Facebook 1.7 Now Available for Download!

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Oct 2009 09:09 pm EDT
Facebook version 1.7 Now Available

* Update: Facebook 1.7 is now live on the App World client as well! *

There were some rumors floating around the forums that Facebook 1.7 would make its debut today, and it looks like they panned out to be true! The update isn't live on App World just yet, but you can download it by visiting blackberry.com/facebook or m.facebook.com on your BlackBerry's web browser. So what's new?

Facebook Mobile for BlackBerry (version 1.7) provides the following feature enhancements:

  • News Feed Support - The ability to set the News Feed as the landing page
  • News Feed Filters - The ability to toggle between 'News Feed, Status Updates, Photos & Links'
  • Caching Improvements - The application uses the device memory more efficiently.
  • Feed Pre-fetching - The user will not be required to wait while their Facebook Feeds are updated
  • View Profile Menu Option - Clients may easily view their own profile by selecting 'View my Profile' from the menu. "
Give it a go and be sure to report your findings in the comments. Thanks to Jared for the tip! 

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Facebook 1.7 Now Available for Download!



App World did send me an email right away letting me know about the FB update so maybe some are getting the email and some are not-maybe your emails from App World is going into your spam inbox.

Agreed. The only reason why I came on here to see what exactly was updated was because my App World notified me of the update. So what if I get notified a few hours late? At least I get notified. Some people here freak out if they aren't aware of an update thats 5 minutes old.

Hey guys, just updated to the 1.7 version and lost my data connectivity on the phone. Using Tour on Sprint network. Anyone else having an issue? Rebooted the device twice, uninstalling app now to see if my data issue is corrected.

For the benefit of anyone else having this problem, if you get this error do a battery pull and remove any un-needed apps.

I'm guessing you either have an 8330 or else have a LOT of apps on your phone ;-)

Since I updated to 1.7 I cannot connect to FB. I uninstalled and reinstalled about 6 times; nothing. I cannot go back to 1.6 because I get a message that my device doesn't have the appropriate software or something along those lines.

Now I'm stuck just going through Opera Mini until they release an update.

I downloaded 1.7 on the newest 5.0 leak. When i go to install it, its not letting me use the touch screen and i cannot get it to switch while in landscape mode. The screen is set on portrait mode. When i "click" screen to go to password box, it doesnt work, i need to roll my hand on screen ( kind of like i would if i had a trackball) and it moves the cursor down.

Its like the version thats downloaded isnt playing well with the storm. Its like it was intended for trackball devices only.

Anyone else experience this?

anybody having scrolling issues with 1.7.??????
it's like it's impossible to control.
touch the screen and it will scroll all the way up, or down, and can't see shit about the shit in between.
this update sucks.

This just bricked my VZW tour. It keeps resetting itself. Going in to the store on my lunch break I suppose....

I need to downgrade back to V1.6.21

i can't open some of my contacts & i don't know how to fix it.

anyone know where i can get the downgrade for v 1.6 its not working from blackberry.com

On the newsfeed page instead of showing my profile pic it looks like a cartoon of a picture torn in half :( is anyone else having to issue??

I recently downloaded this from the App World and noticed that all my current Google calendar events were duplicated by the Facebook app making the calendar very crowded. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions?

One thing I really like about this version is the opportunity to login over-and-over while receiving various error messages. After about 20 attempts, I finally get logged in, which is kind of boring. Fear not, any interaction with the application will cause me to be logged out and I can start the fun all over again.

But I do like the upgrade. I dont get my inbox from my facebook app, I dont get update on new messages, or new notifications. That sucks. I have to go to the website. Pointless. Its only convenient when im posting status'

same exact thing happens to me and it's REALLY frusturating. i am going back to 1.6 till this is fixed. Unacceptable.

Is anyone else annoyed that facebook is now everywhere on your BB? When setting up the new facebook, I originally checked the box to connect by bb smartphone app with facebook and checked the bb contact app. Its annoying me that my friends facebook info (company,school, etc) are now in my bb's contact info and all their birthdays are on my calendar. even though i unchecked all of these options, all the information is still showing. please help bc i really don't like this option....

I'm not receiving notifications with the new 1.7 I love it but this isn't cutting it. I have all the settings set up the right way, there not even coming into my email on my phone, only on the PC. Goin back to 1.6 till this gets fixed i guess :[[[[

Maybe I missed it but I have it on my blackberry tour and am wondering how to change the news feeds from showing up as the starter page and changing it to the status updates...

Whenever I login there is no news feed and all it says is No stream post available. Even when I go to a specific profile. Does anyone have any answers to this problem? I uninstalled, reinstalled, battery pulled and everything. Someone please help!!