Facebook 1.5 Update Coming Tonight - Issue Fixes

Facebook 1.5 Getting Updated Tonight
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Apr 2009 06:12 pm EDT

After much anticipation, Facebook 1.5 was officially released earlier this week which led to a whack load of blog comments and CrackBerry forum posts and lots of initial feedback from the user community. Reading through, it became apparent that a few little bugs were present. RIM must be paying attention, as we received some intel today letting us know that users should check later tonight for an updated release that addresses some issues:

  • ISSUE: Default Calendar - Facebook calendar pre-empts existing device calendars. Issue resolved for new installations only, existing users are required to follow the manual process to reset their default device calendar.
    • Manual Steps: options/advanced options/default services/reset calendar to the correct service
  • ISSUE: Phone Number Requested when Manually Linking Contacts - A Facebook phone number request is automatically sent on a manual friend connection, users will be prompted if they want to request a phone number on a manual connection.

I'm not sure what time the updated version will go live... so if you Facebook addicts can manage the wait I'd probably just check in the morning :-)

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Facebook 1.5 Update Coming Tonight - Issue Fixes


At least my friends wont get a "phone number" notification when I try to link them manually. That will make this app a lot better. Now all of my contacts will have pictures! Yay!

I wish they'd add an option to stop sent/outbound Facebook stuff from showing in the Messages app.

This behavior doesn't make sense when I have emails and stuff set to only show inbound items.

Glad I didn't download yet I absolutely did not want to spam all my contacts for phone numbers.

waited all this time for 1.5 and they give us this garbage.. They gotta do a better job when releasing this stuff

Can it go back in time and keep me from looking like an idiot by spamming people for phone numbers I already have?

other than just downloading the update?? Lucky for me it did not mess with my calender..I dont think? what was it doign exactly?

It fracked-up my calendar so bad, I won't even download the "fixed" on until it's proven. It moved all of my appointments into the Facebook calendar (useless), removing them from the calendar which syncs with Google, which meant all of my online Google events were wiped which made my Outlook calendar events disappear when it synced with Google.

I haven't found a non-manual way to restore that data. Is there a way to re-designate which calendar an entry belongs to within BBerry?

How about a new app that works and looks better? This update was nothing special I don't know why people were asking for this when reviews were coming in. The ipod touch app is so much better to use.

I found the last version to be a little buggy and more or less useless - this one doesn't sound much better. Interestingly enough, I started having a problem with my Pearl rebooting randomly. I read on the forums here that removing the Facebook app might fix it, and lo and behold, it did. Not sure I want to put it back on my phone just yet.

At 7:34pm Eastern, BlackBerry App World is showing version available for download. Can anyone who got it earlier this week confirm their version number?

What about the it doesn't sync bug. Initial install it sync bdays but no other calendar stuff. But to fix the disaster it made of my calendar I had to clear all calendars and restore from my default calendar from google calendar. So now it only syncs existing events, and doesn't get bdays or new events.

It doesn't sync any contact info other than name and company despite I can see phone numbers, addresses, email etc contact info in my friends profiles. What I'd like to know is did they even test the app during coding and design? Seriously bad when you release something that the new features don't even work right. I could understand minor bugs but a bug so big that the entire feature doesn't work?

I have deleted this app it is has still messed up my calendar. It has duplicated some appointments and deleted others. My Berry will no longer sync with my Ouulook. I need my appointment backs. I don't care about an update but deleting the application hasn't worked either. I may have to do a wipe of my Berry and start completly over. I will never use Facebook again because of this. I'm deleting my profile.

just go to your facebook app and go to options. at the bottom it says check for update. click that and problem solved!

I am deleting a bunch of stuff in my calendar right now. I just selected only the Facebook calendar, went to agenda view, scrolled as far as I could and selected "Delete Prior."

I already sent out an apology message this morning to all the people I spammed for their phone #.

Updating soon. I hope it's better. >:/

Just wondering you you all like so much about the app. I dont like it at all personally(remember just my opinion). I just prefer the mobile website. It kicks arrs.

Just throwing my $0.02 in for everyone


The point is that you will get notified when someone sends you something on Facebook.

With the old app, my Blackberry would ding to tell me someone had sent me a message. And you could go read the message in the app.

The new version actually puts that message in your BB inbox... which is much easier. And you can reply right from there without going to the app.

I never "use" the Facebook app... I just like the notifications it gives me on my Blackberry. I have Facebook Mobile bookmarked on Opera Mini if I need to use Facebook.

I am on a Verizon 8830 and cannot find the dang icon ANYWHERE now although FB is listed as installed on the App list screen. Help?

Updated to .32 and it still sends the phone number request.

This pattern of releasing buggy software, then releasing another minor incremental update that doesn't fix the issues is starting to get old.

Is anyone testing this junk before they shove it out the door?!

I uninstalling the leaked version now and won't be installing the official updated until I the fix these issues.

Is there any word on when Facebook chat will be a part od the app? Is it part of it already and I'm just missing it?

The "Check for Updates" in the app options never worked. Gotta download from m.facebook.com and you'll get the version. If this one fracks up my calendar too, I'm gonna be pissed.

Does this update fix the basic functionality? The thing doesn't seem to link contacts with Facebook friends automatically, and when I tell it to do it manually it only imports their profile picture, Facebook name, and their company. No phone number or anything.

And there seems to be no way for it to add events that you RSVP to on a computer to your Calendar. For instance, I created and event on my computer and it hasn't shown up in my Pearl's calendar.

I have version 1.5 31 version, but, I keep hearing here and on the facebook page that people are losing their facebook icon once they do their update!!! So I am not going to jump on this update wagon as I am not having any issues at this time. Maybe I will update when they update the update!!!

The update is worse than than the release earlier this week. I've lost my icon and it still has issues with the calendar.

I didn't lose my icon. Might as well update b/c it's still there. Might not be in the same folder, but it should be there.

I wish they could give you an option so you can choose if you want to overwrite the caller ID picture for a contact.. It was cool it set pictures for a lot of my friends that didnt have one, but I wanted to keep certain friends with a particular picture.. oh well...

there actually is this option, in the run setup wizard if your scroll down from the contact sync it has another box to overwrite existing pictures in address book

Word on the street is this has been happening to people. Download the new version of FB and your AIM wont connect! Started a group in the Storm Third Party Apps...

any ideas for fixes?

this is weird because i downloaded it the first thing it came out and AIM was fine until about 8pm tonight and I havent had connection... I am still on .31.. something tells me it may be a concidence with an isolated AIM problem with their servers.. idk just a guess was downloaded and it eliminated the whole requesting number issue for me, it prompts me if I want to request a phone number and I simply say no.

I haven't downloaded the update. In fact I'd rather just go back to the old one. Why don't the just post the link to that instead.

I don't use the calendar and contact sync functions; I use the app primarily for notifications in my Inbox, so I don't think the update will substantially benefit someone such as myself. That being said, they really should work on adding the ability to "like" and comment on wall posts. It's irritating that I can't do those things from the app, and I can't even do the latter on the mobile site.

Facebook for iPhone is much much better. whats wrong with the RIM people? Ofcourse syncing is a better idea, but atleast I should see my profile page & ability to write/make comment there from the application itself, rather than going to mobile site.

next update should have time travel so we can go back and prevent all the "stalker alerts", then let us go into the future to enable 5.5 0S that has nano-tech and will build wi-fi! w00t!

is it a stalker alert when you send a mob war request or any of the other million stupid requests the flood your inbox?? this is just another feature on facebook that people can accept or ignore,

For the Facebook to Default Calendar going through the steps
Manual Steps: options/advanced options/default services/reset calendar to the correct service ---- It doesn't work; it only has the Facebook as the default calendar no other calendar listed.

What do I do then??

If I'd dl'd a virus it wouldn't have been any worse than this!
It duplicated calender entries even though I unchecked integration. Deleted the app, reset the default calender, deleted service books, cleared the calender and resynced and did 2 battery pulls...RIM can I get my 2 hours back?
What a piece of crap.
Bye bye Facebook.

With basic BB software: options ->Advanced Options->applications ->menu(BB) key->modules
scroll down to net_rim_bb_facebook_w_help_NN
select to make sure what one yer on, escape, then menu->delete
Or use your favorite add-on utility

checked this morning and facebook.com pages have an new version from one I have ( ->

Is this fix available? I tried downloading it, but it says I have the updated version.

Anyone have the fix app?

Has anyone been able to get it to run on OS 5 on the Curve 8900? It seems to install, but it's just not there...

I had the connection problem also...running AIM version 2.1.44.

So I went to App World and downloaded the version from App World. The App World version of AIM is And you know what...connection problem is gone.

Try it.

It doesn't even work right with 4.5 or 4.6 or 4.7: missing icons, hosed calendars, spamming out phone number requests to Facebook contacts...What a clusterf**ck this software this is.

Go back to 1.2 and live with the limitations. 1.5 is a disaster!

so the only really noticeable change i see on this new one is the little slide effect that has been on the myspace app for how long.

nevermind all the other features that the real facebook website has. who needs 'like', or status comments, or simply navigating through a profile? look it slides!!! OOOOH!

waited this long and this POS app is STILL as primitive as the last version, and pretty much just acts as a portal to the mobile site.

Installed the .32 version, everything works fine - icon still there, AIM still functional, and it prompts me to find out whether or not I want to send a phone number request when manually linking contacts. Sorry to hear other people are having problems, but like most things, there's probably a very large silent majority having no issues whatsoever.

And for those who keep complaining that the Facebook app is still primitive, guess what? So are some of the BlackBerries that it has to be compatible with. I'm sure if it didn't have to run on Pearls and Pearl Flips, even RIM could come up with something that is a significant step up.

And let's not forget that "Like" and status comments are very recent modifications to Facebook itself.

Well said. I'm part of the silent "majority". Mine has worked fine.

It's unfortunate that many people are experiencing difficulties.

I have tried the Facebook application on the Blackberry Storm and Iphone. It seems that the Blackberry Facebook Application is attempting to be too robust. On the Iphone its very basic and works as if you were on the actual site!

uh there is an option to not add pictures! go to OPTIONS and uncheck the picture box and calender box. and I have it also asks you if you want to connect with friends from your contacts, so I'm not sure about the spam your talking about??

Can anyone tell me if the FB app has been fixed yet and if it has, have any of you downloaded it yet? I really like the idea that it sends messages to your BB email. Thanks :)

Has anyone downloaded this app since the fixes? If so, how is it now? I have the older version of the FB app so I'm a little scared to try the new one with all the buggs.

Is anyone else having an issue with facebook changing your ringtones of all your contacts? I can't change mine back now.

Well I didn't lose my icon, I have two now! One of the icon takes my to mobile.blackberry.com and the other is the Facebook Application. It does not let me delete either of the icon. How do I delete this???

i got the 1st version of 1.5 and continuosly got kicked out with an error message. i just downloaded the next one and hope this isnt the case again

i got the 1st version of 1.5 and continuosly got kicked out with an error message. i just downloaded the next one and hope this isnt the case again

I absolutely hate this app right now. I can't get my calendar correct no matter what I do at this point. I have downloaded the latest version of .32 and only my Facebook calendar shows up. I then deleted the FB Service Book for the Calendar and that seemed to work, but the FB calendar comes back every time I reboot the BB or do a battery pull. I also seem to be missing appointments that are clearly in my Outlook. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this or where I can get the old v1.2 It might have been basic but at least it worked. Right now I need a working calendar more than FB. HELP PLEASE

the fix doesn't fix it. If you go and delete the Facebook CICAL, it returns as soon as you reboot the device.

And when you try to sync up after deleting the FB CICAL, the sync process skips over the calendar all together . . . so my device doesn't/won't sync up with Outlook . . .

Any working suggestions?

I can't get my bb address book to show since downloading new FB - it says I have 63 contacts but I cant find them