Facebook for BlackBerry 1.6 Now Available!

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Jun 2009 03:23 pm EDT

Facebook 1.6 Launching Today!

* Update: Now Available. Read through the comments for the feedback. *

Good news Facebook users! RIM just gave us an update on Facebook 1.6...

The new version will go live this evening at 6 p.m. (PST). Anyone can access it from their BlackBerry Browser ( http://www.blackberry.com/facebook/mobiledownload ) or from the desktop at www.blackberry.com/facebook.

Here's a highlight of new features:

  • Status updates and highlights on the home page - you can now view your friends' most recent status updates right on the home page. Highlights like photo uploads and wall posts are just a click away and you can comment on a photo, poke a friend, etc. right from the home page.
  • Wall access from within Facebook for BlackBerry - with one click on your friend's profile picture from the home page, you can access their wall without having to go to the mobile site.
  • Photo viewing in a simple, easy-to-use slideshow format - check out your friends' latest photo albums with improved photo viewing, and view albums in a simple and easy-to-use slideshow format. Just scroll back and forth through the thumbnails along the bottom to display the larger picture in the center of the screen.
  • Facebook for BlackBerry 1.6 will also support three new languages:
    • Thai
    • Indonesian
    • European Portuguese

If you're looking to see Facebook 1.6 in action ahead of time, be sure to check out the sneak peek we brought you a couple weeks ago, full of screen captures and detailed change log. And once the update comes, be sure to post your initial impressions and findings in the comments!

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sweet....hopefully no bugs (hahahaha)


Let's hope it does ACTUALLY go live tonight and not miss the date again...

*Second Post*


That looks like the Myspace way of views photos. Isn't status updates and highlights already on the home screen in 1.5.

tony bag o donuts

but I bet it won't...

can't you just hit options check for updates to get the new version after 6?


Yay for full app that does EVERYTHING! I'm down :)


Still no chat feature I take it?


Exactly. That's pretty much the only thing that I'd want to see.


Servers will be crashing at 6:00:05pm today.


Hopefully after this upgrade it won't ask all my friends for their phone numbers again. Doesn't anybody beta test anything anymore????!!!!


@pilotnh they actually updated the application about 24 hours it's original 1.5 release that fixed the phone number request issue as well as the calendar issue


I am in high hopes yet certain to the fact that it will follow it's trajectory from it's last call.

An outcast to the world can only force a sunny day but it is not in my path to declare the rain.


very high anticipate it

Riders On The Storm

Once Facebook chat is integrated that will be sweet


That'll be the day!

I don't know why they haven't created one yet!


let me guess, won't work for the 5.0 os? blaahh


not official yet, prolly not.


Whats the difference?

my facebook 1.5 looks the same and does the same

nothing new


Here's a highlight of new features:

* Status updates and highlights on the home page - you can now view your friends' most recent status updates right on the home page. Highlights like photo uploads and wall posts are just a click away and you can comment on a photo, poke a friend, etc. right from the home page.
* Wall access from within Facebook for BlackBerry - with one click on your friend's profile picture from the home page, you can access their wall without having to go to the mobile site.
* Photo viewing in a simple, easy-to-use slideshow format - check out your friends' latest photo albums with improved photo viewing, and view albums in a simple and easy-to-use slideshow format. Just scroll back and forth through the thumbnails along the bottom to display the larger picture in the center of the screen.
* Facebook for BlackBerry 1.6 will also support three new languages:


its very different they now have a real home screen with highlights similar to the mibile site. it even has an option to directly go to the mobile site

why would it even matter if wasnt too different its not like youre paying for it


yeah lets hope no bugs.. this time..


OMGGGGGGGGGGG!!! The screen shot here shows a device running 4.6. Does anyone know if this will be available for 4.7.??? Why has thou forsaken me!!!!


Grrr! Got all excited when this showed up in my newsfeed with the time at 6pm EST (an hour away) only to come to the site and find it corrected to 6pm PST (4hours away). Well, I guess its par for the course.

For those wanting the chat, wouldn't that be a crazy battery drain? You'd basically have to keep it running all the time! I prefer the setup I have now- with Beejive beta Facebook chat, I only have to run one IM client.


Does anyone know a site that I can post and tag pictures/videos/music etc. and then post from there to multiple social networking sites at the same time? Just looking to eliminate steps. Posting pics for my different friends/family takes forever.


I believe ping.fm does this.


try phanfare or tagged.


try juicecaster and qik. not sure if these exactly solve your problem but do check them out i promise you will be happy you did. let me know what you think when you find them.


Yessss !! its finally out lol i'm an update addict lol


If it happens, I will eat one of my many hats.


Anyone know if this will fix the whole dominance issue the facebook calendar seems to have? I'm really tired of having to delete the facebook CICAL everytime i send servicebooks or reboot my device... Plus I STILL have duplicate events from the last time..


Make sure your default cical is something else. Set it in options>advanced options>default services


Good thing, cuz the app they have now really blows


Does anyone know a site that I can post and tag pictures/videos/music etc. and then post from there to multiple social networking sites at the same time? Just looking to eliminate steps. Posting pics for my different friends/family takes forever.




nice.. they had to update the post from EST to PST.. now instead of a long next 45 minutes to wait.. it's gonna be another 3 hours and 45 minutes.. grr. oh well.. it'll be worth it.


Updates are always welcomed. Hope it's worth it.


I want the fb chat! iPhone's fb is still better compared to this :(


Does any1 know if we can download this from app world or we got to go to FB blackberry.com/facebook?


probably both, also if you go into facebook options, you can check for updates there too.


Why did it change to pacific?


Looking forward to the new photo features.


out yet?
i thought it's 6pm pst time already now? no?


Has anyone got this update yet? because I got see it @ all!!!


Its out on the App World now.


Ha yeah I am as I am running it right now


Downloaded mine through App World! Working ok so far.


Blah, its not even up. RIM sucks.


lets hope it comes out


6.55pm EST and when I go to download it tells me it is still version!


Go through your browser and not the app.


Will this work on OS v5.0 ??


This is weird that you guys aren't seeing it, I just finished installing from App World


guess it hasn't migrated to all the servers yet. Same thing happened with Evernote, One part of the US got it, and then another part like 3 hours later.


Another 3 hours till i get it!! :(


Could you tell us all how it is? I'm on the East Coast, just checked App World and it's not available to us yet...



Everything that was in 1.5 is still there. The comment feature has been updated, and now it creates a feed when you comment on other people's status/when someone comments after you. You can view whole walls now with in the app, and it works well so less reason to go to the site or mobile site. You can also view pictures the same way as 1.5 but now you are able to scroll through whole albums and it works well too, not as much lag as I thought there might be.
They updated the whole application layout too, its more polished and is rounded now with more life to it, not as square and plain as it was before.


so that means we should get it at 9.. the east coast is by far the best coast of the US.


Looks like Kevin's corrected the time zone to PST - lol!


Thank you very much!! Can't wait to check it out!


Still another hour away .... lame.


ooh exciting, I love updates. lol. Around one more hour to go here in CA...


I am in VA Beach right now and it is available in the app store, so people in this area should be able to get it. Looks good so far!


What kind of bb do you have?


im in chicago and its not available yet... 7:15pm CST


yeah the link from RIM has an error message attached. maybe removing the old for the new?!? i damn hope so... getting anxious


Just downloading 1.6 now from App World. I'm here in South Bend, IN


I downloaded it through Blackberry App World. Working ok so far.


on blackberry.com/facebook in washington state.


Sorry, your device does not meet the sytem requirements that are needed to support Facebook.

Why me? :o(


it happened to me too...you just have to try it a few times. i think they were making the download live at the time when i tried to get it.


Yah that worked! Thx adm930


i can't get app world in RSA so anyone get it via the RIM link?


idk mabe it because im running on a beta os or what but i cant download this new facebook


Just got the update in New Jersey...boo yah!


Downloading now from blackberry/facebook! Ontario, Canada


8:43pm EST and RIM has posted 1.6. I am downloading it now!


Its available to download now, already downloaded and installed


Its available in FL, go to the www.blackberry.com/facebook ...it was here but not in app world


Just downloaded it now -- As a few people have already said it's available to download just point your BlackBerry browser to http://www.blackberry.com/facebook/mobiledownload

Also for those waiting for App World to update the application or to update via Facebook you may have to wait a little while longer.. If you really want it I suggest just going to the site manually.


Im in NYC, its, 8:52pm and downloading...


just downloaded it, and i am LOVING IT! guess i got it 15 minutes early :D


app world has it and it download for me


nothing but problems 4 me.. i wish i never bothered!!!!


no icon for me! help?


Downloading now wow its ontime!!!


I don't have an icon...WTF?


Just downloaded it.... wow they weren't playin'!!!


Very nice, its more geared towards finding out received notifications as opposed to only sending new ones...myspace has a lot of catching up to do..


I'm downloading it now. So far so good

Jay D

i get error 907...


Issue solvable or not???


I had the one issue the first time I downloaded where my FB icon was missing and then I just went back to the http://www.blackberry.com/facebook/mobiledownload website and re-downloaded it and it works GREAT!!! Live news feed "highlights" is awesome and you can now see your notifications as well. Really great update and well worth the wait!!!


Downloaded successfully, rebootted successfully..no Icon???


did you delete the other one or overwrite it?


anyone running OS, who just downloded???


doing it right now . will let u know if it works

Magna Farta

Downloaded just fine but like others, no icon. Nice going RIM! Curve 8330 running OS v4.3.0.127. Will try and download it again to see if that fixes the problem.


Look in the Applications folder thats where mine is....


I did an overwrite...I'm assuming it would work better the first time for those who delete the old and then install the new. I just re-downloaded it again and it worked perfectly the second time. App is great so far.


im usually really picky about this kind of stuff, but i actually like this app! only thing i would like to see now is chat.


download it again. I had the same thing, redownloaded to storm and working fine.


I'm going to re-download again


Redownloaded it..got the icon


I have just instaled the new FB and it is not working on Bold. I can find the aplication in the options/applications menu but the icon is missing. I have BB Bold from Vodafone.


Running very nicely on my 8330 ( with no problems yet. I welcome the changes. This one is a winner!


Very nice updates.. I am very happy with this update. More like the website. Kudos FB


You might have to update through the browser....I had trouble updating through the app.


Trying to see what happens with the second download but folks are definitely jamming the servers...OK, now I have 2 freakin' icons. Doesn't anyone test sheet anymore? hahaha now one icon just went poof...freak show.


and then Facebook says it can't contact the server...weee


I did download FB 1.6 and works fine and I'm glad I did make it to 1.6 without any plms


still no icon? any permission or settings before reattempting?


I could carry this on for days but does it really make sense obviously its a design fault!


Checking it out now, seems a bit faster?


I do use storm with bell .122 and download FB 1.6 and does have FB icons on it :)


Downloaded twice, still no icon, I see it in the apps list tho...arrgh!


we have same problem. I tried 4 times. No icon.


Just downloaded it - on my first try! - and so far, I love it. Ok, perhaps love is too strong a word since I've only had it for 10 minutes, but I have yet to find any major issues which would cause me to brand it crap.


I get an error stating that net_rim_bis_lib is required and not installed. WFT? I see it in the OS, so I am ssuming it is installed. Anyone with 4.5 on an 8830WE having this running yet?


I'm having the same problem! Did you figure out how to fix it yet?


@ jayred

you need to delete 1.5 and then download 1.6 and it will be fine foe you


Very nice! I like it much better than the last version I had!


The highlight feature is awesome.


thanks bro, but i deleted almost 4 hours before i installed 1.6. so i'm completely lost as to why it's still giving sh1t? lol


I have installed and re-installed the newest version but there is still no icon. I deleted the older version initially. Installed the new one several times already. I did 3 battery pulls and still no icon. help....


From Waterloo - v1.60.0.17
Downloaded from my Internet Browser...rebooted. All seems to be working well. The program is in my Downloads folder as well.

Looks great!


It runs great. It's a much-needed improvement from 1.5, and now I have a reason to actually use the Facebook app, rather than using the internet.


did download 1.6 but no need for battery pull and everything works just fine for my storm


I was able to download it around 5:45 PST.


Looks like a good update to me... lots of better features... I like it better than .5

I got mine with no problem at www.blackberry.com/facebook right from my phone.


I've gone back to da old 1... i aint updating.... till they sort it!!!


ok still nothing. once i deleted the other one a cheap looking FB icon showed up. i clicked on it and it took me to the download page. i downloaded again for the 4th time and still nothing. is it normal that it asks permission to reboot to finish install?

Magna Farta

Did the same procedure as Jayred did above and still no icon on 3 download attempts. This, my friends, is irritating.


When I installed the first time (I overwrote), it prompted me to reboot. When my storm finished rebooting I had no icon. Then, I downloaded again and it did NOT prompt me to reboot and I had an icon. Do you still have the old fb??


deleted a few hours before i got 1.6. should i maybe install 1.5 then overwrite it with 1.6?


Yes! Try that and let me know what happens. Also, did you try the app store? What link are you using to get this upgrade? What blackberry do you have?


don't have appworld in south africa. got the bold. busy going 1.5 to 1.6


WOOHOOOOO. Working now. Thanx Roxy! :)


guess im late with my download. i just started it up

drevusa downloaded from email link. First try no problems. Install over 1.5, did not have to delete.


For sure there's a bug in the installation file. I downloaded once, and got no Icon (check the app list, and it's there).

So I followed the suggestion to re-install, and VOILA! it's there! Nice UI! :)

RIM gotta do something about this.


the picture slideshow thing looks absolutely amazing on the my storm. anxious to see whats next up!


Mine worked perfect first go round. Download - reboot - and perfect!


I downloaded like 5 times already, I even re-installed 1.5 the installed 1.6 over it, no icon still.


Works perfectly on my Bold. :)


Like it. Really like it, wish I had a storm for the bigger screen.


How ever has a BOLD and got it to work.

Please let me know what version you're running on your BOLD


It worked on my Bold. I'm running


Oh man, the graphics actually look good!!! Not like they were made in 2000!!! YES :)


this version is great. of course we all cant wait until the chat is intergrated with this app but finally we can view pics and profiles without the app opening our mobile browser.

Magna Farta

It took 5 downloads but the stinkin icon finally appeared. Had to reboot each time I overwrote the old version (not so when deleted first then fresh installed). Hearing things about packet loss due to heavy server activity. Who knows for sure.


People having the no icon problem, before you start the download, check the change permissions box and set all permissions to allow, Then click on , I went through 6 downloads before I tried that and now I have the icon!


Tried your suggestion, still no icon. Perhaps it was not designed to work with the Pearl?


Overwrote, installed, up and running in less than 3 minutes installed, I am impressed...looks good


Have worked with about 30 minutes, now, and it seems to be working ok. No calendar issues - it did add a Facebook calendar but so far, it hasn't dropped any duplicate entries. Keep your fingers and toes crossed!


didnt have no icon at first then had to reboot and change permissions but it looks great i love it


When are they going to build in the chat with your online friends like the iPhone has? That's the only thing they are missing. :(


Umm anybody else install this just to have facebook DISSAPEAR!!??
whhat the fox!??


I got the new version for my Curve and my wife's Pearl. Now we just have to learn a new format, but I don't think it can be worse than 1.5 was...jeeze we waited that long for that piece of junk?


I am really diggin the new 1.6! Very nice update for my Storm. I hated always having to go to the mobile site for certain things.


"No word to describe it so I'll make one up now... Scrumtrulescent."


Anyone check out the photo zoom yet? It's pretty freeken sweet.


wow after 10000 reinstalls and 2000 bat pull outs it fianaly worked :)


I'm sooooo excited! Downloading now =]


How come we still cannot like statuses? It's a little annoying.


I know right? Such a simple feature..yet they cant just make a little tiny 4 letter link you can click that says LIKE.


Downloaded on my Bold on .266 first time, no issues. Like the interface...no chat but thats ok, use Palringo for free facebook chat app.


It is sad to see new version of the app rolling out but without WiFi support. Come on guys, WiFi is now there on almost all the phones.


Just downloaded new version, much, much better than the old one!


1.6 stopped linking my contacts to Facebook friends. The option simply is gone!


havent done it yet, but from what everyone is saying (minor changes, etc etc), I doubt this is happening:

i wish there was a facebook app that actually lets you view wall post comments. facebook added the feature where you can like/comment people's activities and wall posts instead of having wall-to-wall chats, and it seems no one can view them on mobile. which sucks. ive had too many friends do that, and my internet at home wont connect to FB anymore (ive tried everything in the book. haha).

Im gonna look through the post again and retract my comment if I'm wrong. But I'm on my Ipod Touch's facebook app right now, because it wont connect on my wifi/wired connection at home for some reason on the browser (having some router issues i suppose..works on the apps/mobile). And I can tell you, Im enjoying the ipod touch.

We'll see how this goes, but I doubt a +.1 upgrade is doing much. Especially because of the comments previously stated before mine. LOL



If you have upgrade you will and can lose functionality based on your BES rules and polices. If the bes server is not upgraded or configured properly you will not be able to add someone to your contacts or calendar entries. Depending on Polices that haven't got there updates for social networks. More security, reduces functionality . This sucks big time, wish I knew about this before upgrade now either I need to login and upgrade the bes with the right policy or downgrade my phone back to 1.5. Decisions!!!!


Thanks for the info. I was able to follow the KB and import the BES 5.0 policy mapping in to our 4.6 BES to enable this functionality. Seems to working fine.


I suppose I've got a hat to eat.


on the storm! kinda iffy but still cool nonetheless


This is so weird. Somehow my blackberrybrowser will only let me download the facebook application over the "Internet" not the "Hotspot" mode. All the other pages work flawlessly with wifi.... what do you reckon?


Works better then the 1.5 and has more features...Still wish it had chat though but ya know


tried dloading since last night,keep getting an error
" The server returned the following error while attempting to fulfill your request. CONNECTION TIMED OUT. iM runiing .250


Is it just me or is flipping through the photos extremely fun :D *cough* flick *cough*


So far I am really liking the update. The photo albums are great. My only problem is the method and timing of the release. If RIM is serious about App World, then why aren't they releasing updated apps there first? I updated shortly after 9 last night and as of 8:30 this morning, still not available in App World on my Storm. PS. App World really should notify you of available updates when you start it instead of clicking on each of your installed apps.


Just keeps getting better and better. On reflection, my Storm is certainly taking the place of a host of other devices ...


well FINALLY the cb blogs have put up something interesting..

for the past week or two the blogs have been fairly dead to me, but this is nice news (:


am loving this new version all we need now is chat


anyone else having probs with it making ur phone run really slow at first??? im hoping this doesnt last long and its still updating cuz its really annoying and i'll go back to 1.5 if it keeps doing it. i really like the way of viewing pics on here and myspace tho i think its a neat feature!


same here, do a battery pull, that fixed it right up


Replacing version 1.2.0 with Let's see how this goes!


This is better than the latest version of the facebook app ten times over. The biggest problem was viewing friends profiles...so in effect..I just had a bunch of status updates and I didnt really surf through my friends pages. Now its quick and easy.
The one downfall I think still is that they dont have a "search friends" bar thats quick to get to. You can go to "friends" but once you do..it automatically starts loading a whole bunch of crap that most people dont want. They want to just be able to find the specific friend they are looking for, and fast.


they do have a friends search when you go into friends icon, and start typing it pulls the names that match what u r typing


thats weird anyone else notice this?


I'm really impressed at how it finally feels like having a mini facebook in ur pocket :) can't wait to c wut other awesomeness is in the future for it :)


insatalled it last night, really like the interface. The pictures sometimes can't be fetched sometimes. However, all over a lot of improvement


Just downloaded this today. I had no problems with the download or the icon issue. I'm overall happy with the improvements.


All in all, this is a much more complete release. I'm with everyone else here who wants the the live chat portion of the app to be included as soon as possible, but I'm very pleased with the inclusion of profile info in the native app. Much better! RIM seems to be working hard on this, so I'm anticipating more improvements to come. Good job RIM!


i find it slightly annoying that it doesnt show MY status right at the top like the 1.5. also, not really a fan of how i cant "like" something still. RIM update that please?? im not too concerned bout facebook chat simply cuz i think i'd rather just text/bbm someone anyways.


I think the like was a horrible addition because if you like something you are forced to get all the new comments. Sometimes I want to like and walk away.


My calendar is grayed out and not ticked, my address book is grayed out and ticked - can no longer link friends to address book and update profile pics to address book - bummer!



I've the same issue (Addressbook and Calendar Sync). did you find a solution?


Geniuses. My current FB app still thinks that it is the latest FB app. I tried to tell it to upgrade itself but noooooooooo ...

Might want to work on that version compatibility thang hunh FB?


Calm down a little. go to the mobile site and click the download at the bottom of the page. Then you can upgrade.


Looks nicer, like the added features. But 1.5 was faster and showed my status at the top which was always nice to know what i wrote last. Also, i don't like how even if i respond no to an invite it still adds to my calender :/


I have a facebook friend who makes repeated and annoying status posts. Her status is hidden in full facebook, but the BB version doesn't seem to enable this feature.

Anyone figure out how (if) this status flag might work in 1.6?


I overwrote 1.5 and did a reboot. No problems and didn't loose my icon. Love the new version.


More confusion. What if I don't want to update my status before I see everyone else? Oh that's right YOU HAVE TO... Weak...

Face book is still only good for receiving messages and returning comments.


I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about You don't have to update your status at all. It has nothing to do with seeing other updates.


Can i haz flick scrolling?

YESSSSSS, thank you rim, now please incorperate this into the rest of your OS!!


I like all the new features, but it has locked up and crashed on me multiple time and yes I have done battery pulls. It seems to be acting okay right now, maybe the problem has resolved its self.


Where are you people getting 1.6 from ? I go to the app store and it's still 1.5 ?


I'm Dumb.. I got it LOL!!!!!!


Am I the only one that can't download this? I'm in NYC, AT&T BB 8900 running OS 4.6...multiple attempts, battery pulls, overwrites and an exorcism later...and still no icon =( its in my applications list.


I had no problems downloading it and it has been really good ever since. A little slow with the pictures but I'm not complaining since it's a million times better than 1.5. All we need now is chat!


always got a "app error 523" everytime i tried to install...


I'll just wait until the app tells me it's time for an update...I give up.


Go to the mobile site and go to the bottom, click on the download facebook app and follow the instructions. It's really not that complicated. Befor the app store people actually had to look for things


Been there, done that, still doesn't work...


You're welcome!! Sorry, I just saw your post! Are you enjoying the new fb?


Can we search for the updated version through the older app 1.5 under option or do you HAVE to download it?


Quality was horrible in 1.2

Got much much better in 1.5

Is back to being horrible in 1.6

I can upload the same photo as MMS to facebook and it looks great.


I think this is a better alternative device besides the blackberry (www.smartq7.com) and it is cheap too.


I've already attempted to download from the Facebook mobile site and from www.blackberry.com/facebook/mobiledownload (not available from App World in my area yet)...still doesn't work after multiple download attempts, overwrites, reboots and battery pulls...no icon, just in application list.


It used to be that when you got a notification and entered the app, you went instantly to it. Now you have to download the updates from all friends' status before you can access the notification. FAIL again, RIM. Also, why can't I see my own status... one step forward, three steps back.


For all those who are unable to sync fb calendar and contacts (checkboxes greyed out) with the device:



did they fix it? your link isnt completed I can't get to it.


I downloaded it Saturday, when I go to check notifications the page freezes and skips several times before correcting itself. Just did a battery pull and still got the problem, damn!


Lovely apps from facebook/RIM. If only it had chat then it would be the perfect facebook app...but then again i don't really chat much via facebook so its just perfect for me. The ability to access the photo albums via the app and the 'view hightlights' link on the start up pahge is awesome! This app 'almost' makes the mobile site redundant! I love it RIM! and thanks to crackberry for giving the heads up...my friends were envious when they saw my new facebook for blackberry..till i finally told them about the new version and the link to it some hours later! Lol.


Jumps alot
I tried to view some status that had quite a few comments and got an uncaught exception three times??
I do hate it when it flickers too and viewing is not very smooth...part from this great app much better than 1.5 and love the viewing of the photos


Very nice app. A HUGE improvement. Its a huge step towards the next version.


anyone know if they fixed the bug with blackberry contact sync on facebook 1.6?