the last version. Can anyone help with this? I am self employed and use Facebook for my business extensively and hate having to always open the app to check for notifications.

I had 15 notifications today alone but not one pushed to my hub.

Posted from my Z30 on CB10