FaceBook 1.7 Coming Soon, Bringing OS 5.0 Compatability With It?

By Bla1ze on 1 Sep 2009 11:50 am EDT
FaceBook 1.7 Coming Soon, Bringing OS 5.0 Compatability With It?

Ahh, FaceBook. The RIM built application users love ... and hate. Word is that FaceBook version 1.7 is coming soon and this time around the release (or leak?) will cover one major problem that all leaked OS users have been seeing for a while - OS 5.0 compatability Ever since OS 5.0 started leaking, some users have upgraded it to it, only to revert back to a lower OS based on the fact FaceBook simply just does not work on 5.0. From the information available, it seems this will no longer be the case as 5.0 and FaceBook 1.7 will work together.

This indicates a few things, of course first being obvious that FaceBook 1.7 is coming soon and that OS 5.0 is just that much closer to being completed if RIM is putting more effort into their own secondary applications working on it. Other details on FaceBook 1.7 are slim, but we'll keep you posted.

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FaceBook 1.7 Coming Soon, Bringing OS 5.0 Compatability With It?


actually yes,
unless you are blind it still looks like garbage. not sure how you didnt understand my comment.

looks like it will pale in comparison to the iphone version. they need to keep it current with facebook features

I have the iPod Touch and got the new Facebook update and it rocks. They really revamped the iPhone/Touch app. Works much better and is laid out nicely.

I don't like the BB Facebook App, I tend to use the Mobile version better.

The evidence keeps mounting that there are fewer days of development ahead for OS 5.0 than there are behind it. Good sign.

Though 5.0 seems a bit underwhelming, I'm looking forward to it - I have the feeling this release will set the stage for the "under the hood" improvements that have been rumored so as to allow the BlackBerry platform to be even more competitive in the consumer market while improving RIM's lead in the enterprise space.

then dont use LEAKED OS i dont understand y ppl do that it is not official for a reason there are still bugs just be patient and wait for the official release. I have been waiting on OS 5.0 release for Bold for months now das why i havent upgraded my BBM yet to 5.0 either. Hurry up though will ya

I would absolutely love FB chat. An app where I can have running in the background and get notified of a new IM would be awesome. Everyone is on FB, and everyone has a BB or an iphone....FB Chat is going to be the new way to communicate.

DOH! I have beejive, and I searched for facebook chat for beejive about a month ago. I guess I didn't find the beta 1.1.2 version that's out. Thanks I found it, I'm installing it now!

I just downloaded This Bejiveim app and it doesnt have FB IM and besides, what's wrong with having it all on one app, why should you find it necessary to reccommend a third party app for a feature that could just as easily be inserted into an app that is veru useful as is.

You have to download the beta version 1.1.2, which does include FB Chat. I just installed it and it works pretty well. The one on beejive's website does not have the fb chat option.

Just curious, does Facebook chat on the iPhone support notifications? Because absent that, support chat would be like giving a starving man a cracker, you are just reminding him how hungry he is.

As long as they fix the memory leak... FB Chat would be really nice too :) Hopefully this will be released soon.

seriously? you actually have more than 1200 friends on facebook? do you actually talk to all of them?

Probably not but it seems cool to have that many for some people, either way...doesnt matter unless, coincidentally they didnt show your closest friends.

If you downloaded OS 5 and/or Facebook 1.7, you need to stop crying, stfu and gtfo. My goodness, it blows my mind that people get so upset when they download ILLEGAL copies of software that they shouldn't even have and then when their phones brick, shutdown, etc they moan to the rest of the interwebs, plese stfu. It's not out to consumers for a reason, it's still being worked on, still has bugs. They don't need more testers because they already have a team for that. Just be patient and do some work at your job or something. Jeez...

if this really does work on 5.0 i'm definitely upgrading... and this probably means the storm 2 is coming out sooner than i thought.

I would love for you to walk me through your thought processs that lead you to that conclusion. I somehow don't think that Facebook 1.7 has much to do with the release of the S2.

well the way i see it. they're actually working on apps for os 5.0. and storm 2 is going to be on os 5.0. and the whole rim buying the mobile browser company... its all coming together sooner than later. not saying that's the ONLY reason they're releasing fb 1.7. but hey if its 5.0 compatible, it makes more sense to me.

I can't wait until this official because I need Facebook on My BB Curve 8900, although, it hasnt been that bad, having to log onto the mobile website.

Once FB comes through that would just leave AIM as a roadblock to 5.0 for me. I guess I'll stick with my hybrid for now but the end is in sight.

i hope it doesnt make you refresh your friends list constantly, making you wait like 3 minutes to tag a pic.

I HATE the current facebook app on blackberry its terrible....just terrible. You cant chat you can see like 10 status updates, it takes forever to load ur friends or statuses, its just terrible. this new update better be a major one because in the past updates ive seen 0 change.

This discussion of Facebook reminds me how increasingly blurred the lines are getting between phones and computers.

In a different vein, earlier today I read something that made my mouth drop. Let me know if anyone has heard or has experience with this idea. It seems . . well- BIG, and if folks can use it to turn on an income stream with cell technology, than more power to them.

Here's the link-


Why all the hate on the Facebook App? I find it gets a lot of what I want done: Messaging, statuses, friend requests and event notifications. Personally I don't use chat but I would love to have full access to Events, not just attending or not. Between this and Social Scope, I have most of my Facebook needs covered.

It needs to look like the sample facebook app that the Iphone is going to get soon. It looks much better than this crap. BOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Why does this app look like complete arse

Has anyone ever looked at the iPhone version of this app?

It doesn't look like arse that's for sure

if they could add the "like" button. Like several others, i tend to prefer the mobile site over the facebook app cause it doesn't show all i'd like to see.