Facebook App Version 1.5 Coming in Early 2009!

Facebook 1.5 Coming in Early 2009
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Nov 2008 10:21 am EST

With the recent release of the long-waited MySpace app for BlackBerry, I thought it might a good time to highlight some of the other items on the BIS Roadmap coming your way in 2009...

FaceBook for BlackBerry version 1.5 is targeted for a January 2009 release, and will include the deeper integration with Facebook while maintaining the unique push features offered in current application. New features in version 1.5 include:

  • New Account Creation - the ability to create a new Facebook account directly on the BlackBerry handheld.
  • Access and Manage Facebook Phone Book - the ability to view friends phone numbers, request friends phone numbers, publish your phone number and even add these to your BlackBerry address book.
  • Facebook Birthday and BlackBerry Calendar Link - the ability to automatically import & link friends birthdays in to the BlackBerry Calendar as part of the Facebook Friend List linking
  • Facebook Event Calendar and Blackberry Calendar Link - the ability to save Facebook events into the BlackBerry Calendar. Facebook events will be differentiated by a different color and an event reminder notification may be set up.  

Facebook version 2.0 is also in the works, but that is scoped for later in the year as part of BIS 2.7, along with newer versions of the Flickr and MySpace app. I'll keep ya posted as we learn more!

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Facebook App Version 1.5 Coming in Early 2009!


They REALLY need a better Facebook for BlackBerry. If you compare it to the v1 app that was available for iPhone - it's truly sad.

I think the mobile Facebook is actually better than the current 1.3 FB for BlackBerry..

Does anyone know if the new application will offer the ability to add a friend directly through the blackberry. currently you cannot search for friends or add them on the phone. Would be nice!

I'm really, really excited about the ability to add birthdays and events directly to your BB calendar. I think that's going to be a great feature...

Although I have the fb app, most of the time I end up on the mobile site and the app doesn't really make anything more convenient. I used to use it for updating (and checking) my status, but I discovered it only remembers the lst status made on the blackberry, not the current one I have! So if I say "tech42er is trying out the fb app" from my bb, then log on my laptop and change my status to "tech42er is posting on Crackberry", and go back into the app on my bb, it will say my status is "tech42er is trying out the fb app". Has anyone else had this problem? If so, that's a design flaw that's just unforgivable and I say no reason to use the crippled app over the mobile site.

In reply to tech42er, I have noticed exactly the same problem with the status syncing - basically, the fb for bb app doesn't sync your personal status which seems quite a basic thing! I can refresh the status of my friends by looking at my friends list and get 'recent status updates' on the status page, but it doesn't sync my status to what it is currently (since usually I change it from the computer rather than the bb). Pretty poor - hope they fix that (provide a 'sync' option?) in the new fb release.

They NEED to update it so it's more true to the real News feed. I know it's hard, but it'd be awesome. At the very least, the ability to comment on Statuses would be great! They need to add a lot more features...it's very minimal compared to the iPhone one...*sigh*

Hate to be negative but those feature don't sound that compelling. Has anyone seen the fb app for iPhone and iPod Touch? It's light years ahead of this one. Maybe the open-source community will fill the void?

they should use the same kinda of interface myspace app is using, i like the way u could see the pictures on fullscreen without leaving the application and going to the web browser and seeing them real tiny.... my props to whoever made the myspace app...


Outside of notifications, this app is worthless. It should integrate full functionality rather than pushing you to the mobile site.

All I really want is the resizing algorithm to be fixed. As of now, when you upload pictures to FB from you BB, they look atrocious.

Hi all..

Thought I'd just mention that after a failed attempt on the 1st to start using appWorld (Orange UK user) I retried the following day and it now works fine.

This post is actually about Facebook for BB...

I noticed when I first used appWorld that the facebook (1.2) was available for download, then the following day it had dissappeared and is now nowhere to be found on appWorld.
I'm wondering if it has been taken down to be replaced with a OS wide release of 1.5???
Hopefully so, but if anyone can shed any light on this every growing/burning question the info would be appreciated.
ps Thumbs up to appWorld. Great app... but... does seem to take forever to install apps... never mind :)
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