Facebook for BlackBerry 1.6 Now Available!

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Jun 2009 03:23 pm EDT

Facebook 1.6 Launching Today!

* Update: Now Available. Read through the comments for the feedback. *

Good news Facebook users! RIM just gave us an update on Facebook 1.6...

The new version will go live this evening at 6 p.m. (PST). Anyone can access it from their BlackBerry Browser ( http://www.blackberry.com/facebook/mobiledownload ) or from the desktop at www.blackberry.com/facebook.

Here's a highlight of new features:

  • Status updates and highlights on the home page - you can now view your friends' most recent status updates right on the home page. Highlights like photo uploads and wall posts are just a click away and you can comment on a photo, poke a friend, etc. right from the home page.
  • Wall access from within Facebook for BlackBerry - with one click on your friend's profile picture from the home page, you can access their wall without having to go to the mobile site.
  • Photo viewing in a simple, easy-to-use slideshow format - check out your friends' latest photo albums with improved photo viewing, and view albums in a simple and easy-to-use slideshow format. Just scroll back and forth through the thumbnails along the bottom to display the larger picture in the center of the screen.
  • Facebook for BlackBerry 1.6 will also support three new languages:
    • Thai
    • Indonesian
    • European Portuguese

If you're looking to see Facebook 1.6 in action ahead of time, be sure to check out the sneak peek we brought you a couple weeks ago, full of screen captures and detailed change log. And once the update comes, be sure to post your initial impressions and findings in the comments!

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Reader comments

Facebook for BlackBerry 1.6 Now Available!


Why doesn't it sync birthdays and other information into the black berry when I add a person to my contacts? Isn't it supposed to?


When someone comments on my status I get a notification with the message they left in " ". The notification does not allow me to comment back like it does when someone responds back to a comment you made on their status, but it just has a hyperlink to view the comment thread. When clicked it takes me to the web mobile version where I see my own status, but even if I click "comment" to leave a comment it does not allow me. When I'm online on the full version I can just leave a comment back on my own status to answer back someones question or comment, how do you do that with this app?

Is there was a way to view your own profile like you can view your friends so you can leave a comment on your own status with this app like you can with the full version?

Met too, I got this problem, and my handset was blackberry Curve 8900. but, i have no problem with my bold, my bold can directly comment on the status, can someone help me in this kind of problem ? thanks before. :)

Have the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 which, I found out last night, does not support the new Facebook 1.6. I can see the app in my applications list when in the options menu, but I cannot find the icon nor can I run the program. I am NOT A HAPPY CAMPER.

Does anyone know how to find an earlier version of the application software? I am willing to take suggestions...