Facebook 1.7 Now Available for Download!

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Oct 2009 09:09 pm EDT
Facebook version 1.7 Now Available

* Update: Facebook 1.7 is now live on the App World client as well! *

There were some rumors floating around the forums that Facebook 1.7 would make its debut today, and it looks like they panned out to be true! The update isn't live on App World just yet, but you can download it by visiting blackberry.com/facebook or m.facebook.com on your BlackBerry's web browser. So what's new?

Facebook Mobile for BlackBerry (version 1.7) provides the following feature enhancements:

  • News Feed Support - The ability to set the News Feed as the landing page
  • News Feed Filters - The ability to toggle between 'News Feed, Status Updates, Photos & Links'
  • Caching Improvements - The application uses the device memory more efficiently.
  • Feed Pre-fetching - The user will not be required to wait while their Facebook Feeds are updated
  • View Profile Menu Option - Clients may easily view their own profile by selecting 'View my Profile' from the menu. "
Give it a go and be sure to report your findings in the comments. Thanks to Jared for the tip! 

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Facebook 1.7 Now Available for Download!



RIM seriously needs to stop this BS of not alerting users to when its apps are updated. We shouldn't have to rely on word of mouth to know there's an update. This is an area where Apple does things right. Every app update shows up on the iPhone as soon as it hits the system and those aren't even apps made by Apple!

I couldn't agree with you more. Their sloppy and unorganized Website is proof of that. It's just now, after years, starting to get organized.

might i add, before i downloaded this, i check my 1.16.** and asked it to look for updates... surprise surprise... there were none...

I then went online and downloaded 1.17.** Thanks Crackberry!

I also agree. They need to learn how to be a little organized because there are people who don't know about crackberry or other sites like it.

We do get notifications if we have AppWorld installed (and installed an app via AppWorld). A little number shows up in the corner of the AppWorld icon just as it does on the AppStore on an iPhone. New apps are always put up on the website first then AppWorld. Crackberry is just faster that's all.

I'm pretty sure I posted the original thread containing this information and damnit, i want the credit! LOL... I'm always hunting for this information and for once i think i got it first!

It did say at the bottom, "Thanks to Adam for the tip" before but now it says Jared... My name is Adam, don't know if it was referring to me though.


was my bad. had it sent in to me by two people.. thought adam was the first person, but was actually jared so I updated.  so yeah.. was a different adam then you though.

BUT... that doesn't mean you may have posted it first in the forums, but unless you report it on our tip line it may not always get noticed right away... there's gabillions of new posts in the forums all the time (we can't catch em all).  That's why we have the Tip Us! link at the top of the site so readers/members/etc. can make sure the editorial team is always informed asap. just posting in the forums doesn't always guarantee we see it. use that tip line! 

regardless, much thanks, and CHEERS to you!

Gonna download it now....good deal. I agree with an earlier comment. I am NOT gonna drink the iPhone kool-aid, but they do get it right with their updates. Even my daughter's iPod touches get the updates when they are hooked into wi-fi....what gives RIM?

I like the new FB 1.7 I like how we can like the status through the app now without having to go onto the mobile web! :) I also like how we can switch between news feed, status updates, photos, etc. I agree w/ you CJ RIM needs to start updating us when there is upgrades available!! good thing I follow crackberry on twitter! :) keeps me informed.

So far I have no complaints about the fb upgrade.

please tell me it filters out the news feeds that you hide from the desktop version... so annoyign that they havent done this yet

most of the world wouldn't even have a clue RIM stuff is released. Hell...I havent even received an update for the Mac Desktop Manager release that I signed up for...twice 2 months ago!

You give your email to a company for updates and get none...you dont give your email a company for updates and you get spammed to all holy heck...

what gives!?!?!?!?!?!?!

While you mentionned this I remembered that Rim never sent me an email for anything.

Not for the Storm 1
Definitely not for the upcoming Storm 2
Not for Appworld
and not for this new FB app version.

Damn Rim sucks really bad at customer service!

If it wasn't for Crackberry I would of left the BB world a long time ago.

Rock on Crackberry Kevin :)

Same thing happened with me! Never got any of those E-mail updates i signed up for. The one time it worked was for Blackberry app world where i got the Email 4 days late and by then i had already downloaded it.

Not a bad update. I would still like to be able to access my apps from my bb. I hope that is coming soon. It is great to be able to see the new feed and links and things. Just want to be able to have access to the apps.


I see that you can hide them if you play games yourself, but can you hide them appearing from friends?

My 1.6 was working on my boostberry 8350i but now that i downloaded 1.7, its not letting me log on. Looks like im going to have to look everywhere for the legacy app :\

However there are workarounds for circumventing all of these impediments; Id love it if boost starts supporting blackberries. :]

That must be the biggest load of BS RIM and facebook have ever done. I live in Saudi Arabia, where the mobile providers block your "internet browser", and force you to connect to a local browser from the provider, or only on hotspot. I have normal internet access, but its through my provider. MY BB though doesnt recognize this, and that's why apps like BB app world and now Facebook wont work. Facebook should have stuck to the same connection as v 1.6, it was working just fine here.

I want to have the new facebook app, bb app world, and other apps, but many cannot work due to this stupidity! Even the crackberry appstore only works through wi-fi! But hey at least it works unlike other apps.

I know its a long shot, as nothing will change from my providers side, but anyway to make these apps work?


Hey. Is that why it sayd BIS Not Connected?

Also, I downloaded FB1.7 an it doesnt connect. However, I am unable to dowload FB1.6 OTA as it gives me a message stating that my device is not configured for this. I tried installing 1.5 and 1.6 using USB but couldnt get the application icon. The funny thing is, that before downloading 1.7, I ws using 1.5 and 1.6 without any issues. Any idea on how to solve this?


yah if someone can help me get back my data service would be awesome, im flippin out cause i pretty much have no phone now after dling this

Not sure what people are talking about not being notified. Anything I download through App World I get notified when there is a update. It gives you a red star on the app world icon and also gives you a small icon by your time. Then when you go into app world and go into your downloads it marks what is available for a update.

I found out about the Facebook update on Twitter from a Crackberry tweet. I am supposed to be able to get updates by checking for updates in the facebook program on my phone. But, it showed there being no updates, which of course is not true. Obviously, the update feature does not work.

Yeah, this is true. I have seen it not find updates in the past. Either way, it just seems like such a small thing to get up in arms about.

Yes, but the check for updates feature did not find v 1.7 on my 8330. I had to go to the facebook mobile page through the browser to get. I have to say it is much better. I hated the freeze up while waiting for the news feeds to update.

I really hope that the Fb app 2.0 will make a leap ahead.

I wonder how the Rim shares are doing right now :)))

Another cool feature is that it now says "Facebook for BlackBerry" versus just "facebook Mobile," when updating or adding content. So it's specific in identifying you're using a BB.

I have a Tour download the new Facebook tonight was a little slow downloading but finally finished. I really like it you can see updated pictures, can leave if you like a post has a cool statuse feed its worth the upgrade.

Nothing major but some nice improvements.

I have had it saying "Facebook for BlackBerry" for a while. Only got "Facebook Mobile" if I sent a text to update.

facebook has definitely overtaken myspace. i would like the option to comment on someones status in the myspace app though.

MySpace is pretty retro now, I closed my account aaaages ago. It's facebook and for my friends anyhow - tweets inbetween.

the most important part for me was that it was compatible with the leaked storm os Finally I have FB on my storm again!

well then I guess I missed that one. Please don't piss in my corn flakes, let me be excited for this release! :D

I think.. they weren't (fyi< I love that cornflakes quote...gonna use it sometime) begrudging but informing.. Lol. I too was excited when I could finally use FB on my .190 and .238. Yay for update! :D

Heh, I thought that too when I saw a bunch of mafia wars updates in my feed. I think I am going to leave it on news feed though and just hope that there are not too many of those :)

Something went awry.. it loads fine.. but it's SO SLOW to load any information.. and it seems to have taken out socialscope because that won't even open anymore =(

ETA: two battery pulls later fb is better.. socialscope is still fubar.. i'll have to reload that.

The front page makes this app update sound boring... IT HAS FREAKIN IN APP LIKEABILITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it at first glance!!!

They worked in all versions for me. Go into the options on your facebook page and make sure facebook is emailing you the notifications.

I have it set to notify me, but it did not. I even opened my facebook app and asked it to check for updates and it came back and said none were available. Only after going to blackberry.com/facebook did I get the option for the 1.7 update....annnoying.

Sucks that you cant delete a status update still though. If I mess up with a typo or say something stupid I have to find a PC to login with to delete it.

This app. is getting better and better all the time. Downloaded fast and works great on my bold 9000...

Okay, I am totally digging this new app that Facebook came out with. The new feeds are awesome! It actually shows everything!! Uplaoding photos from your phone is a GREEN LIGHT NOW, it is actually working! YAY..........Much faster and more like the real thing1

...you just have to hit the BB button and click "go to mobile site" and do it that way. Sucks, but atleast you can do it.

Can you "like" status's in this update? Someone mentioned earlier that you can but i havent seen anyone else confirm it.

Why are we still not able to play videos in our facebook app...come on....cant have those iphone users showing us up like that...do better than that RIM

For youtube videos, it should link you to the mobile site. You can view the video there. This still may not be up to your standards though :(

Memory usage is down from 2.2Mb for the app down to 1Mb if i'm reading it correctly.. that's awesome! The app definitely seems faster. Quite impressed except for one thing...i think the scroll between options on the screen could flow better..

I have the storm, I dont have a 5.0 OS but it's almost as if there's flick scrolling -or acts like it anyway- on this version BUT, for some reason only on the "news feed" tab, it doesn't do it on the "status updates" tab or other tabs......??

This is terrible. Did anybody else experienced this? I cannot open in Blackberry Contacts, my facebook friends :((( With the previous version I was able to open/look at the contact info, without problems, but now I can see there are there, but cannot open, unless they are not on my facebook list of friends (which I can view )

I also cannot connect my BB contacts & calendar w/facebook friends. I'm on a BES, RU? Read somewhere a long time ago this is an issue w/BES users..so I rolled mine back to 1.5 where it worked perfectly.

I have the same issue too..

What's also annoying is that the caller id and name to number matching for SMS messages doesnt work either.

I also use google sync to back up contacts... thats the only other non blackberry application that has access to my contacts I think..

IS there any equivalent of CTRL ALT DEL so i can stop the facebook app temporarily?????


Same problem here and my roommate has the same problem also.

I uninstalled the FB app completely, and then I could access the contacts fine again.
Then I re-installed the FB app and the problem is there again.

I also un-selected the option to link FB contacts to BB contacts, but that doesn't help either.

Can't open/edit any contacts in the BB that are linked to a FB profile.

This is a very annoying bug as when these people txt me it doesn't show their name, just the number.

Anyone else notice the missing FB notification icon when a comment, message, etc. is received. Eveeything goes to my email. 9530 Storm

Got a message right after my reboot. U might wanna change your facebook setting on the facebook web page. That's the only way to fix that

Same issue.

My phone now only shows the email. Its not pulled into the FB app. I have checked all my settings. WTF
9530 Storm .148

Has anyone ever got the message "could not connect because a data service is not avaiable. Please try again later. If this continues contact your service provider for support." I have taken my Storm 1 to the verizon store and they do not know what is wrong with and I called VZW also and they tell me to call Facebook. Also I have deleted it and reinstalled it. HELP please!!!

I have looked it up on the Blackberry website on my computer and Blackberry App World client as well and it still shows 1.6 ......WTF??? Did they pull it?

....i switch to iphone in 3 days....

goodbye crappy blackberry storm, you will make a great paperweight.

i sold my iphone, and never regretted it, its a toy. i love apple too, its a shame. have fun having someone babysit your phone for you. p.s. they're nearly impossible to JB now, apple changed the bootroms

What the hell? After install, it rebooted and now it's rebooting endlessly. Restarts over and over. Eff Facebook, what the hell... Can't even connect to Desktop Manager anymore.

You need to reload your OS. If you're in a constant reboot cycle, you have to pull the battery, then pull up OS Loader. As soon as you connect the cable (with the battery still out of the phone) you will see it connect via USB--then hit next to prevent it from booting. Once you get to this step, you can load the battery back in then reinstall your OS.

It's still not as fast as the mobile site when reading and scrolling through status updates. I'm sticking with the mobile site. The app takes to long to load and refresh.

I like to connect my Facebook friends with my Blackberry contacts. I'm happy to say that the update does not remove the "connection!"

I got nothing. Says there are no updates in the program and the downloan site keeps giving me an error. Help is appreciated.

Everytime i have facebook on my phone and i set it so i can get notifications ( txt) when someone post on my wall or get an email..it never works. will this fix it?

I'm digging it so far. Sadly, the photo upload quality is still janky (they had improved it with 1.5, but regressed with 1.6). Good thing I can still MMS 'em!

xiaohuaxing Im having the same problem.

this update just bricked my tour. I cannot even get it to boot. its stuck in boot mode. Pulled the battery a dozen times and i cannot connect it to my desktop manager. HELP!!

You need to reload your OS. If you're in a constant reboot cycle, you have to pull the battery, then pull up OS Loader. As soon as you connect the cable (with the battery still out of the phone) you will see it connect via USB--then hit next to prevent it from booting. Once you get to this step, you can load the battery back in then reinstall your OS.

Is there any way to make the Status Updates be the default screen this version opens up to? Mine keeps going to News Feed on reopen even if the last thing I had open was Status Updates. I see no option on what screen you want this version to open up to. Thanks!

To hide your games/quizzes go to settings on pc -privacy settings and links. To hide friends games/quizzes- on the homepage on your pc, click hide (It is on the right side of their post).

1.6 wasn't working for me anyway, to be honest it was useless and all the updates were wrong. This seems better, although it could be much improved. I'm waiting for v2.

Upgrade wasn't available in app world but got it by going to the web address.....not sure how i feel about all the bs in the news feed.

I went into my facebook app & went to "check for upgrades" & it said nothing was available. I love how Crackberry knows there's an update before the app itself even does!

So, discovered after upgrading to 1.7 that it will no longer connect via TCP/IP - and since I have no BIS or BES (carrier doesn't support it), Facebook won't work. Tried downgrading to 1.6, but get the notice "sorry, your device doesn't meet the system requirements that are needed to support facebook". Since I have a 8900 running 4.6 (and was running Facebook 1.6 until this morning!), I highly doubt this is the case.

Had to remove Facebook completely and now have no way of getting it back.

This whole "this application won't run unless you use our proprietary data service" is ridiculous.

I must say that as much as I`ve become a blackberry addict, I`ve also become a Crackberry.com addict. Single day cannot pass that I don`t check this site at least 4-5 times. And the reason for that are all these great articles about new devices, app updates, tests....
Thank you Crackberry.com, for making me a double addict :)))
Once I upgrade to Storm (1, since 2 is not coming any time soon to Croatia) I guess I`ll be spending my free time on this site through BB browser. :))

They also added the ability to 'like' items from the news feed, which I think was missing from 1.6.

Now I have only a few gripes with the Facebook app:

- The persistent toolbar at the top of the screen is a waste of pixels. They should stick all of that stuff into the BB menu and let us hide the toolbar.

- The new widget that lets you select News Feed, Status Updates, Photos, or Links should also go hide in the BB menu (but at least it scrolls out of the way as you're reading).

- There's no apparent way to access your older inbox messages and replies.

- Looks like the trackball is the only way to scroll through updates - T and B work to get you to the top and bottom, but the space bar doesn't get your through a screen at a time the way it does in the browser.

Ah well.. still a decent app!

they did a nice job with it, but the iphone/ipod app is so much better..everything is easy to get to and the chat feature is good touch

I downloaded this and now the app is gone. Can't find it anywhere, downloads folder - no, applications folder - no, instant messaging folder - no, setup folder - no. Where did it go? Crazy thing is that it shows up in Options>Advanced Options>Applications with the new version.

Nope. App world didn't have 1.7. I did a battery pull twice and nothing. Deleting and going back to 1.6 I think.

on my app world it shows 1.7. After I did a battery pull, facebook showed up as archived. I clicked reinstall and did another battery pull.

1.7 has fuc*ed up my storm 9500. Extremely slow. Takes forever to update status. Keeps freezing. Doesn't close automatically and runs in the backround causing my storm to respond extremely slow. 4-5 battery puls with no improvement. Running 4.7.178 OS which was working great with FB 1.6. trying to go back to 1.6 but cannot find the OTA link. Anyone have any suggestions. The usual links just give me " your phone does not meet the requirements for facebook" when I try to download

1.7 takes up considerably less database size and resources to run, it's half the size of 1.6, if it's running slow i'd be more concerned to find out why my phone is running slow, than to downgrade.

I really dislike when a program asks me to reboot lol.. Also when it rebooted after the install it took longer than usual.. about almost two minutes longer..
I like the tab to select what I want to see.. It did pull alot of data on the first load it seems.. I'll play around with it to see if I like.. if not I can always go back to my back up folder.. So far.. though.. speed-wise it is faster..

Rebooting after an app installs over an old version of itself or installing/removing an app that hooks into the OS some way (new main menu items or notification icons) is the norm for BB's. That's just how it is ;-)

I agree this is a smooth running app and it seems much faster on my Bold then the last version. Yes chat is STILL MISSING but its getting better...

Still can not comment on links. That's a bit annouying! I do like the overall look of the app and I love the photo updates too. Moving in the right direction but still not 100%

all well and good letting us see links now and liking but what's point in giving us links if you wont let us SHARE them on our profiles ala the desktop site. BIG FAIL!

Still a few things missing but runs really well on my bold. This app looks alot better and runs alot better on my bold. I like the new feeds. Before on 1.6 if a friend played a game or something it wouldnt even post it. It would just skip it and give me only status updates. Now I can see everything . I just wish when they post videos I could watch them. Overall a big improvement from 1.6

apart from it being a fresh look to the feed, theres no real improvemnt i would hav thought it wud compete with the iphone facebook n incorporate chat into it as a minimum

apart from it being a fresh look to the feed, theres no real improvemnt i would hav thought it wud compete with the iphone facebook n incorporate chat into it as a minimum

The photo handling in this version is really nice, especially when I'm using a fast UMA/Wi-Fi connection. I love the idea of having a scrollable photo gallery from FB right on the 8900. I know there's more they can do, but this is a welcome upgrade.

I'm sure some of the limitations are due simply to constraints on memory, CPU power and wireless bandwidth. This is already SO much more powerful than any mobile device I could have stuck in my pocket a couple of years ago, and it's only going to get better. I'm aware of the current limitations, but not upset as I'm seeing progress with each new firmware release and each new device. Also, for me, it's a huge leap from where we were with something like Win mobile a couple of years ago on HTC devices (e.g., T-Mobile MDA) -- that was SO clutzy and slow, it was positively painful to use. While this setup -- 8900 / / FB 1.7, etc -- still could use advancement, it's FAR more useful, really works, and isn't just a hobbyist nightmare like the old Win Mo devices.

I'm enjoying the ride!

- Jon

Needs chat feature and my main feature that I am waiting for is video upload. WTF wheres the video upload RIM?

If I knew I was going to have to look at everyone's stupid quiz results and NOT be able to hide them directly from my BB I would have stuck with 1.6! UGGGHHHH! How can I get 1.6 back?

I tried it and it didn't work with a quiz that had already shown up on my BB. I want to be able to hide them from my BB so I don't have to look at them at all.

I saw someone else (page 3 maybe) mention that they can't connect BB contacts w/FB Contacts....although I have those choices on the options page, I'm also not able to put a check in the box for either connect calendar or connect contacts. It takes me to a menu....but not able to choose the options. I think this has something to do with my company's security policy set up on the BES??? Anybody have any insight here? Same thing with 1.6; so I rolled back to 1.5 and I may do that again now...

That's the message I got when I re-downloaded Facebook and did a battery pull.

How the heck do I do that? I've never used the Blackberry Desktop Manager on this computer at home, only the one at work. Do I have to go to that BDM? That would really suck!

Yes, you "nuked" your phone. By chance are you using a Tour with OS 4.7.1? If so I recommend an upgrade to OS, best thing I ever did with my Tour, way more stable than that junk original OS. Only drawback is the Application Center does not work (yet).

Anyway what you need to do is install the DM on your computer (if you lost the CD it is a free download at BlackBerry.com. Then download and install the OS version for your phone (original or a leaked beta).

Plug it in, open the DM and select software update and you should be good to go. Sadly you have probably lost your data unless you have a recent DB backup. It sucks I know. I backup my database every three days now.

Although I didnt get notified for a upgrade on my bold I went to app world an my world and it had the upgrade there. Just had to manually look. Thanks crackberry for the info.

holy wow! rim does have the technology to incorporate functional photo handling into this program. i can actually upload photos now; yay!

It's much better -- definitely worth a download.

It's easier to navigate, and you can now "like" posts when you couldn't before. The added news feeds, etc. are a nice touch as well.

I noticed that all of a sudden, all the status updates states that the updates are marked 12 hours or more, even though its shows correctly on m.facebook.com and x.facebook.com. Anyone having this problem all of a sudden?

Have they fixed the excessive compression for images uploaded from the app? I went from 1.6 back to 1.5 because of this.

off all the apps/themes/OS I downloaded, never thought the first time I would brick my phone would be with a RIM app...big thumbs down for this one, and caution to all at least until they fix whatever's messed up!

I installed the Facebook update last night then clicked Reboot and went to bed.... this morning I woke to find my tour restarting over and over and over and never getting off the loading screen... after talking to Verizon they are going to swap it out =(

Same thing happened to mine. Using the stock OS, and I had just did a battery pull an hour earlier with no problems. Sigh.

Downloaded it. First 3 attempts to log in got me the "no data service, login expired, and problem communicating with facebook" errors. This has been going on for about 3 weeks now.

Downloaded it. First 3 attempts to log in got me the "no data service, login expired, and problem communicating with facebook" errors. This has been going on for about 3 weeks now.

hey I have the same issue that you are having....Verizon does not know what is wrong with it, I got a new phone also and still does the same thing?????????????????? I wish I could get on facebook but I guess I will not be able too till the new storm comes out!!

Updated on App world now (1.7) !

I do agree that it is pretty senseless to be able to update software constatly without being notified!

Makes me feel like I have a rotten berry, mmm tainted...

I like this new facebook app. Seems to be a lot quicker on my Storm. The one thing I did notice was that it doesn't keep my password saved. I have to type it in each time. My old version saved it without me even telling it to. Did anyone else experience this or can someone tell me how to save my password? Thanks.

Worked perfectly over the last year, on 1.6, now this crap. Anyone have a fix yet for the new 1.7>

Tried to downgrade, icon dissapears now on 1.6.

Now stuck with this crap app that won't connect.

where is the update??? nothing in application center, bb app world, or check for updates in facebook. can someone tell me wheree to get the update. app center just shows version

Since updating my Tour it hasn't been able to boot up. It goes through the motions of booting up and them resets itself as if I pulled the battery. This is weird.

I'm glad I'm not the only one. I had just done a battery pull an hour before, and the phone booted up with no problems. After loading FB 1.7, it got stuck in an eternal re-boot loop. Uggghhhh....Verizon couldn't help.

FXED - My photo uploads are working properly again.. before they would generally fail 90% of the time.. Not anymore, I like the UI updates, subtle and clean. Would've liked to have seen a chat client native in the RIM application, but I guess this'll do for now.

No troubles on my VZW Tour - w/ stock OS - after upgrading to FB 1.7.
Did have to reboot after installing, but seems to be working just fine.

thats what my 8900 is doing now that i tried to update this.. knew i should of just left well enough alone

I like the news feed being seperate from the status updates.
But listen RIM we need the chat option. The iphone facebook app has it and I think blackberry can too.

serious this Sh!t needs to stop if you like the apps on a iphone then GET AN IPHONE or an IPOD TOUCH"gaming"(<--like me) ... sooner or later our apps will get better...lets be patient and good things will come

I've said it before and I'll say it again. How come Facebook and RIM have not teamed up to add some very basic features to the Facebook app? Seriously why cant you find and add a new Facebook friend on your BlackBerry when your on the go? Or how about add instant messaging like the Facebook for iPhone has? How about being able to upload a video as well as the pictures. Also considering that most people reply to a link for something on someone's posts don't you think that Facebook should allow to to comment on something when there are more then 2 posts(like when you write on someone's wall and they reply directly to your post rather then on your wall)? Am I alone on this one?

I went to app world for it and it was still version 1.6. I did get it though it works great so far.

Anyone else having a problem where the friends refresh stops at %99 and keeps chugging away? Makes the app run really slow. Tried a couple of battery pulls and still nothing.

Besides that; liking the updated look and ability to like statuses. Definite upgrade.

so far I have found small differences! but I love it! if you are a facebook'er this update makes you feel as if you are right there without being at a computer! great update crackberry!

The FB 1.7 app keeps on freezing my Storm while the Friends list is being updated. Did a battery pull and avoided Friends update, then when I tried to tag someone in a photo that I wanted to upload, it froze again. It appeared that it doesn't work well with Storm OS This app is a POS.

I like that you can switch what you can view, such as news feed or status updates. I also like the fact that you can 'like' without going to the mobile site.... that is all I have observed so far.

I like that you can switch what you can view, such as news feed or status updates. I also like the fact that you can 'like' without going to the mobile site.... that is all I have observed so far.

Ouch. Greater than 1MB on a Curve 8320 is painful, no matter how pretty it is. Up 'til now, I've tried each version then deleted it because I think there was better functionality just using the mobile facebook site with BB Browser.

I am really hesitant to allow facebook app to automatically connect with calendar and contacts, not for security concerns, but I'm already using GooSynch and I'd hate to have that messed up since it is working fairly well now. Unfortunately, there isn't any detailed information about what may happen. So its either do it and hope for the best (and post my trials and tribulations on Crackberry forums) or skip it for now. Aarrgh. Anguish. I've been through troubleshooting and fixing calendar and contact issues before.

Well, I left them all checked and will report what happens when everything starts syncing - facebook, bb, google sync . . .

Beyond that, initial impressions. Nice. Nice enough to sacrifice precious memory on my Curve 8329? Not so sure. Time will tell

Why can I not get onto Facebook from my bb? It keeps telling me session expired or communication down etc!

Had just checked for an update and of course none was showing. Then I logged onto CB and what do I see??? Shared with my FB buddies and Tweets....Thanks CB! I love the new look! Just LIVIN for the chat feature!

I'm new to the BB world but in the past 3 weeks I've had my tour, I've noticed that sometimes - about 1/2 - 3/4 of the time - when I try to comment on a friends' status or wall, it says "user not available" or "cannot use this feature" or some B.S. like that... Does 1.7 fix that at all- and what does it even mean?!

I have installed 1.7, but now I can't open any contacts that are linked to a FB profile. So when I go to my contacts and click on any contact that is linked to a FB contact it just won't open or edit. It just doesn't react. All other contacts can be opened fine. When I uninstall the FB app I can open these contacts fine, and then when I install the FB 1.7 again it won't open these profiles again. Any idea what this could be? My roommate has exactly the same problem.

Sorry, this bug was already reported on page 3. There are more people with this problem. I hope they will fix this bug asap.

I'm not sure if it's related, but right after I downloaded and installed this update for Facebook, my data went down and I haven't been able to connect to data since then (2 hours ago).

I actually have the same problem. Also not sure if it's related, but a few hours after I installed the app my data connection stopped working. No BIS at all, unless I connect to WIFI, then everything is fine again, but if I am just on the mobile provider the data connection doesn't work anymore.

I have uninstalled the app again, and my data connection still doesn't work, so I don't think the problem is related, unless it somehow broke the connection, but I think it's just a problem with my provider. They might have disabled data on my account yesterday or something. I will contact them on Monday.

Can you tell me? I'd like to do the same. Also, I'm on Sprint...is that your provider? If not, then I think it's definitely related to this app being uploaded that data doesn't work.

I am on Smart (Philippines). My roommate doesn't have the no data problem and is using the same provider, and he installed the app as well. I don't think my no-data problem is related to the app.

First... I am amazed that people are getting angry that this app does not work on a leaked OS version that is not supported (ie: Dragoneer above) .. Maybe try switching to an official version and you won't have problems... RIM does not have to support leaked OS's ..
Second... Seems to be alot of BB newbies lol.. can tell by the posts lol...

In a matter fact, I just did an experiment on having this app installed on an older leaked OS version. Downgraded from .230 to .191, then reinstalled FB 1.7. This app does work well with .191. No freezing while updating Friends list and no problem with photo tagging. Therefore, this has nothing to do with the app that does not work on a leaked OS.

Lastly, I'm not a BB newbie. ;)

News feed is the major change in this app'. Yet I am still waiting for the streams to load, so not surprised there. Photos take horrendously longer to load, older version was much faster! Facebook team need to sort this out, very slow for a blackberry why should we get disadvantaged and iphone users advantaged, get your act straight!